Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 46

TLN : This chapter and chapter 47 supposedly being released in the beginning of the month, but, I delay it 20 days due myriad of new kanji(for me).

Chapter 46 (Thus he being thrown to the depths of despair)

“This is…” 

A long sword with brown sheath 
It’s slightly shorter than the one which I used for battle practice, isn’t it ? 

“Try to unsheath it” 

As I’m being told by Kyurie-san, I pull the sword from its sheath. 
Then, the sword blade appeared. 


I put away the sheath and examine the blade. 


Un… the sword handle is not bad. 
Even if it’s because of my body change effect but, I don’t feel much weight either. 
…Nn ? 

“The blade part seems to glitter slightly… this is ?” 

Toward my question, Kyurie-san answered. 

“That is the effect of the blade being sharpened by special crystal see, it will make the blade not easily become blunt. The part where it light green is the part which using such sharpening technique. Ah right… even if one cannot use magic power this sword still has its effect. thus you don’t have to worry.” 

Toward this beautiful blade, I leaked my breath unintentionally. 

“What’s wrong ?” 
“… did the money were enough for this ?” 
“Ah… about that eh… yes, it is enough. … here, catch.” 

Two pieces of copper coins were handed to me. 

“The changes…” 
“I’m just lucky to find it. in addition, I’ve been traveled alone, that’s why, one way or another, I at least have a small connection.” 
“Umm, thank you very much.” 
“There’s no need for gratitude. I didn’t buy holy sword nor cursed sword with it either after all” 
“Hahaha… well, a holy sword or cursed sword, I have no luck with them after all” 

Regarding the holy sword and cursed sword, I’d learned in class. 

A holy sword is a sword which being embed with crystal.  
when one pour magic power to the crystal embed in the sword, it can raise various ability in the sword including the sharpness of the holy sword. 

On the other hand, a cursed sword is a sword with magic formula being incorporated into the sword. 
To use it, one pour magic power to the engraved magic formula, then it’s changed to a sword with special powerー that is a cursed sword. 

This holy sword and cursed sword, hearing the explanation alone made people think 『what’s this, it’s unexpectedly easy to make it isn’t it ?』 
the truth is, I also thought the same. 

However, making a holy sword nor cursed sword need miraculous balance in crystal processing, thus making it practically impossible to create them. 
In the past, many people had tried creating a holy sword and cursed sword… however, every time, the sword collapsed with just from pouring magic power. 
Raw materials, the aptitude for crystal embedment, the placement of magic formula… in addition, there’s also various manufacturing issue. 

However… there’s seems to be a rumor that says 『there’s exist a master smith at the country of the end who can make holy swords or cursed swords.』ー well, currently I have no concern toward that story. 

The important thing is, I won’t be able to use both if I cannot use magic power. 
Holy sword, cursed sword it is cool sounding words
Which I yearn for, but… unfortunately, even if I possess them, it will be useless. 

Above all, 


I raise my sword with one hand. 

A sword which Kyurie-san have choose for me. 

For me, this is enough. 

“I’m sorry that there’s no protective gear for the arm. that’s why, we will borrow protective gear at the sacred ruin assembly hall. if we’re lucky to find crystal during exploration, let’s by them.” 
“I understand.” 

Kyurie-san then picked up the swords for training. 

“Then, let’s began training, however, since it will be short, let’s try to practice using that sword lightly. … sorry, for doing this right on the very day you got the sword.” 
“It’s alright. I’ll be able to use it immediately.” 
“Fuu…. such good enthusiasm. well thenー let’s do it.” 

After that, using the rather light sword with Kyurie-san on the practice, I’m done doing the adjustment. 


… I think my ability at handling the sword has improved. 
Though I should judge it after fighting against demon inside the sacred ruin whether I’ve become strong or not…. for now, I feel somewhat strong. 

As expected, to reach until this point is also because Kyurie-san teaching is good. 
She brings me to the next level while going step by step steadily every day. 
Even I can understand that. 

