Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 47

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Chapter 47 (Facing the Beast)

A crowd of blue goblins surrounded me. 

The chains which appeared from the dimensional hole restricts blue goblins on the front row. 
Because the movement of blue goblins on the front row suddenly stopped, the blue goblins on the back seem to be perplexed. 
Among them, some tried to tear the chains using their ax arm. 

“Iー, pierce through the prisoners of the thousands of chains, I, the black spear of greed that punishes the criminal, the ninth forbidden spell second stage, release !” 

I chant the incantation in a hurry while readying my sword toward the blue goblins, I break into running. 
I breaking through the front row after the black spear pierce them, while lowering my posture forward. 
In such posture, I swung my sword in a a half-moon shape. 
The throats of blue goblin before my eyes is split open. 

“… go, ga… !” 


I immediately draw my sword and shake it a little, then swung it diagonally against the next blue goblin. 

“Gu… ga… !” 

Like that, I’ve killed two of them. 
The blue goblins who were in wait-and-see state finally began to show their murderous intent toward me. 
The blue goblins that being tied by the chains then pierced by the spears are already began dissolved. 

I took a breath briefly. 

To tell you the truth… I want to shout out. 

Possibly it might be good to get rid of fear inside of me. 
And no matter how much my physical strength changes, there’s a limit to it. 
Even an energy to shout is precious now. 
Therefore I try to keep my breath short as much as possible. 
The only words that comes out from my mouth are only the forbidden spell incantation. 

“I, the king of chains, the prison of the furthest end, the ten thousand chainsー” 

I keep chanting while cutting down the goblin. 
From its neck gust fort blue blood. 
Again, I turn around my body then attacked the next goblin. 
Meanwhile, I didn’t forget to put a marker on them too. 

“ーunder my command, restrict my enemy.” 

I kill them, again and againー. 
Keeping my breath as short as possible. 
With minimal movementー… 
While controlling the consumption of my stamina. 
To survive, and return to those girls place. 

“The ninth forbidden spell, release !” 

The chains bind around ten of them at once. 
again, I step forward. 
While sometimes, I make the goblins that being restricted by the chains as a shield. 

I smashed the forehead of the blue goblin. 


… Next ! 

Cold sweat breaks out. 
However, my body is hot 

“Iー, pierce through the prisoners of the thousands of chainsー” 

In the middle of slaughtering the blue goblins. 
I also delicately deflected some of their attacks with the sword and change its direction. 
Because of that, I understand something. 
The blue goblins arm which have the shape of an ax. 
The hard part is only until its elbow. 
That’s being the caseー 

When one goblin raises its ax arm, I leap closing. 

「ーThe black spear of greed that punishes the criminals.」 

I aim at the blue goblin arm, and swung down my sword. 
*Zuun*. the arm of the blue goblin got cut off. 
The ax arm which aimed at my head gets thrown into the air. 
The blue goblin with its red eyes looked at its own arm which got cut off. 
And at that moment, I cut the blue goblin neck with my Akira sword. 

“The ninth forbidden spell, second stage, release !” 

My sweat flows like a waterfall. 
*Fuu*, I breathe out a small breath. 

… Next. 

I can not stand idle. 
Again I aimed at the crowded goblins on the other side. 

One, two, three… five, six, seven, eight, ninth, tenー eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen… fifteen ! 

Without any time to take a breath… 
I keep targeting the next. 
Kill, Kill, Cut… 

《KILL…ーー》 NO ! 

Wait a minute. 

I spring back… 

I cannot afford to lose my consciousness to you… 
I… “I” will return, to those girls… 
I did not fight to die. 
I fight to live ! 
That’s why, I cannot let you to “eat” me. 

I will surpass you ! 

I swung my swordー 16ー stabsー 17ー cut upー 18 ! 


Only, when the times comes, I will give it to you… 
I’ll let you eat me. 

Until I can’t do anything anymore. 
Until I think it’s over. 

Shut up for a bit. 

I separate my consciousness that was about to get swallowed up. 
In that instant. 
Blue goblin attacked. 

Fastー such vigor… however, I’m still faster ! 

I incline my body back, then dive forward. 
*Bushaa*, Blue blood gushes out. 
With the ax arm flying in the air, just like that blood scattered out from the wound, then the blue goblin fall. 

