Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 43

Chapter 43 (The Forbidden Spell King)

“Yees~, come in~…”

When I knocked the door, a stupid sounding voice responded from inside the room.
<TLN : Yea, she speaks like a tipsy office lady who just got back from drinking bout>
This special reading room is located in the basement second floor.
Compared to the noisy first floor, surprisingly this place is a very quiet place.

“Well then, excuse me…”

As I entered the room, the first thing that entered my is a lot of books.
Bookshelves height reached until the ceiling, books with profound binding are being cramped inside it.
And then, a lot of books being placed above the big desk at the center of the room.
Then on the chair behind the desk, a girl with chestnut color hair done in a braided styleー Claris-san, sat on it.

Claris-san is one of the people which present at the time I use the forbidden spell for the first time(by the way, she didn’t have that braided hairstyle back then).
According to Makina-san, when it comes to forbidden spell 『She’s more knowledgeable than I do』,is what she said.
… The truth is I should have gone to visit her much earlier.
Andー it seems, she also wants me to visit her as soon as possible too.

“You fin~ally come~ ne~, forbidden spell user-san ? I’ve waited impatiently for you to come you kow~?”

Seems like I was right that she had waited for me.

“Ah, umm… first, I should introduce myself, my name is Sagara Kurohiko, please to meet you.”

Claris-san then stands up from the chair and bow politely.

“Claris Fam… more or less, I’m the manager of the document management room. pleased to meet you too, Kurohiko-san”

… Huh ?

“Fufufu~, nowadays at the eastern kingdom, they added suffix after their name to indicate intimacy such as『san』,『kun』,or 『chan』, am I right ? it is rarely being used within Midzuberia, however, I like it see~.”
“Ah, is that so ?”

Come to think of it, since the first time I’d come here, this is the first time that someone called me with the 『-san』 suffix on it. 
Claris-san then makes a rattling noise as she brings a chair from the corner of the room and offered me to sit.

“Please take a seat~.”
“Oh, thank you…”

I sit down on the chair, then faced Claris-san.

“Umm… back then, I’m sorry for all the trouble”
“No no~, you don’t have to worry about it, however. indeed, never in my wildest dream that I will be able to see with my own eyes the forbidden spell being used ne~…”

At first, she gives me the impression of a vague person… turn out she seems to be a person with fluffy air around her.
Also, different than the time from back then, currently she wears a big round glasses.
… at that time, the reason why she tripped on the stairs, was it because she didn’t wear her glasses ?
However, since I’d already seen her face without glasses, “the truth is when she didn’t wear the glasses, she looks very cute !”, thus I won’t be able to experience that kind of event, if I had to say it, it is quite regrettable.
Or rather, despite her wearing such glasses, she still looks pretty.

“Now then~, Kurohiko.”
“Yes ?”
“You came here to hear the things regarding the forbidden spell right ?”

I who strengthen up my back, answer her with affirmation.

“As you know, at that day at that placeー in other words at the time when Kurohiko used the forbidden spell for the first time, including me, there are 3 other people which the Headmistress ordered to keep silent see~?”

Toward the 3 people who witnessed the forbidden spell, Makina-san order them to not disclose that Sagara Kurohiko is a forbidden spell user.
Then after that, she seems to have told Claris-san.
『Especially you, I know that you’ find it interesting, but because right now he will have his hand full to get used to the academy life… until he visits you himself, try to not disturb him. … I’m sure he will visit you pretty soon after all.』
That was what she seems to have added.


Seriously, the Headmistress is a person who read too much into things regarding trivial matters.

“That’s why~, I look forward to your visits here you know~ ! so then Kurohiko-san… what did you wish to know ? please don’t hold back…”

Let’s see…
As expected, first…

“In the first place, what is forbidden spell ?”
“Hohou~, so you asked about that first eh~. Hnn, well, it is a reasonable question ne~.”

*uhum*, Claris-san then clears her throat.

“As for that, I guess I have to tell you the story about the Yggdrasie legend… Nn, well… since in the liberal art lesson they only teach a small portion which contains the forbidden spell… I guess I should tell you that first huh ?”

D-Does it even dates back until to the era of myth ?

“The Yggdrasie legend is about Canon scripture, Apocrypha scripture, and False scripture, do you know of it ?”

Canon scripture and Apocrypha scripture, if I’m not wrong, it comes out in today lesson a little bit.
That’s why I know it…

“False scripture, this is the first time I’ve heard of it”
“Well~, that because only Canon scripture and Apocrypha scripture are being taught at the academy after all ne~…however when it comes to the one which contains the forbidden spell description, then it will be the False scripture see~. furthermore, among those False scriptures, there is one in particular which become a famous story… and that is the legend of the forbidden spell king see~.”
“The forbidden spell king…”
“That legend is a general knowledge among historian~”

『If it’s the people from this continent then they should know a little bit of the history, it’s something that anyone should know you see~』 

That remind me, the Headmistress had said that at the time I asked about the forbidden spell to her.

