Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 48

Chapter 48 (Light)

I arrived in the middle of the room while kicking around blue goblins. 

ーAnother half left… 

I brandished my spear, blowing away the blue goblins which come closer. 
With my other hand which holds the sword, I stabbed the enemy repeatedly. 
I aimed at its eyes. 
Of course, I didn’t forget to chant the forbidden spell as well. 

Suddenly, one of the goblins caught my attention. 

What is that ? 
Within the crowd, there’s a different goblin compared to the other blue goblins, its has a green skin. 
Though I think it is a variant type, does that one appeared in the identification book ? 
Furthermore, rather than an ax arm, this green goblin have a sword as an arm. 
A new species ? 

While slaughtering the blue goblins, I get close toward that goblin. 

“Kii, shaaaaa !!” 

As its opened its mouth and showing off its shining fang simmered with slimy saliva, the green goblinー『Different color』, jumped up and come slashing its sword arm toward me… 
I turn my body half horizontally evading the attack. 
In that position, I positioned my sword with backhand grip then slashed toward the Variant color. 

“Eguu… !” 

The Different color raises its voice briefly then fall forward dying. 

“ーーTsu !” 

Did I got preoccupied with the Different color too much ? 
Immediately after I’d parrying a blue goblin ax arm attack, I lose my balance. 


I’m falling on my back. 
Looking at me like that, the blue goblins took the opportunity and jumps at me. 

Damn it ! 
My forbidden spell won’t make it in time ! 
There’re no spears on my surrounding either. 
I have only a dull sword on my hand, will it be enough ? 
What about the crystal… !? 


At the place where the goblin with Different colors melted, there’s something… 
Is that… dagger ? 

I don’t have time for hesitating. 
I stretch out my left hand toward the dagger and quickly pick it up. 
I’ block the upcoming ax arm attack with the dagger. 
Furthermore, while using the blue goblin which I pierced using Akira sword as a shield, I was able to stand up immediately. 
Probably because I try to spring up from an unreasonable posture immediately, I feel severe pain ran through my waist, however, I don’t have the time to mind it. 
I welcomed the incoming attack from blue goblin with a headbutt and strike it down. 
From there, I pull out my sword from the fallen blue goblin and then fixed my posture. 

I get ready for next battle. 
While at the same time, I start chanting the forbidden spell. 


This is my first-time dual wielding, though. 
However, excluding at the time where I use spear and crystal, this is much better. 
I’ direct my line of sight toward the door. 
ーA little bit more. 
I resume my advance by restricting blue goblins with chains. 

The attack of the blue goblins who trying to obstruct my path become severe gradually. 
But, the door is already close… 

“Kishaa !” 
“Gugaaa !” 

Two goblins timed their timing and jumped toward me at the same time from both my side. 
I skewered both of them at the same time with the weapon on my hands. 
Howeverー there’s another one come from the front. 
And it’s already before my eyes. 

My forbidden spell won’t make it in time. 
Even pulling my sword won’t make it in time either. 
If that the case, 

“Gugiii !?” 

I bite at the blue goblin neck.
<TLN : To be honest, I was thinking… gueh, that disgusting… but like the people say, “when human life put on the line… they do anything to survive” eh…> 
Unexpectedly the blue goblin stopped moving. 

With force, I bite off the blue goblin carotid artery. 

“Gyogee !!… Ga…gaaaa…” 

I spit out the piece of meat from my mouth. 
Like this, I look like an animal huh… 

Thanks to it, I’ve arrived at the door. 

“… !?” 

I feel something bad from the other side… 
I try to touch 『that place』 with the back of my hand which holding the dagger. 
*Badum*, I feel such sensation. 

I put my hand on the door. 
It’s such dignified door. 
I push the door open with my body while stabbing blue goblin which comes chasing to death. 

I barely passed the door. 
I cut off the neck of the goblin who tried to enter from the gap of closing door. 
Then I push the door as hard as possible, closing it up. 
Once again I feel dull pain ran through my side. 
I look around the door surrounding while enduring the pain. 
*Bang*, I hear a noisy sound beating the door and scream of blue goblins from the other side. 
I put my hand on my lever position. 
I looked down bellow at once. 
Thereupon, the door began to emit light. 


