Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 51

Chapter 51 (Holy-Day and Visitors)
(TLN : It is a “HOLY” day… in that world…)

I wake up from a faint fragrant tickling my nostril. 

“Ara, finally you wake up aren’t you ?” 
“… Good morning…” 

For some reason, I returned her greeting. 
There’s a unique peace and calm atmosphere inside this room. 
Morning light began leaking out from the curtain with cream color. 


Ah, I see. 
Yesterday I stay in the sacred ruin assembly hall medical room, didn’t I ? 

“Wait… Headmistress ? what are you doing here ?” 
“Good morning, Kurohiko.” 

The headmistress sat down on the chair by the bedside quietly. 
By the way, her foot didn’t reach the floor. 
Her attire is the same usual gothic lolita. 

“Huh ? Mia-san too ?” 

Next to Makina-san, wearing an apron dress, a girl with animal earsー Mia-san is there. 
When I looked around, other than me, there are only the two of them. 
Wait a moment ? 
Where did that elderly person go ? 
<TLN : Finally we know that old doctor is a male… *sigh*> 

“Good morning, Kurohiko-sama.” 

Maybe because this is medical room, Mia-san said her greeting while lowering her voice. 

“Yes… good morning.” 

There’s a table with caster across the bed. 
Silver bowl cover lined up on the top of it. 

“It’s breakfast…” 

While smiling Mia-san opened the silver bowl cover. 
*Gii*, Makina-san dragged the chair and come a little bit closer. 

“It’s fine to talk while eating…” 

While holding a cup with honey milk on her hand, Makina-san looking at the desk inside the medical room. 

“I’ve asked the doctor who used this desk previously to leave… when we’d come here, he’s still sleeping, though…” 

That grandpa…  did he sleep all this time ? 

“So then…” 

Makina-san folded her arm which gives an arrogant feeling. 
However, I did not feel any dignity because her foot did not reach the floor. 
Well, let’s not thinking about it… 

“It seems like you’ve been gone through a lot ne~…” 

Nn ? 
Is that mean, 

“It seems like Kyurie-san had explained to you isn’t she ?” 
“Indeed. I’ve heard almost all the things which I want to know. first, I’m glad that you’re alright…” 
“I’m sorry caused you worry.” 
“If you want to say that, please say that to Mia… right, Mia ?” 
“Ah… w-well… emm… that is…” 

Mia-san face flushed red and then she hung her head in shame. 
Her awkward smile trembled a little… 

“Last night it was quite the sight you know ? she stormed the headmistress room then went 『Kurohiko-sama is ! Kurohiko-sama is !』~, it was quite hectic you know ?” 
“Au… I’m really sorry… Last night, I was lost control and…” 
“Well, at the time I too already heard the matters about you from Kyurie Velstein, thus we decide if we should see you first thing first. then, when we about to head toward this medical room. and then that happen, nee ?” 

Makina-san looked up at Mia-san looking for agreement… 
Mia-san lowered her eyebrows as if in trouble. 

“Kyurie-sama had stood in front of the room when we’ve arrived. 『I would like for Kurohiko get some rest for today』 is what she said… I’m really ashamed…” 

*petan* Mia-san ears fall flat as if in despondent. 

“When I think about Kurohiko-sama, my action last night is quite rash. I’m very sorry and I’m reflecting…” 

*Pekori* Mia-san lowers her head. 

“That’s not true… I’m really happy for you to think of me to such extent.” 

I smiled wryly while hiding my embarrassment. 
To have someone worrying about you to this extent is something to be happy about… 
However, despite I’d vow to not make her worry to this extent, to cause her worry like this I should be the one who reflect on one’s action. 

“Yes, say aaan” 

Potato ? the things on the fork approaching me slowly. 

“What are you doing, I wonder ?” 
“As a reward for returning safely, I will reward you by feeding you like this. you must be hungry right ? hora~, be thankful and open your mouth.” 

A small potato entered my mouth… 

“Nn ? This potato… somehow it has a sweet fragrant.” 

The headmistress’ face blushed quickly. 
And then she pouts to hide it… 

“T-This is an apple… I was the one who cut it…” 
“I-Is that so… if that the case then, that was rude of me…” 
“… Want to eat more ?” 
“… Itadakimasu.” 

Un, the taste is good. 

“Fuun, this is enough… you should eat the rest by yourself.” 

She snorts shyly then put the fork down while being embarrassed. 
I directed my line of sight toward the breakfast then looked up at Mia-san. 

“Well then, may I eat ?” 
“Yes, please eat it ! ah… are you able to eat it yourself ? if you desire so, I can feed you, but…” 
“I-It’s alright ! I can eat by myself.” 