“What would you do ? I don’t mind telling you about the story, if you want to read the book yourself, there’s a lot of them… however, I don’t mind, telling you, the story.”

She seems to want to tell the story very much…
All of a sudden, her eyes sparkling.

“By all means, I would like to hear it from Claris-san”
“Ahahaha~ ! That’s great, Kurohiko-san ! well then well then~, though I might be incompetent, let me tell you the story of the forbidden spell legend~”

Thus, Claris-san began to recite the story of the forbidden spell king legend described in the False scripture.

Generally, the contents she told me were like this,


The mythical era, there’s a pair of beautiful goddesses. lived in this Midzuberia continent.
The elder sister is war goddess Ruvueruarugan.
And then the little sister, Sacred goddess Lunezret.
One day, those goddesses had a quarrel about something trivial.
And to make matters worse, these sisters are prided for being the strongest among gods, thus no one was able to stop their quarrel.
And then, the scale of their quarrel becomes big, finally, the effect of those two sisters fighting affect the continent itself and just like that destruction befall on it.
The other gods who lived in Midzuberia are already completely at a loss.

And then, there’s a man appeared.
The man called as 『Forbidden Spell King』.
Originally, he’s a ruler of a country called Koushin (it is considered to be the eastern country predecessor), however, after he sees the other Midzuberia gods that were at a loss, he decides to stop the fight between those sisters.

There’s no description that describes him as a god or anything.
There’s those who gives an opinion that he is a half-god(demigod), some says he’s a human being.

Well anyhow, the forbidden spell king, wielding a mysterious powerー succeeds in stopping the two beautiful sisters.
Furthermore, he makes the two sisters make up with each other.
The two sisters feel the forbidden spell king is likable, and the other gods applaud the forbidden spell king.


“Well, until here, it becomes a happy-ever-after story… however”

After Claris-san said that she continue the story…


Then the forbidden spell king who had finished making the sisters reconcile said toward the gods that his duty has finished, thus he will return to Koushin.
However, the Midzuberian gods began questioning if they lose the forbidden spell king, won’t the sisters start quarreling again ? then they desperately try to detain the forbidden spell king.
Having listened to the gods, the forbidden spell king decides to stay a little bit longer in Midzuberia.
After that, the gods find the solution by requesting forbidden spell  and borrow his power.
Inevitably, the forbidden spell king kept granting their request.

And then, one day…
The sacred goddess Lunezret, finds the forbidden spell king being strange.
And in that same day, mysteriously, the sacred goddess Lunezret decide to confess her feeling of love toward the forbidden spell king.
And then, the elder sister, the war goddess Ruvuerarugan, the truth is, she also had noticed the forbidden spell king having strange behavior.
However, because of her having a goodwill toward the forbidden spell king too, and for fear the forbidden spell king being exiled, she was unable to say it.

From here on, the story description becomes rough suddenly, scattered here and there.
And also, the thought of the gods is not being mentioned, there’s only list of event that had happened.

The forbidden spell king becomes a beast.
The forbidden spell king which transformed into an incarnation of tyranny, being defeated by the hands of Ruvuerarugan and Lunzret is dying.
Thus, while looking at the horrible figure of the forbidden spell king in, Ruvuerarugan and Lunezret sealed him somewhere in the  『earth prison』.


“That’s how the legends say.”

That’s quite sudden if I’ve to say so myself.
Indeed, if the story ended after stopping the quarrel of the goddesses, it would be a happy ending.
However, after that is…
Where the second part becomes plain description, only containing a list of things that had happened. somehow, I feel weird.

“In the first place, this story you see~, it’s about the goddess of war Ruvuerarugan and the sacred goddess Lunezret discord. when something improbable appeared either in Canon sculpture or Apocrypha sculpture, it’s being kept away from some people…. on the other hand, his nature full of a human trait is popular and a lot of people likes it.”

… I see, so that’s why it’s considered as fake scripture is it ?

“Ah~ also, ‘won’t the place where the forbidden spell king being sealed, the 『earth prison』is located deep under the country of the end ?’, many people had thought of that as well see~, according to those people, as to why that land had end up become something like that(lawless.etc) is because the forbidden spell king curse, or so they say~”

… I have one thing bugging my mind…

“Umm… that forbidden spell king, does he called himself as 『forbidden spell king』 ? is that means, he call the thing he used as 『forbidden spell』himself, is there something that I need to know ?”
“Mm~, you’d noticed something good~, Kurohiko-san.”

Claris-san then pushes up her glasses.

