Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 44

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Chapter 44 (I’ll do it, I’ll Show it)

“Makina-san, do you have any business in the library ?”
“I came to meet Claris. well… if you were still there having a conversation with the three of us might be quite good, is what I thought.”

Makina-san then glanced toward the two people who confronted each other. 

“While the purpose of those two people over there seems to be only Kurohiko though…”

Kyurie-san and Cecil-san shows a puzzled expression. 
While looking at the two people, Makina-san floats a smile calmly. 

“However… you guys, I can’t say anything other than your level is low~” 
“Our level… is low ?” 

Cecil-san asked Inquisitively. 

“What do you mean by that ?” 

*Fuu* Makina-san combed her hair with her hands. 

“I heard the conversation until now see…”

Nn ? 
I realized after she said those words. 
Makina-san who had seemingly really appeared giving off the feeling of 『by chance』 . 
However, because what she had said just now, it’s as if that she had heard the exchange between Kyurie-san and Cecil-san. 
If that is the case thenー 

“It can’t be, did the Headmistress also hide behind too ?”
“Of course…”
“O-of course is it ?” 

She said those words without minding any excuse at all, such refreshing answer. 
When she answered like that… I can’t say anything further in return. 
Toward such Headmistress mocking Kyurie-san and Cecil-san, I was at a loss as to what words should I say. 

Looking unconcerned, Makina-san then said. 

“It seems the two of you tried to attract Kurohiko attention toward yourself, butー” 

When she said that, Kyurie-san tried to say something. 
However, she seems unable to utter her words. 
Realize it, Makina-san continues talking while smiling. 

“If you try to gain the opposite sex attention using remark diminishing each other thenー I can’t help but say that you have a serious misunderstanding.”

Somehow hearing that, Kyurie-san and Cecil-san body stiffened. 
The two of them have a blank expression. 
Makina-san then pointed toward the space between the two of them. 

“Much less thinking of attracting the opposite sex by exposing such appearance isー outrageous “

At the same time as Makina-san said those words, the academy bell ring. 
During the evening, the academy bell will rings. 

When the bell finished ringing, the Headmistress lowered her hand. 

“… Do you understand ? if you want to attract the opposite sex attention, it’s not by speaking ill of each other, but by raising your own value.  while inside concealing mutual antagonism with each other… thinking about how Kurohiko sees you, are you able to imagine it ?” 

Kyurie-san and Cecil-san then looking at each other. 
With small voice, Kyurie-son talked to Kyurie-san. 

“Oi, the lady of Arclight family.”
“… That way of calling me, can you do something about it ?” 
“… Arclight.”
“What is it, Velstein ?”
“That Headmistress… what is she ?”
“Someone whose father is the imperial court magician, the daughter of Lunusvia  family. ” 
“That’s not what I meant. what I mean is what kind of relation does she have to Kurohiko ?” 
“Aah, about that eh… finding out Kurohiko capability of using the forbidden spell, I heard that the one who summoned him to this academy is the Headmistress.” 

Kyurie-san then looking at the Headmistress with a side glance. 

“I see so that’s how it is… Fuun, I express my gratitude.”
“… Fufufu.” 
“What’s wrong?”

Cecil-san turns toward Kyurie-san while showing a faint smile. 

“At once, shall we putting it into practice?”
“Nn ? About what ?”

Kyurie-san looked at her blankly. 


Cecil-san, her expression is as if saying “Damn it !” and stiffened. 

“What do you mean by 『putting it into practice』 ?” 
“I-It’s nothing… that is… au…. y-your welcome !”

*Kaa* Cecil-san having her face flushed, ducked her head 


Kyurie-san frowned while being puzzled. 


Or rather, aren’t you guys trying to talk while whispering, we can hear your voice you know… 

Then, Makina-san opened her mouth as if waiting for the timing. 

“I didn’t say that you should not hold rivalry. However, but talking carelessly to your opponent in front of the person himself, don’t you think the result won’t be satisfying ? In short…do it peacefully understands ?”

I also want the two of them to get along 
That’s whyー 

“Nn ?”

Did Makina-san beckon me ? 
I approached Makina-san while minding the two people who for some reason have grim expression. 
However, even after I got close, Makina-san beckoning did not end. 
Let alone that, she seems to be dissatisfied instead. 


Ah, so that’s how it is… 

I lowered my posture. 

Makina-san then nodded as if saying “good”. 
Makina-san put her hand covering her lips and whispered to my ear. 