I lost my balance. 
However, I hold my ground. 
Then I fix my posture immediately and hold up my sword once again. 

I exhale my breath, 


I start the incantation again. 

“The king of chains, the prisonー 

ーI will absolutely, survive. 


At the time when I visited Claris-san. 

『There’s something… that I wish to tell youー』 

Claris-san said that. 

“About the case of people dying because of entering sacred ruin without magic power aptitude.” 

This may just on the level of guessing howeverー she continue the talk after such introduction. 

Regarding those who died in sacred ruin. 

Those who died inside the sacred ruin can be revived. 
The people who lost their life inside the ruin will be teleported to the above ground and be revived to the current state. 

In fact, that is one of the special characteristics of the sacred ruin. 

In fact, according to what I heard, the noble family were determined to send their dear children out to this academy is simply because there’s this characteristic. 
However, that is not all good fact. 

After the revival, those who lost their life will remain sleeping soundly for at least two years. 
In the meanwhile, they also don’t need meal nor excretion, however, for example, if they are being stabbed by a sword during sleep, they will without doubt die.  

And also, if one’s died inside the sacred ruin, one’s will take measure by withdrawing from the Lunezret academy. 

The part they will sleep “at least” two years. 
This means, there’s a person who has continued sleeping. 
According to what I heard, there’s those who had been sleeping for more than a decade(and of course, they also gets old). 
And the academy has no intention to keep nor waits for those people whom we don’t know when they wake up. 
That is the policy of the academy side. 
The students who have to drop out from the academy, will be left to their parents and relatives. 

And also, this 『Resurrection Teleport』 is only limited inside the sacred ruin away from the center. 
Meaning, under the sacred treeー in other words, under the white fortress where the sacred tree knight doing sacred ruin exploration, the resurrection teleport did not exist. 

Thus, the reason why this kind of academy curriculum was authorized, is simply because this Resurrection Teleport was being discovered. 
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So that’s why, even though there’s a danger inside the sacred ruins, the students won’t have felt such as going to the jaw of death. 

Nonetheless, it does not mean that 『the fear of death』 disappear completely. 
The suffering when one’s on the verge of death will be left as a memory. 
It’s called 『Memory of death』 which becomes trauma, it is said that many people who wake up decide to just stay indoors in their home. 
On the contrary, those who stop halfway are rare, and there’s also those who being teased for being alive without ever killing any demon. 

“Now then, regarding the 『key』 which is magic power.” 

Claris-san with a serious face then continues talking. 

The contents of what she said are as follow. 

For this past dozen of years, those who being allowed to enter the sacred ruin that being managed by this country are only the sacred tree knight and this academy cadet. 
Those people are able to use magic power as standard. 
However, looking at the record of the past, there are several others who have entered the sacred ruin even without the ability to use magic power. 

And, the people whom unable to use magic power being revived and teleportedー currently, no one has been confirmed. 

What’s that means… 

I cannot use magic power. 

In other words, in my case, either resurrection teleport nor other bullshit exist… if I were to die, the chance of it being 『the end』 is high.
<TLN : The author really do write bullshit…>

According to Claris-san, this story is based on the record of the past. 
By the way, when she finished talking about it, she jokingly said that “I might be the only one who had investigate such record though…” then laughed awkwardly. 

“However… about what I had said, please keep it in mind. I also don’t like fast farewell after all” 
“I understand… thank you for telling me those things, Claris-san” 

And then I leave the special reading room. 


“Haa… Haa…” 

How much blue goblin did I have killed ? 
50 ? 
100 ? 


Honestly, I don’t know how many. 
Even when I continue to kill… there’s always a new blue goblin come. 
… of course, it also comes from the back as well. 
However, I do not have any intention to give up. 

I cannot afford to die here. 

Four new blue goblins come. 
I swing my sword. 
I attack it one by one, and kill it. 
While killing them, I keep advanced through the passage. 

Slashes, advance, kill, advanceー keep advance… 

At that time… 
I feel the sword stuck on the blue goblin meat. 

“Khu… !” 

Is it the limit already ? 
The sharpness… 
The sword sharpness, has begun dullー 

However, even like that, I swung the sword with all of my power. 

“Gu… ge, gyaaa !!” 