“The truth is this false scripture, according to some ancient manuscript it is not 『forbidden spell 』 but 『sacred spell』 … and then it’s not a 『forbidden spell king』  but 『sacred spell king』 , or so it was written. the ambiguity and being unclear is also the reason why this story being regarded as false scripture though…”   
“That means… there’s a possibility that someone rewrites it as 『forbidden spell king』  is it ?”
“Indeed, I can’t say that was impossible. therefore, by some chance, the forbidden spell king might not know that the incantation he uses is a forbidden thing…however, I still don’t know yet what kind of thing that makes it 『forbidden spell』.”
 “I see…”

Even Claris-san didn’t know anything concerning the demerit huh ?
Not to mention, the myth which is the source of it, didn’t mention anything at all.
The part where the forbidden spell king 『become a beast』 sounds ominous though.

“Well then, how about Kurohiko-san impression after actually using the forbidden spell ? does your body feels hurt or having some kind of nightmare ?”
“No, something like that didn’t happen, at least for now…”

Just in case, it might be better for me to say this…

“Emm… it’s just my intuition but, I don’t feel any demerit is what I think… “
“Or possibly, I just didn’t feel the 『demerit』 directly, though…”
“Fumufumu~. that is very interesting thing to consider..”
“Emm… is there any other things that you know concerning the forbidden spell ?”
“… fufufu, you’re such a good person isn’t it Kurohiko-san?. I have a great expectation of you. of course, I will talk as long as the time permits us !”

With a gleaming eyes Claris-san looking at me.
Then she told me various thing regarding the forbidden spell.
She also shows me an article where there’s forbidden spell recorded in it.
Still, in the past, there’s also those who falsely call a new magic chanting as『forbidden spell』, thanks to that, the information got jumbled up.
For that reason, to know who is the first person who coined 『forbidden spell』, practically become very hard.
In addition, it seems like despite there are a lot of distinction between ancient document age, however, description concerning the forbidden spell, the part which being recorded in great detail and those which isn’t recorded much, the different is really extreme.

For example an accurate record.

“『It is cannot be used to a target which didn’t possess life』 there’s also that description… because of that, shall we try it ?”

Thus I try to use the forbidden spell toward the broken chair which Claris-san had prepared.
However, nothing happens.
How far does the extent of 『posses life』 thing go is not known, however, it’s probably a target equivalent to  『creature with will』, I guess that is like and invocation requirement is it ?”
Furthermore, despite I’d heard various things about the forbidden spell, the matter regarding demerit of using it is still unknown

However according to Claris-san, what was the thing that making it being a 『forbidden spell』, despite the  『story of a forbidden spell king』 is written in the false scripture, let alone the Canon scripture, there’s none in the Apocrypha scripture, isn’t because in the past it was popular ? is what she had thought.
Because originally the false scripture was a detested thing in the ancient times, the image of the people at that time toward the『sacred spell』 might change into 『forbidden spell』 is it ?. until here, it does make sense. 
Indeed, changing the description of 『sacred spell』 into 『forbidden spell』 ,it does give a 『sense it being taboo』. 
In other words, it’s only the name alone that got changed into 『forbidden spell』, which means the truth is, there’s the possibility that the demerit of using it did not exist.

Also, the time where I will be able to or not be able to get any information about forbidden spell is perhaps at the time when whether I can get it in the middle of using the forbidden spell. .that was Claris-san opinion. 
For the most part, I can agree with her.
And then about the forbidden spell letter, when somebody already read it once then learn it, even if other person read the letter afterward, it is said that the possibility of the other person unable to learn it is quite high (though I said that, I’m the only one who able to read it at the moment).
As for the basis of that, Claris-san said,
『Because color of the letter on the spell document change after all.』 
That’s what she said. come to think of it, after I used the forbidden spell for the first time, the black letter decolorized isn’t it ? 

“Well, regarding the forbidden spell book that being possessed by another nation or the country of the end is the territory of the Headmistress…of course, I’m interested in it, however… as one would expect, it would be troublesome if I were to cross that border. “

Saying that Claris-san showed a dissatisfied expression for the first time.

“However, the Headmistress unable to delicately understand it see…the forbidden spell document is not just a mere document with historical value, for the historian of the forbidden spell king enthusiast, such document is a coveted item ! but well, thanks to the headmistress being like that, and since the forbidden spell is the possession of the Headmistress I was able to borrow it though.”

The day when I arrived in this world.
ーーIn other words at that time, Claris-san in the middle of borrowing it from the Headmistress. 
And when she was about to head back, on the stairs her foot slipped and then bumped her head with me. 
Fumu~, when I was in deep thought, Claris-san groaned. 

“Other than about forbidden spell, is there anything you want to ask ?… ah right !”

She seemed like remembered something. 
I like to hear what she’s about to say as much as I can. 

