Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 59

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Chapter 59 (A Lady from Horn Family)

“We’re sitting down face to face in this dining room before too right.” 

Arriving at the dining room, we sit down. 
In this building, the dining room is still open even after school. 
Even at this hour, a lot of students have come here to have a chat while drinking some tea. 
Even that part is no different compared to Japanese students. <TLN: The love to chat around after class/school part> 

“Do you also like that thing ?” 

Aira-san pointed to the cup placed in front of me. 
The container is filled with honey milk. 
This is something that I had her to treat me. 
And in front of Aira-san, there’s also the same thing. 

“I’ve liked this drink ever since I was drinking it for the first time.” 
“Oh, is that so ?” 

Even though no one asked, Aira-san talk about private stuff while lowering her voice as if not want to be heard by others. 

“The truth is, this is also my favorite you see.” 

Picking up the cup with one hand shyly, Aira-san drinks it while looking delightful. 
And then she put her hand on her cheek as have an expression of supreme bliss. 

“Ah~, this is great ! this drink makes you grateful for being alive isn’t it !” 

*Don*, Aira-san put her cup vigorously 


I have begun to worry about her future if she becomes a drunkard. 

“Now then, Kurohiko-kun.” 


“Nn? Ah, I heard that at the eastern nation, people call each other that not so close with them with an honorific such as 『-Kun』 or 『-San』 when they want to talk politely with them… did I said something wrong ?” 

About that… Actually,  I don’t know. 

If I remember correctly, Claris-san did say that it’s indicate intimacy. 
On the other hand, Zix stated that it gives off a feeling being distant. 
And then now, Aira-san said 『when one want to talk politely to a person one not close with』. 
I recalled at the time when I come to this world for the first time. Makina-san had called me 『Kurohiko-kun』 just once. 

I don’t know the right use of it in this world, but, the culture of the Eastern nation seems to be different in interpellation depends on each person. 
Well, no one is wrong I guess? 
Though at the former world, there’s a standard for it. 
It’s just, the thing that I want to know is not about that. 

“This is the first time I was being called using my name by Aira-san. I just got a little reaction because of that.” 
“Huh? Is that so ?” 

That’s right. 
Before this, she called me with 『You』 or 『Forbidden spell user』.
<TLN: the You part read Anata… A highest polite form of You… nowadays being used by lovers/married couple/etc, English equivalent of “dear”… in the past, Ladies from noble family use this form to address others.> 

“And also, you may call me 『Kurohiko』. well, it is up to Aira-san though.” 
“It’s alright with 『Kurohiko』 ? as someone from the eastern nation won’t you feel unpleasant being called directly with your name suddenly ?” 

I smile wryly. 

“Isn’t everyone called me only by 『Kurohiko』 already ?” 

She’s a person who worries about things in a strange place huh. 

“Then you can call me with just『Aira』.” 
“Eh ?” 
“Alright, Let’s try to say it right away.” 

Then she clasps her hands urge me. 

“… Aira?” 
“Excellent, you did well…” 

Then Aira-saー Aira rested her elbows on the chair again and laughed. 

“You don’t like it ? to tell you the truth, calling me with 『Aira-san』, somehow I think you’re very distant.” 
“Is that so ?” 
“Since that way of calling, it gives off no familiarity.” 
“I think of Aira-san as someone friendly, though. since I feel easy to talk with you, you see?” 

Though our first conversation is a bit weird. 

“Aira-san ?” 
“See, you’ve forgotten already.” 

With Zix I can relate it as a bond between men, with a girl, somehow I feel out of place. 

“I’m sorry, please let me do it step by step? somehow I feel weird with it.” 
“Mu~, I guess it can’t be helped if you feel that way huh. it’s bad to force it after all.” 

She seems to be dissatisfied, but Aira-san agrees with it. 

“However, I will keep calling you 『Kurohiko』 alright ?” 
“Yes, please.” 

*Pon* There she clasps her hands and changes the topic. 