For me to be able to use the swords freely is a proof of how good she is. 

Furthermore, lately, I’m being made to feel the immeasurable power of Kyurie-san. 
This is also because I’ve become strong that I’m able to feel her “strength”. 
Sometimes ago, Kyurie-san had said that she’s “able to dive the sacred ruin until the 20th layer alone”… the truth is, she might be able to actually doing it. 

On the other hand,  regarding that 『sense』, I was able to control it more better compared to yesterday. 
To the point that I can say it with confidence that “I can do it”. 

The time that I can enjoy that “power” is also become much longer compared to yesterday. 
And the time that I need to separate my consciousness before getting eroded has also become shorter. 

This is good. 

If it’s like thisー I won’t have to depend on forbidden spell during the sacred ruin exploration. 

After the battle practice is over, I felt such positive feeling. 


Today lunch, it had been decided that we will eat in the dining room while discussing sacred ruin exploration. 

For now while aiming for the fourth layer, I will fight against the monster that will appear on the way, and confirm my growth. 

I was told by her, that is the purpose of today sacred ruin exploration. 

“Come to think of it, it seems today is the day Cecil-san begin her sacred ruin exploration too.” 

Kyurie-san said that while chewing meat. 

“We can’t lose too…” 

*Jiii* Kyurie-san stared at me… 

“W-What’s wrong ?” 
“… There’s something that I want to ask, is it alright ?” 
“Sure, what is it ?” 
“That forbidden spell… how many times are you able to use it ?” 
“How many time I can use it ?” 
“I don’t know about that kind of thing<TLN : regarding forbidden spell>. so… what I meant is, you see… how much burden is it for you to use it… that’s my question.” 

Ah, by any chance… is she worried about me ? 

“There’s no burden.” 
“However, for example, using magic art, not only will drain magic power, it will cause a great fatigue as well. that’s why everyone tries to preserve while using it… in that respect, how about forbidden spell ?” 
“Its alright see… I didn’t feel tired when using it after all.” 
“Mu… is that so ?” 

I don’t want to make her worried. 
… and it is the truth that I don’t feel tired when using it. 

“Yes… well, as expected of forbidden spell isn’t it ! maybe because of it being too convenient that it is being called “forbidden spell” !?” 
“Eh ? By any chance, is Kyurie-san worried about me ?” 
“Yes, I’m worried. … because it is you…” 

She said those words straightly… 
Spontaneously, it makes me blushed. 
Then Kyurie-san cast her line of sight down. 

“About the forbidden spell… the truth is, I hesitated to ask you about it… see, anyone has those things which are difficult to talk about right ?” 

Kyurie-san then looked toward me with upturned eyes. 

“It’s just… I think at least I must know whether there’s a burden to your body when using it… ahー. well, that’s how it is…” 

After saying such words, Kyurie-san pouted a little. 

“Aren’t the forbidden spell is a topic which you don’t want to touch ?” 
“Huh ? by any chance, are you holding back ?” 
“after all, you’ve never talked about forbidden spell on your own, isn’t it ? that’s why I thought it’s something that you don’t want to talk about…” 

Does she pay attention to me with her own way ? 
Now that you mention it, I’ve almost no memory talking about forbidden spell to her. 

… still, I don’t intend to speak about the aforementioned 『sense』 or the forbidden spell king daringly now either… 

“No, please don’t mind it. there’s no problem for me to talk about it as subject see !” 
“I-Is that so…” 
“Yup ! that’s why, please you can ask me !” 
“Muu.. then, I will ask.” 
“Yes !” 

Kyurie-san asked me the question with an interested face while putting her hand on the table. 

“That black chain, what was that actually ?” 
“… I don’t know.” 
“Despite being able to use it, you don’t know it ?” 
“… Though I was able to use it, I don’t know what is that actually is.” 
“I see” 


“That food… it will cool off you know ? … how about eating it ?” 
“… ah, yes…” 
“… Is it delicious ?” 
“Yes, It is…” 
“… That’s good.” 
“… Indeed.” 

