Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 42

Chapter 42 (A Girl Being Loved by God)

“Oi ! is that ?!”
“C-Cecil Arclight ?! and who is that ?”
“You know, the one who’s being talked about…”
“Aah… so that is the person who declined Cecil-san invitation huh ? the forbidden spell user is it ?”
“But, her invitation being rejected, right ? and yet, why they hold hands ?”
“Maybe Cecil-san is not giving up yet ?”
“At any rate, how enviable… if only I know forbidden spell…”
“… I wonder if I can receive the method to acquire it ?”
“It’s not that easy, that’s why, Cecil-sama were so interested in him you know ?”
“Khuu… C-Cecil-sama is, with a man other than me… e-even though I’ve also longed for her secretly…”
“But, seriously, no matter how many times I see it, she’s really beautiful… furthermore, she’s strong and smart… certainly, a girl who’s being loved by the god eh…”

Those are the words which I’d heard when walking pass the corridor.
Indeed just like what Makina-san had said, the story of  『a forbidden spell user has appeared』 is being snatched by 『the forbidden spell user declined Cecil Arclight invitation』 story. 
That shows how much attention the people gives toward Cecil Arclight, a center of public attention.
It won’t be an exaggeration to call her this academy Idol.
I looked at Cecil-san who currently opened the basket next to me.


Well… if it’s this person, then I can understand as to why she always becomes public attention.

Right now I sat on the edge of water fountain together with Cecil-san.
Though I said that, this is not the water fountain square where usually being used by students to relax, but a small broken water fountain located at the back of the building a little bit further.
Because the surrounding is being surrounded by thick trees, furthermore the branches and leaves bend over which takes the form of roof covering the fountain, it is hard for the surrounding people to see this place unless they come closer.
This might be an ideal place to hide…

“Now then, please help yourself.”

Cecil-san holds out the basket.
What inside of it are lightly toasted slices of breads with meat, cheese, and tomatoes as it fillings.
I see… is this sandwich ?

“This is a Lunezret staple food, cheese sandwich. I hope it suits your taste.”

I take one in my hand, and then eat it.


Though I know the ingredient must be good, but above all… the ingredients balance is perfect.

“Fufufu, I’m glad… it was worth it for me getting up early and make it.”
“Eh ?… is that means… these are Cecil-san handmade ?”
“Yes… ?”
“I see, so you’re able to cook…”
“That’s because whenever I made this, my father and  brother are pleased. does men’s likes this kind of dish ?”

… rather than that, I think what’s important is, because this is 『Cecil-san handmade』.

“Please drink this… this is an herbal tea.”

Inside the basket, there are two silver small flasks.
Cecil-san then hands me the herbal tea which being poured to the flask lid part.
I expressed my thanks and receive the herbal tea.
And eat another sandwich again.
… Ah.
This herbal tea… and this sandwiches are superb.
or rather, I ate up the sandwiches that being offered in no time.

“I had almost eaten them all but, is it really alright ?”

After all, Cecil-san had only eaten two of them.

“Yes, after all, I’m someone who doesn’t eat much.”

Cecil-san said so, and drinks the herbal tea with both hands holding the flask lid elegantly.

After some time had passed, Cecil-san put the empty flask lid which being held by her hands on her knee, and start the conversation…

“Though this might be a slightly impolite question… may I ask you something ?”
“As thanks for this lunch, please ask me anything…”

Cecil-san long eyelashes are turned down slowly.

“Why do you want to pair up with Kyurie Velstein ?”
“Hmm, let see… why I want to pair up huh… to be honest, I’m not really sure why either.”
“You feel a strong attraction toward her… something like that?”
“To put it roughly, that may be so…”

Cecil-san then puts the cup in her hands on the fountain edge.

“In other words, is thatー”

Then she draws her body closer to me.

“Then there’s a chance for me to win if you think that I’m more 『Attractive』  than her… is it alright if I interpret it as such ?”

… somehow I can feel something is pressed against me, my face becomes hot.

“E-Emm, may I say something in addition ?”

Looking at me with her calm sky-blue pupil, Cecil-san then inclines her head.

“? of course…”
“Cecil-san… the reason why you want to have a good relation with me is because you found out the value of the forbidden spell right ?”

Hearing that, Cecil-san pulls away her body and put her index finger on her thin pink lips.
And then she turns her line of sight toward the empty space…

“Unn, let see… at the time of the day before yesterday night, and at the time of mock battle… I felt something immeasurable from you, and become interested in you… as for me wanting you as a forbidden spell user, well, that is also not a lie either…”

… well, I guess that is how it is.
Previously, Zix-san had mentioned about that briefly, its just that I only want to hear it from the person herself.

“Its justー”

Cecil-san then looked at me with a sidelong glance.
<TLN : This sidelong glance can be translated as “Flirtatious glance”>
… that eyes, I’d seen it several times.
The beautiful her which looked like a flower, sometimes, she shows such sharp eyes like a fox.
Those eyes feel very mysterious and captivating… however, somewhere I feel something dangerous are keep hidden.

“Now, just a little… I feel an interest toward the individual called Sagara Kurohiko.”
“As an individual is it ?”

