Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 49

Chapter 49 (Teleportation Device)

Kyurie-san rushes up toward me and then get down on her knee. 
And then she began to examine my cut up cuirass armor and exploration uniform. 

“Are you alright ?” 

Then she looked at me while being uneasy. 
After looking at Kyurie-san, I breath out a sigh of relief. 

“… I’m glad.” 
“What is it ? you’re feeling relieved because I’ve come ?” 
“I’m relieved that Kyurie-san is alright…” 

She shows an expression as if she don’t know what to say for an instant. 

“At the time when we’re being divided by the wall remember ? at that time, I heard a strong explosion sound from the opposite side of the wall… by any chance, is Kyurie-san being attacked by a strong monster, or so that was what I thought.” 

Ah, Kyurie-san shows being consent from my answer. 

“That is, at that time I was trying to crush the wall using magic, but… well, though it was unlike myself, I feel a little bit upset at that time. and yet after that, after I find a way to arrived at your place, I can’t find you there.” 

Huh ? 

“There’s no hole on the floor ?” 
“A hole ?” 
“… you didn’t see any ?” 
“Yes… I didn’t see any hole, but…” 

I see… 
So after I fell down, the hole has been closed up, is that how it is ? 

“So… are you alright ?” 
“Well yes, somehow … thanks to Cecil-san, my wounds had been healed.” 

Kyurie-san looked up at  Cecil-san. 

“Thank you. for you to come, I’m really glad…” 

While having a complicated smile, Cecil-san responded, 

“… You’re really strong aren’t you.” 
“Nn ? Strong ?” 
“Ah no, please don’t mind it… being able to save Kurohiko, I also feel relieved you know ?” 
“You guys too, thank you.” 

Kyurie-san also express her gratitude toward Zix-san and Hirgiz-san. 

“… Sure.” 

The two people which being thanked gives small nods. 
After that, looking at my direction Kyurie-san floats a smile filled with irony. 

“However, for someone to be worried about me… this is such a rare experience.” 

Currently, Kyurie-san is like a teacher to me. 
And she also much stronger than I do. 
For me being worried about her, was it presumptuous of me ?… 

“I-I’m sorry.” 
“Don’t apologize stupid. … emm, how should I say it… that is not something bad after all.” 

Kyurie-san scratches her cheek, while turning her line of sight away. 
*Jii* looking at the scene in front of her, Cecil-san cleared her throat while creating *Ahem* sound. 
The movement of Kyurie-san finger scratching her cheek stopped. 

“Ah… w-well, more importantly, why are you inside the fifth layer ? are you able defeat the strong guardian monster ?” 
“T-The truth is…” 

I told everyone what had happened to me. 
Having the floor collapsed, then arrived inside a weird room. 
And then defeating a monster in search of an exit, and one way or other, I’ve arrived in this place. 
After explained all of that, 

“Well, it was a close call, though… but well, I do have a forbidden spell after all…” 

I hurriedly changed the end by using a light tone. 

“Anyway… It seems like Cecil-san and the other have been searching for me, but…” 
“About that, let me explain it.” 

Cecil-san raised her hand a little. 

Based on Cecil-san explanation, it seems like at the time I and Kyurie-san arrived at the fourth layer, Cecil-san, and the others also arrived in the fourth layer. 
At the time when the earthquake happens, they seem to be discussing things in front of the guardian monster room. 
Then after the earthquake, they decide to aim at searching the teleport device. 
On the way, they meet Kyurie-san which in the middle of a hurry. 
After listening to the story which I’d disappeared, Cecil-san suggests that they help to search. 

Then immediately after that, they began searching. 

Kyurie-san and Zix-san searching within the fourth layer. 
Then finally they confirmed whether I’ve returned the rental items I’d borrowed at the sacred ruin assembly hall. 
And then, finding out from the people in the open space if they’ve seen someone like me. 
After that, if I seem to not yet return, they will join Cecil-san and the other searching the fifth layers and bellow. 

On the other side, Cecil-san and Hirgiz-san were searching for me from the fourth layer onward. 
The two of them will search for me up to the seventh layer, after that they will meet up with Kyurie-san and Zix-san, then decide on the limit where to look. 

After Cecil-san proposing such plan for searching me, they immediately begin searching. 
Then, unexpectedly Cecil-san found me early. 
And then, Zix-san who at the time are inside the second layer, his ring emit some light toward Cecil-san (they make this as a signal when they’ve found me), being guided by the ring, he and Kyurie-san moving in a hurry toward this place. 
By the way about the guardian type monster 『Guardian Ogree』, the two of them can easily defeat it. 


Everyone seems to take action without showing any hesitation. 
With this… I feel like being thankful is not enough. 
This debt, I have to return it somehow. 

“Thank you very much. really, how should Iー #@&# !?” 

Kyurie-san embrace me. 

“I’m thankful to Cecil and the other… and you too should be thankful toward them, however, you don’t have to feel thankful toward me.” 

