Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 56

Chapter 56 (After the Fight)

First, the most worrying thing is as expected, it’s Cecil-san condition. 
She still hangs her head down. 
It’s doubtful whether she heard of the surrounding noise or not. 
I go down on my knees near her. 

“Cecil-san… are you alright ?” 

Cecil-san raises her head. 

“Ah… eh,  Kurohiko? Emm, yes, I’m fine… I-I’m alright. That’s why… fu, fufu…” 

I can’t really understand her expression. 
It feels like I missed the landing point of the original landing place. <TLN: Meaning her appearance didn’t match with her atmosphere.> 
The smiling expression and her mouth which is smiling giving off an awkward feeling. 
Her eyes are also wavering. 

“E-Emm that man, disappeared, that’s why, Iー…” 

Her voice is also trembling. 
She might not even know what she had said herself. 

“I-I’ve shown you a shameful appearance, emm. That’s whyー…” 

At that moment. 
As if feeling sick, she put her hand on her mouth. 
She turns away her face, then from the corner of her eyes I saw tears began to appear. 

“U… uu…” 
“Cecil, -san ?” 

Then she shut both of her eyes tightly and then shake her head left and right. 
As if she does not want to talk nor hear anymore. 

“Aー, u….” 

This isー 
I draw back my hand which about to touch her face, and then I stand up.

“… I understand. for now, you don’t have to say anything and please take some rest. Since it’s already fine. That man already left as well. Hirgiz-san.” 

I looked toward Hirgiz-san who is currently embracing Cecil-san gently. 
She nods toward me. 
Then I nod back at her. 

For now, Cecil-san should be entrusted to Hirgiz-san. 
Well at the present time, whatever I say will only confuse Cecil-san after all. 

Every person has this kind of time when they want to be left alone. 
And also times when people don’t want to talk too. 
Though our situation might be different, I also have experienced those kind things. 

Despite the fact that I feel grateful for those who feel worried, there’s also the opposite effect where it makes it painful as well. 
After all, it feels like it exposes one weakness. 
Though it might be presumptuous of me to think of such of thing. ………………….. 

No matter what, I’m on Cecil-san side alright, Hibigami. 

“Cecil-sama and us will return to the mansion as is… that’s why the lunch today will be canceled. I’m sorry.” 
“I understand. I’ll leave Cecil-san in your care.” 
“Yes, leave it to me. Kurohiko.” 

While lending her shoulder to Cecil-san, Hirgiz-san speaks with a small voice. 

“Today… thank you for helping Cecil-sama.” 

Hirgiz-san is then looking at the person on my back. 

“Kyurie as well.” 
“Nn? Sure… I understand your feeling. However, it is unnecessary to be thankful toward me. For not knowing that maniac battle assault, indirectly it is also my fault. Rather I should be the one apologizing. And alsoー.” 

Kyurie-san handed over Cecil-san holy sword which she picked up. 


The one who receives the swords is Baton-san who had been carrying an unconscious Zix-san to the carriage. 
Kyurie-san then looked toward the inside of the carriage. 

“Is Zixbert alright ?” 
“Yes, he’s fine. Um… are you Cecil-sama close friend ?” 

After being asked such thing by Baton-san, Kyurie-san groaned being at a loss for words. 

“We’re not really close nor far. there’s a slightly complicated circumstance to call us close friend flatly.” 
“Is that so ?” 
“Regarding Cecil, please take care of her. I… umm, about Cecil, I don’t dislike her.” 

Looking at Kyurie-san who shows an embarrassed expression, Baton-san expression becomes relaxed. 


Hirgiz-san is already finished helping Cecil-san to sit inside the carriage. 
Cecil-san eyes are looking at a space as if losing its vigor. 
When she being helped by Hirgiz-san walking toward the carriage, she looks like a doll being cut from its thread. 
Hirgiz-san then shows her head from the broken door section. 

“Well then Kurohiko, Kyurie, see you later.” 

Kyurie-san and I nodded. 
Banton-san hit the whip, and then the carriage began moving. 
Then, after the carriage cannot be seen anymore, 

“Is it alright ?” 

Looking for an opportunity to call out, one of the sacred tree eight swordー a man past middle age called out. 