Today lunch time ended very calmly like this. 

I was expecting what kind of question she is going to ask… it’s about that huhー… 


“The people, as expected, it’s decreased huh…” 

After school… 
I and Kyurie-san had come to the open space in front of the sacred ruin. 

Yesterday when we come here to make preparation for sacred ruin exploration, I’d thought of such, but today, the people decreased clearly. 
The cause of it is, as expected, that rumor. 

“They do wait and see I guess…?” 

Similarly, Kyurie-san who looking at the open space said such… 

“They wait for the information from those who had gone to the sacred ruin, is it that kind of thing ?” 
“Yes, I do think so… well, if its students who have enough confidence, they would still have gone inside the sacred ruin. after all, being scared of variant or normal monsters, for the likes of sacred tree knight is a dream within a dream.” 
<TLN : Meaning it is impossible for sacred tree knight to be afraid… I don’t know how to wording the Japanese proverb much better.>

The clothes that Kyurie-san wore today, except the uniform, it is the same like when I saw her for the first time inside the sacred ruin. 
Belt with a place to put small things, a long sword, and then bracelet for indicating layers arrivals. 
As expected, today she didn’t wear the academy uniform. 

On the other hand, I’m equipped with the sword which Kyurie-san handed to me before “Akira sword”(I named it myself without her permission), then black cuirass, and gauntlet to defend myself from a monster bite. 
And then, a shawl bag contains tools for exploration. 
Of course, I also wear the bracelet for indicating which layer I’m in. 

Although one might say that all of this is Kyurie-san choice, though. 

“When you’re dressed like this, you’re looking good aren’t you…” 

*Fuu*…Kyurie-san looked at me while breathed out. 

“Eh ? I-Is that so ? 
“… Well yes, your height is also matched” 

Currently, I carry my sword on my back… unn, if I have to say it honestly, yes I just wanted to carry a sword on my back once. 
It might be the influence of manga and games though, which give me the image that this kind of thing as “cool” 
When I with such figure being praised, I’m somewhat feeling glad. 

“Is the weight alright ?” 
“Yes, I don’t have any problem with my movement” 
“Is that so…” 
“Rather, Kyurie-san too, are you alright with such light equipment ?” 
“Well yes… when push comes to shove, I do have protective magic anyway. and above all, I don’t think demons from the fourth layer have an attack enough to harm me either.” 
“Hahaha… as expected of you isn’t it.” 

By the way, unexpectedly, there are many students who are not using hard protective gear. 
Of course, there are few reason, such as magic, just like what Kyurie-san said, or for easy movement. 
However, many of them seem to choose light equipment because of their magic power. 

To put it simply, the more the skin exposed, it will make it easier for the body to absorb. 
Therefore many female students choose to use skirt huh. 
Despite this academy have many students which are a precious daughter of the noble family. 
Because it will be called “immodest” if the exposures are too high, the each of the girls seems to think about the balance well. 

On the other hand, for the boys, many of them expose their arms. 

These things are what I knew the other day… 
Well, I was slightly curious about it for a long time. 
Although proceed toward the sacred ruins which have danger, not to speak of the people wearing a short skirt, they also only wear a light equipment, I came across many students who have an unbalanced dress. 
However, such question was cleared after knowing the easiness of magic power absorption. 
I was like, I see, other than to appeal man heart, they have a proper reason for going like that it seems. 

Of course, there are many students who give priority to wear strong armor to protect themselves, such as diligent-like people or people who easy to get scared. 
In short… it’s up to your own preference. 

Well, currently Kyurie-san is wearing a black dress-like uniform. 
I’ remember those clothes. 
It is the clothes she wore when I meet her for the first time. 
If I’m not mistaken, I had absentmindedly described it as 『a black dress that usually being used for battle』. 
This also… 

“Nn ?” 