The thought did cross my mind but I will endure it here… 
If I were to make Mia-san do something like that when I can eat it by myself, I feel a little shy due to her good intention. 
That’s being the case, to abate my hunger, I immediately set my hand on the dish. 
And then, 

“Fuu… thanks for the meal…” 
“As usual, you can eat well ne~… aren’t this makes Mia-san who make them feel it was worth it ?” 
“Yes, I feel happy when I see Kurohiko-sama eat my dish !” 
“Did you see that ? aren’t you glad ?” 

Thank you, I lowered my head. 

“I’ll take it as a praise…” 

Makina-san then looked at the clock. 

“Since I’ve heard the matters to a certain degree from lady Kyurie, I didn’t come here to hear the same thing… let’s end it here for now… Mia, please tidy this up…” 

Mia-san then took the table with caster away. 
Then she stopped, 

“Ah right, Kurohiko-sama…” 
“Yes ?” 

After hesitating for a little bit, Mia-san began talking. 

“I’m happy for it, but you don’t have to be considerate to me. in other words, you don’t have to tell me when you’re going to go back home.” 
“It’s alright… I do it because I like it, when Kurohiko-sama did not come back home, I can use the dinner for breakfast, besides I also go back home with a fixed time… of course, if you have something you want, please do ask me without reserve alright ?” 
“Ahahaha… Kurohiko-sama is very kind after all. if I don’t say it like this, you might get tired because of being worried about me.” 
“That kind of thing isー” 
“Kyurie-sama is a great lady isn’t it ?” 
<TLN : Somehow I feel like a cheating man… from this…honestly…> 

After saying that Mia-san smile gently then she pushes the table with caster away and left. 

“She’s a nice girl isn’t she… that Mia…” 

While looking at Mia-san, Makina-san said such words. 
I agree with her. 

“Indeed, she really does…” 

The headmistress then stood up. 

“Well, now it’s my turn to say the things that I want to say by coming here… since it is certain that this year sacred ruin is different compared to the previous year, I would like for you to be careful a little, that’s about it. and also, don’t make me worryー nn… well, this time, I’ll let it off…” 

Makina-san then smiled as if saying it can’t be helped. 

“Right, if you don’t want to make me worry, then remember this well. you may do things as you want. sometimes doing something unreasonable is also necessary. howeverー don’t you dare to die? do you understand ?” 

Toward her words, I nodded powerfully. 

“Yes, I promise.” 
“Nn, good answer. alright then, it’s time for me to leave now.” 
“Emm, Makina-san.” 
“Nn ?” 
“Is it alright to attend lesson halfway ?” 
“What are you saying ? today is 『holy day』 isn’t it ?” 
“Holy day ?” 
“That’s why the lesson is on break. it is a day where students can go to the town, or go dive the sacred ruin, basically the day you can use the time any way you want. … you don’t know it ?” 

Basically, from the explanation, in this word, a week consist of seven days. 
Then, a day equal to the previous world Sundayー is called 『holy day』. 
Hmm, I see. 
Since the entrance ceremony were being held on a holy day, isn’t that mean it has been exactly one week ? 

“Well since you seem to already get used for being 『here』, and you also doing your best not to die. well then, shall I give 『your』 turn now ?” 

As Makina-san hold the handle on the door, she called out toward the opposite side of the door. 
*Garari* The door opened. 

“I-I’m sorry… I don’t have any intention to eavesdropping.” 

It’s Kyurie-san. 
Both of her hands seems to hold something. 

“You don’t have to mind it. you’re worried about him, aren’t you ? though I’d said it yesterday, since you seem to have the ability for it, please take care of him for me. well then, excuse me.” 

The headmistress with her hair fluttering, she left breezily. 
Then Kyurie-san entered. 

“Really, what is that Headmistress ?… emm, g-good morning, Kurohiko. how is your physical condition ?” 
“I feel great.” 
“Is that so. well, about this…” 

The thing she presents me is a soup. 
It is a soup with a green and purple spot here and there, it is a soup with very weird color. 

“Emm this is ?” 
“That is a soup with medical herb in it. I’ve made it. go on and drink it.” 
“… Y-Yes…” 

I held the plate. 
And then I drop my line of sight toward the soup. 
There’s no particular smell… 
However, this color… this needs a little bit courage. 
However, since Kyurie-san had made this with much effort… 
It’s bad to judge a book by the cover and it would be rude for me to not drink it here. 
Because it is a medical herb included in it, it must be good for the body. 
Even if the taste is was not… but they say good medicine taste bitter didn’t they ?. … 


Alright ! 
I drink the soup in one go. 

“… Nn ?” 

Huh ? 
Surprisingly it’s tasty ? 
The saltiness, it’s taste like a corn potage soup… ha ! 
Kyurie-san looked at me in suspicion !? 

“You, you thought it would taste bad didn’t you ?” 
“I-I can’t refute. to be frank, I’ve thought of as such !” 
“I’ve been traveling alone thus I at least can cook a little you know… well… compared to certain someone, my cooking is indeed unusual.” 
“I-I’m really sorry for doubting it !” 

