Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 55

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Chapter 55 (A sacred tree forbidden spell user)

“Kurohiko, are you alright ?” 

Without looking away from Hibigami, Kyurie-san asked me. 

“Yes, I’m all right.” 
“What about Cecil ?” 

Cecil-san did not say anything. 
While looking down, I keep silent. 

“Cecil-san is…” 

“Kyurie-san glanced at Cecil-san. 

“You don’t have to say anything. I know what had happened somehow.” 

The way Kyurie-san speak carry sharpness in it. 
That sharpness was directed toward Hibigami who is laughing since a while ago. 

“Kyurie yo~… what have you been up to all thisー huh ?” 

Before Hibigami finished speaking, Kyurie-san attacks him consecutively. 

“Kakaka, you seem did not lose your ability huh, Kyurie !” 
“Shut up.” 

Hibigami brushes off and avoid all of Kyurie-san stabbing attack which likes a surging wave. 
While their foot slides on the ground, the two of them began talking with each other. 

“That swordー for you bringing out the sacred cursed sword River Gate means, are you going against me? That’s fine with me, come… The one I have on my hand is 『musatsu』.” <TLN: Kyurie sword name, River Gate = リヴェルゲイト… If you have a better name for it, do inform me via comment> 
“What did you say? we can use magic power !?” 

The one who was taking the opportunity to speak was a guard. 

“I don’t really understand it. However, we should be able to use magic power now! Oi those who’s on the rear, the magicー.” 
“You clay dolls, shut your mouth for a bit !” 

Hibigami talk to the guard making him turns pale rapidly. 

“Do you want to end your life that badly ?. I should’ve told you already. If you want to stay alive, then behave yourself. Here I don’t have time to kill you instantly, and unfortunately, I don’t have a hobby of pointlessly killing people, nor the hobby of tormenting weak people either… however, if by any chance you’re deliberately try to disturb me, you can think of yourself as already dead !” 

All the guards cower with fright because of Hibigami thunderous roar. 
In meanwhile… 
The sword that Kyurie-san holdー the sacred cursed sword, River Gate began emitting light from the crystal embedded in it. 

“It’s fine now, and you should take some rest. Rather, if you join this fight with your current condition, I won’t be able to move because of worry. You can leave this to me.” 

Kyurie-san said those words when I was in the middle of chanting the forbidden spell, and about to take the holy sword which fell on the ground. 

“Iー will take Hibigami on.” 

Kyurie-san direct her thirst for blood toward Hibigami. 
It’s an entirely different level compared to the thirst of blood which I caught a glimpse of it during the mock battle. 
She’s seriously going to kill Hibigami. 

Furthermore, the light coming out from her sacred cursed sword is getting stronger. 
And then Kyurie-san body being wrapped by dazzling light. 
I try to shade my eyes with my hand. 
What ? 

And then when the light subside, thereー 

Kyurie-san wrapped with snow white armor stood there. 

I guess that’s the so-called dress armor huh? 
The armor and helmet part have a pure white color. <TLN : In case someone asked, unfortunately there’s no official illustration of it.> 
The skirt and sleeves section has a golden line on it. 
There’s some feather on the helmetー looking like that. She looks like a war maiden from the Norse mythology. 
The light surrounded the blue sword blade must be the result of using the magic power… 

Eh ? 
I feel weird…? 
Everyone who looked at the scene, they seemed to forget about the overpowering Hibigami a while ago, and they released a voice different than the voice filled with fear before. 

Everyone must be thinking the same… 
ーThat the scene in front of them is breathtaking and divine… 

I feel captivated, to the point feeling like she looks like a myth, such dignified nobility. 

“『Magic Art: Magic Dress』… that appearance, as expected, even I felt captivated by it. A real sight for sore eyes.” 

Kyurie-san then holds her sacred cursed sword with both hands and slowly raise brandish her sword. 
With that movement, a glittering particle appeared on the surrounding. 

“The 『Demon Eater』, you will regret it for not using it you know ?” 
“Me using  『Demon Eater』 in this situation ? are you stupid, I will feel regret if I did instead. Since I won’t be able to face against Kyurie Velstein in this figure if I use it after all.” 
“Nn ?” 
“ー It’s over…” 

Kyurie-san swings her sword. 
*Ring* A comfortable, cool sounds similar to a sound coming from a wind bell resounded. 