“Eh? Yes…” 
“I’m David Hamoniz. Though I feel embarrassed to refer as one after that man had said that, I’m from the sacred tree eight swords. May I know your name ?” <TLN: David name written as ダビド・ハモニス, please do tell me if you have a better suggestion.>
“Sagara Kurohiko.” 
“And the beautiful young lady over there ?” 
“… Kyurie.” 
“Sagara Kurohiko and Kyurie huh ?. The two of you… I would like both of you to accompany us to the sacred tree chivalric order headquarter… there’s a various thing which I would like to ask, but…” 

Kyurie-san and I exchanged a glance. 

Now then… 
What should we do? 
In other words, he wants to get information from Kyurie-san who is an old friend of a former member of the sixth institution who called himself as Hibigami. 
Also, they might also want to ask about my forbidden spell in various ways. 
Well, no matter how we look at it, we’re people who related to this incident after all.
I change my line of sight to the surrounding. 
The guards and the spectators, they feel like trying to understand the scene developed in front of them since a moment ago. 

Me aside, when I remembered the reputation of the people from the sixth institution, somehow, I would like to keep Kyurie-san from trouble. However, 

At that time. 
One carriage approaches. 
Naturally, the crowd makes way for it to come toward here. 
It is from the opposite direction where Cecil-san carriage is going. 
Of course the door also not broken. 

The door of the carriage opened after it stops. 
Then, while her hand is holding the skirt and lift it slightly, a girl goes down from the carriage gently. 
*Tap*, the sounds of her shoes landing on the ground. 

After confirming the girl identity, the expression on David-san face turns into surprised expression. 

“Makina…-sama ?” 
“Oh my, it’s been a while, David. Is your lower back pain alright ?” 
“My back has completely recovered, but, what are you doing here ?” 
“Ara~? Why ? isn’t that obvious? It is to 『protect』 the student of my academy who being attacked by murderer case criminal 『casually』. Isn’t it a natural thing for the person in charge of the academy to do that, or is there anything weird about it ?” 

Makina-san put her hand on her waist, then raised her chin and smiled broadly, giving off a dignified aura. 

“Don’t worry. I won’t obstruct the knight chivalric order interrogation. However, please do give me a consideration. No matter how you look at them, they are no more than students, and surely they have mental burden due the incident. That’s why we should leave them for today and give them a time to rest, don’t you agree? Looking at the situation, the figure of the criminal is also already disappeared after all.’ 

After glanced at us briefly, David-san sighed. 

“Umu… forget about others, since it’s you, I’ll do it for you. especially when it come to the sacred tree chivalry order, defying them is a troublesome thing.”  
“Then I take it as agreement ?” 
“Ufufu, thank you, David. I’m glad the one who comes is you.” 
“However, in the future, I will ask the circumstance of the two of them alright ?” 
“Yes, of course. there’s no reason to refuse.” 
“Alright then. we will leave for today.” 

After he said that, the two other sacred tree eight swords with complex expression ride their horse. 
Then they leave with David-san. 

“Now then, we shall go too… go ahead and get in.” 

After sending off the sacred tree eight swords, Makina-san turns toward us and tell us to ride the carriage. 

“You saved us, Makina-san.” 
“Your welcome, and I’m sorry for being late. since there a lot of people who try to stop me while saying it’s dangerous to come here.” 
“Did the uproar reached the academy ?” 
“Well, it spread via people who were going here and there see. what’s wrong, Kyurie ?” 
“… Nn.” 

Prompted by Makina-san, Kyurie-san tried to explain the circumstance and come clean with it. 

“Well, you see… I was thinking whether should I return to the academy or not. From the uproar a while ago, many people made aware that I was part of the sixth institution you see… up until now, it might be only regarded as a cock-and-bull story, however, due the fight just now. It will become a valid proof that I was one.” 
“I’ve heard that rumor before, are you really a former member of the sixth institution ?” 

After being silent for a bit. 
Kyurie-san breathes out a sigh as if in resignation. 

“Fuun, I see… well, never mind that, please get in.” 

When I was about to open my mouth, Makina-san beckoned Kyurie-san. 
Kyurie-san then shows a perplexed expression. 

“Like I said, for me to return to the academy isー.” 

