Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 40

Chapter 40 (Sign)

Currently, I’m standing in front of the Lion classroom entrance door.

“Alright, let’s enter.”

I’ try to persuade myself and getting myself fired up.

This morning I was able to wake up properly thanks to Mia-san.
However, although I didn’t oversleep thanks to the alarm clock, but since Mia-san was absent, I felt lonelier compared to yesterday.
When I finished changing my clothes into my uniform and went down bellow, there’s some of the remaining food from last night and Mia-san’s note on the table.
It was written with,
『”I leave some food which can be preserved. if it’s alright with you, please eat it for breakfast”』
Thank you very much, I give my words of gratitude toward her inside my heart as I eat the food, then after finished eating my breakfast I run toward the academy.

And here I am now, in front of the Lion classroom entrance.

There’s a reason as to why I’m going to the academy rather early.
And that reason is,

“Has Cecil-san already come, I wonder ?”

I had immediately left the classroom after declined Cecil-san invitation.
I intend to apologize to her, that’s why I come to the academy early today.

“… What are you doing standing there, hurry up and go inside.”

I heard someone voice from behind me, then I look back.


It was Kyurie-san.
I can see her trying to delicately fix her breath… it can’t be, did she also comes running ?

“Good morning.”
“…Nn, ah… morning.”


I feel the distance between us have shortened.
Even if it’s just being able to exchange greetings normally, it is a huge progress.
However, Kyurie-san expression seems somewhat awkward.
Also, her complexion isn’t that good either.
Is she weak in the morning ?

“Kyurie-san, did you also have a business which requires you to comes early today, too ?”
“Eh ?”

When she heard me said that, Kyurie-san shows a troubled expression.

“Well, since there’s still time until the morning homeroom, that’s why”
“Homurumu ?”
“Ahー… I meant, there’s still a lot of time until 『attendance report time』, thus is there some business which requires you to come early, is what I had thought”

In this world, it is 『attendance report time』, which at the previous world it is called 『morning homeroom』.
<TLN : Ok folks confusing kanji trivia time… the kanji used here being read as “direct report/fast report/immediate report” depends on the context… however, I don’t think blatant translation is fit for this, thus I took the liberty to alter it a little.>

By the way, I say 『 go home report 』when I go back.
<TLN : Same as above, this one, in fact, using kanji which means, “Lower time report/bottom report/etc”… which doesn’t make any sense in English…>

“… For some reason, I just want to come early. besides, if it’s about unusual attending time, then it is not something that you had the right to say, no ?”
“T-That’s true…”
“However, youー”

Kyurie-san looking at me finding it very interesting…

“Having run that much, you don’t seem to loose any breath”
“Eh ?”


Certainly, now that she said it.
Yesterday I grumbled about my body which is a lack of exercise.
Which reminds me, even when I running until this place, I didn’t sweat much, and my breath didn’t rise either.
And when I was running, my body somewhat felt light.
Judging from yesterday fatigue, I thought there would be still some remaining.
… This is must be thanks to Mia-san cooking and a good nice sleep last night.

“Hmm, well that’s fine, now, hurry up enter.”

Kyurie-san then urges me while opened the door, then I enter the classroom following her.

First, I searched for Cecil-san figure.
Then I see her figure sitting in the middle of the second line from the back.
Zix-san and Hirgiz-san sits on both of her sides.

Then the students looking at Cecil-san as if saying “Here it come !” when they saw my figure.

“I… have a little bit business with Cecil-san.”

Kyurie-san then looking at me and Cecil-san in turn.

“… such an honest guy aren’t you ?”

She seems to understand what I’m about to do somehow.
Kyurie-san then she goes to her own seat.

And I,

“Yesterday, for me to left the classroom in such hasty manners, I’m very sorry”

I go near Cecil-san seat then I lowered my head.
Then Zix-san make a way for Cecil-san to comes out.
Her expression looks very composed, however… though I’m not really good at reading someone feeling.
When she folded her arm loosely, Cecil-san shows a smile which gives a self-mockery feeling.

“… Except by a relative, this is might be the first time for me that a man had declined my invitation”
“No, there’s nothing for you to apologize for. however, I do have one request…”

What is it I wonder ?
Don’t tell me, is it 『Please don’t talk to me ever again』…?
Uuh… I wonder what is she gonna say… I felt really nervous…

*Fufufu* Cecil-san then smiled.