“Cecil Arclight is the daughter of Arclight noble family and then that young lady named Kyurie, I’d looked at her test result too, even her magic power alone is considerably high. … most likely she’s your partner for the sacred ruin exploration isn’t it ?”
“Yes, that’s right…”
“That’s why thinking about the future, you should treat them well. having many capable friends, the more the better.”
“I-I see…”

While the two people line of sight observing toward our direction with all their might, again Makina-san whispered toward me. 

“That’s how it is, well… do your best. though I will help you in a various way, but in the end, it depends on yourself…” 
“… Yes”

Inadvertently Makina-san breath which closes to my ear is very ticklish. 

“And then, I’d want to hear about the information that you got from Claris today. … well, don’t worry about me, next, try to survive this current situation in some way or other.”

And then, *Pon*, Makina-san walked toward the Library door after patting my shoulder. 
Walk pass Kyurie-san and Cecil-san who looked awkward, Makina-san put her hand on the library door handle. 
At that time, Makina-san throws a question toward Cecil-san. 

“Miss Cecil… you said you’re going to do sacred ruin exploration with three people right ?”
“… That’s right.” 
“That number, I’m aware that it was the same with your onii-sama, however… You see I just thought of something. you, Kyurie Velstein, and then Kurohiko… isn’t that three people ?”
“That is…”
“Fufufu, please don’t worry about it. since it’s just something that comes to my mind. well then, have a good day.”

Like that, Makina-san entered the library and leave the three of us. 
So, the first one who talked isー 

“Umm, Kyurie-san, Cecil-san.”

It was me. 

*Fuu* I fixed my breath. 
And then, I began talking. 

“I, as expected, want the two of you to get along. since the Headmistress had said it, wait, that’s not it…I mean, I’d always thought of such.” 

I turn my back. 

“I, being in the same party or not is irrelevant, it would be great if the three of us get along well is what I had thought. it might be me pushing my selfishness. however, I, about the two of you… I’m unable to compare both of you, because, I-I like you !”

After I said that, I began to run. 

I have the feeling that I heard someone calling me to stop, but I didn’t stop and keep running toward my house. 

While running, various thoughts run through my head. 

“… or ratherー”

What am I saying… ! 

To think I’d said 『I like you』 … Argh, geez ! 
Because I felt embarrassed, I’ve run away unconsciously ! 

Repeating taking a short breath while running, I hung my head down 

I wonder, tomorrow, what kind of face should I make… 

The sky who had turned dark finally spread in my view when I finally raise up my face. 


When I’ve arrived in the house, Mia-san is there. 

“Ah, welcome back, Kurohiko-sama. … emm, how is your day ?”
“… E ? Ah, umm… I might feel a little bit tired. since I run toward here for my exercise… hahaha…” 
“Is that so ?… Ah, I’ve prepared the bath already, if you don’t mind ! after that, I’ve also prepared the dinner !” 

I wonder why… 
I feel healed after seeing the cheerful figure of Mia-san. 

“Thank you very much.”

I went toward the bathroom after spoke words of thanks. 

Dinner had already lined on the table when I returned after taking the bath. 

“I’m sorry for all the trouble…”
“No no, you don’t have to worry about it ! I’m doing it because this is what I like to do, please don’t worry ! since I’d already get permission from Makina-san, you don’t have to worry about that either. !” 

After finished eating, with Mia-san, the two of us clean up the table (at first she refused my help.). 
We finished cleaning up instantly. 
And then Mia-san is, 

“Well then, I’ll excuse myself.”

Then, when she about to go out of the house. 
She stopped in front of the door suddenly. 

“… Kurohiko-sama, may I have your time for a bit ?” 

Mia-san then turns around. 

“? Sure…
‘Kurohiko-sama is, not a native citizen of this nation right ?”

Except me and Makina-san, for the other people, I did not come from another world, but from the eastern country. 

“Yes. I’m from an eastern country… I’d lived deep in the mountain. that’s why, I know nothing see~.”
“It’s not related to that though”

Mia-san hesitates for once. 
And then, 

“That is, emm… please don’t be reserved to much okay ?” 

Mia-san said those words with anxious looks. 

“Reserved, is it ?”
“That’s right… I thought it might be because coming to this academy from foreign land, however, in Mia’s eyes, Kurohiko-sama is always being reserved all the time.”

While looking down slightly, Mia-san shows a lonely expression. 

“Because Mia is a demihuman, that’s why, even just a little… I’m able to understand the feeling of a person being treated as a 『stranger』”
“However, since Kurohiko-sama is brave… furthermore, a very kind person. that’s why, somehow, please have more confidence in yourself.” 

Reserved, huh ? 
I didn’t notice it myself, by any chance, it might be true… 

*Pekori*, Mia-san bowed her head. 

