Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 58

Chapter – 58 (From now on)

Since Mia-san had been prepared the breakfast previously and she left it in the kitchen, I warmed the hot pot while eating it. 
In this house, to take a bath, I have to put the hot water from the heater manually.
Though just wipe my body with hot water is enough, today I feel like wanting to submerge my body in the bath. 
By that, the note Mia-san had left said that she’s too busy to help Makina-san for the preparation for her to go to the imperial palace. 

After carrying the hot water to the bath several times, and finished eating, I take a bath. 

After I finished my bath and dry myself with cloth, I wear my uniform. 
Mia-san is always washing the clothes that I put in the basket inside the bath dressing room, but, seriously, I really received a favor at anything and everything huh. 
I did say to her that I can do it by myself, but, Mia-san reject it by saying 『Just this much, please leave it to me !』. 
I should return her favor one way or another, I guess. 

How about I give her accessories as a present? 
Although currently I only have 1 silver coin in my possession which I got from Makina-san. 
If I were to pick some crystal dropped during the battle against blue goblin back then I should have some money, but, since I was desperate to survive, I have no leeway for such thing. 
Though Kyurie-san to leave it to her, there’s also the need of money to repair Akira sword. <TLN: In case you forgot, he give his sword such name.> 
Not to mention the need to return Makina-san money as well. 
For that reason, I should go to the sacred ruin ahead of time. 

“More or less, I do have a weapon.” 

I recalled the sword 『demon eater』 which I put at the cabinet inside my room. 
Well, but first, I should hear from Kyurie-san regarding it before using it. 
I still don’t know anything about that thing after all. 

After that, I leave the house after relaxing for a bit. 


There are a lot of clouds compared to at the time when Makina-san left the house. 
I guess today weather is cloudy huh? 
Or will it be a rainy one? 
The outside feels cold but not to the point of being freezing. 
There also sounds of leaf rubbed each other, swayed by the winds. 

“Nn, morning.” 

I met Kyurie-san in front of the girl’s dormitory. 

“Well then, Shall we go ?” 

We began to walk without mentioning minding the direction. 
Come to think of it, when I think about it more properly, this is the situation of 『going to school with a girl』 which only appear in my dream isn’t it?. 
The last time I go to the school with a girl is at the time when I was in elementary school, wasn’t it? 
However, if I’m not wrong, I’m not that close with her; thus I hardly ever talk and only follow from behind. 
That’s a very long time ago, and also too much of sad memory of mine. 

“I thought you looked happy just a while ago, but now, why suddenly you looks depressed ?” 
“I don’t know if I should be drowned in happiness or sadness, honestly.” 
“Ha ?” 
“Just one of vague literature of Eastern country.” <TLN: I don’t know if he actually just tries to dodge her question, or that was an actual proverb… seriously.>
“What is that mean ?” 
“More importantly, Kyurie-san.” 

I’ll talk carefully and try not to use heavy tone. 

“Will Cecil-san come ?” 
“I don’t know…” 

We walk in silence for a bit. 

“Well, I think we should not mind that idiot words.” <TLN: About Hibigami.> 

Kyurie-san said that. 

“But still Cecil-san, winning against the people of the sixth institution is one of her target it seems.” 
“Indeedー… back then with me at the time we had a quarrel too she said 『this is an excellent opportunity』 huh.” 
“Well yes, and now when she already fought against one then unable to compete, I wonder if she’s in shock ?” 

But well, her opponent, 

“It’s Hibigami after all.” 

It seems Kyurie-san, and I thought the same thing. 
That’s right. 
There’s 『something』 different about that man. 
I can’t really express it well, but, for now, his strength is definitely different. 

“Hibigami you see, even his existence at the sixth institution is special you know. let see… he’s someone who can 『completely control his own power』.” 

Special even among the sixth institution people huh? 

“At that time, even his 『individual combat capability』 is the greatest among the sixth institution people. I don’t know if there’s someone who can match against him outside the sixth institution.” 
“Is Hibigami already that strong since a long time ago ?” 
“Yes. That’s why, you don’t have to feel down if you can’t defeat him. his power, even among us, he’s entirely different.” 

I see… 
For the time being, I’ll keep that in mind. 
For when I talk to Cecil-san. 