“Well then, to the main topic.” 

She put her hands on the table. 

“The truth is we’re currently gathering some member for sacred ruin exploration”  
“We ?” 
“I partner up with upperclassman because of my family relation, you know ?” 

Ah, the people who sit in this dining room together with her before huh. 
I also saw them when I go to the sacred ruin open space for the first time. 

“And about that, the other day we reached the ninth layers.” 
“Eh? already ?” 

The deepest layer the previous graduate reached is 19, and that is being regarded as fast enough. 
However, since she’s partner up with upper-classmen thus might be not something special. 
By the way, for now, I’ve reached the fifth layer currently. 

“Unn. I wonder if just being a non-arrival student can be considered relatively fast? Well, though it is just me I guess?” 
“Non-arrival students?” 
“Ah, you don’t know? in sacred ruin explorationー.” 

According to Aira-san explanation, sacred ruin layers which had been explored tend to be relatively easy to explore again. 
Especially, the stairs that head toward the deeper layer is easy to find. 
That phenomenon is the so-called the students『have been invited』. 

Thus, the reason why students in the same year are easy to group up. 
When a student who has not arrived at certain layer got mixed up in particular group, their speed will be lowered <TLN: Meaning, it’s like you do it all over again if someone has not yet experienced certain layers> 
Therefore the upper-class students never think of bringing new students to their group no matter what. 
The upper-class students only invite the underclassman unless there’s a connection between family, or there is particular value to their exploration group. 

I thought it’s strange. 
Even though many upper-class students have a wealth of experience to think about, strangely in Lion class many of them partner up with their classmate
Well, I see now, there’s such a reason why students find it easier to group up with the same school year. 

Now then. 
The story continues from here. 

“Unknown guardian monster is it? 
“Un… The truth is, almost all of the exploration group students cannot pass the ninth layer see.” 
“In other words, because of that guardian monster?” 

With bitter expression, Aira-san assented. 

“When we’re discussing about fighting that monster or not… at that time, another exploration group appeared and said 『what are you guys doing? Idly doing strategy meeting? We won’t forgive any butt in alright? We’re going first』 thus they entered the guardian monster room. However, we had a bad feeling, so we returned to the transfer device. And after thatー” 

It seems the students that entered the room had fallen and currently fall to deep sleep. 
Earlier than Aira-san and the other. 
In other words, the students that entered the room have been defeated faster than the time Aira-san and the others used to return. 

“In that group, there is 10th junior saint rank and 12th rank you know?” 

Junior saint rank is like a school ranking. 
Though education subject also included, but well, you can just think of it as a strength barometer. 
For a junior saint rank 10th and 12th to be unable to compete against itー that’s mean, 

“A considerable powerful enemy huh?” 
“Indeed. It is a demon monster who produce something like magma… however, the monster did not appear inside the identification manual, and the upperclassman who heard about this also don’t know about it either… somehow, it’s really weird. That’s why I had hesitation to challenge.” 
“I can understand from the story. In other words Aria-san and the others, for the sake of defeating that guardian monster, you intend to collect members isn’t it ?” 
“That’s how it is. Although as you know if we have a large group the monster that comes attacking will increase. However, currently, numbers are necessary… ” 
“Nn? by any chance, is inside the room not just only a guardian monster exist there?” 
“Oh, you’re good at guessing eh. Just as you say. When I peek inside the room, inside there’s some kind of magma monster child loitering around.” 

There are small monsters other than the unknown demon huh? 

“Thus you thought about a forbidden spell that can handle monster from fifteen layers huh?” 
“I won’t say it in a roundabout way. indeed, just as you thought.” 

How should I deal with this I wonder… 

“If you don’t mind me, I won’t mind lending my power.” 
“Eh!? You’re fine with it !?” 
“However, I have to discuss it with my partner first alright.?” 
“O-Of course it’s fine! Your partner… it’s Kyurie Velstein right?” 
“Though as partner, I have to discuss it just in case. but, please do think positively.” 
“Yes, I understand! Well then, please do tell me if the fixed date is already decided! Waah, I’m really glad~!” 