*Sparkling*, From the surrounding stone wall, a powder like things falling down. 
I feel a faint shaking. 
Thinking that I might be in danger, I separate myself from the door. 
Blue goblins might jump out from somewhere after all. 
For the time being, I stand by my sword. 


The stone wall on the surrounding door has begun encroach the door. 
And then… in a matter of few minutes, the door disappear. 
At the place where the door previously exists, it has become a perfect stone wall. 
I didn’t hear the sound of the beating and the scream anymore. 

“… Somehow I manage to do it huh ?” 

One way or another, I survived the blue goblins fierce onslaught. 

“Anyway… where is this ?” 

I finally calmly observe the place where I am now. 
It seems to be a passage but… 
Compared to the previous passage. 
The path ahead is only darkness. 


I guess I have no other choice than going huh ? 


The moment I stepped my foot forward, the wound on my side giving me severe pain. 
It’s the wound from at the time I bite a goblin before. 
At that time, an ax arm attack comes from behind. 
And strike my side with all its might, broke my light cuirass armor, and gouge my side. 
I concentrate my attention fighting the demon in front of me before, thus I don’t feel anything from it. 

“Damn it…” 

I still have a long way to go huh… 

I put my hand on my side where blood streamed out while muttering such words, then began walking through the dark passage. 


“Now then… what layer is this ?” 

Ahead of the passage, there’s one door. 
It was a similar door which I saw before at the time I was about to enter the fourth layer. 
Furthermore, when I opened the door, I feel a remembrance from it. 
The difference with the fourth layer is, there’s a lot of ivy run through on the walls. 


Again, severe pain assails me. 
Unconsciously, I fell on my knee. 

Is this because I’ve arrived at a bright place with light, I feel relief ? 
Immediately I feel strong fatigue and pain run through my body. 

It’s just… well I guess it is as expected huh ? 
It seems like that 『sense』 won’t try to take over my consciousness when I’m not in 『battle mode』. 
So to speak… there’s no indication of it. 
I guess that 『sense』 is more like a berserk mode huh ? 

I sit down at the place while thinking of such thing. 
*Fuu*, I take some breath. 
I might be already near my limit eh… 


Since a while ago, my view occasionally becomes blurred. 
It feels similar to the time when I had anemia back in old days. 

However, I can’t give up yet. 
Somehow, I must look for the stairs leading up. 
Or possibly meeting another exploration group… 

“…But still.” 

I wonder if Kyurie-san is alright ? 
No, if it’s that person, she will be alright. 
Or rather, I must do something about my own self now. 


Several meters from my place. 
A demon with a white human body a tiger head appeared on the corner. 
The size of the upper body is way bigger than the lower part body. 
Nails shines on its hands. 

A tiger head. 

If I’m not mistaken, it should appear on fifth layer. 
I feel like both good information and bad information appeared at the same time. 

I feel it is good that I know this is not a very deep layer. 
The bad news is… currently I don’t have the condition to fight against tiger head, I’m in a considerable pinch right now. 

Already, the tiger head runs toward this place. 
I designed it as the target and began forbidden spell invocation. 

This is bad… 
Because of my consciousness grew dim, I can’t chant the words quickly. 
If it’s like this, the tiger head will arrive here faster. 
I try to raise my body while chanting the forbidden spell. 
Dull pain ran through my waist, and my whole body ached. 
I don’t have any power left. 

I guess there’s no helping it. 
I don’t know if I will survive here, however, let’s face it with my swordー 
At that time, 

“Duckー Kurohiko !” 

I heard someone voice. 
It is a refreshing and gallant voice. 
A familiar voice, which I missed. 

I who lay down and turn my face up, on my line of sight, a golden hair being tied by a ribbon flown down on her back. 
At that very moment, twin sword on her hand emits an emerald green light, 

Slashed the tiger head. 