“Emm… Is Hibigami, even more, stronger than Kyurie-san? 
“He’s stronger.” 
“You answered immediately and clearly eh.” 
“Just like what I said. His power is abnormal see. But well, if I were to fight while putting my life on the line then I don’t know. But no, even I don’t know how far is Hibigami’s 『full strength』. I just know that he won’t kill people from the sixth institution. At least, for now.” 

The reason for that can be understood from our exchange. 
Hibigami seems hoping for the people of the sixth institution one day will become his arch rival. 

“Is the reason why Kyurie-san always avoid human relationship is because of afraid that the people will get involved with Hibigami?” 
“Well, that’s the primary cause. Because he will not hesitate to involve another people just so he can make other to fight. For him to see his opponent being 『serious』, even if it’s impossible he will try to forcibly to achieve his 『objective』.” 

ーShould I do this here, which will make you turn your killing intent toward me? 

I remembered the figure of Hibigami putting her sword blade on Zix neck. 
However, at that time Cecil-san herself want to get 『serious』 herself. 
That’s why Hibigami did not make any forced attempt to achieve his 『objective』. Zix-san can be saved might’ve been thanks to Cecil-san being serious, if one thinks about it. 

“Ah, and also.” 

Kyurie-san began talking. 

“I thought of telling you the reason why I’d came to this Academy… do you want it?” 
“Eh? To me? That kind of thing… is it alright ?” 
“Stupid, because it’s you it’s alright.” 
“ーEh ?” 

For her to say it to me like that, somehow it makes me embarrassed. 
The reason why Kyurie-san asked 『do you want it?』, is because she worried about me getting involved because of knowing too much I guess? 

“Please don’t worry about me. We’re a partner after all. I want to know everything about Kyurie-san.” 
“What? everything? you… you also want to know about strange thing didn’t you?” 

Kyurie-san showed a wary expression and hid her breast with her hands. 

“Ehー no no, that’s not it!?” 

Kyurie-san lifts her lips as if saying “just as planned.” 

“I’m just kidding.” 

Seriously, I can’t understand her. 
Because Kyurie-san joke is seamless, that’s why it’s hard to comprehend her joke! 

“Well, I’ll tell you then… I will decline if it’s about my body alright?” 
“I-I know !” 
“The reason for me to come to this academy is… because I’m looking for a certain woman.” 
“Is that person also part of the sixth institution as well?” 
“A woman named Noiz Dies. by the way, her play name is a 『immaterial play』” <TLN: ノイズ・ディース = Noiz Dies…Kanji Mukei Yuugi lit Mukei can mean Abstract/immaterial/moral/spiritual/intangible, and Yuugi can mean game/play/sports… in this context, I don’t know which is more suitable.> 
“Play name?” 
“We, the people from the sixth institution, give each other 『the worst』 play name you see.” 

Something like a nickname I guess?” 
Ah, come to think of it. 
Kyurie-san called Hibigami 『Corrupted god』, and if I’m not wrong Hibigami also called Kyurie-san with something. 

“If I’m not wrong it’s 『Silver Lady』 isn’t it?” <TLN: Change from Girl to Lady, explanation at the end of this chapter.>

Kyurie-san answered with an embarrassed tone of voice. 

“When the sixth institution called me as such, it’s alright, but unexpectedly when someone other than them called me with such name somehow I feel ashamed… I don’t have any quality to be called Lady after all.”
“Are you embarrassed?” 
“Shut up. I’m not… something like a lady…” 
“You’re embarrassed aren’t you?” 
“That’s right I’m embarrassed… is it bad for feeling embarrassed?” 
“Oh, you admit it eh…” 

So you’re insisted for not being a lady, huh, or so I’d thought. 
In that regard, does that mean the time when we meet again where she’s not nervous is just a mask? That is what I’d thought. <TLN: About the second time they met… the time, when they met under tree, was the first.> 
Won’t she suffer a disadvantage if she keeps people out too much? 
Even though she’s actually this lovely. 
*Uhum*, Kyurie-san clear her throat. 

 “Anyway. I got information that woman is in this Academy, thus the reason why I’m here.” 
“That means even if this is not an ordinary task, are you going to search for her?” 
“Yes. well, She’s not someone who I can catch her tail so easily.” 

But still… she talks awfully about her normally huh. <TLN: Her way of talking is considered rude in Japanese.> 
Maybe because they trust each other, she can speak about her like that? 
If that is the case, then I’m happy, though. 