“Today, will you have a lunch together with me ?”
“… Yes ?”
“Like I said, today lunch, I wish to have a lunch together just the two of us… is it no good~?”
<TLN : She said “Dame~?” in that last part, which usually being accompanied by upturned eyes… where no man can refuse when a cute girl does something like that>
If she shows me that lonely expression when she said  『Is it a no good~?』… there’s no way I can refuse…
It is an expression where I feel like I’m a very bad person if I were to decline her invitation here.
Moreover… there won’t be any meaning to my apologies… thus I shouldn’t decline.

“I understand… if that is what Cecil-san wants then.”
“Thank you very much, Kurohiko”

Cecil-san then shows a happy smile and naturally takes my hand.
I’m feeling surprised because of how smooth her skin are…

“You should be careful of being seduced okay ? Kurohiko.”

The one who said those words monotonously isー  Kyurie-san.
… or rather, just now, Kyurie-san called me using my name, right ?

“The word 『Seduced』 just now… I wonder if that was directed at me ?”

Cecil-san who’s let go of my hand, goes to Kyurie-san.
Then Kyurie-san turned toward Cecil-san.

“To say such thing, then, does this young lady, do you have a clue ?”

*piku* Cecil-san trembled a little and begin responded.

“Fuun… what’s this, did I hit the mark ?”

However, Cecil-san calmed down immediately and takes some breath.

“No… well, that’s fine…”

After she calmed down, she changed the topic.

“The one which Kurohiko runs after and make a party with is you isn’t it ?”
“Seems so.”
“So, did you pair up with him ?”

*Ooh !*, such sounds resounded inside the classroom.

Kyurie-san looked at Cecil-san with cynical expression…

This is… should I intervene here ?

“So, is there any problem with it ?”
“I’m not going to give up Kurohiko.”

Hearing that, the stir within the classroom grew.

After a slight silence, Kyurie-san opened her mouth.

“There’s no meaning in saying that to me thoughー”
“I just want to say those words…”
“Fuun, is that so. ah, if you were worried regarding the matter of me being a former member of the sixth institution then, he already approves it you know ? he seems to be ready for the danger too.”
“… But even so, that was yourー”
“Listen okay…”

Kyurie-san interrupted forcibly.

“I will break off my relationship with that fellow immediately if that fellow said it that he doesn’t want to pair up with me anymore. that’s why, it depends on that fellow himselfー am I wrong ?”

Then Cecil-san smiled after hearing that…

“I see… depends on Kurohiko is it ?”
“?? well indeed…”
“In that caseー, I still can keep inviting him to my exploration group isn’t that right ?”

Kyurie-san looked surprised for a moment, then she clicked her tongue.

“About that, well… that is your freedom isn’t it ?”

Then Cecil-san smiled while giggled lightly.

“I only wanted to hear you saying that, well then… excuse me.”

Then Cecil-san turns herself and walks back in a good mood.

And then she patted my shoulder…

“C-Cecil-san ?
“With that being the said… I’ll look forward to our lunch, Kurohiko…”
“Ha, Haha…”

Like that, Cecil-san returned to her seat with a satisfied look on her face.
And then the classmates began exchanging words in a low voice.
I sit down on my seat while feeling embarrassed.

“Umm, Kyurie-san ?”
“What ?”

Somehow she’s in a bad mood…

“About today schedule, if it’s okay with you…”
“Aren’t you glad… having a lunch with the beautiful lady Cecil…”
“No no, that is not what I want to say…”

I actually intended to talk about today lesson, however…

“Unexpectedly, our exploration group cancellation might come sooner eh ?”
“I-I’m happy enough with Kyurie-san, I don’t have any wish to cancel our exploration group.”

However, Kyurie-san snorted *fuun* and turn her face away…

“… Idiotー”

Umm, Kyurie-san ?
Did I offend her more instead ?


“I’ve arrived ! I’ve arrived at the Lion classroom which filled with gloomy people !!”

Maro entered the classroom.
… you’re really energetic since the morning.

“Aー the mood is bad ! Oh ? what’s wrong with this depressing classroom !? It makes my mood turn bad too ! Damn it, it’s still morning, yet I feel bad mood !”

Aren’t you guys in the best condition ?

“You… if you just stand idly there, you will only bother the other…”
“Ha !?”

The one who appeared behind Maro is Aira-san.

“You bitch ! Toward meー”

However, Maro shut his mouth after seeing who’s the master of that voice…

“Cih, it’s you huh… well sorry alright ! because this classroom is gloomy, it took time for me to enter !”
“Is that so… so then, I wonder, how many people in this classroom agrees with your thought ?”