The blue goblin who falls down while gushes out blood screamed and dies. 

“Haa… Haa…” 

This is bad… 
The weaponー… 
Midway, the gauntlet cracked, and lost it use… 
I’ve used it to block a lot of ax arm attack. 
I guess, this is the result huh. 

“Ge gaa !! Gugogaaa ! Gagigaaa !!” 

Did you notice that I’ve been weakened ? 
One blue goblin pointed its ax arm toward here while shouting a war cry. 

I look around. 
Here and there, I can see scattered crystal fragments. 

『Inside of their body, there’s a different kind of crystal.』 

That remind me, I heard that before isn’t it… 
However, I don’t have the time to pick up crystal leisurely. 
But, wait a minute… 
That, piece… 

“I, The chains ofー” 

While reciting the forbidden spell, I grip a crystal with my left hand. 
Again, three of them comes toward here. 
First, I stabbed my sword to the blue goblin on the front. 
Then I pull up my sword quickly, after that I pierce another one who tried to attack me from the right side. 
And the last one, 
Toward the blue goblin eye which tried to attack me from my left sideー 

I throw a sharp crystal with all my might. 

“Gu… Gogaaa !!” 

Its pierced the blue goblin eyeball deeply. 
The blue goblin held down her eye and bend its body forward. 
I struck the blue goblin head with my sword and took it down. 
After that, while drawing my sword, I fire the forbidden spell second stage toward blue goblins who come approaching from behind, killing them. 

“… Fuuu” 

I was unable to use the ax arm from the blue goblins as a weapon since it will melt away, however, if it’s the sharp crystal, then I can use it as a weapon… 

As if I’m going to give up… 

Not yet… 
I won’t let you take me down here yet… 

I push forward while shaking off the 『Sense』 which starts to crawling up once again. 
And then, 

“It would be good, if that place is an exit…” 

The place where I’ve arrived after much struggle… 
Is a door with dark red color which had been in my line of sight since a while ago. 

“… It won’t be that easy huh ?” 

I arrived at a wide rectangle room. 
The ceiling is high, and the width is wide too. 
This place is the called 『big room』 inside the sacred ruin, I guess ? 

Till here, I feel a great fatigue has accumulated.  
In addition, I got cuts on my hands and legs here and there, though I didn’t suffer any severe wound. 

“Now then…” 

In front of me which have such condition are a countless detestable crowd of blue goblins. 
When I looked back, a group of blue goblin is also drawing nearer from the rear. 

*Fuuh*, the face of those girls floated inside my mind. 
As expected, I can’t die here… 
I want to meet those girls again. 

I take a deep breath. 
I will end up being surrounded if I were to rush here, howeverー… even if that is the case, there’s no other choice. 
I can’t go making a U-turn and go back. 

Toward the blue goblins who got ready and start moving, I mark them as much as possible. 
Blue goblins begin to move. 


I start to dash… 
The blue goblins tried to stop my path. 

Second stage, release. ! 

Jet black spears pouring down from the dimensional hole. 
I attacked those who didn’t get pierced by the spears, stab, stab, clashー kill… 
From the corpse of blue goblins crystals appeared. 
I pick some with my handー 



I pull out the spear stabbed on the blue goblin which appeared from the dimension hole with my hand. 

After pulling it off, I pierced three blue goblins from the frontー skewer them. 


I see… 
I can do this too… 

This is a “how-to-use” which didn’t appear even when I 『Search』. 
Though for me, I feel like being absorbed for a moment. 
However, currently the forbidden spell, I think I can use it just by imaging. 
For example, similar to how I image using it like a PC back then. 

In other words, to some extent, how much I can use it is depend on my own self, is that how it is ? 

The black spear which skewered the three blue goblins disappear, back to its origin. 

“… If that is the case.” 

I began chanting the forbidden spell. 

“I will use anything useable.” 

Countless spears attacked the blue goblins being restricted by black chains. 
I pull out a spear with one of my hand while thrusting enemy with my sword killing them. 
Occasionally, I catch a spear flying. 
Then stabbed the blue goblin in front of me with it. 

I kicked some of these guys… I will definitely get to that door ! 

While being surrounded by blue goblins, and basked on the blue bloodー there’s only one thing on my mind, that is heading toward that door!