Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 53

Chapter 53 (A man from the sixth institution)

The man who appeared suddenly. 
What is this person? 
For that, I don’t know it. 
However, there’s something that I know. 

The man statement. 
His aim at Cecil-san. 
His fighting spirit. 

ーーIt’s an enemy. 

Or so I judge. 
If that being the case then, restrictionー forbidden spell. 
Then at the time when I was about to began chanting, 

“I entrust Cecil-sama to you, Kurohiko !” 

Zix kicked the carriage door smashed the man outside the carriage, and then he jumped out. 
When I look at it more accurately he had held the sword which hangs on the carriage wall before. 
Just like that, Zix and the man disappeared from my field of vision. 

“Banton, just keep going !” 

It’s the voice of Zix from outside. 
Cecil-san peeked out from the place where the door come off. 

“Baton, Stop the carriage !” 

She already holds a sword in her hand. 
Don’t tell me, are you seriously going to go out? 

“Cecil-san !” 

However, Cecil-san didn’t listen to my call. 

“I’m sorry my lady! we will still keep going like this !” 

Banton raises his voice. 

“Do you mean leaving Zix behind !?” 
“Cecil-san !” 

I called out forcefully this time. 
Cecil-san turns her face. 

“I’ll be the one who go! That person is probably aiming for Cecil-san! I think it is better for you to leave this place! I feel something dangerous coming from him !” 

However, at that time, 
The carriage dropped its speed. 
Then as soon as Hirgiz-san and me checking the situation, Cecil-san jump out of the carriage. 
Hirgiz-san and I who don’t have any other choice followed her. 


Banton voice of dismay can be heard. 
In front of the carriage. 
There standing a man carrying an injured Zix who is bleeding from his head on one of his arms. 

The man wears a clothes with black color as the basis with dark red on some part. 
It is similar to Kinagashi clothes. <TLN: Try to type Kinagashi on google image…> 
It is the so-called samurai clothes that come out from period dramaー 
With that appearance in this imperial city, that make him conspicuous. 


He holds unconscious Zix-san on one of his arms. 
On his other hand, he held a black… is that Katana? 
The sword blade is emitting a pale light slightly. 

The man the laughed, 

“Kakaka, don’t be scared… I’m not your enemy. For me stopping you this way, I apologize.” 

The two horse which pulled the carriage stopped as if being scared of the man. 
Following his line of sight, it seems the words just now is directed toward the horse. 

“The coachman over there too. my aim is, by the end of the day is that person after all.” 

He pointed the black blade at Cecil-san. 
I quickly confirm the surrounding, 
This place I’m sure is close to the town center open space. 
I remembered going there when I took a walk with Mia-san. 
However, this person on the place where the traffic is intense… 
Since this is still an early afternoon, of course, there are many people have already gathered here. 
They are individuals who come after hearing an uproar. 
Among them, there’s some who said: “Isn’t that Cecil Arclight ?” 
Haa, anyway… 

Targeting the man. 

“I, The forbidden spellー.” 

When I was going to chant the forbidden spell, someone holds my hand. 
It’s Hirgiz-san. 

“Hirgiz-san ?” 
“I know you can use the forbidden spell because I’ve seen it, however, let me confirm something first.” 
“Can you guarantee that Zix won’t get dragged into it as well ?” 
“That isー.” 

Search, Search… <TLN: This is that one… where he dive into the forbidden spell database thing…> 
That man currently is 『holding』 Zix-san. 
In other words, it is being regarded as one with the man. 
In that case, the forbidden spell consider it as 『one target』 is it? 
What about when I fight blue goblin? 
At that time, is there any blue goblin who being close with each other? <TLN: As in distance.> 
Not good… 
Because I was being desperate to survive at that time, I’m unable to remember the surrounding well. 
However, it’s alright… 
Since I won’t be using the second stage. 
Probably Hirgiz-san worried about the spear from the second stage spell. 
When I finished using the first stage, I’m sure I will automatically think of moving to use the second stage. 
However, I can just stop at the first stage. 
That’s why. 
If it’s only restricting with the chain then… 

“Hirgiz-san, you don’t have toー.” 
“Right, first I must introduce myself.” 

The man began to talk once again. 
Then in respond to his voice, Hirgiz-san and I change our line of sight to the man. 
The voice of the man is that of a rough one. 

“I’m called Hibigami. I want to have a match against you, Cecil Arclight. I heard that you’re looking an old friend of the sixth institution. The wounds that you give that man are really marvelous you know ?. Kakaka… and furthermore from the trace of the injuries, I see that you’re a strong-minded person. Such mind which deserve respect.” 