Feeling overwhelmed, I unintentionally bent my body back.
And gulp down my own saliva.
And before I’m unable to regain my composure, Cecil-san is already returned her posture.
The atmosphere from before had already gone.

“… Let’s change the subject a little. what kind of impression does Kurohiko have about me ? you don’t have to pay much attention and say what you truly felt.”

Then to ease the atmosphere Cecil-san shows a wry smile.

“…  even though I’d say that, it might be a little difficult isn’t it ?”
“Let see…”

I answer her question after I thought about it a little.

“Holding an extraordinary beauty… furthermore being strong, smart, and blessed with talent… a perfect person… I guess that kind of impression ?”
“… I see.”
“If what I’d said hurt your feeling, I’m sorry.”
“Ah, no…”

Cecil-san turn her line of sight down while having a pensive expression on her face.

“Perfect, genius… just before, in the corridor, some students had said that I’m a person who is 『loved by the god』. however, being loved by the god is not that easy you know ?”

Cecil-san then strokes her lemon-colored hair that hangs on her cheek.

“Ever since I was still a child, start from my parents then my elder brother, then the surrounding people, they all had praised my appearance. of course, there’s also some flattery mixed among them too, but… well, no one said that my appearance is bad.”

Saying that, Cecil-san then floats a self-mockery smile.

“However… if I have a problem, and I’m somehow making a blunder, thus unable to solves it. the surrounding people unanimously will say  『since Cecil is cute, it’s alright even if you can’t do it.』.”

*haha*, while looking down Cecil-san smiled.

“It’s a strange story, isn’t it ? I’m allowed to fail because I’m beautiful ? such a stupid way of thought, am I going to live like that ?”

Her harsh tone is mixed in…

“That’s why since I was young, I aim to be 『a cute girl that can do everything』. one’s can say that I’m reckless… I want them to praise me other than my appearance. I want them to see my effort… especially my father and elder brother.”

While putting both of her hands on the fountain edge, Cecil-san looked toward the sky.

“And then by the time I’d noticed, I’d already being branded as a perfect, genius… and in addition, a girl being loved by god. to be honest, I felt bewildered, far from noticing my effort, everyone thinks, Cecil Arclight have everything, therefore can do anything.”

Cecil-san then narrowed her eyes.

“Thus, I will become a person who can make everything possible !… is what I’d decided…”
“And then, when I do something that no one was able to doー surely they will notice my effort in the truest meaning.”

Cecil-san surrounding atmosphere had returned to her usual tender atmosphere.

“Fufufu, even though I may look like this, as a child I was quite a wild child you know ? in those days, I dare say, that those who don’t know me from that time, won’t believe it.”
“Is that really true ?”
“Yes… however, because the surrounding people asked me to be modest(ladylike), I was able to change by the time goes by…”


“Well for that reason… the next goal of this 『girl who being loved by god』 is to surpass my grandfather, father, and elder brother.”

I feel her voice somehow gives the feeling of ridiculed her own self.

“As a young girl… first I’ll surpass my older brother… by the way, the reason why I’d decide to form an exploration group with 3 people is also because when my elder brother attend the academy he also forms an exploration group with 3 people… do you know the highest level* that had been reached in this academy is ?”
<TLN : Usually I use layer and sometimes level(it uses the same kanji)… because in this one, the author use “highest” not “deepest”… feels like climbing a tower if “highest layer” being used… whilst the dungeon itself is going underground…>

If I’m not wrong, I’d heard it during liberal art lecture.

“If I’m not wrong, it’s level 29 ?… is that mean ?”
“Indeed. until then, the highest level that had been reached is 24, thus the one who broke a new record in this academy is my older brother…”

*Hoo* I leak out a breath of admiration.

“I see… it is indeed a high target isn’t it ?”

Furthermore with only 3 people huh ?

“Howeverー you’d appeared… I know that having you will be necessary to achieve my ideal… that’s why I stopped being particular about only having 3 people in my group, however… I’m being rejected spectacularly.”
“I-I’m sorry…”
“Fufufu, you don’t need to apologize… rather than that, from here on, if possible I hope we can get along well, Kurohiko. as a friend… one day, it might change into a deeper relationship though.”

A thin and tender hand with skin as white as milk is being held out toward me.
I cautiously respond her handshake.

“You don’t have to be that cautious you know, it’s not like I’m going to eat you or anything like that~.”

Cecil-san smiled while saying such a joke, however… it’s not like I hesitate or anything.
Just now, I’m hesitating because it feels like I’m about to touch an expensive work of art.

“Emm, Cecil-san.”

I was feeling hesitate again, then opened my mouth.

“The story just now… why did you tell me ?”

… I think that such story is not something that one’s told to someone who one’s just meet a few days ago.

“Because men seem to be weak against women confession…”
“He ?”
“That is what my mother told me… that’s why, about my talk a while ago, please think of it as my pick-up line..”

While smiling ambiguously, Cecil-san let go of my hand.

“Now then… since I’m able to know that I’ still have a chance. shall we head back ?”

*Nnn*, Cecil-san stretch her body.