I raise my thumb up. 

“That clothes, it really suits you.” 
“…W-What are you saying.” 
“Don’t be shy I say…!” 
“I-I’m not being shy ! Don’t say something weird !” 
“… Oi, what with that smirk ?” 
“No no…” 

Just now, my voice didn’t break panic right ? 

“Mou~, forget it ! I’ll get going ! I’ll leave you behind !” 

Kyurie-san begins to walk briskly. 

“Geez… you don’t have any sense of tension at all…” 

Kyurie-san said that while getting angry. 

“That’s because Kyurie-san is here, thus I feel relieved.” 
“Oh I see ! That’s good for you !” 
“Indeed, for me… it was really a god grace to have Kyurie-san as a partner.” 

*Gakuri* Kyurie-san loses her balance while walking and almost fall. 

“Like I said, don’t say…” 

Kyurie-san looking at me with reproachful eyes. 

“Well then, let’s go, Kyurie-san.” 
“… fuu…” 

Like that, we walked toward the sacred ruin. 


Kyurie-san long sword cut off a goblin neck. 

“Gige… gu, goga… !?” 

ーーAnother one appeared from behind. 

I slashed down my Akira sword. 

“Ge, ga… !” 

The chest of the goblin is split open, then a blue blood gushed out intensely. 

The body of the two  goblins who fall down, melts and disappears. 
While putting her sword which has a black blade, Kyurie-san speak… 

“… Fumu, for now, it seems like we don’t need magic art nor forbidden magic eh.” 

I stare at the sword in my hand 


And also, I can feel the goblin 『menace』 more clearly than before. 
<TLN : menace can also be described as killing intent, I did not use it because, the author use different kanji>
Somehow… I saw the goblin movement more slower. 

At the very least, I feel finally. 

I’ve become strong… 

“Are you surprised with your growth ?” 

Kyurie-san seems to have guessed my mind, smiled. 

“Fuu… I also feel surprised… compared to the other day when you come here, it feels like you’re another person.” 
“… It’s thanks to Kyurie-san.” 
“Well then, shall we look for the stairs to the next layer ?” 

Kyurie-san then began to walk, and I chase after her. 

Then, we discovered the stairs and proceed toward the next layer.  
In the meanwhile, we have not yet met other students. 
It is the sacred ruin special characteristic of “dividing party” I guess, but, as expected it also because there’re only some students who come here due the effect of the rumors too. 

We encountered twin kobold several times inside the second layer. 
Twin kobold is a demon who appears in a set of two. 

It is a demon with a dog head. 
It’s attacking using their claw and fang. 

Having a big ear on the right side, and another one have a big ear on the left side. 
Those things indicate them as right kobold and left kobold. 

Since they are small, they move quick which gives the danger of being wounded by their claw and fangs… however, 

“Gu… Gee !” 
“Gu… Goo !” 

Kyurie-san and I cut them down approximately at the same times with our swords. 
Twin kobold melts. 


I can do this layer more than enough even without using that “sense”. 
So far, I’ve only sharpened my sensitivity to the utmost limit. 
Is this means my power have gone up, I wonder ? 

“It seems you are able to keep up with me… is this also the result of the training eh ?” 
“I think so…” 
“Well then, shall we keep going ?” 

Just like that, we headed toward the third layer. 

En route, we encounter Imp and Corner ants, but, it was not a serious obstacle. 
In the third layer, we encounter with small Cyclops and Lizardmanー however, this also, we able to crush it easily. 

Nonetheless, since the true essence of this sacred ruin is from layer 10 onward, thus this is just the beginning of sacred ruin exploration. 
It is said that the exploration difficulty relatively jumps up remarkably from layer 10 onward. 

In this connection statistically, it is said that most students are able to go to layer 10th in one year after they attend the academy. 
Then in the second year, from layer 10 to layer 14. 
And then when it comes to the third year, there’s seems to be a condition whether you can arrive at layer 19 or not by graduation. 