When the man still in the middle of talking. 
Cecil-san expression hardened. 
The story about wounds must be about the man that being killed, I guess… 
Regarding that, I can guess it. 
In other words, the man in front of us is the criminal of the murder case. 
However, the reason why Cecil-san expression changed completely is not about 『that part』. 

『If you’re looking for an old friend of the sixth institution then…』 

A former member of the sixth institution. 
It’s not yet confirmed. 
He only said that he’s a 『old friend』. 
And yet, right now such wordsー 

“You, by any chance, are you a former member of the sixth institution ?” 

Slightly quivering, Cecil-san asked seriously, 

“Indeed so…” 

The manー Hibigami admits it. 
Without hesitation too. 

“However, I don’t have the proof of it. If it’s about the story of the past then I can tell you as much as you want, however, for you, such talk would have no meaning right? The only person who can guarantee my identity, well, it is a fellow member of the sixth institution I guess ?. howverー those kinds of thing is does not matter.” 

Hibigami pointed his sword toward Cecil-san once again. 

“I challenge you, Cecil Arclight.” 

Hibigami turns his line of sight toward Zix. 

“If you can fight me with full strength, I’ll release this guy. If by any chance you do not agree to do soー should I do this here, which will make you turn your killing intent toward me ?” 

Hibigami put his blade on Zix neck. 

“Stop it !” 

Saying that, Cecil-san unsheathes her two swords. 
The sheath falls on the stone pavement. 

“Very well… after all, I have no intention of avoiding fighting you either.” 
“Kakakak… such understanding woman, I’m saved. This guy here is still in development and have room for more growth. Being able to come at me without hesitating also deserve respect. To be honest, it’s regrettable if I were to kill him here. Now then.” 

Hibigami throws Zix to the ground. 


That man has separated from Zix! 
This is my chance! 

“Kurohiko, wait a minute.” 
“Iーー Huh ?” 
“Can you wait before doing 『that』?” 
“Cecil, -san?” 

Her mouth is slightly smiled. 
That is as if she seem to restrain her boil up feeling desperately. 
Furthermore, that expression is the expression which sometimes she shows, 『that expression』… 

“If that person is really a former member of the sixth institution then, this is a perfect opportunity for me.” 

The crystal that being embedded on the two swords which Cecil-san hold began emitting faint light. 

“I might be the lowest. certainly, currently Zix safety should be the top priority, but… if I let this go, I feel like I won’t have this kind of opportunity again.” 

Sweat slightly began to appear on her white face. 
Her face seems to turn pale. 
I wonder, what is she afraid of? 

“I’ll use all of my power.” 

Cecil-san focuses on Hibigami. 

“Up until now, I do not have a 『enemy』 which I fight with all of my power. Since childhood, I do not have a 『enemy』. Even at the time when we do mock battle is also the same. A blood relative, the instructors, and fellow students at the same academy tooー no one can make me use all of my power. And then I have an idea 『an enemy which I can fight with all my might』 is the monsters at the sacred ruin. The reason that I’d decided to attend the academy is, in fact, to fight the monsters at the sacred ruin you know ?” 

Cecil-san is readying the holy swords on her hands. 

“However, at least a 『enemy』 has appeared.” 

Hibigami changes the hand which holds the Katana to the other one. 
Other than the sword with a black blade, he holds another sword with an iron color. 

“Besides, if he really is a former member of the sixth institution then.. he would be a perfect opponent. if I can fight a person from 『the sixth institution』 here then… for me that would be a godsend.” 

This is 『dangerous』. 
As she said before, those who have the power that can rival her is low. 

“You can’t…” 
“Kurohiko ?” 

I looked at Hibigami. 

“There’s no guarantee that Cecil-san will be able to defeat him. Furthermore, you don’t know the opponent capability too right? It’s too dangerous. If you really want to do it, then all of us should join force and do it.” 

Cecil-san faced away. 

“You, previously said that you feel like owe me right? at the time of mock battle, and at the time of sacred ruin too…” 

I know what you are going to say… 

“Of course, I have no intention to make someone feel grateful toward me. However, ifー if you still feel that way, please let me do however I like here. With that, let’s assume that all the favor has been cleared.” 

Cecil-san then clasped both of my cheeks then bring her face closer. 

“ーEh ?” 

With this close range, I can even feel her faint breath. 
Her blue sky eyes looked straight at me. 
Her determination being transmitted to me. 
A clear expression without any hesitation. 
At the same time, her expression tells that it’s won’t allow any objection. 

“Please I beg you… if it’s you, you should be able to understand.” 

