Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 4

Chapter 4 (The Academy Headmistress Makina)
Being handcuffed. 
It’s the first time in my life this happen. 
I was living unproductive life at my previous world,but i never get arrested. 
Well,this time no bad things happen though. 
I’m currently walking at the corridor of the academy with both of my hands and both of my legs are being restrained. 
My legs are barely able to walk. 
It’s so that i won’t be able to attempt to escape i guess. 
At regular intervals i can see a lamp that being lit using fire hanging on the walls,is there no electricity i wonder? 
While having such question,i’m also directing my line of sight to outside of the windows that lined up at regular intervals. 
Because of the thick curtain covering the windows at medical room i’m unable to see it,it’s seems like when i woke up the sky already turn dark. 
I lost my consciousness for quite a long time….. 
For some reason while i’m looking outside the windows,someone poked my back. 
「Oi.,walk quickly」 
The one who poked me is the guard 
The guard and Liza-san walk by my right and left side respectively. 
By the way when Liza-san leave the medical room to comes along,she gives the guard-san thumbs up 「i will watch by the side so that this person won’t do anything violent」…. 
Nnn,such a nice person. 
But how should i say it,this academy really have such solemn atmosphere like this. 
This feeling is considerably different compared to school from my previous world. 
It’s feels like a castle from western fantasy RPG,even if i’m only walking in corridor like this. 
Aaー…this is not good. 
Despite being handcuffed,i might a little too excited. 
Well,it is to be expected. 
The reason is anyone at one time have a delusion to be put in a world from a game.,and right now such things will become my reality. 
When I’m thinking of such thing,Liza-san pointed her finger at me. 
「So,what will happen to him from now on ?」 
The guard looked at me for an instant. 
「For now we will interrogate him at the guard room,after that we will throw him to the academy disciplinary room until tomorrow. as for tomorrow treatment,we will ask the headmaster judgement.」 
Disciplinary room. 
How sounds is not really gentle. 
The feeling of excitement from before is being blown off in an instant. 
I sigh unintentionally. 
「Nn…why not use the disciplinary room for the interrogation? how about it?am i not good enough to undertake that role?」 
Liza-san point her index finger to herself and asked the guard-san. 
「No,you can’t」 
Guard-san instantly reject her. 
After short silence. 
「Will you consider it once again?」
「Even if you said that,you can’t」
「So stubborn」 
「Shoud i state my reason to you….it seems there’s something in him that you interested in」 
「Hahahaha,you found out eh. it’s seems you have a good observation too..」 
「…well thank you.」 
Liza-san laugh out loud in contrast with the disappointed Guard-san. 
Hmm….Liza-san,she’s interested in me? 
Being interested by such a person,it doesn’t feels bad at all. 
ーThe guard-san face seems to say 『I’ve seen this person somewhere before』while looking toward me. 
Perhaps this Guard-san have an interest in Liza-san? 
「Iyaa ne..I don’t think he’s a bad person though?,even though i may look like this i have good eyes to judge people, at the very least he’s not a spy.」 
「It might be that he’s acting you know?for a trained agent doing something like that would be very easy.」 
Liza-san reply with 「well,that might be true」and gives a bitter smile. 
….I wish she denies a little bit more about it. 
Meanwhile, currently we’re at an open space. 
It’s similar to a dancing room. 
There’s a stair extended from the top to the bottom floor 
I turn my eyes to the direction where the footsteps can be heard. 
There’s someone coming from above using the stairs. 
The sounds of the footsteps stopped in the middle of the stairs. 
「Oh my?I wonder,did something happen,Liza?」 
While combed her black hair,the owner of the footsteps is a young lady. 
With her appearance no one going to object even if i say she looks like a little girl….. 
From my impression,i think she’s at the age of upper grade school? 
She’s wearing a black dress with lace frill,and some kind of ornament on her head. 
Her jet black hair is long enough to reach her waist. 