Eh ? 
I opened my eyes wide. 
The point of the sword extended? 

The magic sword blade extended enough to reach Hibigami body. 
ーWhereas Hibigami bends his body back to avoid the light that comes attacking. 

Nn ? 
He didn’t defend himself with the sword, instead, avoid it? 
That sword blade… is it something that can’t be deflected using the sword? 

The sword blade of light length gets more longer tracing after Hibigami. 
Hibigami tried to approach Kyurie-san while avoiding the sword blade. 
However, this time, the sword blade move like a whip then take the form of shield. 
Hibigami then jumps back being unable to approach her. 
As if not wanting to miss such opportunity, Kyurie-san swings her sword. 
From the sword, lumps of magic power appeared then take the form of spearsー attacking Hibigami. 

“Nu !? This is, I’ve seen it for the first time !” 

Hibigami moves avoiding the fast approaching spears. 
However, that spears of light are automatically chasing after Hibigami. 
Hibigami then raises his speed more. 

“Kakaka! So you have this technique hidden Kyurie! howeverー you’re indeed as expected! Different than that half-hearted dog Cecil, you properly come to 『kill』! That’s it Kyurie! Your good point is that! Being able to throw away that half-heartedness instantly and become a 『heartless』 being ! excellent ! if that the case then I as wellー.” 

At that time… 
Black blood vessel appeared on Hibigami face. 
His eyes turn black. 
His eyes iris turn red. 
And then in his arm as well appeared black blood vessel similar to that of a tree root. 

*Kakaka*, Hibigami then laughed. 

“Don’t youー have something to ask ?” 
“Fun… hurry up and disappear, you battle maniac.” 
“Kakakaka, don’t be like that, Kyurie. Feel relieved. The time of peace for the bunch from the sixth institution is unexpectedly near you know ?” <TLN: I’m also unclear what he said here>
“… What ?” 

In an instant, Hibigami figure disappeared. 
Noー He didn’t disappear. 
He was just moving with a speed which my eyes unable to follow. 
Because he’s moving like that. As a result, he made a crack on the stone paving. Though it does not mean that Hibigami position can be seenー. 

Even with his speed as abnormal as that. 
Kyurie-san seems to be able to see him. 
I don’t really understand but, while they try to come closer toward each other, they appear to switch between offense and defense… 
I can barely confirm it visually. 
Their battle is completely in a different dimension. 
This is the fight between people from the sixth institution. 

Everyone being dumbfounded and unable to move. 
How on earth are they doing that kind of battle, or so they have thought. 

“Fine then, let’s stop here.” 

Hibigami stopped moving then he appeared. 

“The heat which has no place to go is finally gone down. Kakaka, even now your power is still growing, that’s enough. Fumu, you also seem to be able to master the magic art magic dress as well…” 
“Considering this is you here, you’re awfully easy to stop, Hibigami. What’s this? Did you become a little bit mellow ?” 
“Those words, I would like to return it to you completely, though…” 

After she swings the sword, Kyurie-san is readying her stance once again. 

“Come and causing trouble by saying 『let’s have a match』 seems not to have change. However, since I have people to take care, I shall accept your offer and stop this battle… I don’t want them to die after all…” 
“Nn? I can understand if it’s Sagara, for you to care for that doll, are you acquaintance ?” 

Hibigami changes his line of sight. 
Toward the ground where Cecil-san is. 

“Kakaka, being angry from that words… I see, so you’re that half-hearted dog friend eh !” 

Kyurie-san then asked while feeling dubious. 

“You, don’t tell me… you start the fight without knowing that they are people that I know ?” 
“In the first place, I don’t even consider that.” 
“… What ?” 
“I come to this Christophia because of the information I got that a former member of the sixth institution here. however, when I’d arrived here, the man that I cut down turn out to be an impostor, somehow, the information I got does not seem to be true. In other words, the information I get is not 『related』 to Kyurie Velstein. Thanks to that I’m unable to know 『who』 is the particular person. Fumu, I see… that’s mean this isー.” 

Hibigami smirked showed a happy expression. 

“In this imperial city… there’s 『someone』 other than you is it ?” 
“Ah, by any chance are you looking for 『that person』 here ?” 
“… Who knows.” 
“Well, fine… currently that was a story beyond my concern.” 
“Fuun, this turn into strange thing eh. A former member of the sixth institution being 『out of your concern』 you say ?. this is not like you isn’t it, Hibigami. Or perhaps, you got bored and tired of playing around ?” 
“Close enough…” 

Hibigami grinned at me. 