That’s unfair… 
Her expression and the way she said it… it’s unfair… 

I try to evade Cecil-san and turn toward Hirgiz-san. 
She reminds silent. 
Even though her expression did not show any indication. 
However, her silence means she has no intention to stop it. 

Damn it… 
I scratched my head hard. 

“Arghー, fine, fine! However, as soon as I think it’s too dangerous, I will interfere without question alright !?  I will do it even if Cecil-san will hate me because of it alright !? That’s fine right !?” 
“Fufufu, please do so.” 

Cecil-san smiled with her usual smile. 

“And alsoー.” 
“Yes, I know…” 

I nodded. 
I know what Cecil-san was about to say. 
I know even without exchanging words. 

『Don’t tell Kyurie Velstein any of this.』 

If Hibigami were currently 『looking for a former member of the sixth institution』 then, that’s probablyー 
And then, 

Cecil-san while holding the holy swords which emit pale light, confront Hibigami. 

On the other hand, I called out toward Hirgiz-san. 

“… This is fine right ?” 
“I respect Cecil-sama wish. however, when it turn into a dangerous situation, I will also intervene to stop it.” 
“Yes yes, I understand.” 

I feel like I become a bit desperate. 

“… Thank you.” 

It can’t be… for Hirgiz-san to say thanks to me is… 
I feel a slightly embarrassed. 
Well, more than anything… if anything happens to Cecil-san, I won’t be able to face Zix anymore. 
I looked at Zix who lost consciousness. 
At that time, Zix 『entrust』 her to me after all. 


Even with the onlookers gathered one after another, Hibigami does not seem to be perturbed by it. 
Since he said, it’s a 『match』. 
Thus there might won’t be the need to 『kill each other』… there was such wishful thinking cross my mind. 
If this is only to ascertain each other ability, then that would be good. 
… Though that’s definitely not it yeah…. 
And then, 

“I’m sorry to keep you waiting. Hibigami is it ?” 
“I’ve been waiting you know, Cecil Arclight.” 
“Before fighting, Can I move Zix first ?” 

Hibigami lifted Zix once again. 

“What are youー” 

Just when Cecil-san about to move, 


Hibigami threw Zix toward me. 
Then I catch Zix body. 
Because of the force, I fell down on my butt, however, somehow or other I successfully able to catch him. 

“Ow ow ow…” 
“Be relieved ! he just falls a sleep, he should be fine! I hope you’re pleased !” 

What an absurd guy. 
I called Hirgiz-san and hand over Zix to her. 
Then, at that moment… 

“Oi all of you, what are you doing !?” 
“Pulling your sword in this downtown, what’s your intention !” 
“Huh? Aren’t you Cecil Arclight ?” 

A guard come. 
On his hand, he holds spears and sword on his back. 

“To disturb usー you will pay dearly you know ?” 
“Eh ?” 
“Ah ?” 
“Nn ?” 

He cut down the three guard who come approaching instantly. 
On his hand is unsheathed black katana. 
Then Hibigami walks back to his original position and put the black katana into it’s sheathed again. 

“To come forward means you’ve abandoned your life. However, if you stay put, I won’t do anything. All of you, etch that to your mind, do you understand ?” 

Hibigami said that to the spectators. 
A scream breaks out from the curious spectators who finally grasped the scene before their eyes. 
There were a lot of people who ran away. 
The commotion grew bigger. 

“Feel relieved. even if someone come rushing, I’ll deal with the interfereー.” 

One step. 
Cecil-san gets close to Hibigami in a short time. 
Just like that, she increased her speed dashed toward Hibigami. 
Cecil-san attacked. 
However, the attack is being deflected by Hibigami with his reddish-black Katana. 


They took a small distance then once again, the two of them face each other. 

“Those holy swords, is it a pair?. That’s quite unusual. Fumu, though from the looks of it, it’s a sword which can’t demonstrate its real value unless you pour the same amount magic power to the two of them simultaneouslyー” 

Hibigami shows a joyful look. 

“You’re able to do that huh…?” 

Toward Hibigami words, Cecil-san responded with a slash attack. 
Since a while ago, he only says some unnecessary words. 
I seemed to want to say something as well. 
Her dancing blade, I can only express it with elegant beauty. 
About this time, even all the people in the gallery despite being in fear were fascinated by the beauty of the girl that being loved by God. 

A girl loved by God and conspicuous samurai is exchanging sword. 


This difference in level. 
That level of sword art, there’s only one person in this world that I know have that kind of sword art level. 
That’s right. 
Other than Kyurie-san, I don’t know any other. 