Makina-san then shows a smirking smile. 

“Listen alright? I’m an expert at making settings and alibi alright ?” <TLN: Here we go again…> 
“But you see…” 
“And also, the witness of that 『fight』 too… they seem to not really to mind about the sixth institution matters, though ?” 

Makina-san then glanced toward the several spectators who still there. 
From them, I can hear some words come out from their mouth. 

“But still, that boy, he doesn’t seem so bad. the sacred tree eight swords did come but, that man before is the criminal of the murder case right ?” 
“In other words, that boy comes and save Cecil-sama is it? a while ago I also heard about the forbidden spell though.” 
“If we’re going to talk about it, it should be that nee-chan. what is she ? a goddess ?” <TLN: This nee-chan is Kyurie in armor.> 
“However, she seems to be an acquaintance of the murdering criminal from the sixth institution you know? that’s means…” 
“You idiot… you can understand by just looking. she fought against that evil criminal, that’s mean, she’s a good child.” 
“You’re too simple. you back her up because she’s a beauty isn’t it ?” 
“S-Shut up !” 
“Be that as it may, she does not seem to go against the sacred tree eight swords either. we should leave the rest to the sacred tree chivalric order, isn’t that good enough ?” 
“Right… For us, there’s the 『black sacred tree knight』 Sogut-sama and Diarez-sama whom we are proud of. The sixth institution is not something we should be afraid of.”  <TLN: Diarez name is written as ディアレス, please do tell me if you have a better suggestion.>

Unexpectedly they didn’t feel worried ?” 

“Ah Diarez-sama ! just once is enough, I want you to show me your smile !” 
“You! Diarez-sama is not anyone’s thing! You better remember that !” 
“Chi, what’s that! what’s with that aura as if saying 『I’m the only one who’s allowed to know anything about Diarez-sama.』.” 
“I-I’m on Sogut-sama’s faction” <TLN: This person is a “she”… she speaks using “Atashi”> 
“T-The truth is, me too…” 
“Haa !? You guys, do you have a middle age man fetish !?” 
“Ah, is it that? the case where one can’t help but cross the line ?” 

On some part the talk has already turned into something amusing, so far the voice of persecution toward Kyurie-san has decreased. 

“Of course, because for the better or worse, a wind direction is something that changes quicklyー.”

Makina-san then gets in the carriage with wide stride. 
The skirt angle becomes quite dangerous. 
However, I get the feeling she will get angry if I say 『shall I lift you ?』.  

“What’s with that difficult face? come on, get in.” 

Makina-san held out her hand. 
I took her hand(I feel like it not necessary) then I get inside the carriage. 
And then, after Kyurie-san board in, the carriage began moving. 


“Emm, Headmistress.” 

The first one who opened their mouth is Kyurie-san. 

“What is it ?” 
“I’ve borrowed a horse before… and, umm, it ran away. I’m sorry.” 
“Ah, you don’t have to worry… I’ll search for it.” 

That reminds me. 

“What’s wrong with that horse ?” 

I asked the question. 

“From the main gate, a little bit to the east, there’s a stable right? and a carriage stop too.” 
“Ah indeed, that is so…” 
“I borrowed the horse from there… well, it looks like I’m stealing, though.” 

Makina-san looked at Kyurie-san who sat next to her with a sidelong glance. 

“It seems like you’ve used my name to borrow it isn’t it ?” 
“I-I’m sorry. Since I heard Cecil Arclight being attacked, I by reflex…” 
“Like I said, it’s fine. Don’t worry about it. Since I couldn’t move, it was a rather good judgment.” 
“For all what you said, I feel at ease…” 

I feel that the distance between these two people has become shorter. 

“Ah, the guard came and told me about the criminal in question. then he said not to go to the town because of the danger.” 
“I see…” 
“So then, can you tell me how you both get involved in this affairs ?” 
“I understand. well then, start from meー.” 

I began explaining the series of event that happens to me today. 
When I finished my explanation we’re about to arrive at the academy. 
After listening to it, Makina-san put her hand on her forehead. <TLN: The so-called elegant lady facepalm.> 
Her lips show smiles. However, it does not seem to give a pleasant feeling. 