“Rather than the people from the sixth institution, I’m more interested in that guy.” 
“… What… did you say ?” 

From Kyurie-san voice, for the first time, it gives off agitated feeling. 

“It’s that Sagara… Sagara, Kurohiko…” 
“Kurohiko you said? What on earth had happened between you and Kurohiko? 
“Plainly speakingー.” 

Hibigami pointed his sword toward me. 

“I fell in love” <TLN: I translate this right.> 
“W-Wha…. F-Fell inー love, you said ?” 

Kyurie-san got panicked. 

“Oi oi… don’t go and get misunderstood alright? it’s not that kind of love story alright.” 
“… I-I see, don’t say such misleading thing.” 
“Kakaka, what’s with that girly reaction? though I intend to tease you by calling you “Silver Girl” turn out, you’ve become a girl in true meaning eh? Kakaka, I saw something unusual !” 
“S-Shut up ! more importantly, what do you mean? why Kurohikoー.” 
“Say, Kyurie yo.” 

Hibigami took a deep breath. 
It feels like some resignation come off from that sigh. 

“I’ve become too strong…” 

From that voice, I can feel despair coming from Hibigami for the first time. 

“Fuun, Sorry but I have no concern of such problem. just hurry up and disappear.” 
“Well don’t say that… I’ll go after I talk about this.” 

Hibigami then looked around. 

“Since there are too many people have gathered as well after all. to be frank, I don’t like a crowded place.” 

Hibigami returns his sword to its scabbard. 
His eyes turn back to normal, and the black blood vessel disappeared. 
Then I look at Kyurie-san where her body once again being wrapped by lightー As soon as the light fade, there standing Kyurie-san with her usual black dress. 


Hibigami called to her with a sad voice. 
Kyurie-san then sighed as if saying it can’t be helped. 

“What is it ?” 
“Currently in this word, how many people do you think worth to be my opponent ?” 
“Who knows… I don’t care…” 
“The 『Sacred tree black knight』 Sogut Sigmus ? or the captain of 『Heaven’s vengeance corps』Rose Creiyol? well, there’s also others at the Empire… however, I don’t feel satisfied with them.” <TLN: Heaven’s vengeance corps kanji lit “Divine Punishment”… the captain name ローズ・クレイウォル… if you find better English of it, please do tell me using comment section bellow…> 

Hibigami then pointed to the sky. 

“There’s also those that I have hope, which is 『the Empress of the end』 and 『the four beasts of evil』… however, I don’t even know where they are currently at… if that the case then, what left is the former member of the sixth institution who hid their dreadful potential. don’t you agree ?” 
“If that is the case how about you aim the deepest part of the sacred ruin? If you aim at the deepest part, there’s a lot of monsters that can keep you company no? And then, never come out to the ground alright ?” 
“Kakaka… if it’s sacred ruin then I refuse. Did you think I’ve never thought about it? I do think of such. However, the sacred ruin 『did not accept me』. It seems like the rumor of that sacred ruin being 『alive』 is true. With that being said, I come to a deadlock.” 
“Or so I had thought.” 

Hibigami then turned his fingertip which pointed to the sky toward me. 

“After all there’s one over there isn’t it. a talented person more than the bunch from the sixth institution.” 
“And that is Kurohiko is what you say ?” 

Kyurie-san also looked at me with a surprised expression. 

“Ou… Finally, I can see some light” <TLN: Ou here mean “Yes/Indeed”> 

At that moment. 

“Ooh, it’s the sacred tree eight swords !” 

The onlookers raised their voice by reflex. 
Looking toward the direction of the voice, there’re figures of man and women wearing white clothes riding a horse with a green line moving toward this place. 
There are three people. 

A man past middle ages with white hair. 
A glasses man with black hair. 
And another person… a woman with blonde hair who have grown wings ?. 

The three people dismounted their horse right before arrived in front of Kyurie and Hibigami. 
They took a battle stance while putting their hand on their sword handle. 
The man with glasses lifts his glasses with his finger. <TLN: Here an example of anime character doing that : Example Link>

“I see, is the dirty man over there is the criminal of the murder case is it? Alright, stop it right there. I want you to behave yourself.” 
“With that being said, it seems the sacred tree eight swords quality has become inferior huh ?” 

