Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 57

Chapter 57 (Red and Black world)

Forbidden spell king? 


Forbidden spell king you say? 

“Ma~, you don’t have to be that surprised. At least you’ve already heard a 『legend』 about me right ?” 
“Kukuku, what’s with that subdue respond ?” 

Is this a dream, I wonder? 
It just, I’ve already a strange thing in my body which is that 『sense』, even if something happens it won’t be strange anymore. 
In other words, this place is an inner space like thing where only my consciousness have been summoned ? is that how it is? 

“Emm… pleased to meet you, forbidden spell king.” 

Since the person gives its name as such, for now, let’s just call the person forbidden spell king. 
Asking whether the individual is the real thing or not here has no meaning after all. 
However, I can’t let my guard down if the master of that 『sense』 is this person. 

“ー so then, may I know why you called me who is currently sleeping because of fatigue to this place ?” 

The forbidden spell laughed. 

“I’m surprised. It’s good that you’re able to understand it this quickly. Well, it’s nothing important.” 

I was about to think of talking seriously, but, unexpectedly the forbidden spell king replies my words lightly. 

“Now then, Sagara Kurohiko.” 
“What is it ?” 
“How is it, about this world ?” <TLN: In case this confuse you, the F.S. King asking Kurohiko, about his impression regarding his new world where he live now.> 

Nn ? 
The way he speaks just now… 

“It’s you huh ?” 
“Nn ?” 
“The one who summon me to this world, is it you ?” 
“Ah, is that how you see it ?. I’m not… Let see; I’m more like an 『audience』 I guess ?” 
“An audience ?” 
“The place where you are nowー” 

*Zudon* <TLN: This is, crashing sfx> 
A long spear is falling and pierce the ground between me and the coffin. 

“Wahaha, I guess that’s a forbidden topic, since it will conflict with that fellow… It can’t be helped; I will reinstate it. The place you see right now, it’s similar to that of mental world/inner worldー you can also call it as a dream, that’s fine as well. A name for this place is not really important.” <TLN: The forbidden topic part, it is kanji lit “something that is not allowed being said”> 
“Why am I being called ?” 
“The reason as to why I called you is I want to talk with you face to face.” 

I knit my eyebrows 

“You want to talk with me you say ?” 
“Because I’m interested. in you, a person who have the same power as I do.” 
“The same power… it’s the forbidden spell is it ?” 
“…Something like that.” 

The forbidden spell king giving off the feeling that someone is watching him. 
Just now as well, the conversation is touching the 『forbidden topic』 I guess? 

“Nevertheless Sagara Kurohiko, you’re getting used living in this world quite fast aren’t you ?” 
“Well as you can see, you might say I’m really enjoying it.” 
“Kukuku… Right now you have a lot of interest in this world eh ?” 
“For only barely finding something that 『you wants to do』, I guess I can’t say that as remarkable thing eh. ?” 

This guy…
How far does he know? 
Interest… 『Right now』 I have a lot of things that I feel interested in this world. 
ー『Right now』? 
By that, does that mean he knows my past? 

“At first you seem to be unable to control your 『over』 reaction, but how is it ? are you able to calm down a little ?”  

『You seems to have calmed down considerably.』 

I suddenly remembered what Makina-san had said to me one day. 
Overreaction… that’s meanー. <TLN: Yea, the so-called panic.> 
While I give a pondering look, the forbidden spell king narrows his red eyes. 

“And alsoー.” 

From the sky, something is coming down slowly. 
A huge stone. 
It has no characteristic. That’s just a normal rock. 
After the rock come down in front of the forbidden spell king and me, it lightly floats above the ground. 

A plain with nothing interestingー rock. 

“After 『that thing』 is being extracted out it seems like you’re able to 『refresh』 eh? Well, nevertheless there’s also a part of me that judge that 『one part』 is necessary.” 
“Kukuku, it’s good that you’re able to understand fast. That’s right. That thing is one part of Sagara Kurohiko from the 『previous world』. The corrupt part of 『Sagara Kurohiko』.” 