*Gyuu* Her power hugging me grew stronger. 

“… I’m sorry… if only I were being more careful… if only I were more faster at noticing the irregularity. much less saving you.” 
“Emm, Kyurie…-sanー” 
“That’s why you don’t have to worry about it. you did not do something wrong.” 
“It’s alright, you don’t have to mind it.” 
“… Well, even if you says to not mind…” 

Having Kyurie-san worried about me, of course, I’m happy. 
And I’m very thankful for it. 


But, however… my face is… 
Because of my position is sitting down… 
… in other words, well… 
My face is currently buried on her c-chest… 
I’m trying to send a message toward Cecil-san who looking toward here that this is goodー, no I mean, somehow, this is bad… 

“Kyurie… can I have a moment ?” 
“… what is it Cecil ?” 
“It looks to me that Kurohiko is suffering because you hug him too strong.” 
“Mu~… Is that so ?” 

Listening to Cecil-san words, Kyurie-san relaxing her force. 

“I’m sorry…” 
“No… it’s alright… wait… eh!?” 

Wait, I’m being hugged again !? 
This time, my chest and K-Kyurie-san chest is… 

“Kyurie ! T-That kind of thing is… that kindー” 

Trembling all over, Cecil-san shoulders shivered greatly. 

“Nn ? This time, I didn’t use any force, though ?” 

From her voice tone… there’s no implication. 
I feel it is purely a questioning voice. 
In other words… she’s basically feeling glad that we meet again, and nothing more, I guess ? 
The strong embrace before indicating that she’s really happy… however, this kind of gentle hug is, somehow will create some question… 

“K-Kyurie-san ! Anyway, let’s search for a way back to the surface ! though with these members there won’t be any problem with monsters, however, if there’s another earthquake it would be bad after all!” 
“Just like what Kurohiko said, Kyurie ! let’s move immediately ! hurry up and separaー stand up please !” 

Cecil-san gives me a follow-up. 

“Nn, that’s true…” 

Kyurie-san then stands up. 

“The teleport device room, Zix has found them a while ago. let’s head back immediately.” 

Somehow or other we’re able to move… 

Anyhow, we decide to return to above ground at once. 
After we decide to go back via teleport device, Kyurie-san and Cecil-san began discussing which one among them who going to lend me a shoulder, since I’ve lost all my strength to walk. 

By the way in the meantime. 
While folding their arm, Zix-san and Hirgiz-san looking at the scene. 
I then heard the conversation of the two people. 
Zix-san with an astonished face. 
While Hirgiz-san starring with patience. 

“Cecil-sama… she seems different lately isn’t she…?” 
“… Or rather, she has turned back to her true self, probably…” 
“Sagara Kurohiko and Kyurie Velstein eh ?” 
“… Zix, are you alright with this ?” 
“Well now, yes I’m… is it surprising ?” 
“Well, a little bit…” 
“If it’s someone bearing its fangs at Cecil-san then it will be different but… well, they seem to have mutual trust after all. thus I will just watch attentively.” 
“… Is that so ?” 
“You seems to want to say something, Hirgiz.” 

*Fuu* , Hirgiz-san turn a cold gaze toward me. 

“By any chance, If Cecil-san gets hurt… I won’t forgive… no matter who it is…” 



We walk in line while keeping some distance with each other. 

The front is Kyurie-san. 
The back were Cecil-san and Hirgiz-san. 

And then I’m being carried on Zix-san back. 

Zix-san being unable to remain indifferent to the two people that can’t decide who going to help me said, 

“I know, I will carry Kurohiko on my back. like that, there won’t be a problem isn’t it ?. … Cecil-sama also fine with it right ?” 

Although they want to raise their objection, they obediently agree to the suggestion with much difficulty. 
While I think it was a good solution. 
By the way from the two of them, they said 『Just now, that was not a quarrel okay ?』 simultaneously. 
… It seems like they kept what Makina-san had said to them in mind. 

“About Hirgiz… I would like for you to not take it in a bad way.” 

On the way. 
Zix-san talked with a small voice. 

“… Regarding earlier is it ?” 
“Yes… … when it comes to Cecil-sama, she always acts like that to everyone. thus, it is not just toward you.” 
“Hirgiz-san really like Cecil-san isn’t it ?” 
“Nn, let see… rather than 『Like』, it’s more like an obligation, I guess ?. however, even for obligation… it’s somewhat a little extreme” 

Zix-san shows a wry smile. 

“It’s a bit troubling… to raise a sword like that, though she’s not really a bad person.” 
“However, Hirgiz-san also agrees when all of you decide to look for me, isn’t it ? and also, for Zix-san looking out for me… thank you very much.” 
“Don’t mind it… indeed we’re a rival in term of sacred ruin exploration. however, as a colleague from the same class. one should help each other in case of emergency. it’s more like a give-and-take relation, I guess ?” 

Khuu… what a handsome man. 