“Fuun, I see ne~… well I can understand most of the circumstance.” 
“Emm, is there something wrong ?” 
“Let see… I guess it’s decided that I must go around and reach a settlement ?” 
“Eh ?” 
“Forbidden spell userー in other words about you, I need to inform your matters to the people as far as to the sacred royal family you know ?” 

Sacred royal family ?… They are this country royalty I guess? 

“Didn’t you have your forbidden spell presentation debut back when you have magic art lesson ? after that, there are a lot of gifts addressed to you, and no end request from a person who wants to meet you.” 
“Eh? is that so?” 
“They would like to make a connection to you who have a promising future. however, I’ve been keeping all of them in check all this time.” 

As usual, it seems like there’s a lot of movement in the place which I don’t know of. 
Despite all of that, she didn’t show any troubled expression on her face, which make me thought she’s an amazing person. 

“As expected, you do all of that for Kurohiko sake eh ?” 

The one who interferes is Kyurie-san. 

“Well, I think it won’t be good to the person himself if his surrounding were to be come noisy right ?. fortunately since I have a lot of influence in the sacred royal family, because of that I can plan everything conveniently in various ways.” 

Indeed, even before, when she talk to the sacred tree eight swords, they withdraw quite plainly… 
The headmistress, as expected, she’s a very amazing person. 
Then, Makina-san hold her head as if feeling depressed. 

“But, oh well… to think it become public like this~… it might slightly become troublesome. Aaー, mendokusai~.” <TLN: Mendokusai means “how bothersome/troublesome/annoying”… I believe the reader can imagine what kind of expression she has; thus I write it this way.> 

Makina-san opens her legs and then sighed slovenly. 

“Wait, Makina-san! that’s improper you know !” 

The headmistress then looked at me while smiling on her whole face. 

“I wonder who made me in this kind of situation in the first place ?” 
“I-I’m sorry…” 

Fuu, Makina took a long breath. 

“If that the case, praise me then~.” <TLN: Homete homete~> 
“He ?” 
“Come on~.” 

She leans her body forward. 

“Pat my head.” 
“Ha ?” 
“And then praise me for doing my best.” 
“No, wait, that kind of thingー.” 

Don’t women hate it when their hair being touched? 
However, for me who’s not an ikemen to do it… is it alright? 

“H-u-r-r-y~.” <TLN : Ha-ya-ku~…> 

Scary ! 
Her eyes are scary! 

At that moment, *gatan* <TLN: Shaking SFX> 
When the carriage climbed the Academy slope, the wheel hit somethingー then jumped up. 

“Kyaa~ !?” 

The headmistress who lean her body forward falls toward me. 
Somehow, I’m able to catch her properly. 

“Are you alright ?” 
“… I-I’m saved.” 

The headmistress pouts her lips apologetically. 
Then she closes her eyes, and slightly lower her head. 

“However, nothing is over alright? now praise me…” 
“… H-Haa…” 

*pat*pat* <TLN : Nadenade~> 

“Thank you for all of your hard work headmistress.” 
“Very well…” 

After feeling satisfied, the headmistress leans back to her seat. 

Surprisingly it’s not only her body build, isn’t it because of this kind of thing she can be regarded as being childish? 
Or so I thought, though I wont to say it out loud. 
The reason is because putting my foot on tiger’s tail is a scary thing. 
Well, since the headmistress seems satisfied, all is good.


Wah ! 
Kyurie-san !? 
What’s wrong with that face !? 
What’s wrong with that face which lost all of emotion !? <TLN: i.e: Yandere blank expression> 
Noh Mask !? 

“Now, Kyurie as well.” 
“Mu ?” 

The headmistress lean close to Kyurie-san. 

“Go ahead and praise me.” 
“D-Did I have to pat you as well ?” 

Kyurie-san shows an embarrassed expression immediately. 


Kyurie-san then stroke the headmistress head awkwardly. 
She gives off a feeling of being fearful. 

“You’re bad at this…” 
“Well, it’s fine. since I can feel your feeling…  excellent.” 

Makina-san then adjusts her skirt then fixed her posture. 
W-What was that just now.
Even though the headmistress looks like that, her stress is piled up… is that how it is? 

Then, before arrived in front of the academy main gate. 