My corrupt part. 
In other wordsー when I lose all desire. 
The time when I have an interest in nothing. 

“After all, you’ve finally come to another world, and it would be boring if you have no interest. nonetheless, I’m also the sameー.” 

*Rattle*The coffin shook. 


One black spear pierces through the black coffin. 

“Kukuku… Sorry, I talked too much.” 

It seems like he’s fine. 
*Khukhukhu* The forbidden spell king laugh. 

“For some reason, I’d been not too perceptive since a long time ago. I’d always poked my nose to something that I should not to. A guy who always brings trouble to themselves. It is also a question that my intuition is good. If it’s at your former world this kind of person would be called an 『insensitive bastard』 right? It’s fine if you don’t understand.” <TLN: Donkan kuso yarou~ lit insensitive bastard/block head.> 

No, I think that’s not the case though. 

“Well, what I want to say to you is, you don’t have to think about anything, and you can live in this world however you like.” 

Eh ? 

“Live… however I like ?” 
“That’s right. Do whatever you want, Sagara Kurohiko. I’ll always be by your side. I don’t hate a reckless person like you, see.” 

The forbidden spell king continues talking while looking at me who is still not yet put my guard down. 

“After all, I’m just a prisoner being imprisoned here and awaiting my mind to go mad. at most I’m only able to have a conversation while being watched like this.” 
“Emm, Forbidden spell king.” 
“Nn ?” 

ーIn the first place, what is the forbidden spell anyway? 

When I was about to say those words… I stopped. 
Before, when he was about to speak regarding forbidden spell a spear comes flying, what I want to ask, it has a very high probability of being a forbidden topic. 
Not only about the forbidden spell, but I also have many things that I want to ask like what is the nature of that 『sense』 and why 『me』 and other question. 
After all the one in front of me is someone who calls themselves as forbidden spell king. 
Furthermore, besides those things it seems like the person himself know a various thing other things. 

However, since someone is watching our conversation, it gives a deterrence which makes it very difficult to ask question strike to the point. 
Well, I do feel pitiful toward the forbidden spell king which is being pierced by the spear. 
However, I wonder why… 
Somehow this person, somewhere I found myself to hate him. <TLN: It’s hard for me to words it, but the context is like… “I can’t explain, but somehow I hate him for some reason.”… well something like that.> 

“Kukuku… are you alright ?” 
“Yes, for now, I’ll stop.” 
“I see… well I can’t say it in detail butー.” 

The forbidden spell king then continues talking after a short pause. 

“Don’t be like me alright, Sagara Kurohiko ?” 

I can somehow understand what he wants to say. 
The forbidden spell king probably being swallowed by that 『sense』. 

“Anyway, that’s what I want to say to you directly. as advice from a senpai. well, though I feel relieved that you seem to be able to master it properlyー” 

One more spear pierces through the coffin. 

“Kukuku… that goddess is a really troublesome… there’s the saying at your words for this kind of things right? ah right, that’s the one… the so called 『yandere』ー” <TLN: I laughed so hard when I read this line… hahaha.> 

Several spears pierce the coffin at the same time. 

“Guh… damn that bitch !” 
“I-I understand! Oi ! I know what you want to say that’s why! Oi, I don’t know who’s there, but you can hear me right !?” 

I shouted toward the person who manipulated the spears. 

“Do stop it! since I’m stupid, I don’t understand what the forbidden spell king want to say! that’s whyー Uwaaaah !?” 

One spear stabbed deeply between my foot. 
Thenー the forbidden spell king laughed. 

“Khu… Khuahahahaha ! as one would expect, something like that is useless! However, for you to worry about me, Sagara Kurohiko. Indeed, you might be stupid.” 
“Hidoi !” 
“Fufu… I’m thankful. I can have fun for a bit while I wait before my mind goes mad. You’re indeed an interesting person. Kukuku… I’ll pray for you so that you will find a different path than mine. Sagara Kurohiko. Ah right one more thing, since right now you’re only have one forbidden spell somehowー.” 

