Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 54

Chapter 54 (At a far far place that cannot be seen)

I know Hibigami was about to dive closer. 
I kick the ground. 
However, turn out its false movement of Hibigami. 
He cancels dive into his opponent range and diverts his stance. 
He seems to decide to change his way of attacking. 
Even with that, I didn’t stop. 

ーForbidden spell. 

“Nu ?” 

I fight while chanting. 
I keep my concentration of chanting and fighting at the same time. 
I learn this from the time I fight those blue goblins. 
Red cracks appeared on the air. 

ー The moment the swords enter each other range. 

Chains began attacking. 
Hibigami which is able at using his sword freely with lightning speed. 
He cut off the chains mercilessly. 
I slashed my sword horizontally. 
Hibigami without overlooking my slash, deflected my sword, Furthermore, he also easily annihilate the black holes. 
But, I did not stop my offensive. 
After my sword got deflected, I immediately hurl my sword for the next attack. 
One blow, two, three, four, six, nine, tenー. 
Like that, we exchanged words 50 times. 

“This swordsmanship, youー…” 

Feeling uncomfortable, Hibigami jumped back. 
Hibigami stared at me observing my movement. 

Swordsmanship ? 
ーOh, damn it. 
Don’t tell me…

“I’ve crossed swords with this swordsmanship a few times, or so I thought, butー.” 

I tighten my expression and take a stance… 

“What’s wrong ? aren’t you going to continue ?” 
“Kyurie Velstein.” 

Hibigami tilts his head loosely. 

“You know her right ?” 

If I were to answer him with 『don’t know』 stubbornly here, it might turn bad huh ?. 
If that the case then, 

“That’s right. I know her. Indeed 『back then』 at the eastern country, there’s a girl with that name. Though it is for a short time, she becomes my master in the way of the sword. By any chance, are you both acquaintance? If that the case then, if you know where she is, please do tell me. There are things which I want to say and thanks her for.” 
“… Fumu, unfortunately, I also don’t know where she is either.” 
“Is that so…” 

I direct my eyes down a bit and shows him as if feeling dejected. 
Hibigami didn’t show any doubt to my words in particular. 
Though it was a lie that I thought on the fly, but, it is the truth that Kyurie-san is my teacher on the way of the sword. 
Words are something that you mix the truth in it. 
With that way of speaking, he will think that she’s not in this imperial city. 
Hibibgami put his katana on his shoulder and pat it twice. 

“But like this, this turn interesting. For that 『silver girl』 to teach another person the way of the sword. You… how the hell are you learning magic ?” 
“Who knows. However, I do like her you see. She’s someone who deserves respect.” 
“Kakaka, you said something pleasant once gain. I see, Kyurie pupil huh ?. geezー.” 

Hibigami then holds his katana with both hands, and prepare his stance. 

“ーーI hope you can entertain me.” 

The sweat that streams down from my face falls down on the ground. 
I match my posture against the man in front of me. 

This man, I’m unable to see his limit. 

It feels like looking at an abyss at close range, just like the time when Kyurie-san becomes my opponent. 
Is thisー the sixth institution is all about? 
However, I cannot be defeated here. 

Nonetheless, my forbidden spell have no effect on this man. 
Also, when we look at the current situation, there was the problem with fatigue and concentration degree, I also understand that fighting this man while chanting will become difficult. 
To this kind of situation that I’m in, if only there’s some sort of trump cardー 


I guess, there’s that… 

That 『sense』, there’s no other way other than releasing that. 
There’s no time for me to waver here 
ーI’ll do it. 

I sharpen my sense. 
I’ll use all of my sense just for 『battle』. 
Now then, come. 
It’s your favorite 『battle』 


Here it comes. 

“Mu ?” 

I feel like being impaled by oppressive power. 
My sense of the building and the people around disappeared. 
My sense only perceives the 『opponent』 before my eyes, for the sake of killing him. 

“What is this? you… what is this 『nothingness』?” 