The tiger head being turned into pieces of meat without even being given time to scream. 
In the instant, the owner of the voice cut the monster in pieces with elegance, 

“Finally, I found you.” 

While turning her body back she said those words and putting the sword back to the sheaths. 
The person looked at my direction. 


Cecil-san appeared wearing her exploration uniform with basic color of white and yellow. 


Come to think of it, Kyurie-san had said it to me before. 
That today Cecil-san going to come inside the sacred ruin too. 
But still, to be able to meet in this way, I’m very lucky I guess ? 

“Let’s talk about what happen later. First, let’s deal with your wound… excuse me.” 

Cecil-san crouched and rolled up my exploration clothes a little forcibly from the bottom. 
And then, she observes my body in detail to confirm my condition. 

“I will use healing magic to close the wound on your side. however, before thatー” 

On Cecil-san index finger, there’s a ring. 
That ring has a jewel with pink color(is that a crystal, I wonder ?) and it’s start emitting a strong light. 

“I won’t explain in detail but, in short, this ring is for us to know each other position. that’s why, in minutes Zix and the others will also…” 

From her mouth, Cecil-san cast the magic spell. 
In the meantime she also didn’t forget to pay attention to the surrounding and not letting her guard down, I should say, it’s as expected of her. 
After Cecil-san cast the last phrase of the spell, *Ton*, she gathers the magic power on her fingertips. 
Then, on the right hand, a ball similar to softball emitting a faint light. 
Cecil-san then brings the light near my side. 
Though it’s slow, however, the wound on my side began closing. 

As expected, you also can use healing magic easily huh, Cecil-san. 
Even in this kind of time, I can’t help it and leak a breath of admiration toward her, that is what I thought. 

The me who is unable to participate the practical magic art lesson. 
I only able to cram information in the classroom, despite how I’m unable to use it, I have plenty knowledge of it. 

Now then, about the magic. 
The magics are being classifying as, 

Attack magic. 
Defensive magic. 
Healing magic. 
Special magic. 

Those four types. 
Of course, there’s a high degree of difficulty in each of the type in particular, however, if we talk about the required amount of magic power to uses it which mean the degree of fatigue and divide it roughly, 

It will be Attack magic < Defense magic < Healing magic. 

It seems to be in this order. 
In other words, the Healing magic is the highest level. 
By the way about Special type, there are many cursed swords and magic tool which are their characteristic. 

A magic to stop wounds even though the degree of difficulty is high, however, if one can use it, it will become very useful. 
Since they come here wearing a light dress or armor, they can keep continuing exploring even when they get wounded to some degree.  
The Healing magic can recover one from disease, and the blood which I lost recovered as well, though my fatigue did not recover, being able to stop the bleeding is already make it a very useful magic art I think. 


From the left side of the passage, a slender figure appeared. 


It is Hirgiz-san. 
She appeared wearing exploration garment too. 
On her finger, I saw a similar ring with the one Cecil-san have. 
However, from her ring crystal, strand of light stretches toward Cecil-san. 
… Ah, I see. 
That light line will point out to the direction where a person who pour a strong magic power to the ring huh ?
<TLN : alright, I can’t really wording it, but the context is like this… since Cecil-san pours her magic power to her ring, the other ring will be pointed toward her… and if Hirgiz pour her magic power to her own ring… then Cecil ring will show that line light pointed toward Hirgiz direction…> 

Hirgiz-san then glanced toward me. 

“It seems like you’ve found him eh ?” 

Her words just now… 


Suddenly I have some thought. 
Why did they move separately ? 
By any chance… did they searching me ? 
If that is the case then, Kyurie-san isー. 

Cecil-san replies Hirgiz-san words with small nods. 

“Hirgiz if there’s a monster approaching us, please intercept it.” 
“… Understood.” 

After she pulls her sword from its scabbard, Hirgiz-san began looking the surrounding. 
While sweat appeared on Cecil-san white cheeks and forehead, she continues applying the faint light to my side. 

“Good… with this, the bleeding has stopped.” 