Hibigami said those words. 
What did he say? 
Become inferior? 
What does that mean? 

“Furthermore there’s only three people come. Kakaka, it made me want to laugh.” 
“Fumu… I wonder, what do you mean by inferior?  By the way, I’m a member of the sacred tree eight swords, seventh seat Iー.” 
“I don’t care about your social status, worthless people yo.” 

Hibigami spoke with a low voice as if in DoS mode. <TLN: Do not confuse it with Denial of Service… this one is Japanese slang for “Do S” which lit “Extreme sadism or those who practice sadism or someone who is sadist”> 

“Furthermore to arrive this late, and only with that number. It made me understand this country standard. Kakakaka, at any rate, to come and hasten their own death… mataku~, such a good-for-nothing rescue that come huh ! they might be called the sacred tree eight swords, but, it’s nothing more than decoration huh !” 

The man with glasses trembled in surprise. 

“Listen alright !?  all of you have no stage here! All of you should keep your mouth shut ! or elseー that person from berk clan, I will tear off your wings and spill your blood! That man wearing glasses over there, I will smash your glasses into your face and kill you ! and that old soldier who sense that I’m dangerous and have worried expression, I will kill you with one hit ! if you don’t want that to happen, then never again open your mouth in front of me !” 

Because of Hibigami thunderous voice, the glasses man unable to answer him. 
The other sacred tree eight swords also unsheathe their swords. 


The one who spoke with amazement is Kyurie-san. 

“Kakaka, my bad…Though I had hopes about the sacred tree eight swords they turned out to be inferior compared to you and Sagara. As you can expect I feel a little bit irritated by this. Well, let me off this time.” 

Hibigami then scratches his chin. 

“But still, talking about inferior, Cecil Arclight is a real disappointment. if it’s not because of you and Sagara, I might do something more horrible you know ?” 
“Oi, can I have a moment ?” 

The one who said that is me. 

“Nn ?” 
“You misunderstood a little there.” 
“Oi Kurohikoー” 
“Kyurie-san, let me be… I want to say something to him no matter what. Please.” 
“… I understand.” 

Kyurie-san withdrew as finding this inevitable. 
I’m sorry Kyurie-san. 
But, this is something that I really want to say. 

“So, what are you going to say ?” 
“Cecil-san is someone who is more amazing than I do you know ?” 
“You’ve said a various thing about Cecil-san… I do have something that I like to say about her to you too. To me, her sword technique is pure and beautiful, and I didn’t think of it as weak. You might be skillful. However, compared to her, she’s a very kind person, which to me that is her strong point.  And because that kindness saved me, I’m currently standing here.” 

I continue speaking after briefly stopped. 

“And besides, she really is beautiful. However, that beauty is not something that she can attained from just sitting cross-legged and do nothing. Being aware of that, she put a great effort to arrive at where she stand now. I respect that Cecil-san.” 

I scowled at Hibigami. 

“For someone who doesn’t know anything, don’t say something however you like.”

After I had said that, Hibigami raised his lips. 
Then he makes a cynical remark. 

“You, have you fell in love to that Cecil Arclight ?” 
“That’s right ?. I’m deeply charmed toward the human called Cecil Arclight. Such thing might be the same as you aren’t it. That’s why I won’t forgive any more insult.” 
“I see. Kakaka, well, this reality might not be surprising. Though I don’t have any interest. If that doll over there does not get in the way of your growth, then I don’t intend to intervene particularly. Do whatever you like.” 
“And there’s another one.” 

I raise my finger. 
Toward Hibigami. 

“Don’t lay your hands on the people around Kyurie-san, Cecil-san and me ever again.” 
“I won’t promise it but… what’s will I get from it ?” 
“I’ll become stronger than you.” 
“Ha ?” 
“By all means. that’s why youー should not let your eyes wander around, and better to only look at me.” 

Hibigami shoulder trembled. 
Stifled laugh can be heard coming from his mouth 

“You sure can talk, Sagara… However, I like it. That spirit, I like it !” 

Hibigami then raised three of his fingers. 

“Three years.” 
“In a month that would be 36 monthー, I will wait for three years.” 
“Oi, what are you decidingー.” 
“Kyurie… in those three years, you better take good care of him and don’t let him die.” 

Toward Kyurie-san who interject, Hibigami glared at her. 

