Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 45

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Chapter 45 (Slight Accident)

“Good morning, Kyurie.”
“Yes… morning Cecil. you’re early today too huh…”
“Yes, I’m a morning person after all”
“I see… I’m the opposite, I’m weak in the morning”

Kyurie-san then sits down on her seat.
Judging from appearance, their sense of distance is different from before.
They also didn’t seem to force themselves to get along with each other.
And from the atmosphere, I found that the air around them has relaxed quite considerably.
It’s not only Zix-san who shows a surprised expression, the other students also have the same expression.
Well, since the two of them had argued like that the other day, then they see them communicate normally like this by the next day, it’s not weird for them to be surprised.

“Is it unexpected ?”

Kyurie-san asked me.
I smiled back at her.

“Indeed, there’s a feeling of surprise, however, above all, I feel happy.”

So I said.
Then Kyurie-san said,

“… good for you.” she answered me.

She appears to like the usual cool Kyurie-san.
However, her tune of voice obviously become more gentle.
Then someone finger poked at my shoulder.

“Good morning, Kurohiko.”

There’s the usual Cecil-san with her smile float on her face.

“Ah, good morning, Cecil-san… about yesterday, I’m sorry.”

“No, you don’t have to mind it… I also had to reflect my action, just like the Headmistress had said, before I know it, I only think about my own feeling… I might have been careless toward you… and thenー”

“You might have heard it from her but, our mutual ill feeling toward each other is already being solved to some extent.
“So it seems.”
“ーMore or less it’s an agreement, or so you might call it I guess ? and the agreement was already concluded.”
“Agreement… is it ?”
“Yes, about various things… are you interested ?”
“Well, of course… I’m interested.”
“It’s an s-e-c-r-e-t”

A secret she says…
When she said that, it makes me smile slightly.

“If that the case then, please tell me when the times come, it’s fine for Cecil-san to decide the timing.”

Cecil-san shows the face of someone who seems to get themselves a surprise attack.
However, she regains her usually smiling face immediately.

“… Somehow, I felt like you’ giving of the feeling of being reliable, did something happen ?”

So she said.

“Well.. it is a mental training to become a strong man… though in practice, I seem to overdo it a little bit.”

I smiled wryly…
Well… Just a little bit is fine.

Cecil-san observed me with great interest for a little while.

“… I see, that’s right, It is good if you want to be stronger… may I expect something from it ?”
“Umm… you may put some expectation, but please don’t expect it too much ?”

I slightly lowered my head.

“Well then, I will be expecting okay ?”

After she smiled, Cecil-san put out her smile.
Then she began talking seriously,

“By the way… about the exploration group…”
“Yes ?”
“We will do it as planned at first, I decide to do it with Zix, Hirgiz and myself, about you and your sacred ruin exploration group, I think that we will do it separately for now.”
“You’re aiming to surpass your elder brother first, right ?”

Cecil-san nods powerfully.

“Yes, if by any chance that I cannot accomplish it… I have no quality to make an exploration group together with you, or so what I’d thought. that’s why I intend to do sacred ruin exploration with the three of us first, at least for one year.”
“I see…”

From her expression, I can feel a firm determination.
I held out my hand.

“Though we might become rival in the sacred ruin exploration… but, let’s do our best.”

Cecil-san once again dumbfounded, immediately she heave a sigh and smiled, then she grasped my hand back.

“It appears that you’ve broken out from various things too eh… I understand, as a good rival, let’s diligently do our best. right, Kyurie ?”

Saying that, Cecil-san smiled toward Kyurie-san.

“Indeed… well, let’s do it without being unreasonable okay.”

Kyurie-san raised her hand and responded lightly while fixing her eyes to the front.

“Then, toward Kurohiko who confessed to us that he like us both equally… is that reasonable ?”

Hearing the words that being spoken by Cecil-san, the people inside the classroom become noisy.
… umm, Cecil-san ?

Kyurie-san then heaves a breath of amazement,

“You… just now, you said that on purpose so it can be heard aren’t you ?”
“Well, my feeling of wanting Kurohiko have not changed… toward Kyurie too, he like you too you know ?”
“Fuun… like I said, something like liking someone is not that simple.”

Kyurie-san said those words while suppressing her forehead.
Under those hand, her cheek seems to be dyed pink just like the color of sakura flower.


The classroom atmosphere has calmed down, and everyone began to talk about the sacred ruin rumors.
Cecil-san too, she seems to know about the rumor as well.
Toward me and Kyurie-san who’s unaware, Cecil-san explained about the rumor.
This year sacred ruin compared to the other years, it’s quite strange.
The source of the rumor seems to be from the upperclassman who had gone to the sacred ruin last year and this year.
To put it simply, there are two points.

The appearance rate of variant species monster is higher,
And also, the amount of the normal demon appeared is also increased.

The degree of danger meeting a variant type monster has increased, furthermore the number of normal demons appeared also higher in itself, thus the exploration difficulty relatively become higher.