When I take a look at my body, the wounds has already disappeared. 
When I confirm it like this… it’s really amazing, isn’t it. 

“Since we’re at it, let me treat all of your wounds.” 

Cecil-san smiled while dropping sweat. 
She seems to be out of breath a little. 
A healing magic. 
It seems the fatigue degree still quite considerable even for someone like Cecil-san. 
That magic is not something that can be used repeatedly. 

“No, you don’t have to, I’m fine already…” 

I raise my body while being unsteady. 


Cecil-san caught me who being staggering and lost my balance. 

“Fufufu… don’t be unreasonable you know, Kurohiko.” 
“I-I’m sorry…” 

Or rather, Cecil-san’s body isー. 
The temperature on my face raises rapidly. 
The warmth from Cecil-san’s bodyー 
T-The chest is touching me ! 
I try to separate my body in a hurry. 

“Hmm, Cecil-san !?” 
“I won’t let you goー just kidding… what do you think of this ?” 
“W-Well, even if you said that… I don’t know how to answer them…” 

My stomach feels hurt a little. 

“See… you’re not fine yet isn’t it ?” 
“Now, you should receive my healing magic properly.” 
“Even though I’m worried about Kurohiko well being… you’re so cruel~…” 

Cecil-san hung her head down. 
And then…*hic hic* … I hear sobbing sounds… 

“I-I understand ! Please do so !” 

Though it was obvious that her cry is a lie… but, if she went as to do that, there’s no way I can refuse her. 

“Yes ! well then, let’s heal you up…” 

*Fufufu* Cecil-san then began smiling lightly. 

“… Cecil-sama, please don’t do something weird okay ? I’m begging you.” 

Hirgiz-san looked down at me as if dissatisfied with something. 
I-Is it my fault ?! 

While thinking of such, my wound began closing here and there. 
And then, when all of my wounds were about to close upー at that time… 
Hirgiz-san readying her sword toward the right direction.  


While applying her healing magic, Cecil-san took a small glance toward the place Hirgiz-san looking at. 

“Is that… Dark tiger head ? 

From the direction of the two girls line of sight, a monster with a black head and body and having a humanoid body while having tiger head appeared. 
And from its shoulders grew horns, it’s Black tiger head.
<TLN : Kurohiko said Black tiger head, while Hirgiz said Dark tiger head… with Katakana.> 
Compared to the tiger head, it has a longer and thicker claw. 
Even at first glance, I know that this one have more  

Variant type, Dark tiger head. 
And there’s three of them. 

However, the layer where dark tiger head should appeared… according to the academy record, it should be inside 12th layers. 

“I see… the rumor that there are many Variant types seems to be true eh~ ? Furthermore, the layer they appeared too huh ?” 

Stopping the healing magic, Cecil-san stands up then put both her hands on her swords handle. 

“I’m sorry Kurohiko.. for Hirgiz dealing the three of them might be a little too much…” 
“I will use my forbiddenー” 
“It’s alright, please leave it to us here.” 

After saying that and smiled toward me, Cecil-san unsheathes her swords, and her expression becomes serious. 
Narrowing its red eyes, the dark tiger head makes a small growl. 
The place filled with tension. 
And then, in that moment, 

The three dark tiger head, one of them were being cut in half from the head down bellowー the remaining of it, one of them having its torso being cut in half, and the last one having its body being cut into seven pieces. 

That’s too easy… 
Despite being Variant type. 
As well as being a demon which appeared within layer 12. 
Like this, it has lost those significant in just a blink of an eye. 

Then two shadow of a person appeared. 
One of them began talking, 

“Don’t block my pathー you trash.” 

The threatening menace from the three dark tiger head disappeared immediately. 

“Fuu… I don’t get my turn eh ?… but still… far from being hesitant, to cut off three dark tiger head in an instant, somehow, I feel sorry for it.” 

The two people who appeared from the shadow is, 
Zix-san and, 

“… Kuroー hiko ?” 

Kyurie-san opened her eyes wide while looking at my directionー.