That’s why it is normal to feel that the 4th layer to be easy. 
Even so… it is enough for me to be able to feel that I’ve becomes strong. 

I looked at Kyurie-san who walked slightly ahead. 

Above all… Kyurie-san is very strong. 
Honestly, the forbidden spell don’t have time to shine either. 

However, I should not be careless. 
Since I don’t know what awaits ahead after all. 

However, we’re able to reach today goal of the 4th layer without trouble particularly. 

From the first layer until now, there’s no change in scenery. 
At most, the one that changed are only the demons. 

『Gargoyle huh ? is that mean they’ve arrived until the fourth layer huh ?』 

The words I heard before at the open space. 
I recalled the figure of gargoyle inside the cage from before. 
I guess that demon appeared in this layer eh. 

While paying attention to the surrounding, Kyurie-san began talking. 

“By the way, I’d heard that you come to this academy because of the headmistress ?” 
“… well, yes.” 
“As expected, are you planning to become a sacred tree knight too ?” 
“Rather than saying I want to become a sacred tree knight… it’s more like I want to rise in the world ?” 
“Well, since you will get a prestige if you become a sacred tree knight after all… fuun, rise in the world huh, for me, I don’t know yet.” 
“Well, for now, it is only some kind of aims for me though…” 
“For example… though it might be an ordinary one, have you not think about having a peaceful family ?” 
“Family, is it…” 

Having a family, I didn’t think about that at all. 

“O-Oi, that kind of face… d-did I ask something bad by any chance ?” 
“Eh ? No, it’s just…having family, I don’t think of having one yet… is what I thought” 
“… I-I see.” 

At that moment… 

“ーHuh ?” 

The ground is shaking. 

The shaking gradually becomes big. 

“W-What’s going on… !?” 
“Earthquake ?… there’s small vibration when the inside change but, having this big of vibration in the fourth layer, this is the first time I’veー” 

ーーthis year sacred ruin is different compared to the previous years. 

Suddenly, I remembered those words. 

Today until now, I’ve not yet meet variant. 
We’re not being attacked by monsters with abnormal numbers(amount) either. 

I guess that was all just a rumor huh… or so, I was going to dismiss it. 

However, possibly, this as wellー 

“Let’s search for the teleport device ! let’s stop here for todayー” 

After saying that, Kyurie-san began to run, 

*gurari*, the sacred ruin greatly shaking. 

My body greatly lean forward. 

Thenー I feel a chill on by back. 


“ー Kyurie-san !” 

I fixed my posture quickly, then I pushed away her back with all my might. 

I saw her back fall slouchingly. 

Right after that, 


I heard a sound. 

In front of me, at the place where Kyurie-san stands before, a stone wall “appeared”. 

Noー more accurately, it’s “rose”. 


If I didn’t push her just now… Kyurie-san will… 
A cold sweat runs on my back. 

What, is this… 

Explosive sounds resounded continuously. 
The sounds… is it coming from behind the wall which divides me and Kyurie-san ? 
Is Kyurie-san going to destroy the wall ? 
Orーー is she fighting against an enemy which cannot be dealt with the sword alone ? 

Forbidden spellー, right I can’t use it ! 
I can’t use it against non-living thing ! 
Damn it ! 
Should I try to find a way somewhere, somehowー 


“ーEh ?” 

My foothold collapsed. 

Without even time for jumps back, the grounds in the surrounding collapsed in one go as well. 

Immediately, I feel the sense of floatingー 



I wake up. 

“… Here is ?…. Ugh” 

Is this room inside the sacred ruin ? 

If I remember right, my foothold collapsed and then… 

I look around. 

Red… ? 
Nn ? 
The neighboring walls emit red light…? 
Is it red crystal ? 

I wonder, what is this ? 
This place with ominous atmosphere with red light… 


Something is here… 

Furthermore, there are several of it. 