At that time…*BAM* 
A massive black hand shows up from the red sky smashed the coffinー then I regain my consciousness. 


I wake up. 
The first thing that comes into my view is my room ceiling. 

“As expected… I can’t just dismiss that as a dream isn’t it?” 

A dream is something made from an arrangement of memory and desire. 
However, I don’t have any memory regarding that kind of place, and I do not have a desire for such thing either. 


How long did I sleep I wonder? 
When I take a look at the clock, it’s 5 a clock in the morning. 
I’d slept too much. 
I was sleeping before evening yesterday… just how much of fatigue did I have., geez. 
But, now there’s no fatigue left. 

Now then. 
What should I think of the things that happened in that red and black world I wonder? 
Well if we go with the usual way of thought, just like the legend says, that place is the 『earth prison』 where the forbidden spell king is being imprisoned. 
Now, when I think about the familiar spears and chains that I saw back then… Does that mean that the dimensional hole where spears and chains appeared from when I use the forbidden spell, it’s connected to that world? 
Then, that means that the forbidden spell have the 『power』 to summon them from the earth prison? 

I guess even without words I’m able to obtain some information. 
And also the last words that the forbidden spell king said… that is, I suppose he already determined to say those words huh? 
I don’t know if the concept of death exists at that place, but, I hope you’re not dead. 

The things that the forbidden spell king wanted to told me about is probably about if I learn more forbidden spell the power of that 『sense』 will increase. 
That’s how I felt… as one can expect, words of an experienced person is very important. 


I guess I will think about that place another time. 
About the earth prison as well, let’s ask Claris-san when I have some free time. 

I looked at the window. 
The sun already rises slightly. 
I can hear the sounds of birds chirping. 

After I get out from my bed, I go down to the first floor while carrying my change of clothes. 
First, let’s prepare a bath. 
However, when I pass the living room, there’s a refined girl dressed in one piece there. 
Sitting down on the chair while reading a book. 

“Ara~, good morning.” 

The girl who sat on the chair isー Makina-san, she sat on the chair reading a book while being illuminated by crystal hung on the ceiling. 
Mia-san and Makina-san are free to come and go to this house after all. 
As one can expect, I don’t feel any surprise anymore. 
After I pull out the chair and sit down in the opposite direction of her, I put my change of clothes on the chair next to me. 

“Good morning, Makina-san.” 
“How is your body ? are you able to rest properly ?” 
“Yes, thanks to you.” 
“Is that so…” 
“… Today, you didn’t wear your usual clothes isn’t it ?” 

Today Makina-san wear everything until her hair ornament with white color. 

“Aa, this? Today I’m going to meet the sacred royal family at the imperial palace after all… well, what do you think? Does it suits me ?” 
“Yes, you look good.” 
“Than the usual clothes?” 
“It might be because I get used to it, but I feel that this one suits you better than the usual clothes. it gives a refreshing feeling.” 
“Fuun, Is that so…” 

Makina-san closed her books while saying that. 
Somehow she looks happy. 

“Since when have you been here ?” 
“Nn? I came a few minutes ago you know ?” 

For not saying the specific time, is really typical of her. 
A particular morning silence drifted inside the room/ 

“Emm… regarding Kyurie-san, how is she ?” 

There’s the matter of Cecil-san. However, I also want to know what happen to Kyurie-san after that. 
Yesterday, they seemed to have some talk about whether or not she can stay in the academy. 
If I leave it to Makina-san, I believe there won’t be any problem, although she didn’t mention anything to me yesterday. 

“The reason why I’ve come to this place early in the morning is that I thought that you want to know about that matter.” 
“Ah, is that how it is ?. thank you very much for coming here early in the morning.” 

She seems to have read me completely. 

“For her to be able to attend the Academy 『almost without a problem』, currently the chance for that is 50-50. the judgment will be after I meet the sacred royal family today.” 
“Oh, I see… so that’s the reason why you’re going to the palace today…” 
“Indeed… It will be much faster to settle it if I meet the key figure early after all. At any rate, I was going to report to the sacred royal family in the first place.” 