Aira-san flops her upper body on the table and breath sigh of relieve. 

“Ahahaha… truthfully the matter of whether or not dragging you into this is the first problem that I’m unable to resolve, you see~. We come together because of family ties, and we can’t go and call people from the higher rank either.” 

She put her chin on the table, then Aira-san breath another sigh. 

“Furthermore for me to declare impressively 『leave the forbidden spell user to me!』, however, when push comes to shove, I feel anxiety. Also when I think about it, we really don’t have a close relationship, and there’s that incident at the time of battle practice…” 

Saying that, Aira-san floats her smile. 

“But still, as I expected, you’re really a good person eh?” 

Her smile just now grabbed my heart. 
Or should I say, even though she might have been hidden behind Cecil-san shadow, however, this person also can be considered considerably adorable eh? 

Well featured small face. 
Red silky hair. 
An eyes with a sharp gaze. 
Beautiful nose. 
Neat eyebrows. 
The way she wears earrings somehow negate her innocent aura, instead give off youthful energy and seductiveness feel. 

Above all those charms, she’s a friendly person who gives sense of security when you talk to her. 
Or should I say, easygoing? 
I who blushed due to embarrassment try to change the topic. 

“A-Aira-san, you’re really proactive at sacred ruin exploration huh?” 
“Nn? well, I guess…” 
“Due to something different with this year sacred ruin, many students don’t want to do it, but…” 

Aira-san raises her upper body, her line of sight directed to the cup where her fingertip brushes the cup surface gently. 

“After all, I have no choice.” 
“Furthermore, even with Cecil Arclight, I won’t be discouraged just because of that…” 

Aira-san turns her line of sight to me then ask me. 

“Do you know the relation between Cecil and me?” 
“Although I only heard it from the instructors during the battle practice. A rival between family? Or so I feel it as such…” 

She frowns her eyebrows. 

“I guess, that’s not wrong.” 

Then Aira-san began explaining about it, 

“It’s a bit long story I guess? Many said that I’m a talented child of Horn family; however, I’m actually an ordinary one.” 
“Is that so?” 
“Yes, it is… That’s why since I was a child, I’d always put greater effort than those who have the talent for it and only require small time to achieve something. And yet, the talented people will keep advancing steadily… so, I always ended up being impatiently alone.” 

The expression Aira-san had when she said about that, is as if she had been accepting her current situation. 

“However… the people in my family did not allow me to give up. Therefore I keep making an effort desperately. Even though I somewhere know that I will never be able to catch up with the geniuses who put an effort. However, that kind of thing is quite painful.” 

The genius people who make an effort. 
As one would expect, that is about Cecil-san I guess? 
However, the way she said this seems like she doesn’t know about yesterday incident, Aira-san didn’t know the current Cecil-san situation. 
I guess that because she had just returned from sacred ruin a short time ago. 

Aira-san smiled as if in self-mockery. 

“Do you know, I was actually a coward child at first? Though everyone thinks that I have a strong minded character since a long time ago.” 

Aira-san then looked at the ceiling. 

“Even though things may appear this way I have been doing my best in my own way.” 

There’s smile on her face, however, somehow I feel loneliness from it. 

“Ahaha, I wonder what am I talking about…” 

Aira-san scratch her head while laughing to gloss it over. 

“Huh? I wonder why it turned into an idle grumble? Ahahaha… I wonder why? Maybe because it’s easy to talk with you?” 
“I will cooperate to fight against the unknown monster even by myself. that’s whyー.” 

I sip the honey milk drink and then put the cup on the table. 

“let’s absolutely defeat that monster.” 

After listening to her story, it makes me want to lend her my power. 

Above all, she’s someone who talks to me with sincerity when I have not yet being revealed as a forbidden spell user. 
At that time, I was really happy. 
That’s why, I should return the favor, or so I thought. 