Nothingness ? 
What are you saying, Hibigami? 
Aren’t you going to come? 

We are going to come, alright? 

“Guaaaaaaaaa !!” <TLN: This is a war cry… but then I can’t simply write it “roar !” somehow I imagine waitress with cat ears doing that… damn too many anime.> 

I roared then began to dash toward him. 
Like a gust of wind. 

The intersected blade give off sparks. 

Immediately after that. 
Hibigami hairs being blown. 
It should be because of the wind. However, it’s looks like as if it has been blown by fighting spirit. 
The holy sword attacked Hibigami while tearing the wind. 
As if the 『sense』ー bringing out the 『beast』 within me. 
And then I let it spread over my body. 
While I try to protect 『Myself』 to the limit. <TLN: This “myself/I” mean his consciousness…> 


I slashed toward Hibigami directly from the front like a surging storm. 
While he handles all of my attacks, Hibigami gazed at me. 

“This isー.” 

Hibigami way of handle his katana immediately changedー and increase his speed. 
He probably doesn’t have particular 『way』 of the swords.<TLN: Like sword style, martial arts school thing… something like that…> 
Perhaps for an ordinary swordsman, they would feel puzzled if they have their opponent 『change』. <TLN: Usually for a swordsman in Asia, they only have one school style… rarely have more than one.> 
However, I trace Hibigami sword path. 
I’ll catch up… 
I’ll eat it. 

“Are you trying to eat up my sword style, you bastard !? To think he uses Kyurie sword styleー he also trying to use mine as well !” 

Immediately after our blade intersects, we already prepare for the next movement. 

“However, eating this kind of phantasmagoric swordsmanship! way to go, Sagara Kurohiko !” 

Hibigami because of the competition against the thing inside of me, he’s unable to hold down his emotion inside of him. 
He seems to fear that if he is unable to control his emotion anymoreー this feast would immediately end. 

“Kakakaka! Seriously what are you !? to think there’s someone like this after that Cecil Arclight! I don’t understand! When it come to the thing that happens in the world, I don’t understand it! However, that’s precisely why it’s called the world! I won’t recognize the world which has no surprise ! what do you think !? Sagara Kurohiko !?” 

I don’t have anything to say. 
More, we accelerate our swords movement. 

“But still… I’m unable to seeー Mu ?” 

Hibigami eyebrow twitched. 

“Ah, I see… so that’s how it is. Kakakaka, I see ! as expected, you’re not just only 『nothingness』 huh !” 

His face seems to consent to something. 
Hibigami black blood vessel slightly appeared. 
Which looks like black cracks on his face. 
After that, his white part of the eyes turn black, and his iris turns red… 

“You’re not 『nothing』ー your growth. I was 『unable』 to see the limit of your growth! Finally, I’m able to understand it !” 

In that moment. 
Hibigami who pull back slightly, weird cracking sounds resounded from his arm. 
Under his sleeve appeared black blood vessel which looks like a tree root. 
And then, a flash tear up the skyー 


With that muscular strength, I was unable to completely block his attack, sending the holy sword which I hold flying. 

What a heavy blow. 

Simultaneously, my consciousness was rapidly being pulled back. 
The sweat ran down from my entire body, and suddenly I lean forward feeling exhausted. 

On the other hand, Hibigami tried to surpass his laughter with one of his hand. 
He shows an expression as if said that this fight had been settled. 
Hibigami who has been silent slowly opened his mouth. 

“I finally found it.” 

He opened his eyes is as if not going to miss and completely grasp me. 

“A human being which worth to be my arch-enemyー finally, I found the person by chance.” 
“… What ?” 
“Be happy Sagara Kurohiko. your dormant power isー.” 

He stabbed his swords toward the ground. 

“Possibly, your ability surpass those from the sixth institution.” 

What is it? 
What on earth is he saying? 
My potential ability exceed those of the sixth institution? 