I strain my eyes… 

Wriggling things… it’s a monster… 

Blue skin. 
It has an arm with the shape of an ax. 
Deep red eyes. 
With humanoid body. 

I know what this is… 

Variant typeー Blue goblin. 

Just like its different name, it cannot be compared to a normal goblin, a brutal monster. 
They are mostly appeared within the 9th layer, however, they also rarely appear between 5-8 layers as well. 
Layers did not matter right now… 


How many are they ? 
I did not see it because it is too dark… around 50 ? 
Or it possibly, a 100 ? 

*Thud*, a sound resounded. 

My eyes which have begun to get used to the darkness saw the big body. 


The figure is not that different compared to the blue goblin. 
However, the size is bigger than the blue goblin. 

A gigantic type. 
It was said that inside the sacred ruin, this type hardly appears. 

“A variant… gigantic type…” 

I quickly checking my equipment. 
I didn’t lose anything… however… 


I took off the sword with the scabbard from behind my back. 
I unsheathe the sword, then put my bag and the sheath on this place. 

The blue goblins seem to have noticed me gradually from the distance, because I’ve begun moving. 

I stand up while being cautious. 

I hold up my sword. 
And then, 

“I… the forbidden spell of departureー I the king of chains, from the prison of the furthest endsー the ten thousand chainsーー the ninth forbidden spellー release !” 

Black chains appear from inside the dimensional hole, restricted the gigantic monster that directly standing from my place. 

“I, pierce through the prisoners of the thousands chain, ーthe black spear of greed that punishes the criminals… the ninth forbidden spell, second stage… release !” 

Countless black spears pierced the gigantic monster continuously. 

“Gu… Ge ?” 

As if asking unable to understand what had happened, the gigantic monster falls down on the spot… and then it began to melt. 

Sweats break out from my whole body. 
I clenched my tooth tightly. 

First oneー 

*Fuu* I release my breath briefly then began to run forward. 
In doing so, I examine the surrounding with my eyes. 
The blue goblins seem to be in a dumbfounded state. 

However, immediately they raised a shrieking and attacked toward here. 

I though they would fear me after I defeated the gigantic one which seems like a boss… as expected, it won’t go that easy eh… 

However, because of that, the blue goblins took a back which gains me some time, that alone is enough. 

It appears that, this place is a large room. 

Being surrounded in this kind of place, this will become a disadvantage. 
Therefore I run through itーー toward the passage behind the gigantic type monster. 

I run from the side of the corpse of the gigantic monster which currently dissolving. 

A crowd of blue goblins runs chasing after me from behind. 

I managed to arrive at the passage somehow without being blocked. 
The passage compared to the fourth layer, it has a slightly higher ceiling, and somehow, it also has a wider width. 

While losing my breath I keep running. 

Just like that, somehow I find an exitー. 


I stopped… 

That because… 

Blue goblins flocked from the front. 

Is this… the so called pincher movement huh… 

I lean my back against the wall. 
The blue goblins keep a constant distance and watch my state. 


Fine then… 
I’ll do it then… 

I mark the blue goblins in my field of vision consecutively 
If you have the knack of doing drag and drop simultaneously then it easy… somehow this forbidden spell require me to mark them one by one. 

Hence, even if I invoke it all at once, there’s a limit to it. 
However, even ifー 


Even if it’s like that, I will definitely go back. 

First I must check the safety of Kyurie-san right above. 
Can’t be helped, I need to hurry. 

“I, ーthe forbidden spell of departure, I the king of chains” 

I will absolutely return… 

“The prison of the furthest ends, the ten thousand chains” 

Cecil-san, Makina-san, Mia-san… and then, Kyurie-san. 
To the place where everyone… 

“By the order of mine…” 

That’s why I won’t let those who blocking me remain. 
With no exceptionー… 

“Restrict, mine opponent !” 

ーーI’ll kill them all. 

“The ninth forbidden spell, release !”