“I-I’m sorry for saying something impertinent.”
“That’s not it… or rather, I feel happy when you said those words. thank you, Mia-san”

Hearing that, Mia-san smiled full of affection. 

“Mia is… no matter what happen will be always Kurohiko-sama ally !”

And then she put her hand on her left chest. 

“Kurohiko-sama, who kindly asking to become 『friend』 to this kind of me… therefore, it is a very precious person. that’s whyー”

As if reflecting her happiness, her lips spoke softly, 

“Making Kurohiko-sama happy in this country, to the current Mia, that is also for my own happiness.” 

To said it this far… 
Toward this kind of me. 
Just now, didn’t she said that I should be confidence ? 
Her feelingー I have to accept it properly. 


That’s right. 
Let’s try to have more confidence. 
If I have something that I should say… as much as possible, I should try to say it. 
Just like at the time I was in front of the library a while ago. 
Weird enough I’m not being reserved. 
On my own accord. 

Above all… I want to become a manly man who can stand tall when I said something. 
… Before, I couldn’t bear feeling embarrassed, and run away. 
However, from now onー 

“I, I will do my best.”

Fixing my gaze, I looked straight toward Mia-san eyes. 

“And then, I’ll work hard, even more, become a man who can protect Mia-san from anything.”

Feeling determined, I grasped my hand strongly. 

“I’ll do it, I’ll show you.”

The thing that the current I need is… strength. 
That’s right, for example,ー 

not only being proficient at 『using』 the forbidden spell. 
I need to be able to『master』 the forbidden spell. 

Not only that… 
I need to be strong in various meaning as well. 
Because that would surely give me a big confidence. 

“That’s why, please watch me. for the sake of having more confidence in my own self, I, will do my best. … for Mia-san sake too”

Mia-san having tears on her eyes slightlyー 

And then, she smiled. 


I also smiled… 


“Good morning, Kyurie-san.”

I saw the figure of Kyurie-san on the way toward the academy first thing in the morning, then I greeted her. 
Just right after she get out from the girl’s dormitory. 

“Nn… Yes, Good morning… “
“Today battle practice, please teach me hard !” 
“Don’t be too excited… well, it’s good to be motivated, though.”

The two of us walked side by side. 
There’s curious gaze poured by the other girls, but I didn’t pay attention to it. 

“By the way, this is nothing but…”

The one who begin talking is me… 

“Nn ?” 
“I’m sorry about yesterday. for me to leave in such way…” 

Toward Kyurie-san I said the same line with the one I said toward Cecil-san yesterday morning. 

“No, about yesterday… it was my fault…”

Kyurie-san scratches her cheek, and averting her line of sight. 

“Or rather, that was unlike me. .. how should I say, I can’t really put it into words, but, feeling like having you being taken by her, unintentionally  I have the feeling to exchange verbal insult.” 
“Indeed, that is so unlike you eh…” 
“Mu~… today you, rather talkative aren’t you ? … but about before. it’s that you see, you know, it’s just me feeling jealous.” 

Toward that, I was unable to answer it immediately. 
She said 『Jealous』 straightly you know, just now… 

“However, after understanding the real nature of the ill feeling, what’s left ?. Cecil too seems to have reflected see.” 

Cecil ? 

“Aa… the truth is after that, we have a little talk see.”

Kyurie-san guessing my thought answered me while scratching her head. 

“And, well… unexpectedly, she’s not that bad of a person…”
“… What ?”
“No, it’s just having Kyurie-san and Cecil-san close with each other, I’m glad, is what I thought.”

After that, unknown to me the two of them seems to have an event where they opened their heart to each other. 

“However, when I think about that I was a former member of the sixth institution… being familiar with me, I don’t think it was a good thing.” 
“About that, I have thought of something… for the time being.”

I said it without hesitating. 

“I will become strong, enough to kick around those bunch from the sixth institution.”
“… huh !!?”

Kyurie-san was about to fall… 

“A-Are you alright ?”

With her cheek subtly flushed, Kyurie-san glared at me with reproachful eyes. 

“When I was expecting what you’re going to say… you went and said something that far over my expectation just now.” 
“But you know, I’m serious.” 
“But you see…”

I looked at Kyurie-san seriously. 
Then Kyurie-san breathed out as if giving up. 

“I understand, fine … though I don’t guarantee that you will become strong enough to fight against those people, however, I will train you properly. Geez, you’ve become more and more hard to understand.” 
“I will show you, that I will change that Incomprehensible thing into weapon.”
“I don’t understand what you’re saying at all. howeverー”

Fuun, after exhaled some breath, Kyurie-san lifted her mouth. 

“Having strong will is not a bad thing.”

After saying such a thing, the academy building entered our view.