Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 50

Chapter 50 (Reunion)

When we arrived on the surface, the sky already dark. 
And the vicinity already being swallowed in darkness. 
The number of people that currently in the open space is small too. 
It seems the rumor that spread within the academy also seem to have a big impact. 

After we appeared on the surface, we have to be inspected first. 
Well, thanks to Kyurie-san, there’s not even one monster come with us. 
After they know that no monster come with us, the guard turns back to their original place. 
In doing so, they sent a gaze toward this place occasionally. 

“Oi did you see ? there’s two beauty in there.” 
“The other one is you know, that Arclight family daughter.” 
“Aah, I see. however, that was a very enviable party” 
“The Gamlu clan lady is also not bad” 
<TLN : Ok here Idk what is this in English ガムール… thus I write it as such.>  
“That kid with the silver hair also have a nice body right.” 

I can hear the whispering of the guards. 

“Man is such a stupid creature, isn’t it. though I can understand their feeling.” 

The one who said the words which carrying self-admonition is the person who carries me on their back Zix-saー Zix. 
After going out from the cage, we head toward the sacred ruin assembly hall. 

“Well when it comes to an attractive person, even if we don’t want to we couldn’t help it, isn’t it. I guess that is what we call a man saga, I guess?” 
<TLN : ok… “Otoko no SAGA” written in Katakana means direct English thus means “The story of men” … if it’s written in Hiragana it can mean “one’s nature”…> 
“Yes ?” 
“You don’t have to use polite language to talk with me.” 
<TLN : Kurohiko here uses Keigo whenever he speaks to Zix.> 
“Ah, R-Rightー… I-I understand, Zix.” 
“Alright, now it’s more like a friend !” 

*Kakaka* Zix then laughing loudly. … 
Zixbert Gilez. 
When I think about it, he’s a man with laid back personality. 

“Isn’t that great ? to be able to have fun…” 

Kyurie-san said that from the side. 
Somehow, she sounds sullen ? 

“Well, that’s fine… by the way, Kurohiko.” 
“Yes ?” 
“What is this ?” 

The sword that Kyurie-san asked me about is not about the Akira sword, but the short sword that comes out from the green goblin. 
Come to think of it. 
I was absorbed to return to the surface, I completely forgot about it. 

“Ah, about that you see…” 

I explained to her how I get the sword. 

When my explanation is over, we’ve arrived at the sacred ruin assembly hall. 
I was made to sit on the bench inside the lobby when we entered the hall. 
And then everyone goes to examine the sword. 

“Is this… 『Sacred Cursed Sword』?” 
<TLN : Eh wat? sacred yet cursed ?> 
“That seems so…” 

Cecil-san and then being followed by Zix said those words. 

“『Sacred cursed sword』?” 

I know what is Holy sword and Cursed sword, but what is a sacred cursed sword ? 
<TLN : the fact that “sacred” can be translated as “holy”… cause me a headache… holy cursed sword ?…well…> 

“a sacred cursed sword is a sword which being embedded with crystal and has a carved magic equation on it too.” 

The one who answered me is Kyurie-san who leaned on the pillar near the bench. 
Just like what she said, on the short sword blade, a blue crystal can be seen being embedded on it, and weird magic art equation was engraved on it as well. 
And then I noticed one part of the blade. 
Come to think of it, I used this part which being denied to deflect the ax arm of blue goblin a lot. 
Thanks to that, It’s become looks like a key. 

“The sacred cursed sword having the ability of the holy sword and cursed sword, it makes it no match to the holy sword nor cursed sword. that being the case, to use it one needs a vast magic power as well.” 

Somehow, the way Kyurie-san phrases it as if she had once used them. 
Fuu, then I recalled the sword which I saw when we first meet each other. 
A sword being covered by a cloth. 
It looks different compared to the swords that hung on her waist right now. 
By any chance, is thatー. 

“Fumu, a sacred cursed sword eh ?”  

Zix-san said that while groaned. 

“I do know the theory of holy sword and cursed sword can be found… but the place where Kurohiko found it is at the fifth layer right ?… this is the first time I heard that one’s can find a sacred cursed sword in that layer.” 
“Is sacred cursed sword really that unusualー ?” 

I almost said 『is that an unusual thing ?』. 
<TLN : Ok here… the previous one, he almost used polite words, and in this line he explained about it… in English… I don’t know how to change from polite and not… heck does we even have that ?> 
I’ve not gotten used to it yet. 

“Well let see. There should be few sacred cursed sword in this imperial city. The sacred tree knight chivalric order have two of them, and one inside the fortress treasure room.” 
“Because there’re only a few people who able to uses it, as a result there’s not many documents nor information about it.” 

Thus Cecil-san added. 