For the current me, the thing that I can do for Aira-san is helping her to defeat the unknown monster. 
If it helps her open her path, then I will cooperate with pleasure. 

Now then. 
If we say I get Kyurie-san to agree with this one way or another, the real problem is the time I guess. 
If I had to say one of them, as expected, using a 『demon eater』 which can obstruct magic will be hard. 
That means, first of all, I have to procure a weapon. 

“So then, about the reward… how much would you like?” 

Aira-san starts her talk. 

“Well, because we’re the one who took the initiative. and our pocket is quite warm after selling the crystal we get from our last exploration.” 
“However, from your story, everyone is stuck at the ninth layer, thus taking the cooperation with other students who want to break through it, there is merit in there isn’t it? thus, there’s no need for a reward?” 

Aira-san shows an expression as if saying “now that you mention it.” 
However, she intended to pay it like normally does. 

“Even after conquering it, there’s no guarantee the giant magma monster will appear at the ninth layer right? Thus there’s no reason for Aira-san to make a large group plan. If not like that, many students would say 『we would like to join the plan against magma giant by all mean』. if that happen, how about Aira-san and the other becomes someone to perform 『screening』?” 
“Muu, that might be true…” 
“Did none of the people from the exploration groups noticed?” 
“Tahaha… I guess because everyone just come back from the exploration, their brain is not working well.” 

Or because all of you are rich people that’s why you first have the thought of 『first let settle it with money』. 

“B-But still, I would like to give Kurohiko reward!” 
“Well, but…” 

Then, Aira-san put both her hands on the table. 

“I-If you want, I’m willing to use my once-in-lifetime seduction technique! how’s that! ーde!” 

As soon as she bows her head, Aira-san hit her forehead on the table. 

“… That’s hurt…” 

She said that with tearful voice. 

“What are you doing… or rather, why is it seduction technique?” 

Aira-san glared at me with tearful eyes while rubbing her forehead. 

“B-But… at the time when we do a battle lesson, you seems happy looking at my breast isn’t it?” 

She seems to have been completely noticing me back then. 


After we finished our drink, we leave the dining room. 

In the end, I accomplished half of my objective. 
Well, since the opportunity to talk about the plan against giant magma monster will increase, today information about sacred ruin is enough I guess. 
After all the magma giant is also can be regarded as sacred ruin information too. 
About Cecil-san… to tell you the truth, it was quite a hard topic. 
After being told the story where she’s worried about talent and so on
However, this is something that I have to askー 

“Emm, Aira-san.” 
“Nn? What is it~?” <TLN: The Nani? part is using longer version Naaaaani~?, like a teasing manner?> 
“Do you know the location Arclight family residence in the imperial city ?” 
“I do know, do you have business with Arclight household?” 
“Nn, I understand. then can you come with me to the classroom?” 


“Is this really alright?” 
“It’s fine, it’s fine~, I have some more after all.” 

I received an imperial city map from Aira-san. 
Then there’s mark indicating the Arclight family residence. 

“Thank you very much. This is really helping.” 
“You don’t have to mind it, since we will become a comrade. more importantly… are you really alright the reward to be with just a repairing cost for ShiAkira sword?” 
“I was anxious whether it was rather shrewd of me to ask for that, but…” 
“No no! it is something that you need for exploration, after all, I should be the one who feels grateful !” 

Since she insisted on giving me a reward, I suggest about my Akira sword repair. 
By the way, I call the sword with Akira sword, but it somehow becomes 『Shiakira』. 
That was quite regretful. 

“Well then next time, that Shiakira sword, can you bring it to me?” 
“I understand.” 

We went out from the building. 
When I looked at the sky, dark clouds are hanging in the sky. 

“Well then, let’s end it for today.” 
“About my matter… thank you for agreeing to it, Kurohiko.” 
“Let’s do our best defeating the magma giant.” 

Like that I separated from Aira-san, then I looked at the map with the mark of Arclight family residence located.