For that reason, it is said that the third year students who will have sacred tree selection test next year seems to be at wit’s end.
this is because the academy rank has an influence on the selective examination.
Furthermore, the first grades who hesitated about going to the sacred ruin because of the rumor spread through the lower grade students who begun to increase here and there.
In the end, this rumor, for now, is only a story for an upperclassman level.

“Well, I do not plan to give up on my sacred ruin exploration, however, it is better to keep this in mind.”
“I understand, thank you very much.”

After I give my thanks, Cecil-san went back to her seat.

I looked at the clock
The attendance report time will begin soon.

“Aー ! I’ve come ! I’ve come to the gloomy classroom which has sluggish atmosphere !”

Here it comes…

“Oh ? what’s this ?”

Maro picked up the square cloth which being placed on the platform.
That’s probably a handkerchief.
A lovely handkerchief with lace embroidery and giving of the smell of lemon.
I guess, it’s a lost item where a kind student picked it up and leave it there ?

“Uwa, what’s this ! is it used goods !? hurry up and throw it out, this kind of thing ! or rather, who the fuck is this belong to !? come forward, ora !”
“… Ahー, that’s mine, so what’s of it ?”

Then Maro turned back…

“Geh !? Instructor Joseph !”

*Uhum* Instructor Joseph clear his throat.

“It is an important item which I got from my wife for our anniversary, however, I’d seem to have dropped it somewhere. and I was searching for it until now. I see, did someone picked it up ? … I will give my thanks to the students who picked it up.”
“W-Wait a minute, Instructor Joseph ! T-That’s right… the truth is, in the corridor,  there’s a student said 『Oh ? What’s this ? Uwa, is it used goods !? hurry up and throw it out, this kind of thing ! or rather who the fuck is this belong to ! come forward, oraa !』such rude things, thus I took it back ! the situation where I pick it up just now, is my way explaining things to the classmate !”
“… I understand, so can you return it ?”
“O-Of course ! Wah, your wife has a really good hobby isn’t it !”
“… I know, so just go back to your seat.”
“… Yes.”


You are really never learning, do you…


By the time of attendance report, it is told that Aira-san took an absent because of sacred ruin exploration.
She seems to had went inside sacred ruin since yesterday.
After that, the news about the criminal of a murder case in the imperial capital is still have not yet being caught.

And now after liberal art lesson, it’s time for the battle practice lesson


Sounds of crossing swords are resounded inside the first training ground today.
I and Kyurie-san battled under the blue sky.
My speed at handling the swords have been improved remarkably compared to yesterday.
How should I say it… it feels like I have something like a 『battle perception』.
In addition, I feel my body is very light to a surprising degree.



That’s right. About this…

During the time I exchanged swords against Kyurie-san and created sparks, I sense 『something crawling out』 from the inside of me.
I’m feeling such a sense arise mainly when I do a battle act.
However, when I entrust myself on this senseー it will take my consciousness.

Just like at the time of both, mock battle and yesterday battle lesson.
When I fought against the goblin at the sacred ruin, this sense was about to fully cover my whole body.

And by the time I noticed my surrounding, it was already over.

At the time when I heard the story of forbidden spell king from Claris-sanー
And heard the second half part where the forbidden spell king become a “beast”,
Yesterday, before sleep, I’d thought about it…
The reason as to why a forbidden spell is called “Forbidden spell”.
… which I have yet to find a conclusion.
There’s something, and I’m still unable to shake it off completely…
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A sound resounded inside my head.
My consciousness being taken… and then, inside of me, that sense surfaced.
Until here, I still felt it naturally.

An abnormal phenomenonー is what I call it.
The change on my body which Kyurie-san pointed out.
The reason as to why I’m someone who has no experience in sword art being praised by other for it.


I might have  averted my eyes.
At the time when my thought finally arrived at 『a hypothesis』, I became scared and may have averted my eyes unintentionally.
However, I’d already decide to become stronger.
That’s why, I won’t avert my eyes anymore.
Yesterday, when I talked to Claris-san about the forbidden spell demerit, I said 『there might be a demerit it’s just that I didn’t notice it.』. 
If that is the caseー 
There’s only one thing I can do.
This power, I will make it a 『Merit』 of mine.

The thing that I’d said toward Kyurie-san this morning is serious.
And if in the future, I have to fight against the people from the sixth institutionー I’ll definitely make this power my weapon.
This power perhaps the one called boost, where it raise the psychal body and sense capability, temporarily.
On the other hand, during boost, my consciousness seems to connect to 『something dangerous』.


However, this power, I’ll use it…
I’ll master it, and show it.
By all means…
Alright then
Again, I raise my slashing speed.
In addition matching that, Kyurie-san also raised her speed.


Here it comes…
I won’t let my consciousness being taken here, “I” will try to separate them.
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Can I do it ?
No… It’s not “Can I do it”
I will do it !
I must be able to do it… there’s no other way is there !
At that time, the swords play become intense.


Then the movement stop.
Sweat dripping down my whole body
My breath is rough.


… I did it ?
Un… my consciousness is not being taken over.
I can’t hear those “voice” anymore either.
In other wordsー I did it !