Maro  then looks around the classroom…
Then he goes to his seat while cursing “Damn it” in vexation.

“Gah… !”

Maro got himself tripped on the steps and then he fell down.

“Don’t fuck with me ! do your job properly, you shit !”

Maro then kicked the steps.


Blaming the other aren’t you ?
I feel sorry for the steps.
And then after a short time, the attendance report time began.
At the time we take our attendance report time, instructor Joseph informed us about a murderer incident that had happened in some part of the royal capital.
The criminal seems not to be caught yet.
Because the criminal might come near the academy, the students being asked to be careful at night.

Then while I’m fighting against drowsinessー the first lesson of liberal art had ended,
next is a battle practice(combat) lesson.

After I and Kyurie-san changed into our training uniform, we will meet up at the first training ground.
It is a standard training ground, while the high ranking people uses the newer one.
In other words, because it is an old facility the number is not that many, and only being used by the low ranked one.

Now then, the first training ground isー 

“Ooh, such training ground where I can see the blue sky, aren’t this nice ! there’s also a sense of spaciousness !”

In other words, it is a very old facility.
It has an almost square form.
It is surrounded by a stone wall, while the ground is still bare.
Because the soil is hard, one doesn’t seem to have to worry about losing one’s footing in particular.

“… In rainy days, it seems would be quite harsh.”

While wearing the training uniform, Kyurie-san with cool eyes, she speaks about the demerits of this training ground toward me who’s being delighted for it being spacious.
It seems this first training ground is being built at the time when training ground is still being made outdoor.

“Since it is only for two people, this place is the only place they willing to lend… Gomen ne~”

The one who smile bitterly while bringing the sex appeal of a mature woman is instructor Isabella.
Without a doubt, she must be popular among men.
She is the instructor who pairs up with me when I do mock battle.
I heard that she was the one who offered herself to be in charge of the exception(special) class.
And the reason for that is,
『Your name is Sagara Kurohiko, right ? I would like to ascertain the odd feeling that I got from you back then… well, there’s also that instructing this class will be much easier ? 』
Is what she said…
… as for it was right or wrong about the exquisite wink she gives me when she said that, lets just let the history judge it.
Well, instructor Joseph feel relieved that instructor Isabella is the one in charge the exception class since he said that instructor Isabella is a person with remarkable ability.

“Now then, what shall we do ? since there’s no particular subject for exception class… shall I teach you from the basic ? though I don’t think that you need it.”

Instructor Isabella then looked at Kyurie-san.

“If Sagara Kurohiko will have to learn from the basic, then I will too, howeverー”

This time, Kyurie-san line of sight directed toward me.

“I like to train himー what I meant is, I want to train him personally with my own way, of course, I’ll leave you to teach him about the basic to some degree though…”
“Well, if you want to do it among students then, it would just make my job easier, so I’m fine with it…”

… Didn’t you say that you want to find out about the odd feeling that comes from me ?

“Which mean, It depends on his answer then ?”
“Well, I guess so…”

Then the two people looked at me asking for my answer.

“Depends on me is it ?”


“I want to be trained by Kyurie-san… since I’m her partner in sacred ruin exploration party, and if I think about our future cooperation then, I think I prefer it this way…”

Then I wait for their respond.

“It’s decided then…”
“Understood, then I will train you…”

With this, I will be exchanging swords against Kyurie-san.
First, she wants to know about my exact ability, is what she said.
The same familiar box which filled with swords is being put inside this training ground.
Then we pick our swords from there.
The swords that the both of us uses is the same kind.
It is a sword that can be used by one hand or two handed, it is the so-called bastard sword !

We face each other while holding out our swords.
Though I said that, Kyurie-san stance is quite relaxed.
On the contrary, I put a stance while tightly hold the sword with both of my hands.

“Fokus on your timing, don’t be too tense”

*Suu* I take a deep breath.

I try to recall the sense that I get when I do mock battle.
Since there are many people who praised my single blow from back then after all.

My sense becomes sharp.
Concentrate more, and seize the opponent in front of me with my eyes.
And thenー dashed in a single step.

*Gakin* the edge of our blades crossed and made a high-pitched sound.

“Now then, don’t hold back, come at me more…”
“Yes !”

I’ brandished my swordー


ーHere it comes…
And then in that momentー


My sword slash shows a sudden acceleration.