“Kakaka, I see, indeed this is what I’ve been expecting! You’re indeed an outstanding talent, let’s settle this! Kakaka, don’t you feel your heart boiled, Cecil Arclight !? Beloved katana 『Musatsu』ー I will show you the real value of this Katana !” 

Hibigami looks delightful. 
The figure of Cecil-san who is doing martial arts and sword arts it’s feels like I’m watching a movie. 
Only called this as a merely 『beautiful』 is an understatementー 

“ーhowever, this really is more than beautiful…” 

More than… beautiful? 
After deflecting some sword strike, Cecil-san attacked Hibigami using the holy swords from right and left consecutively at lightning speed. 


To recovery her slight opening, Cecil-san fix her stance while fall back. 
For a moment, they both stopped moving. 
Then Hibigami thrust his katana at Cecil-san face. 

“Your swordsmanship, somehow, it’s as if it does not have any 『wickedness<TLN: can be translated as wicked/evil>』. to the extent of it being detestable.” 

The tip of his katana is as if licking the Cecil-san whole body from her head to the tip of her toes. 

“She’s without a doubt a perfect gem. However, is it because of her environment? You’re unable to show your resourcefulness. Your swordsmanship is too 『beautiful』. And then, you also do not seems to want to abandon that naivety. Furthermore, I guess that beautiful face is also a hindrance huh ?” 

To restrain Cecil-san, Hibigami pushed his sword while at the same time dive closer. 
To his movement, as if she thought if his move ends with that?, Cecil-san stopped moving. 

“It is a waste of effort if you only pursue beautyー. It’s seriously one hell waste of time. In this case, the fighting won’t be fulfilling.” 
“Oh how about this? how about I’ll kidnap you then throw you in there ?” 

Hibigami laughed while stroking his beard. 

“At the country of the end.” 

I unintentionally raised my voice. 
Being thrown into the country of the end he said? 
Cecil-san is? 

“After you’re being tempered thoroughly there, you might be able to put a fight that I want. That possibility is not nil. Beautiful swordsmanship, naive, or keeping that beautiful face, all of it is unnecessary. You should only think toward battle, Cecil Arclight !” 
“Oh, it’s finally come! It’s him !” 
“It’s that man ! that man is trying toー.” 

The spectators make a way, and the guards came over in great number. 
This time, a several dozen of them has come. 

“Surrender !” 
“With this many opponents, give up !” 
“Kakaka… 『This many』 opponents you say ?” 

In that next moment. 
Fresh of blood blew out in the air. 
I don’t know when he changes it. Hibigami had a bluish sword clad in dark cloth on his hand. 
Just like a string being cut, the guard on the front row fell while shedding blood. 
In that several second attacks, the guard starts to become agitated. 

“What happen to the magic support !? o-oi those who’s on the back !” 
“I can’t use it! s-somehow I’m unable to accumulate magic power… !” 
“Unable to gather magic power you say !? you don’t know the reason !?” 

At that momentー *Zuban!* 
Hibigami dashed with lightning speed until the stone pavement were being peeled off. 

“Kakaka… I see, so in this distance…” 

Hibigami then picked up the spear of the dead guard. 
And then he hurled the spear toward the rooftop of a building. 
The spear fly like a bullet toward the guard. 
The guard which unable to avoid the spear, get pierced, then rolling down from the roof. 

The other guards faltered losing their vigor. 
Their expression was stained with fear. 
Hibigami then looked at the guards. 

“Is that it? Kakaka… oi, bring more… bring the sacred tree chivalric order ! its there right !? the sacred tree chivalric order head, the 『sacred tree black knight』ー Sogud Sigmus !” <TLN: Sogud… so good?.. I was laughing hard when I decide to write it like that… help me read this ソギュート・シグムソス. That’s the name of the sacred tree chivalric order head/leader name..> 
“Guh… Sogud-sama is currently doing sacred ruin exploration with vice leader !” 
“Kakaka, is that so. I guess the timing is bad eh… well, if Sogud Shigmus and the vice leader are not present then, certainly there’s still the 『sacred tree eight sword』 right? If all of them come at me at once, they might be able to put a decent fight you know ?” 
“The eight swords are currently coming here but…” 
“So slow !” 

*Yarari*, Hibigami turn toward Cecil-san. 

“Rather than waiting for those worthless sacred tree eight swords, I want immediatelyー put this fellow on the path of carnage” <TLN: The word carnage here, on context, can be read as “path of battle”> 

Hibigami began moving. 
And then. 