Makina-san then lay her face down on the desk. 

“Nevertheless lately… the works unrelated to the headmistress work has increased. the date for the chivalric order to hear about yesterday’s circumstance is also not yet being decided, I also have to go to the imperial palace and also the matters regarding Kyurie as well… ah, come to think of it, there’s also the issue of the man who escaped detention room… haaa~.” 

Detention room? 
Emm… somehow that sounds familiar…? 
Ah, right. 
When I just arrived at this world, a guard was going to put me inside the disciplinary room because the detention room is under construction(come to think of it, where is he now ?), 
Perhaps… the detention room under construction is because the man who escape? 
Makina-san lay her head on the table looked at me. 

“Mou I will just throw them all away, I wonder to whom should I run away to ?” 

I laughed while mixed with sighs. 

“Whatever you say, in the end, Makina-san is the type who does the job properly right ?” <TLN: Meaning even with all the complaints, by the end of the day she always does her work.> 
“Fuun, what are you saying, you know it already, didn’t you ?” 

Saying that Makina-san raises her body and sit down properly. 

“That’s right !. I didn’t abandon them. For me, a headmistress position is a responsibility. However, it’s fine for me to complain once in a while right ?” 
“Since I can stay in this house with the condition for me to listen to your complaints. please do let it all out.” 
“Fufufu, you seem to be able to speak well now eh.” 

Makina-san opened her mouth while got off from the chair. 

“With that being the case, leave the Kyurie Velstein matters to me. Regarding the matters with the chivalric order too, I’ll try to coordinate with them. If you meet with Kyurie, can you inform her as well?” 
“I understand.” 

I went outside to see off Makina-san. 
When we out of the house Makina-san turns herself back and facing me, her line of sight directed to the ground. 

“Ne~, Kurohiko.” 
“Yes ?” 
“Whether or not you’re going to listen, I have something to say…” 
“What is it? please don’t be reserved and say it…” 
“You… don’t have any wish to go back to your previous world ?” 

Makina-san opened her eyes in surprise. 
Then she looked up to me. 

“An immediate answer huh ?” 
“If I can’t see Makina-san then that place is a questionable place.” 

If I don’t meet Makina-san, I don’t know if I can live this kind of life after all. 
In that sense, I’m very grateful toward her. 

“F-Fuun, is that so? I-It’s good for being able to meet me n-ne~.” 
“I’m really glad for that.” 

Being able to meet this person in itself, for me, it’s a fortune. 


Suddenly Makina-san held her hand on her head. 
Somehow she gives off the feeling of 『Darn it』. 

“What’s wrong ?” 
“No, it’s nothing, I realize some misunderstanding just now… and it’s become a bit painful.” 
“Misunderstand ?” 
“It’s alright, you don’t have to worry about it. well then, I’ll get going now.” 
“? Yes…” 

Misunderstood ? 
Nn ? 
Can’t be… 

ーAt your previous world this kind of person would be called an 『insensitive bastard』 right? 

Suddenly I remembered that words. 
There I completely realize. 

“What is it?” 
“That, I don’t think you misunderstood anything you know ?” 
“Emm I… even without all the accommodation, just by meeting you I feel really grateful.” 
“Eh ?” 
“That’s why, what I mean is… emm… as a single human, I like you! t-that’s what I meant! w-well then, see you !” 

After saying that, I rushed inside my house. 
I close the door in the back, then exhale my breath. 

T-That was dangerous. 
Somehow at the beginning she only receives 『I can live in this world thanks to Makina-san… 』 nuisance from my words. 
I also respect her personality; thus I should express my words properly.  
Although I immediately run away after expressing my words due to embarrassment, I’m really glad for being able to convey my true feeling. 


Even though it’s just step by step. 
This also may be because I’ve become strong ! <TLN: He thinks “thanks to become strong I’m able to convey my feeling” kind of thing.> 
It’s all thanks to you, Forbidden spell king! 

ーNo, I think you’re a bit wrong in that. 

I heard some voice inside my head which sounds likes coming from far away place, well, it’s probably my imagination.