“Well, let’s leave the detail for later. If there’s progress regarding Noiz, I’ll let you know. More than that, I hope Cecil will recover as soon as possible. If that person did not return to her usual self… I somehow won’t have any rival.” 
“It’s really worrying isn’t it.” 
“Well yes. it is also my fault after all.” 

She seems feeling guilty about it. 
However, there’s nothing which requires Kyurie-san to feel any guilt. 

“It’s not Kyurie-san fault you know? no matter how you look at it, it’s Hibigami fault.” 
“Is that how it is…” 
“That’s how I thought…” 

The academy building can be seen. 

“But still, you really made me surprised. To be able to have a good match against Hibigami, and made him that pleased like that. For him letting go 『demon eater』 is quite a thing you know?” 
“Isn’t it because of the forbidden spell?” 
“I don’t see it like that… it just, saying it with 『only look at me』 is a bit over the top.” 
“I won’t reflect. I’ll defeat Hibigami.” 
“Funn, you’re full of confidence eh.” 
“Because my teacher at sword art is excellent after all.” 
“Mu… you can talk… if that the case then today battle lesson, I won’t go easy on you alright?” 
“That’s what I want.” 

We head toward our classroom. 
On entering the classroom. 
I don’t see Cecil-san figure. 
Zix and Hirgiz-san seat are also vacant. 

And then… even at the time the attendance report began, Cecil-san didn’t appear. 


The time until the starts of the attendance report, many classmates asked me about yesterday incident. 
And everyone asked me rather than Kyurie-san. 

On the way to the classroom, the matters regarding the sixth institution will become the biggest demerits when the story touches about Hibigami, is what Kyurie-san said. 
That’s why I’m the one who doing this as someone who has no demerits effect from it. 
Regarding the person called Noiz, she said because it’s already too late being exposed to this degree, or so she said (I’m concerned regarding the person called Noiz who can change their figure/appearance however she likes).  
Nevertheless, Kyurie-san keeps on creating walls around her like usual. 

However, I did not say anything to that. 
That wall is something that only Kyurie-san can do something about it. 
It is an area where I have no right to step myself into. 

For that reason, I added dramatization to my explanation toward my fellow classmates until the attendance report time comes. 

By the way, even when the attendance report time began, Aira-san and Maro have not yet appeared. 
According to the instructor, the two of them are currently doing sacred ruin exploration. 

After that, it’s reporting regarding yesterday events. 
Kyurie-san and my name didn’t appear on the report, however, the people inside the Lion classroom known that we’re related to it. 

And then it concluded with a report regarding a male student uniform being stolen by someone. 
The criminal seems not yet being caught. 
Some of the girls are, 

“Eh, no wayー” 
“What is thatー” 

They become excited. 
Listening to the whispers, it seems like the one who got his uniform stolen is an Ikemen. 
Stealing an ikemen uniform… 
It’s just a mere hentai, or there’s a reason behind it… 
And we’re told that currently, the Academy is investigating it. 
In that connection, it seems like the Ikemen boy who got his uniform stolen is staying in bed due to shock. 

After that, we have Liberal Arts lesson and finally battle lesson. 
Kyurie-san and I exchange blows like usual while dodging instructor Isabella question who’s interested in yesterday events. 
Then, in the middle of the blows, Kyurie-san look surprised. 

“This is, Hibigami sword style?” 
“There’s also my sword style mixed in it. you, are you planning on stealing your opponents swords style?” 
“Emm… somehow, it just ends up that way. Hibigami also said a similar thing, but, this might be because of the influence of the forbidden spell as well.” 
“Kyurie, -san?” 

Kyurie-san shows a complicated expression. 

“Being mixed with Hibigami sword, somehow, I hate it.” 
“I guess we end it here today. If we continue lesson today, I might end up hating it.” 
“T-That can’t be !” 

Despite the fact that such thing had happened, we discuss the next plan for a bit. 

First of all, the sacred ruin exploration can be resumed. 
More or less because I have a weapon on my hand already. 
However, we decided to look at the situation regarding the sacred ruin a little more. 

We will wait-and-see until my Akira sword finishes being repaired. 

According to the explanation that I got from Kyurie-san, It is said that the magic sword 『demon eater』 will absorb a significant amount of magic power inside the sacred ruin, and remarkably create an obstruction for invoking magic. 

“Me aside, if by any chance other exploration group have a hard time due to that, using 『demon eater』 would be hard right. that’s why we should repair the other sword.” 