“Now then, about the plan from now on. first Kurohiko should wait for future instruction at home.” 
“May I attend the class normally tomorrow ?” 
“Please do… it is already a well-known fact that you’re a forbidden spell user after all. or rather, you might be treated like a hero that defeated murderer criminal you know ?” 

Makina-san smirked with mischievous intent. 
Well, though I didn’t defeat him… 

“Kyurie Velstein will have to go to my office to discuss future strategy. Including regarding Lady Cecil matters, I also have a various thing which I want to ask you about. Oh, I won’t do something bad alright. Thus you can relax. I’ll do my best to make sure you can attend the academy naturally.” 
“… I understand.” 

After having confirmed that I have no particular injury, I walk separate ways from the two. 
Makina-san also told me to take it easy today and go back home and take some rest immediately. 
Miraculously I didn’t get any injury except for some bruise. However, I still feel great fatigue. 
To tell you the truth, I want to hurry up and lie down on bed immediately butー 


As expected, I’m worried about Cecil-san condition. 
Will she attend the Academy tomorrow, I wonder? 
If she didn’t attend the class… should I go to her place and visit her? 
Though I don’t know if I can meet her or not. 
After a day, she should have calmed down a little though… 

While thinking of such thing, I headed toward my house while holding 『Demon Eater』 on my hand. 


“A-Are you alright, Kurohiko-sama !?” 

Mia-san who was looking around in front of the house while looking uneasy rushed toward me after seeing my figure. 

“Mia don’t know what actually happened but, the town which usually quiet become noisy… and Mia can’t find Kurohiko-sama at the medical room as well, Mia thought that Kurohiko-sama might get involved with something, Mia is worried…” <TLN: Yep, she refer herself as Mia not I.> 
“Emm, I’m happened to be at the scene, however, as you can see, I’m fine…” 
“A-Any injuries !?” 
“There’s none. It’s just, this might be pathetic, I feel a little bit tired… I would like to take some rest immediately, is that alright ?” 
“Certainly !” 

Mia-san then dashed and went inside the house. 


I entered my house. 
However, nobody on the first floor. 
I try to go to the second floor. 
Mia-san waited for me beside the bed. 
*Pekori* Mia-san lowers her head. 

“With this, I will excuse myself. Since I’ve already prepared the meal, please do eat it when Kurohiko-sama wakes up. Well then !” 

Before I have the chance to say thanks, Mia-san already dashed and run down the stairs. 


You don’t have to make a fuss just because I said that I want to sleep immediately. 
And finished preparing the bed quickly… 
I wonder why. 
When I’m with Mia-san, I feel relieved. 

Such being the case, after changing clothes I crawled to my bed. 
Feeling exhausted, I began to feel comfort. 

and fall asleep immediately. 


“…Nn ?” 

I wake up. 
Bright red sky spread open into my view. 
Red sky? 
Is it sunset? 
I raise my body. 

And thenー I lost for words. 

Where is this? 
Currently, I should be sleeping in my own room 
However, this place… where ? 

The ground with black rocks. 
On the vicinity, a countless number of towers made of black rock rises here and there. 
In the sky… a bird? 
A creature like a huge red bird dances in the sky. 
That impression… 
It feels like a vulture waiting for death. 
And then in front of meー. 

An enormous black castle stand. 

In front of the castle, there’s open space. 
It seems like I’m near the center of the open space. 

In front of me, there’s a jet black coffin coiled by black chains. 

Surrounding the coffin are some shield and armors falling down on the ground. 
It lies on top one after another surrounded the jet black coffin. 
And also, black spears stand surrounded the black coffin, 

Dream ? 
Is this a dream? 
However, I recognize those chains and spearsー. 

“Yo~, a person from another world.” 
“Eh ?” 

The coffin spoke? <TLN: Holy shit, imagining this giving me the chill> 
No that’s not it. 
When I look at it more properly, on the coffin, there’s a rectangular hole on the face part. 
From deep inside, red eyes peek through the hole. 

“First, should we introduce our self ?” 
“You, what are you ?” 
“Nice to meet you, Sagara Kurohiko. now let see, a name which you can understand…” 

Then as if looking at the opportunity, the subtle voice began talking… 

“ー Forbidden spell king, should be fine I guess ?”