Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 6

Chapter 6 (I Came From Another World)

「….I see,so the language that you used to cast the spell is called 『Nihongo』is it…?」 

「Yes, that’s right.」 

The headmistress pronunciation of 『Nihongo』is slightly different. 
It feels like a foreigner saying 『Nihongo』. 

Right now I’m at the academy top floor,inside the headmistress room. 
Other than the headmistress,Liza-san,Guard-san and Claris-san also present in this room. 

「Telling other people for what happen in this place is useless. if you consider telling others about it….I will consider to give you a capital punishment do you understand ?」 

Thus, she gives a very detailed instruction. 
I feel the part of “I will consider to give you a capital punishment do you understand ?” to be no joke one bit… 
Does the result of going against the headmistress is this scary ?,the three people answered with Yes~..(though they have their own way of saying yes) 

After we part ways with the three,the headmistress is talking to me.  

「I have something to talk about with you,so come with me for a moment. it might been better than being put inside the disciplinary room,you know ? 」 

After being said that,I decide to follow her.,of course, I would like to refrain to be put inside a disciplinary room. 
Although given the situation is still unknown,I consider it much better than having to spend the time alone inside the disciplinary room. 
To be in the custody of that guard-san again,its feels somehow,well you know. 

The headmistress office is very spacious. 
The headmistress office is different from the image of plain and strict office room from my previous world. 
It’s decorated with gorgeous furniture,to the point of me wanting to ask “are you part of the royalty from somewhere?” 
At a glance, I could see a black desk that usually being used by the self-important looking person in anime,though I think it would be the same even in my previous world. 
Is this an ebony desk,I wonder ? 
From my standpoint, the headmistress desk feels similar to an admiral desk.
(TLN : It’s actually written as Commanding Officer.,but I’m somehow used to hear it for calling admiral in kancolle..haha) 
In contrast to her appearance,it exudes an air of mature solemnity. 
The headmistress who also wore the same atmosphere starts asking me regarding the language. 
 After I’ve explained the matter regarding Japanese language,she cast her face downward. 

「is it possible for you to try to perform the spell once again,for me to see ?」 


「What’s wrong ?」 

I noticed suddenly. 
I’m together with the headmistress,just the two of us. 
If I cast that spell once again on the headmistress,can I just run away ? 
The headmistress,looking at me with a reproachful gaze. 

「Just in case, you’re not thinking something strange are you ?」 

「……Wh..what are you talking about,I wonder?」 

Just now,does she read through my intention ? 
. . . . . . 
Well anyway,I do not think the situation would turn better just because I restrict her and run away from here. 
Beside currently,I only know extremely little information regarding the spell. 
There’s doesn’t seems any risk for using it for now,but I should still refrain from using it thoughtlessly. 
This is a difference between able to use it with able to understand it. 
And right now being 『Able to Understand』it should be the priority. 
It’s too early for me to plan my escape. 
Besides, she seems to know something about that spell. 
More importantly, right now if I want to live in this world,I need more information about it. 
As expected, it would be hard if I were to become a wanted man in a world that I hardly know. 

「Well then,I’ll leave it to you.」 

Funn*exhale*,then I’m answering it with. 


Excluding some last part of the spell,I cast the spell once again. 
I’m able to read it aloud smoothly without getting any mistakes as if it has been carved on my head. 
When I’ve finished the chant,the headmistress shows an expression of pondering while forming『Muu』with her lips..she looks lovely. 

I’m who become bored waiting for her to finish,end up observing the headmistress. 
Even though she’s a scary person,when I’m looking at her like this,she is really a beautiful person. 
Even though I’ve already expressed it before,she really does look like a delicate doll. 

「It’s considerably hard language,I wonder if it’s possible to decipher the letters later」 

She pulls out a paper from the bundle on her desk and as if matching that she pick a quill pen in her hands. 
With her slender hands, she offer it to me. 

「Can you write down the spell from before on this paper ?」 

I write down the spell as I’m told to. 
When she sees my writing which I could not call beautiful nor elegant,she let out a small groan like a little bird. 

「What a difficult letters to understand…as a language,it’s more complicated than the awkward ancient language.」 

Then the headmistress told me to repeat a part of the incantation once more. 
When I’ve finished repeating,she who has been listening attentively begins muttering「Wa」「Yo」for some reason. 
And then after being discouraged the headmistress took a deep breath. 