“With that being the case, Cecil Arclight has already become unnecessary. Looking at her breaking her innocence is fine, letting her drown in that naivety and then being destroyed by it someday is fine too. Push that beauty down and make her degraded into a treasured doll is fine as a well. Do whatever you want.” 

Toward those words which Hibigami said, the person in question, Cecil-san didn’t show any slight movement. 

“However, if by chance she turns into shura, I would like to have another match. Well, though it might be an accidental, concerning the result which she introduces me to Sagara Kurohiko is also worth praise. By the way, Sagara Kurohiko yo.” 

Hibigami turns toward me. 
What should I do? 
Should I cast another forbidden spell? 
Or rather, where is that sacred tree eight swords… do they not arrive yet? 

“I’ve always been thinking. That spell that you use before…and as to why you are able to use it despite there’s no magic power on the surrounding. I’ve only able to draw one conclusion. If we assume the possibility, I think this is the only answer.” 

Hibigami laughed then smirked full evilness. 

“Your power before, it’s forbidden spell isn’t it ?” 
“… If it’s so, so what ?” 
“Kakaka, I see. if that the case then the second coming of the forbidden spell king appeared huh ?. seriously, how far are you going to make me happy !” 
“So, are we going to continue? I still can keep going you know?” 
“Kakaka, don’t force yourself. even with that potential, you should be near your limit by now.” 

Fuun, I sneered at him. 

“I wonder ?” 

To be frank, just like what he had said, I feel like I’ve already near my limit. 
To be honest, for the current me, having him as an opponent is a heavy thing. 

“If you really have an expectation out of me then, you should be wanting to fight more here right ?. If you let me take up the sword again, I’m fine continuing ?” 

He seems to expect something from me. 
From his way of speaking, his intent to kill me has become low… first… 
Is there anyoneー if Hirgiz-san or the guards appear here, they will be killed. 
However, if he does not have any intention of killing me yet then…
I can keep continuing fighting with some piece of mind. 
If it’s only a little, I still can buy some time. 

At worst… I’ll turn into 『beast』 with all of my consciousness being eaten. 
I clench my fist. 

I’ve already decided my resolution, should I do it now ?. 

“ーNn ?” 

This is… the sounds of a horse ? 
Horses ? 

I turn toward the direction the sounds coming. 
There, I saw a black horse come toward here. 
Although bewildered the guards and spectators opened a way for the horse to pass. 
The horse dashed straight toward Hibigami without hesitation. 
The person who sits on the horse looks like a knight. 

“Kakaka… let’s continue later, for today let’s stop it here.” 

Hibigami put his black swordー if I’m not wrong it’s called 『Demon sword』ー to its sheath. 
And then, he unsheathe another sword which he call 『Musatsu』 smoothly. 

“I was deceived… what’s this… isn’t that person here…” 

Hibigami lowered her sword then took a stance. 
The horse approaches. 

“Kyurie Velstein.” 

The person who came with black clothes which rode a horse isー 

Kyurie-san holding a sword while riding a horse. 

A long sword wrapped with a cloth. 
It is the sword which I saw during our first meeting. 
The cloth untied and became loose. 

A white sheath with golden decoration appeared. 
While letting her hair blown by the wind, Kyurie-san unsheathe her sword. 

The unsheathed blade has a blue blade similar to an ocean. 
I can see crystal with the shape of feather being embedded into the sword blade, and there’s also a complicated magic equation being craved there. 

The distance between them become close. 
Kyurie-san brandished her sword while leaning her body forward. 


Cool sounds resounded in the vicinity. 
This is the first time I thought that a sound from clashing swords sounds pleasant. 

The horse just passed Hibigami as is and keep running. 
However, there’s no body rode on it. 

Everyone held their breath and watched the scene. 
I don’t know what had happened, though I know that the situation that happened is not something ordinary. 

Currently in the imperial city Christophia. 
Under a clear blue skyー 

“Long time no see, 『silver girl』” 
“Looking at you which seems doing fine giving me a disgusting feeling, 『corrupted god』” 

The people from the sixth institution meet.