I see. 
I can understand the most part about this sacred cursed sword. 
However, I can’t even use magic power. 
In other words, even if I have one, I can’t use its powers. 
That’s why. 

“That sacred cursed sword, can I leave it to Kyurie-san ?” 
“Me ?” 
“Yes… as you know, I won’t be able to use it after all. furthermore, if it’s a rare thing then, then we can sell it to obtain some money right ? and then with that money, I can use it to repair the sword I have here… or so I thought. however, since Kyurie-san seems to be able to use it, then I thought it would be better to use it as a weapon rather than selling it.” 
“Furthermore, Kyurie-san seems to know a lot about it as well.” 

After have been lost in thought for a while, *Unn* Kyurie-san then nodded as affirmation. 

“Alright… if that’s how it’s going to, let’s assume that I’ve been entrusted with it. now thenー” 

Kyurie-san then turns toward the counter. 

“Well then, we should return the equipment we borrow but… how about it ? can you move yet?” 
“Yes, somehow…” 

I stand up from the bench. 
Somehow I’ve recovered to the point of being able to walk now. 

“After this, I’m going to bring Kurohiko to the medical treatment inside the assembly hall, so, what are you guys going to do ?” 

Cecil-san answered to the question that she will go back for the day. 
And want me to take rest immediately, she said. 
I’m very thankful for the consideration. 

“Well then Kurohiko, since I’ll visit you tomorrow. today, please rest your body well okay ?” 
“Yes… thank you very much for today, Cecil-san. I’ll return the favor one day.” 
“Fufufu, if that being the case then, can you also call me not as 『Cecil-san』but 『Cecil』?” 

She seems to have heard the conversation between me and Zix. 

『Ou~, fine then, Cecil』 
<TLN : This joke… is actually funnier in Japanese> 

It’s impossible for me to do that… but well, let’s try our best… 

After seeing Cecil-san and the others off, I finished the procedure of returning the equipment and change my clothes. 
By the way, at the time I returned the tools. 
The person in charge of the counter raised their voice *Hoo~* after seeing the equipment in the terrible state. 

“It seems like you’ve encountered a fierce battle isn’t it ?” 

I’ve seen this person before. 
This person is the person who taken care of me when I’ve come here for the first time. 

“I’m sorry for the damage.” 
“What are you saying, don’t mind it… And also, I’ve said it many times but, you don’t have to reimburse it alright ? after all it’s something that being left by the graduate student. above all, the most important are the student return safely after all. fumu… your face also changed since the last time I saw you, you seem to be happy, aren’t you ? and I also can see that you have a beauty as a partner too.” 
“Hahaha… well, I’ll do my best…” 
“Ou~, do your best at capturing both” 
“Both ?” 
“Isn’t that obvious ? it is the capture of the sacred ruin and also the capture of that lady. of course, you’re going to capture them both simultaneously right ?” <TLN : Sacred ruin capture, sacred ruin exploration…now I know that it is not read as exploration but capture… but I will stick with exploration…> 

What an exchange… 

After we finished the procedure, we go toward the medical treatment room. … 
However, on the way… 


I unconsciously staggered. 
However, Kyurie-san catches me with her arm. 

“I’m sorry…” 
“Don’t mind it…” 

Kyurie-san then lends me her shoulder. 
After that, we walk silently for a while. 
The corridor is wrapped in silence. 
Then Kyurie-san suddenly stopped. 
And then, 

“You’ve worked hard…” 

She said that words. … 

“I can imagine from the armor being damaged and your fatigue how much you have to fight demons. inside the ruin, you seem to let it past lightly…” 
“Mu~ ? what with that smirk ?” 
“I’m back eh… when I was thinking that…” 
“What is it ?” 
“Just now when I was staggering, I thought that finally, I’m back. and then because of feeling relieved, I lost all of my power.” 
“I see…” 

I remained silence once again. 
There’s only us on the corridor. 
At that time, someone places their hand on my head. 

“Wanting to be strong is not something bad. however, don’t overdo it. it’s not like it will erase the feeling of wanting to get strong either. thus you don’t have to pretend to be tough… that’s whyー.” 

*Kushari*, She stroke my head. 

“If you want to cry, you can cry…” 

I grit my tooth. 
The feeling of being saved and the fear when I fought the blue goblins in desperation mixed into one. 
The feeling that I try to suppress desperately. 
I feel like 『I’m weak』 surfaced. 
After all, I feel happy when Kyurie-san, Cecil-san, Zix-san and Hirgiz-san comes to save me. 
Something hot is welling up inside my chest. 

“I beg of you… at least, in front of me, you can whine once in a while.” 