「As expected even if I traced the surface it’s no good…,after all, the structure of the language seems to be different and not connected well. that’s why I won’t be able to read it aloud and won’t able to know the meaning of the phrase and words with my head…..Like this, it would take a lot of time…..」 

Aa…i see 
In other words, the headmistress trying whether she’s able to chant the spell by watching and imitating me or not. 
While combing her hair,the headmistress scowls at the words I wrote. 

「Is it because of the pronunciation of the language that caused this being unreadable ? if that the case,then the 『Incantation』of the forbidden spell itself have a magical effect.」 

The headmistress is thinking hard while muttering to herself. 

Is it like that,I wonder ? 

After i come to this world,I’m able to understand the language without any difficulty. 


No,I’m able to understand the proper noun of the words as if it come from somewhere. 
For example, when I’m collapsed near the academy,that beautiful silver-haired girl (if I were to be given an opportunity I would like to meet her again),says from her mouth 『Seirunousureddo』,it’s automatically being translated into 『Saint Lunezret』in my mind. 
Because of those kinds of conversion,the words I spoke didn’t become an issue to the resident of this world. 

That’s why the headmistress saying that the characters that I wrote down according to that spell scroll are unreadable. 
Is it something like that ? 
I can use both the『Previous world』and 『This world』language 
In regard to the headmistress who only able to use 『This world』language. 
Writing and Reading. 
That’s why when I speak normal Japanese,to the people of this world they hear it as the language of this world. 
However, I’m only able to write『Nihongo』and spoke 『Nihongo』words that related with the spell scroll…. 
Is it  something like that ? 
I’m not very good at thinking about troublesome things. 
Nevertheless.,with the current way of thinking ,the reason as to why I can talk normally in this world using normal Japanese,and for some reason the people unable to understand the words I wrote..are already being explained. 

But wait ? 
There’s one more question. 
Then who on earth is the one who wrote that Forbidden Spell Book..? 

「Aa~…stop stop!….it’s impossible ! 」 

The headmistress is spreading her hands while lying down her upper body on the desk. 

「My head hurt when I see the characters. aa~,so troublesome」 
(TLN : to be honest,I feel the same with you headmistress,when the first time I learn Japanese.)

Troublesome she said…… 
Then she sits straight and lean deeply on her chair. 
She has an expression of giving up and tired. 
*Phew*,the headmistress exhale a deep breath. 



「Now I will ask you question to make sure you’re 『won’t do something bad』『honest』and 『virtuous』person」 

In other word’s right now I’m being viewed as an enemy,and if I were to told a lie and being found out later on,she will curse me with “Go Die” or “You bastard”,she suggest with implicitly that she won’t forgive me. 
I knew it…..she’s really scary… 
It is a good example of “you should not judge by appearance”. 
Well when I think about it,there’s no merit for lying to begin with. 
To get an answer,I need to answer honestly huh ?. 
Since probing each other would be a troublesome indeed. 
With that idea,I shrug my shoulders. 

「I will do my best to meet your expectation. please go ahead.」 

「Well then, I will be expecting it.」 

Once again the headmistress crossed her hands on the desk. 
*suu*,She narrows her eyes. 

「You, what are you ?」 

「What are you,as in ?」 

「First ,considering you come from the eastern country,your clothes are 『Unusual』」 

Then I’m direct my line of sight to my own clothes. 
And the headmistress continue. 

「But well this is Saint Lunezret academy,you might adjust your clothes for coming to this country.,but still I find it odd.」 

I see. 
These clothes are the clothes from another world huh. 
The people of this world might find it quite odd. 
Since Liza-san and Guard-san didn’t mind it,I didn’t realise the people from this world find it odd or not. 

「But…….Should I say even your dialect/accent? The pronunciation of words Saint Lunezret,compare it with the people of this country which are located in the eastern part of the continent are considerably different. Of course, it’s also not from the western nor northern continent,and moreover, it’s also different from the eastern country where it should be your native place ,that’s why you’re able to read the letter that nobody able to decipher. now then…from where are you come from ?」 

Nnー…..How should I answer this ? 
Should I answer it honestly? 
That I come from another world. 
However will she believe it ? 

I come from another world and somehow transported to this world,that kind of story. 

But,it will be a bad move to tell her a lie here huh. 
The reason is I practically don’t know anything about this world. 
For example, if I were to be able to gloss it over properly,the possibility that I leave some fault were quite high. 
if that the case….I feel like talking honestly is the only option left. 
I don’t know if she would believe me but,rather than fabricating a story in hurry.,as if it’s sunk or swims,then isn’t telling the truth much better ? 

