Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 5

Chapter 5 (The Forbidden Spell)

All of sudden four dark red holes appear. 

From that hole,something with massive power come out like a bullet. 
When those mass of iron rubs against each other,it makes earth-shattering sounds. 
Something slim with black colour come out as if being spat out attacked the headmistress one by one. 

「Kyaa ! ?」 

without being given any time to avoid the magic,that 『someting』bind the headmistress. 

「…….Is that…a chain ?」 

From that hole, dozens of black chains can be seen appearing. 
Also, while the black chains are in the air I could see them pulsating as if they are blood veins. 

Or rather how many is that? 
What the heck happened ? 
As I’m glued to the floor unable to move,I gaze at the headmistress as the chattering chains restrain her. 


The headmistress sweat in agony. 
Somehow I feel she’s strangely seductive….wait,this is not the time to think about something stupid like that. 

what on earth are those hole and chains..? 
What actually happen? 
Don’t tell me,is that the technique that the headmistress going to use ? 
No no  no,am I an idiot. 
What’s good by restricting your own self. 
But still,if that’s the case…that isー 

*dokun*(sfx of heartbeat) 


(No. Those chains are not coming from that chestnut-haired girl) 

I can hear,some voice ? 
No…this is….my own voice? 

(Right, That is, that is, myー) 

「Khuu….what did you do to me…..what kind of spellー」 

the headmistress asked a question with an anguish expression. 
But I myself is puzzled with the strange sensation that welled up inside of me, I was at lost for words. 


what is this sensation ? 
Right…if I have to say it..,if I imagine myself as a computer,the feels is as if installing a new application software to it..,is that it?ー 



The ninth forbidden spell ? 

The words I read from that chunnibyou-ish poem,resurface on my mind. 
Perhaps that chain appear because of the spell took effect(?),I can activate or deactivate it anytime I want?is that it?…. 
In other words,I cast that spell ? 
I’ve acquired a spell….is that how it is ? 
Not good. 
Somehow my mind got jumbled up. 
But,one thing is for sureー 

I looked at the restricted headmistress. 

「In other words…..,that is the result of my doing ?」 

The headmistress with frowned expression she glared at me who laugh fearlessly. 

「This is a technique that I never saw before….with this,it’s obvious that you’re a dangerous person I try to intimidate you with my spell to see your reaction…it seems like up until now you’ve been behaving like an idiot. I see,everything is an act. I don’t know the purpose of infiltrating this academy…but with this dangerous technique there’s a lot of profs,enough to deem you as dangerous ! 」 

*Katsu* The headmistress opened her mouth widely. 
And then she sticks out her tongue at me.

what is it….?

The headmistress draws some character using her tongue. 
And then… 
No sooner ,the child with chestnut hair giving a surprised look, 

「Th…that is ? ! Headmistress ! ? Using that technique here is ,dangerous~! !」 

She said it with *awawawa* expression. 
Errrr…..That,she can activate a technique just with that ? 
Is that in other words,a type of technique that can be activated just by using the motion of her tongue.,is that it? 
Something like a hidden technique ? 
That’s means,I will be attacked using that magic because of the magic I used ? 
Furthermore seeing the reaction of that chestnut-haired girl,it’s totally giving an air that this is a super powerful sure-kill technique… 

「W..wait a moment ! I don’t mean to provoke you nor do I have any hostility toward you..」 

I could see the expression of the headmistress as if telling me that there’s no room for excuse. 
I fell in a pinch again. 
My luck….it plays the fool out of me by going up and down isn’t it ? 
At that time,the lips of headmistress smoothly speak the words. 


「w..uwaaaaaaaaaaa !」 

I close my eyes. 
This time.,it’s over huhー 



Nn ? 
H…huh ? 
Nothing happen ? 
Timidly,I open my eyes. 
When my field of vision returned,what I see is the hardened expression of the headmistress with her tongue stick out. 


The headmistress giving an expression as if she can’t believe what she saw. 

「The spell didn’t get activated…..?  no,this is different….in the first place I can’t use 『Sacred Origin』spell ?…this is the first timeー」 

Then the line of sight of the headmistress directed to the chain that binds her own body. 

「It can’t be…this chains also have such an effect…..? what kind of technique is this….wait….in the first place I don’t see him doing any spell chanting to use magic….is it an aria type spell ?…no.,but this spell,I’ve heard this spell somewhere…. 」

「Err…Headmistress. I would like for you to heard me a moment.」 

the one who talked was the girl with chestnuts hair colour. 
With irritating face,the headmistress looks at the girl which her face turn pale. 

「What is it, Claris ?」 

The name of the girl with chestnut hair colour seems to be Claris. 
Timidly Claris-san approaches the headmistress,*chon* she pokes the chains with her finger. 
And then she turns to face me. 

「Emm..this is….it’s okay isn’t it ? 」 

「 what do you mean by it’s okay ? 」 

「Acording to my observation..,you have the authority to 『Manipulate』these things….if possible please don’t attack me with this..」 


I’m hesitating. 
The headmistress looks at claris-san with baffling expression. 

「Just now,what do you mean ? 」 

「That is..ー」 

Though I haven’t answered her 『it’s okay』yet.,she didn’t seem to mind it,and draw her lips close to the headmistress ears. 
For some reason, she talks to the headmistress secretly while whispering. 
Gradually the headmistress facial expression change. 
And then. 