Before my consciousness being eroded. I succeeded at separating my consciousness.


The next problem is, while “I” keep my consciousness, how long will I be able to maintain this『sense』. 
And also, about how to shorten the time needed for me to separate my mind before it being eroded.

“You, are you alright ?”

While watching my state, Kyurie-san asked.
I fix my breathing… and then, I raise up my sword once again.

“Yes, I’m alright… please continue !”
“Understood… Here I come !”
“Yes !”

Battle practice with Kyurie-san continue.


I can do it…
I won’t avoid this power… I’ll show it that I can control this power !
I won’t be eaten by this sense.
『I』 will eat the power this sense produces. 


“It’s the day after tomorrow…”

After the battle practice, and Instructor Isabella had already gone, Kyurie-san said those words.

“We will do sacred ruin exploration the day after tomorrow.”

Finally eh ?

“Can I go too ?”
“I think it is alright based on my judgment, However, at most, we will only go until the fourth layer.”
“Is that means… we’re going to avoid the 『guardian class』?”
“Yes, for the time being…”

Guardian class is the term of a layer before the layer multiplied by 5… well, if we use a game term, then, it is the middle boss…
It is the standard, I can’t go to the next layer when I  don’t defeat this guardian class.

The deepest layer which the graduate able to obtain last year is 19.
The deepest layer before Cecil-san elder brother broke the record is. 24.
And then, the new record that being established by Cecil-san elder brother is 29.
All of them stopped just before the layer multiplied by  5.
That’s mean, this shows that it isn’t possible to go to the next layer without defeating the guardian class…

“Ah, and also… after lesson today, as planned, I’ll teach you how to prepare for sacred ruin exploration, try to remember it properly.”


Today I ate lunch together with Kyurie-san in the dining room.
I realize that this is my first lunch together with Kyurie-san.
Then I see Cecil-san with the usual two being surrounded on the corner.
Tracing my gaze, Kyurie-san then said,

“Tomorrow, you go eat lunch with Cecil.”
“Huh ?”
“It had been decided to, see, we had decided that you will have lunch with me and Cecil-san in turn…”
“What is it ?”
“Can the three of us have lunch together?”
“… She seems to also want to talk with just the two of you.”
“Did she dissatisfied with something?”

After I said that Kyurie-san seems to remember something.

“… No, I don’t think that is the case at all. since even I as a woman find her to be dangerous no matter what… unexpectedly, her nature might be that of a devilish woman.”

I wonder what’s going on ?
Kyurie-san expression looks like she had given up…


After class, I and Kyurie-san went to the sacred ruin assembly hall.
We bought things and arranged preparation of the sacred ruin exploration.
After finished our preparation to some extent, Kyurie-san presented her hand toward me with a difficult expression.

“Give me three pieces of silver coin.”

I put three pieces of silver coin on Kyurie-san palm.

“What’s wrong ?”
“… no, you hand it pretty plainly huh…”
“Well, I do trust Kyurie-san after all…”
“Khu… this good-natured person.”

After I said those words while feeling embarrassed, I think the attitude of Kyurie-san has also become quite gentle.

“I will choose a suitable equipment for you with this money at the town tomorrow… the truth is, if I have a lot of money at hand, I was planning to buy it for you myself.”
“…No, even I’m feeling thankful having you to choose it for me.”

As expected, I still don’t know anything about weapon quality after all.
That’s why, to tell you the truth, this saved me very much.

“With only three silver, is it alright ?”
“It’s alright. I’ll manage it somehow.”

The price in this country is different compared to the previous world.
And then the market price place of an armor and weapon, as expected I don’t have any knowledge of it.
Because staying in the academy won’t require me to buy a lot of things, thus have only a little chance to know market price.
Of course, even the little knowledge I have cannot be a reference.

“Umm, Can I go as well ?”
“No, you will stay in the academy and do basic training.”
“I understand, if Kyurie-san said so then, I’ll leave it to you.”
“Leave it to me.”


And then the next day, I attended the academy as usual.
After the class end, Kyurie-san then goes to the town.
on the other hand, I asked the instructor and borrowed the training ground.
Then just like Kyurie-san had told me, I do basic training alone.
On that day, I had lunch with Cecil-san, by the way, during lunch time we only do a normal chat.

However, toward my peaceful academy life…
A threatening air has begun to rise in the city which spread out under the slope of the academy.
By next day, at the time of attendance report, Instructor Joseph told us regarding the murder case.
Two guards seemed to have been murdered last night by the criminal.
The guards also seem to have a quite good skill with the sword, however, both had been killed with only a single blow.
And thus, it seems the sacred tree chivalric order has begun searching for the criminal.

Though such case didn’t have any influence in particular to my life.
Because the criminal seemed to be only active in the night, the academy reminded the students to not go to the city in the night.
And then, the long-awaited next day.

“Here, you will do practice swing with this from today onward. it might be hard for you to be familiar with it immediately, however, since the size and length didn’t change much compared to the one used for practice, well, thus you can treat it the same way.”

When the battle lesson began, Kyurie-san handed me a sword.