I don’t know if the voice which I said while suppressing my sobbing is reaching her properly… 


“First, take your time and rest your body…” 
“Now then, I will go to the headmistress and the person who is currently might be on your house Mia Posta, was it ? I’ll tell them that you’ll stay here for a while, is that alright ?” 
“Yes please…” 
“I understand… Alright then…I’ll excuse myself” 

After saying that, Kyurie-san left the medical room. 
I lie on the bed with my uniform on my body. 
My wound has been closed too, and my physical condition has recovered with only in stagger occasionally, however, I decide to stay here for today. 
Well, the doctor also advises me to stay overnight in this medical room for today too… 

“Fufufun, not bad, Sagara Kurohiko ya…” 

After Kyurie-san leaves, the one who speak with over-familiarity is Liza-san. 

“I’ll tell you in advance, it’s not like what Liza-san has in mind alright ?” 

Since we’ve come to this medical room, this person who continue looking at us with curiosity toward our situation  
Liza Logsta. 
She is the second person whom I meet since I’ve come to this world, she’s this academy doctor. 
Furthermore, she’s also one of the witnesses who see me used the forbidden spell for the first time. 
She usually works at the medical room inside the academy building, but, after pass a certain time, she will come to this medical room inside the assembly hall. 

“Is that so ? In my eyes, the two of you are rea~lly intimate you know ?” 
“It will be great if that is really the case huh…” 

I drink the blue water which being poured from the container, and Liza-san sat down on the chair next to my bed. 
By the way, the blue water seems to be similar to an energy drink. 

“Hahahaha… it’s nice to be young isn’t it …” 
“『Young』 eh… Liza-san, aren’t you also still young enough ?” 
“Aren’t you sweet Kurohiko. being teens and twenties, there’s a big difference you know !” 
“… well, it’s not like I can’t understand you…” 

Lately, I’ve been engrossed with a lot of things thus forget about it, at first, I was also a 『27-year-old』 person isn’t it. 
That’s why it’s not like I don’t know that feeling. 
Liza-san who wore the same white robe when we first meet, looking at me. 

“Ya~, since I was being ordered by the headmistress I couldn’t meet you. well, I’d also heard your academy life from the headmistress and also Isabella.” 

She seems to be Isabella instructor acquaintance. 
I wonder if their age is also close ? 

“For that reason, I’ve been praying every day so that you will get hurt and be admitted to the medical room for treatment.” 
“I’m going to sleep.” 
“I’m just kidding, hey I said it’s just a kidding ! ah, no, the truth is it’s alright for you to rest… you can go and rest… fuun~” 
<TLN : Than fuun~ is a pouting.> 
“Well… if it’s only talking we can do it, though…” 

I raise my body which was being covered by bed cover. 
And then Liza-san cleared her throat with *Ahem*. 

“That can’t be ! or rather you must sleep ! now lie down ! you have to give some pity to your own body ! go on~, sleep !” 
“W-What happen suddenly ?” 
“She… even though she’s beautiful, she’s scary…” 

Cold sweat rain down on her face. 
I direct my line of sight toward her finger pointed at. 

“K-Kyurie-san !? w-what are you doing !?” 

Between the slightly opened door which being pointed by Liza-san, there’s  Kyurie-san with a displeased expression glaring toward here. 

“It seems like you’re acquainted with that woman but…” 

Kyurie-san said those words with a flat tone. 
Is it my imagination ? 
From her body, there’s a heavy aura coming out… 

“Aren’t you great to be able to have a lively conversation ?… if it’s me, I would want to sleep see…” 
“I-I understand, I’m going to sleep ! I will sleep I say !” 

I pull over my blanket. 

“I-I also going to sleep ! no, I’m going back home ! w-what is that student !? scary, scary ! just now, that is the thirst for blood, isn’t it ! wahahaha ! well then Kurohiko, I’m going to go home ! or rather, it’s already the time for me to do so ! see you~ !” 

Liza-san hurriedly prepares to leave, and then leave the medical room in a hurry. 

“Uwa, Liza, what’s wrong ?” 
“The female student there is scary ! so I’m going home !” 
“Female student ? there’s no one there, though ?” 
“Hee !?” 
“Hahaha… Liza, does your heart still that of a schoolgirl ? you’re still fine, you still have more to come !” 
“F-From w-where did that girl come !? Ha Ha… I-It can’t be, a spirit !? is she spirit !? Kurohiko is being protected by a female spirit !?” 

I heard the conversation that comes from the outside of the room. 

“Though she’s an excellent child… she has no luck with a man, her future, somehow I’m worried about it… ah, the so called burden of having students.” 

After saying that an elderly person wearing white room entered the room, and then looking at the paper on the desk. 

“Fumu, night duty huh… well, rest slowly… I’ll also go to sleep too…” 

A short time later, the old doctor head falls on the desk then began sleeping. 


Like that, in place of Liza-san I spent my night in the medical room with the old doctor.