He moved at the speed where I might mistake it as teleportation. 
Then thrust his black sword handle toward Cecil-san throat. 

“Now then, let’s go to the country of the end, Cecil Arclight.” 

At that moment. 
Two holy swords fall from Cecil-san hands. 

I don’t have the confidence to guess the state of Cecil-san. 
At least it appears to me. 

The speed when he comes close to her just now. 
The time when Hibigami was fighting against her, he’s not yet serious. 
With the speed he showed just now, the difference in power is evident. 
The power distance between Hibigami and Cecil-san is probablyー too far off. 
She herself too must be already know about it. 
She should be already understood that. 
More than anyone present here… 

That’s why, 

“I, The forbidden spell of departure, I, the king of chains, the prison of the furthest ends, the ten thousand chainsーー.” 

This is already the limit… 
Or rather, I was rather slow in my decision. 

While chanting the forbidden spell, I break into a run toward Cecil-san and Hibigami. 
I can feel the difference of my legs strength compared to the time when I just come to this world, and it’s considerably higher. 

“ーrestrict mine enemyー” 

Hibigami line of sight changed to me as I dashed toward him. 

“The ninth forbidden spell, release !” 

A dimensional black hole appeared. 

“ーWhat? a magic art… ?!” 

Hibigami opened his eyes wide looking at the surrounding. 

“I should have already taken care of itー… from where !?” 

There’re several circles. It should be enough to buy some time. 
I pick up the holy sword which lay on the ground, and I thrust the sword while apologizing to Cecil-san in my mind.<TLN: For using her sword.>” 

“Hirgiz-san! Please take care Cecil-san !” 

With this, I won’t have to worry Cecil-san getting involved. 
Chains appeared from inside the dimensional hole. 

“Don’t tell me this isー your magic !? that can’t be ! there’s someone who can use magic power from this distance… !?” <TLN: In case you forgot, in previous intermission chapter his sword absorb magic power from the surrounding…> 

He glared at me. 
The black chains began attacking Hibigami. 

“Kakaka, howeverー, this miscalculation is also interesting !” 

Hibigami began cutting down the black chains one by one. 

“Remarkable, exceptionally, interesting! Like this, won’t this make me extremely happy! Kakakak ! what are this chains !? It comes from all direction !?” 

The scene is like a joke… 

“If I cut this chainsー wait, don’t tell me, is this my power !? or is this magic sword 『demon eater』 power !? Whichever is, come! Come at me! After all, this isー this is what I’ve been expecting, perfect !” 

That man even cut off the dimensional hole. 

Should I comment that, that’s cheating? 
This manー I think he’s in a whole different level. 


I’m not surprised. 

The former member of the sixth institution. 
The moment I heard that, I’ve already judged that he can’t be dealt by an ordinary means. 
Above all, at the time when I fight the blue goblins back then, I didn’t rely on solely on the forbidden spell either. 
That incident has become a good lesson. 

That’s whyー I’ve also considered the possibility that the forbidden spell is unusable. 
I assault Hibigami with the holy sword. 



The holy sword and the katana intersects. 

“Who are you ? are you Cecil Arclight servant or something like that? or so I thought…ー what are you ?” 
“Sagara Kurohiko. As you can see, I’m just your ordinary student.” 
“Kakaka, Unexpectedly you can bite huh !” 

Then Hibigami mouth smirked. 

“Furthermore that sword, it needs magic power to use it right? However, in this place, you won’t be able to use it you know? Is that alright ? or do you have measures to gather magic power ?” 

*Giriri* The intersected blade make high pitched some sounds. 

“Unfortunately, I’m unable to use magic power see. for now, having a sword that cut well is enough…” 
“Hou, I see… you’re the same as me huh… this is fascinating !” 

After we both pull our swords, we take a small distance. 
For an instant, I confirmed Cecil-san condition. 
Feeling fear nor shaken… 
Either way, this does not seem to be the time to have a fight. 


Anyway, for now, I should buy some time. 
They said the sacred tree eight swords is coming here too. 
Besides, no matter how you put it, this city is an imperial capital after all. 
Making this big of commotion, even this man won’t be able to stay in this place too long. 

If I can do it… 
If I can defeat him, then I want to defeat him 
For Kyurie-san sake too. 

Am I feeling tense, or am I feeling delighted? 
If by any chance I feel happy, is it my own personality ? or maybe, that thing which dwells inside of me? 
Sweat rain down on my face. 

“You’re called Hibigami right? You want to fight right? Fine, if that’s the case, fight me… comeー.” 

My lips slightly raise up, and I thrust my sword at Hibigami… 

“Shall we fight ?”