“If by any chance Sagara diedー I’ll kill you.” 
“Fuun, that’s what I’m going to do, even without you saying about killing me or whatnot. or rather, disappear already.” 
“Ou, don’t worry I’ll be going soon. since no matter how I look at it, there are too many people that have gathered.” 

The numbers of spectators have increased 
It is already on the level of a small festival. 
Among them, there’s also those who don’t know what had happened and come watching. 
And, the three sacred tree eight swords and the guards seems to give up the battle already. 
They might have sensed the difference of power I guess? 

“Sagara yo.” 
“What ?” 
“Your ability source, it must be due to the forbidden spell right ?” 
“… What are you going to do if it’s so ?” 
“I’ll gather them for you.” 
“Ha ?” 

Hibigami turned his back on me and drawn out his sword. 
The one in his hand is the『Demon Eater』 
The spectators who stand in front of him suddenly backed away all at once. 

“That means the forbidden spell book is necessary huh ?… right, if I’m not wrong, there’s one or two at the Gyuntarioz country. Fine then… right now I also have some free time. I’ll snatch it away.” 
“W-What did you say ?” 
“It is for you to become stronger.” 

Hibigami turns his face. 

“Let me hear it. you, why did you come to this country ?” 
“… To become strong and for the sake of rising on the world stage. That’s why, first… I should become a sacred tree knight, or so I had thought.” 
“Kakaka, even though you have such power, you’re an Academy students huh? Either you’re an incredibly eccentric fellow or just a simple idiot… but, I like that simple motive. For the sake of become strong, and rises within the world. it is much better compared to the people who move because of a boring thing like ties of obligation.” 

Once again Hibigami turned away his face. 

“A forbidden spell user who appeared at the sacred tree country eh? Kakaka, this country has a really interesting man. Or possibly from now on, your existence will stir this continent. ー well then see you later, Sagara Kurohiko !” 

Hibigami figure disappeared from the place where he stands instantly. 
The people on the surrounding began to make a noise. 

“Huh? he disappeared !?” 
“Is it a magic art !?” 
“What should we do captain !? Should we chase after him !?” 
“Gu…. please instruct us…” 

The guards ask the sacred tree eight swords for instruction. 
One of the sacred tree eight swordー while looking displeased he scratches his head then said, 

“It’s impossible. Leave him be… should we be the one who feel thankful for him to leave? It’s shameful but, our power difference is too much.” 

The man who already past middle age looked at us. 

“For now, it seems like those young people had repelled him away… however, who is that young boy? that man did say 『forbidden spell user』 but… ah, I see… there was a rumor being talked by the sacred tree knightsー” 

Somehow, something flew toward here. 
From the skyー. 

I narrowed my eyes. 
What is that? 
Is something… falling? 
『That thing』 flew then drop right in front of me. 
『Something』 wrapped with clothes. 

“Wait, Kurohiko. I’ll confirm it first.” 

Kyurie-san bends down then unwrap the clothes 

“This is… Lunezret national flag ?” 

When she spread it open, there some letter written using blood. 
It’s read, 

『Accept this Sagara, If you die, I’ll kill you.』 <TLN: Shirou FSN logic here… lol> 

That was what written there. 
This blood is probably Hibigami’s own blood. 
Going as far as wounding his own body to write letters huh… 

“To hand over this to another person… that guy, he’s serious eh… here…” 

Kyurie-san presented 『that thing』 to me.

“Accept it…” 

In my hand, there’s one katana. 
If I’m not wrong, this katana is the one being called the 『demon eater』. 

I grip the katana and receive it. 
Fine by me… 
I’ll use it without reserve. 


In 3 years. 
In 3 years I will surpass him. 

At that moment. 
It might be the result of fatigue, I lose my balanceー however, I did not fall on the ground. 
Sure enough, when I look around, Kyurie-san have supported my body. 
I said “I’m alright,” while smiling toward her. 

After all. 
I’ve been being supported by Kyurie-san and Cecil-san many times. 

I look toward the battered state of Cecil-san. 

However this timeー I’ll be the one who do the 『supporting』. 

Therefore, I’ll become stronger. 
Enough so that I can support the people precious to me, I’ll become much more stronger. 

ー I’ll definitely become strong. 

I looked up at the afternoon sky. 
And then, 

What entered my eyes is an entirely clear blue sky.