That is Kyurie-san decision. 
Except us, we have to think about. 
For example, we arrived at such conclusion after reminded the joint exploration done together with Cecil-san and the other. <TLN: The time when Kurohiko got lost> 

And for that, I thought of using the sacred cursed sword which I got from fighting against blue goblins. 
However, it seems like as a sword, that sacred cursed sword is not very good. 
Even though it is a sacred cursed sword. 
According to Kyurie-san, 

“Even after I poured my magic power into it, the crystal only emits light… nothing happened. even for me, that was the first time I try such sacred cursed sword. and you should have known it since you’d been using it before, the sharpness is also not that good.” 

Or so she said. 
Uhun, but still, even if it’s a shitty sacred cursed sword… there should be something. 
Or so I want to believe. 
At that, I remembered something. 

“That sacred cursed sword, can you lend it to me for a moment ?” 
“From the start, that thing is yours, so I don’t mind, but, what are you going to do?” 
“The truth is I have an acquaintance who has an extensive knowledge. that person might know something about it.” 
“I understand. next time, I’ll hand it to you.” 

After all, I also have business with Claris-san. 
Thus I will ask about that sword together with it. 
She might know something about it. 

After class, we have lunch, the two of us head toward the dining room. 

“Come to think of it, it’s about the 『demon eater』… how should I handle it ?” 
“Nn? why not just leave it inside your house for now? after all, it’s meaningless to absorb students magic power right now. however, if you feel worried, how about leave it to me ?” 
“Ah, no… I will manage it by myself. It’s my own sword after all.” 
“If it’s got stolen, you can just simply say as such to Hibigami. then he will chase after the thief to the end of the world. well, the guy who stole it probably will be killed without question.” 

Kyurie-san said that while joking, however, I feel like he is really going to do just that… 
Considering the well being the thief who going to steal it, I have to take care the sword properly huh. 

After lunch, it’s magic art lesson. 
While reading the black magic book, If I were to bring 『demon eater』 there and let it absorb everyone magic power, won’t everyone know how I feel. When I had such thought, the class has ended. 

Then, finished with end report. 

“I have some business with the Headmistress, so today we will end it here.” 
“I understand. well then, see you tomorrow then, Kyurie-san.” 

Kyurie-san lips then smiled. 

“I seem to be able to continue my academy life somehow. thanks to you and the headmistress.” 

After expressing her gratitude, she left the classroom. 

Now then, 
I looked at the seat where usually Cecil-san and the other sat. 
I guess today, I will go and visit Arclight family residence. 

The things that I have to think about have increased, however, the things that I have to do for now is only a few. 

Go and see Cecil-san condition. 
Visiting Claris-san. 
And also gathering information regarding the sacred ruin, I guess that’s all. 

At that moment. 
One female student entered the Lion classroom. 

“Ah, there he is…” 

When the female student sees me, she walks toward me. 

“I have something to talk with you… do you have a moment ?” 
“Emm, todayー.” 

Eh, wait? 

“… well, yes.” 
“I’m glad. well then, how about the dining room?” 
“I understand.” 
“Alright, it’s decided! I’ll treat all the food and drinks, so don’t be reserved!”  
“You seems like have returned from the sacred ruin exploration eh, Aira-san.” 

Aira-san smiled wryly. 

“Nn… somehow I guess.” 

This also the one thing that I need to do, which is gathering information regarding the sacred ruin. 
Since she’s someone who recently focused on the sacred ruin exploration, she must have useful information. 
If that the case, looking at this chance, I should ask about the sacred ruin matters at her. 
And also… 

ーwell now, will this year Horn family best defeat Arclight best? 

I remembered what the instructor said at the time of the mock battle. 
By that, it is as expected that there’s something about Arclightー Cecil-san that I don’t know. 
From the way that Instructors says it, it seems like it is not a good topic to talk with Aira-san. 
At least, I should ask the place where Arclight family live. 
After all, I don’t know where their residence is. 

While thinking of such thing, I was being led by Aira-san toward the dining room. 

But still, just what is it that she want to talk about I wonder? 

About change from Girl to Lady :
<TLN: The Lady part in kanji “Shoujo”… Lit: Young girl/young lady/Maiden/Virgin… I’m freaking confused by it… in the previous chapter I use “Girl”… at first, I use Girl in this part as well, but you know, after re-read it usually a woman in that era(middle age) always worrying about being ladylike or not ye? Girlish is more modern term after all? What do you think readers?>