“Well… including Cecil-san, let’s get along well.” 
“Yes… me too, please take care of me.” 
“Furthermore… there’s must be a time when you have something to talk which can’t be said to girls isn’t there ?. if you have something to talk about, please don’t hesitate to call out to me.” 
“… But.” 
“To tell you the truth, I also don’t have any boys who close to me either.” 
“Is that really true ?” 
“Well there’s the things about Cecil-san… they might think that I was hard to approach, I guess ?” 

I wonder ? 
Even though Zix-san was talking about being a loner but… 
Yet, saying it so lightly, as expected of an Ikemen huh ? 

“Well then, how about being a friend ?” 
“A friend huh ?… Alright then, as a friend, please take care of me… Kurohiko.” 
“Yes, me too, Zix-san.” 
“About that, Zix is enough.”
<TLN : he talk about the -san> 
“Eh ?” 
“It might be the culture of an eastern nation but… if we’re friends, then you should be more relaxed.” 
“Eh… w-well, alright… Z-Zix ?” 
“Nn, that’s good enough.” 

Come to think of it… this might be the first time for me to have a male friend.<TLN : OMG… what kind of life do you have in the previous world, geez?> 
I feel happy for this… 

“So then…” 

Zix-san voice volume dropped considerably 

“Between Cecil-san and Kyurie-san… right now, which one you like more ?” 
“Z-Zix-san… !?” 
“Hahaha, it’s just a joke, about 10% of it…” 

… Aren’t that almost 100% serious ! 
And also, you girls on the front and on the back… you don’t have to try hard to listen to us ! 

When we talk about such thing, we arrived at the teleportation device room. 


The teleport device room. 
The ceiling is high, and there’s a straight passage leading to the room, the room itself is plain. 
And also, this room does not have a door. 
And then, inside this room, there’s a teleport device. 

The form of the teleport device is like a pillar being half buried on the wall. 
In the surface of such pillar, there’s a pattern being formed using crystal. 
In other words, that pattern is a teleporting magic, I guess ?. 
Come to think of it… why is that, teleport magic equation did not exist ? if I’m not wrong, I’d heard from the lesson that the reason is just like the holy sword and cursed sword. 
If by any chance we can use that as magic spell, it would be convenient, isn’t it ?. 

“Are all the preparations ready ?” 

Cecil-san then put her hand on the teleport device. 


While Kyurie-san who stand near the passage unsheathe her sword and answered. 

The transfer device will activate when one pours their magic power into it. 
However, it takes around 5 to 10 minutes until it starts teleporting us. 
Furthermore, there would be a lot of monsters come after one’s start activating the teleport device… or so I’d heard. 

As Cecil-san pour her magic power to the teleport device. 
The crystal buried on the device, shone brightly simultaneouslyー magic art equation appeared on the floor. 
The magic art equation just like a shadow, it’s appeared on the floor near the pillar up to the entrance. 
By the way, the magic art equation stopped expanding just a few meter before it reaching the passage. 

I see. 
For it to stop until there is so that we can check the approaching monster which comes here huh ? 
Anyone who stand on the magic art equation, will be teleported to the surface. 
Actually, Kyurie-san also stands on the magic art equation properly. 
In other words, if we manage to hold the monster that approaching there, the monster won’t be teleported with us. 
However, as expected, doing it by herself is a bitー. 


Even if I’m being carried on the back, I still can use the forbidden spell. 

“Kyurie-san, I will also use the forbidden spellー” 
“It’s alright, you don’t have to.” 

She answers me flatly, and Cecil-san then asked. 

“Kyurie… are you really alright by yourself ?” 

Looking at the width of the passage, if we line up two peopleー 

“I alone am enough.” 

Kyurie-san answered as such… 

ーNosy footsteps then come approaching. 

Several footsteps. 
The one that appeared from the passage is a crowd of a tiger head. 
It comes straight toward here while roaring. 


Dark tiger head mixed among the many. 
After realizing that Cecil-san is going to come and helpー however, she immediately stops. 

Because of thirst of blood that comes from Kyurie-san, we’re unable to move. 
The one who face such thirst of blood is the tiger head bunch. 
And from here we didn’t see any agitation from her. 

“It’s impossible for you all of you…” 

She said that flatly and readying her sword. 
And then she instantly kills those who come closer. 

In less than one second. 
<TLN : As expected of fantasy eh.> 
The movement of the tiger head stopped when their kin suddenly being chopped off at the speed they could not understand. 
Howeverー As if remembering what they have should do, they began taking a battle stance. 

“Today, it is impossible…” 

*Fuu* Kyurie-san exhale her breath. 

“Today, not even oneー I won’t even let even one pass here.” 

The dark tiger heads start preparing by readying their power into their legs. 
And then… 

Making use of the spaceーー the dark tiger heads come attacking Kyurie-san all at once. 


Just like what Kyurie-san had saidー even before the teleport device start in 5 minutes, the monster that comes attacking ended. 

Of course, when we being teleported to the surface, all can see that not even one dark tiger head can be seen.