「In other words,the one he using right now isー」 


The headmistress looks at me with a shocked expression. 

「My goddess… can’t be…..that sort of……」 

「Yes,that’s why…I think this is something really amazing.」 

「This is not something amazing…if that’s true,then this isー….」 

For some reason the headmistress pondering something. 
At that time. 

「Y… bastard ! Manipulating this evil chains., you,what are you ! ? Release the headmistress now ! ! 」 

「Eh ?」 

I turn back my head. 
There the guard-san unsheathe his sword. 

「If you don’t release the headmistress I will cut you down ! 」 


It seems like he finally able to move from being hardened because of shock,though it’s looks like he’s nervous,his legs are trembling. 
Well then. 
After seeing that power, I think he won’t really come slashing me with that sword.


He won’t come, right? 
Yep, he didn’t come. 

On the other side,Liza-san is watching this tense situation carefully with a calm face as if it’s no big deal.(of course, I don’t know what she really think) 

I look back at the headmistress. 
She’s still being restricted by the chains. 
Certainly,if this continue she won’t be able to go. 
A way to deactivate it (?)…i need to search for it…. 
I close my eyes and concentrate my consciousness. 

Then I image my consciousness as a database to remember. 

Just like a while ago I image my mind just like a PC would be.,is it okay with this kind of sense ? 
Hmm,if the spell is an application,then it should come with “help” function. 
Image to open help…image…image…. 
How is it? 


Somehow I’m able to imagine it. 
Next,image for search. 
Search, Search….. 
Deactivation…deactivation….e ? 

What is this? 
This spell,there’s still more? 
In other words, the chains from before is a first stage spell,is that how it is ? 

To think there’s more derivation form of it… 
Judging from that sinister appearance,this is something that must not be used unskillfully. 

Since this is not a power yet I understand I should not use it thoughtlessly. 
As expected, i can’t try the stage two of the spell on the headmistress. 
In the first place,right now searching for a way to deactivate that chains spell are the priority. 

This is it ? 
Yap,this is it. 
What ? 
To deactivate the spell is actually pretty simple. 
Let see. 

「『ーNinth Forbidden Spell ,close boundary』」 

Soon the hole as if sucking the chains,releasing the headmistress. 
And then ,with metallic sounds just like massive snakes moving on the grass the chains return to another dimension. 
After the chains crawling back,the big hole closed downー 

There’s nothing left behind. 

As if everything that happened just now is a dream,disappear without any trace. 

「Fuuu…..i’ve just experienced something terrible.」 

The headmistress patting her chest and skirt to clear the dust. 
Standing horizontally from her,Claris-san breath out with a face of deep relief. 

「Headmistress ! 」 

It was the voice of the guard-san 
He seems regained his energy after those weird chains disappeared. 

「Let’s call The knight of Sacred Tree and immediately restrict this man,if it’s necessary we can call the people from public morals tooー」 

「No, that is unnecessary.」 

The headmistress interrupt Guard-san words. 

「Wh ! ? Why, Headmistress ! ?」 

The headmistress puts her index finger on her white cheek,it’s looks lovely while mysteriously smiling with 『ufufu』toward me. 

「Because the circumstance has changed.」 

After that, the headmistress turns toward me. 

「Now then…what is your name ?」 

The eyes that looked at me are definitely different than the indifferent eyes from the first time we meet. 

「My name is Sagara Kurohiko」 

「I see, Then Kurohiko」 


When the headmistress compromises with me,she pick up the paper that fall down on the floor. 
By the way currently both my arms and legs are still being tied,I’m somehow able to raise my body and sits in seiza. 
The paper that the headmistress hold is the paper that contains the characters I read aloud a moment ago. 
She thrust the paper to me. 
…..N ? 
I feel a certain feeling for being handed a paper that I’ve considered as my death poem,the paper where the letters are being written down is turn white as if being bleached. 

「Just a moment ago, you’ve learned 『That Spell』. that’s how it is,do you understand ?」 

The one that headmistress means by 『That Spell』is the spell to summon the chains from before isn’t it? 


「in other words you’re able to read this out loud. am I right ?」 

「Well, yes.」 

When I put my hands on my mouth ,the headmistress only sending a glance toward me. 

「Can you read the chanting at this place but don’t activate the chant ? For example, read it only 90% of the chant. 」 

「I think..I’m able to do it」 

Once again I start reading it out loud as if my eyes read it for the first time,and stopped before 『The Ninth Forbidden Spell』part. 
And then the headmistress turn the paper inside out to then gaze at it before licking it. 

「You can read this after all…」 


The headmistress muttered to herself in a low voice as if whispering which I could only barely hear it. 

「Far from having seen 『Forbidden Spell』being executed with my own eyes,I experience it with my own body…or else I would not be able to believe it and regard it as impossible. furthermore, the Forbidden Spell Book letters appear to change into characters I’ve never seen before.」 

Forbidden Spell ? 
Forbidden Spell ,what’s that? 
I mean,is it such a special case to be able to read what was written on that paper? 
I don’t understand. 

「You,judging from your name I thought you’re coming from the eastern country….but that language,where does it come from ? 」 

「Eh?but,it was written there…..」 

It’s not coming from anywhere. 

The one that written there,isn’t that a normal Japanese ?