Despite I’m already full, it actually tastes good. 
Kyurie-san I’m really sorry for doubting you… 

After that, while chatting lightly we discuss the plan from now (also mixed with thanks regarding yesterday in it). 
As a result of discussion, we will take a break from doing sacred ruin exploration. 
We will take a rest at least until I’m able to use the sword again. 
Thus it will be academy life with us attend a class like usual for few days. 
In the meanwhile, Kyurie-san going to collect information regarding this year sacred ruin. 

“I’ll also help to gather information.” 
“Understand. check the area where you can.” 
“Also, about your sword I want you to leave it to me. is that alright ?” 
“I understand. please do so…” 

Then after chatting for a while, as if she’s not interested in it. 

“By the way, how should I put it…” 

However, her 『as if not interested in it』 feels like pretending. 

“The girl at your house, Mia ?… she’s such a cute girl isn’t she ?” 
“Not only cute, her personality is also great…” 
“What’s wrong ?” 
“Nn, what about me… I wonder ?” 
“『what about me』, do you mean ?” 
“A-Am I cute… like that ?” 
“Hmm, I wonder…” 
“I-I see. I’m not… cute eh…” 
“Kyurie-san rather than cute, it’s more like a beautiful type ?” 
“Though once in a while the cute side appeared…” 
“Mu, I see… Do I really have such a side ? when someone said that… unexpectedly, I feel happy.” 

Kyurie-san then laughed lightly. 


This person can laugh like this too huh. 
Without realize I lose my voice. 
When she laugh light this… I think honestly she is 『cute』. 
Since usually she gives off a refined atmosphere. 

“Oh, it’s already noon.” 
“Ah… that’s right…” 

Without realizing it’s already noonー when I think of such, someone knocked the door. 

“It’s Cecil… may I enter ?” 

The one who come over is Cecil-san. 



“?? What’s wrong ?” 

A blue sky eyes. 
What’s this… 

Today Cecil-san didn’t wear her uniform. 

She wears a one piece dress with a lot of frill on it. 
It gives off a fluffy soft impression, however, surprisingly it shows her body line clearly. 
Looking like this, I’m able to know that Cecil-san has a proportional body thanks to the body line. 
It might be rude for me to say this, but, she looks like a well-made figurine. 
On her chest a brooch with emerald color jewel also being put nicely. 
She also uses her black tight like usual, however, because of the clothes, it increases her loveliness. 

It won’t be an exaggeration to call this an『Angel』. 
I unintentionally almost prostrate myself. 
<TLN : Do so, cause I feel like you’re about to die.> 
If I’m not wrong Cecil-san is being called 『the jewel of Runezret』right ? 


Kyurie-san looking at her own clothes. 
The clothes she wears today is a black dress similar to the one she wear yesterday. 
And then she compared herself to Cecil-san. 
Somehow, her eyes shook greatly. 
Immediately after that, *Gakkuri* she lowered her head. 
<TLN : Ok folks, this Gakkuri… is an sfx… but it is has a meaning… which is “being heartbroken/disappointed”> 
And then, 

“… I’m going home…” 

with low spirit atmosphere Kyurie-san stood up. 

“W-What’s wrong, Kyurie ?” 

Cecil-san in bewilderment grasp Kyurie-san hand. 

“I wish for your happiness.” 
<TLN : You know those words for newly-wed couple ?> 
“I don’t have any idea what’s going on !? isn’t that make me unhappy instead !?” 
“It’s just monolog. you don’t have to mind it… I’m going back.” 
“Like I said, what’s going on suddenly !?” 

By any chance is Kyurie-san feel timid due to Cecil-san aura ? 
Or for girls, Cecil-san might be a tall wall ? 
As a fellow womanー wait, that’s wrong… as a fellow humankind, I might not understand the reason one lost confidence. 
Well, to be honest, I think their beauty is the same… 
Here I need to, 

“What is it, Kurohiko” 
“I like it” <TLN : suki desu~… can be translated as “I like you”…> 
“!? Ehーー” 
“That clothes, I like it…” 
“I think each person have clothes which suit them best.” 
“… I-Is that so…” 

Kyurie-san then sat down on the chair once again. 
I-I’m glad… 


Cecil-san brought another chair while tilting her head puzzled. 
How far does her self-awareness go, I wonder ? 
<TLN : In context, she lack self-awareness… I’m stuck and don’t know how to words it better.> 

“How are you feeling, Kurohiko ?” 
“I feel good. I should be able to walk normally by now.” 
“Is that so, that’s good.” 
“This is thanks to Cecil-san healing magic, I guess?” 

Cecil-san put her hands on her lap. 
Her gesture given off the graceful air around her. 
And then Cecil-san looked at me and Kyurie-san. 

“Emm, Kurohiko, and Kyurie, there’s something that I want to talk about…” 

While entwine her finger, she smiled then invite us… 

“Todayー can the two of you come to my residence ?”