“About the forbidden spell king story, since it’s a myth, you might think he’s already grown up. however… actually he’s quite young you know ? “ 
“… I-Is that so ?”

It sounds like just a trivial information for me though… well, right now I did say that I wish to know anything about the forbidden spell after all. 

“Yes… such strong description exists, and even many common articles also contain them.” 
“… In other words, it’s certain is it ?”
“Yes. the first time the forbidden spell king learn forbidden spells isー when he was 16 years old. It is because of such description, in this age, there are those demigod theories and human theory. well, because he’s young, and handsome, the forbidden spell king is popular with the young populace.” 
“Hee, 16ー”

16 years old ? 
Is that means… is it about the same age as the present me ? 


About having my body becomes younger, I haven’t thought about it much. 
I can’t wording it well but… I’d thought it was just 『that’s the way it is』. 

However… I wonder why am I become 16 years old younger ? 

“why it mustー 『16 years old』 I wonder ? 

For argument sake, if the present me were 16 years old… that means the first time I’d learned the forbidden spell is also 16 years old. 

I guess it’s just coincidence ? 

At first, I thought 『I’d become younger to that of my mental age』 ,that was my theory, which I feel it was fit nicely. 

However, toward my strange situation… though it was just a moment, somehow I felt like it was intentional, that is also the truth. 

“… Kurohiko-san ? are you alright ?” 
“Eh ? Ah, I’m sorry…”
“Fumu~ ? Oh my ? it’s already this late huh~… “ 

Some time has passed when I turn my eyes to look at the clock. 
I guess the outside is already evening by now ? 

Claris-san then smiled and scratches her head. 

“I-I’m really sorry…  Kurohiko-san had to listen to my story for a long time, we should stop now eh…” 
“No, I’m really thankful you know. since I’m able to know a little bit about forbidden spell after all.” 
“If you said it like that, I’m also feeling good… ehehehe…”
“Well then, I guess it’s time for me to go… … thank you very much for today.” 
“Ah, Kurohiko-san.”

When I’m about to stand up, Claris-san grasped my uniform hem. 
*Jii* and stared at me. 

“I also feel grateful… since there’s no one interested with my story after all. … that’s why, today, it was fun.”

*Fufufu* then Claris-san smiled. 
Somehow I felt calmed down. 
That smile… 

“Me too, thank you… I… umm, because I come from a country far in the east, so I don’t know much about this continent.” 
“If that the case, if you want to know about something, without fail, please come here.”
“Yes, I’ll do so…”

Suddenly, Claris-san remained silent. 
And then, 

“Umm, Kurohiko-san… I’d happen to hear that you’re unable to use the holy power(magic power) but…”

Toward her words, I smiled wryly. 

“That is true…” 

I guess, that thing reached Claris-san ears too huh… 

“… However, you will still be doing the sacred ruin exploration right ?” 
“Umm, that is my intention…”

After having a slight hesitation, Claris-san opened her mouth. 

“There’s something… that I wish to tell you…”


When I go out from the library, the sun had begun to set. 


I looked at the darkened sky. 

“I see…” 

I muttered those words while remembering what was Claris-san had told me. 
At that time, 

“Nn ?” 

The silhouette of a person who leaned on the pillar in the passage caught my eye. 

“… Kyurie…-san ?”

The person who standing there is Kyurie-san. 

“Nn… Aー… what a coincidence eh…?”

She gives off the feeling of waiting for somebody though… by any chance, did she wait for me ? 

“Aa… it’s nothing really, it’s not like I want to discuss our sacred ruin exploration. …how should I say it… right, I was thinking that we should dineー”
“Indeed, this is such coincidence eh ?”

Leaning on the pillar opposite to Kyurie-san is, 

“C-Cecil-san !?”

“Hello”, Cecil-san then smiled. 
Then she confronted Kyurie-san. 

“Wait a minute, I’m also planning on inviting Kurohiko to dinner too.” 
“Chi… The one who had followed me a while ago, is you huh ?”
“Now then… I wonder, what are you talking about ? I just saw Kurohiko walked toward the library by chance, and try to chase him though ?” 
“… Very brazen aren’t you ?”

*Fufufu* Cecil-san float a clear smile, then folded her arm. 

“of course. for example, In the shadow during a lunch break, while peeking at the event unfold, I absolutely won’t do something like that you see ?” 
“… Hee, aren’t you have a way with words, ojou-sama ?” 

W-What… ? 
There’s spark flying… !? 

“Umm… t-the two of you, if you guys alright with it, how about the three of usー” 

When I’m nervously trying to stop the two of them. 

“Oh my ?”

He ? 

“It seems like you’re already finished your business with Claris is it not ? … moreover, you seem caught up with something happy…” 

The person who emerged from the building isー 

“M-Makina-san ?”

It was the Headmistress…