The headmistress is waiting for my answer patiently. 

I will tell her the truth after all. 

To tell you the truth,I don’t even know if there’s a chance of success. 
If I take into account her reaction up until now,it seems to be very strange for someone being able to read that spell scroll. 
In other words,the chance of that being a language which not readable for a human being from this world is quite high. 
If that the case then another worldー…i will explain it as ultimately because I come from another world I’m able to read the language.,though I’ve also considered the constant questioning that will be given as well. 
Of course,it won’t change the fact that this feels like I’m having a bet that can be compared to crossing over a single string dangerously… 

「Fun~…..i’m from another world I guess.ー」 

After I’ve finished the explanation somehow while being clogged up here and there,the headmistress entered a pondering mode again. 
I feel like she’s in the middle of deciding as to what she going to do to me. 

Well…,considering I’m doing my best explaining while being stuttering. 
But honestly,after I come to this world,I realise I’ve been showing positiveness which i even don’t believe it myself,I don’t know if it’s because of me being young again or the result of being driven into it without any means to hide. 
It is said that human will show their true power or gain power when they being driven into corner.,am I in such situation now ? 

Without any change in her expression,the headmistress turns her line of sight toward me. 

「First, is it okay ?」 


「it’s very stink of lies.」 

「Yes,I also think so」 

*pukuri* the headmistress eyebrow twitched. 

「Ara, you do have self-awareness huh ?」 

「Ah that…..even I myself didn’t believe it either.」 

I gaze at the ruby eyed Makina-san who sits opposed to me,like this is some kind of an interview. 


From that suspicious pupil,a faint light can be seen as if guessing something. 

「After you’re being surrounded by light before you noticed you’re already at another world,huh…to be honest its stink of lie…because it’s too suspicious and mysterious yet, on the contrary, I can feel that you’re telling the truth.」 

「I will leave the judgement to the headmistress,after all, I don’t have any means to proof it」 

The headmistress rest her cheek on one of her hands while saying “Heee” 

「Well,rather than doing some vain struggle,to understand when to resign your self.,it does leave a good impression.」 

Oh, it leaves a good impression? 

「I’ll ask one more thing,is that okay ? 」 


「Do you know the reason why you’ve been transported to this world ?」 

「I know nothing in particular ,howeverー」 

「However ?」 

I float a smile like some kind of handsome man. 

「Being teleported to another world,it’s a man dream after all.」 


Then the conversation stop. 
After all, she doesn’t seem very interested. 
The headmistress won’t understand man romance after all. 

But still….a reason huh…? 
As expected,is it because gods give me a person who had been failed in life a chance to redo his life…? 


The headmistress clears her throat,as to return the topic again. 
Clearing throat is one of an example of being a beautiful person. 

「Well the explanation before explains as to why you’re able to read the incantation normally,it’s does give a good persuasive power. also the matter of your pronunciation,and you being caught up and rolled up in some kind of phenomenon and came from another world.,I will accept those reason for the time being」 

The headmistress put both her hands on her knees while she corrects her posture on the chair. 
She shows sincere expression after she tried to stretch her body. 

「In addition, let alone knowing about Saint Lunezret nor about this academy,you don’t even know about general knowledge.,if that’s the case then it’s explicable. if you were telling lies,then you’re really a great actor. or possibly,you might become a great author」 

「……..Do you believe me ?」 

「Even though things may appear this way,to be able to judge someone you need to wait and observe first after all.」 

*fuu*…Makina-san leaks a small smile. 
That smile,somehow it feels like self-mockery slightly. 

「Unlike Liza who have an eye to save a person life,mine is more like eyes who keep suspicious of another person.」 

In the headmistress standpoint,there’s various situation too huh… 

「Fine then.」 

Makina-san nodded lightly. 

「Let’s believe the things about you coming from another world.」 


「I said I will believe it. did you not heard it ? 

「No,that is….well….how should I say it……th..thank you.」 

I scratch my head while feeling embarrassed. 
I thought the chance of success would be pretty much non-existent,I don’t think she would believe it easily like this. 
I thought I would be asked questions and being cross-examined more. 
As expected rather than spoke with full of lies,isn’t it more effective to just spoke honestly ? 

「well then….now it’s about your future treatment though」

This timeー 
The headmistress show smile,the most wonderful smile I saw today. 
while smiling she said 

「You….do you want to become a student in this academy ?」