Because of the result of her bent her body while stretching, in that position, it makes her chest being emphasized, this is a nice scene for a man, however… I leave such thought and decide to say the words which I’d hesitate to say…

“Yes ?”
“Regarding my impression toward you…”
“Yes, what’ about it ?”
“What I’d said before, it is my true impression about you…”
“Ah, are you worried about that ? fufufu, you don’t have to mind it, it’s alright you know ?”
“That’s not it, to tell you the truth, I still have another one…”

The words that Cecil-san said the day before yesterday night appeared in my mind.
『The country of the and… and also, the detestable former members of the sixth institution… in the event that I’m enrolled to the sacred tree chivalric order, I have the intention to clean them bothー』 
When she said 『my ideal』, if that is also included then…
I put my hands on my knee, then I grasp tightly.
I don’t know if it’s alright for me to say this, howeverー

“I might be not in the place to say this but… I’m a little worried about you…”
“Worried, me ?”
“Cecil-san is like a fragile glasswork being put on a stand with dangerous balance… that is what I feel.”
“However, even though no one suggests changing the stand with a different stand, it’s only thinking about satisfying those who see… fixedly, fulfilling the role of a beautiful glasswork in silent… that is how I see it.”
“… is that… so ?”
“That’s why, if I can support that stand then it would be good… even if the stand can be changed, rather than changing it, I choose to support it…”
“It might be difficult, but if you want to do join exploration, please don’t be reserved and say it. of course, even if it’s only for the forbidden spell, it’s alright…”

An unpleasant sweat comes out after finished saying it.
…what the hell did I’d said.
In a panic, I try to dish it up with cheerful words.

“I-I’m sorry to say something strange like that ! Haha, what am I saying,seriously !”

Cecil-san then takes the basket and leaves the water fountain.
Her delicate shoulder and slender feminine line figure really stand out.
I know it, she’s really beautiful.
However, I’m unable to see her expression.
Then I become uneasy.
Just now, I might offend her feeling…
And when leavingー
The words that Cecil-san left behind with small voice is,

“This is troubling ne~, Kurohiko… if you said such words thenー it makes me want to have you more you know ?”


After the lunch break is over, next is a magic art lesson.
However, this lesson, since I’m unable to use magic power, my subject changed from a practical skill, thus Sagara Kurohiko alone in a classroom.
When everyone going outdoor to the place where I fight the Cyclops and make sounds such as thunderbolt, I’m reading a book alone inside…


Well, knowledge is important anyway, even Kyurie-san said that.
And then, regarding my magic art lesson assessment, currently, under consideration of the academy side.

By the way… though I have that kind of parting with Cecil-san during lunch break, just before the magic art lesson, Cecil-san greeted me normally.
However, because Cecil-san difficulty toward Kyurie-san… they give the feeling of restraining each other, thus they never talk to me during class, rather it makes my lonely feeling stronger.
In those time, inside the classroom, the one who greeted me openheartedly is Aira-san.
That Aira-san with lively tone said,
『What’s with that miserable face of yours, forbidden spell user ! Hora, cheer up !』 
Thus she pats my back while cheering me up.
At that time, I feel like Kyurie-san and Cecil-san leaked a chilly air around them… though it might be just my imagination…


And then, after school, after the magic art lesson is over.
I went to the library after informing Kyurie-san about it.
The academy library is located on the east side of this building.
It is not part of this building, however, it is being linked to this building with a passage with a roof.
After I’ve arrived in front of the library, I opened the double door, then pass through an arch-like entrance.
Then a high ceiling library spread in front of my view.

The light that comes out from the half circle ball is different than the blueish color that comes out from the crystal, the light that comes out has an orange color.
Things like houseplants being put here and there inside the library.
Somehow, it gives the feeling of a classic cafe where a bookworm gather.
There is a reason why I feel as such.
The reason why I feel this place is like a cafe is, there’s a certain noise that gives such impression.
Since if it’s a library I had a strong impression of 『a quiet place』, in here however, including the students, everyone makes a chattering sounds.

More or less I had receive explanation regarding the library.
It is alright to be talkative here.
If I’m not wrong, the place to read is located underground ?
However, my purpose coming here is to meet Claris-san.
Immediately I go toward the counter-like place. and tell them that I’ve come here to meet Claris-san.
After that, immediately the reception-like person informed me.
Claris-san is currently in the underground special reading room.

I thanked the person then goes toward the special reading room that the person had told me.


Personal Impression :
-> Cecil-san : what are you ? a perfect wife material ? smart, beautiful, strong, rich, above all able to cook !.
well, that aside, I can sympathize with her, you know those feeling ? when all your hard work only being regarded only as “talent” or “a gift”… and those people rather than trying to achieve the same thing via hard work, they just give up by saying “well I don’t have the talent for it”…damn it ! I know your feeling Cecil-san…QAQ
-> Kurohiko : well, at first I feel like he’s too submissive? like he will do anything for others without regard or whatnot(fine being used etc)… but I can understand him a little now… when you lived the life being unneeded, just by being needed even in a wrong way makes you happy… that is what I feel.
->Overall : at first I thought all the character are quite shallow… turn out it is quite deep… when I think about it for a bit.