With deep crimson eyes. 
It’s definitely not colour contact lenses right.?. 
Her eyes are looks like a jewels. 
She have an appearance that looks like a dolls but,there’s certain haughty impression coming from her. 
Or is it because she talk from above thus i feels such impression,i wonder.?
I wonder,who is she? 
*Bishi*,the guard-san hurriedly correct his posture. 
Different than the Guard-san,Liza-san greet the little girl with straightforward attitude without correcting her posture. 
「I thought i’ve already told you to call me 『Makina』already…as always you’re so cold…Liza」 
The girl called Headmistress seems to be called 『Makina』
(TLN : She has official name of Machina in the LN preview but,it’s writen as Makina in the LN…such confusing)
But still,a Headmistress huh?. 
I observe the girl called Makina. 
As expected…from her figure i can only see a little girl. 
However looking at her calm atmosphere and the attitude of Guard-san,i guess her position as headmistress is true. 
「So,that person over there,did he do something wrong?」 
The headmistress took a glance at me who’s hands and feet are being handcuffed. 
「Aa..He’s a man who got mixed up as Sacred Tree cadet candidate,and trespass the academy,so i caught him」 
Excitedly Guard-san explain it while being boastful. 
Excuse me. 
Somehow the story is a bit different isn’t it? 
Although for the time being my standpoint is still presumption of innocence. 
The Headmistress turn her gaze toward me with interest. 
The headmistress put her hands on her waist arrogantly. 
Probably because of her height,somehow I found her gesture to be quite lovely. 
After a while,finally understood that the meaning of the headmistress saying 「And?」as 「Please continue」,the guard-san began to talk in panic. 
「Ah,that is…from here i intend to bring him along to the guard room for interrogation. after that i will put him inside the disciplinary room.」
「Oh my,even thought there’s detention room at the underground guard-room. Why using disciplinary room instead?」
「Because currently the detention room is under construction(maintenance)」
「Aa.,is that so. i forgot about it.」 
Detention room. 
Compared to that,a disciplinary room sounds so much better. 
Why at such time the detention room is under construction(maintenance),i wonder? 
While walking down the stairs,the Headmistress is sending me gaze of appraisal. 
「So,what is the purpose of you for being here?」 
Can i speak?,i send questioning glance at the guard-san. 
After he scowl at me with his eyes that look dissatisfied,finally since it can’t be helped he nods his head. 
Permission granted. 
If i can explain it properly here,i might be able to manage it somehow. 
And this child seems to be a person with authority. 
「If you ask purpose….after i lost consciousness near the academy due to strong head ache,i’m being mistaken as a new student,then someone carry me to this academy medical room. I was told that the one who carry me to the medical room is a new student at this academy」
「If that’s true then,you particularly don’t do anything wrong then.」 
Oh,this child understand my story. 
「Y…yes…that’s right!!」 
The headmistress turn her line of sight to guard-san. 
「Well I don’t feel the need to do interrogation, though?」 
Is there any response? 
From the side i could heard his tongue clicked. 
The Guard-san took one step forward. 
「That is not good Headmistress! This person is suspicious!!」 
Liza-san who heard that shrugged her shoulder,and as if sending a lifeboat she interjected. 
「’s sounds like the truth. beside his face doesn’t looks like a bad person」 
*Gutsu*,The guard-san is at lost for words. 
「R…right…surely,he must have been brought inside deliberately !」 
The guard-san thrust his finger at me with dangerous expression. 
「Afterall he must be the secret agent of the empire…,he might be the friend of a man who escaped from the detention room before.,furthermore he’s slovenly man toward women !!」 
As the guard said it in heated discussion. 
Be that as it may,being a spy or a friend of someone who escape from the detention room aside, 
「Being slovenly toward women is unthinkable….i mean,you don’t know anything about my dull life.」 
「so noisy! be silent !」 
The next moment. 
I feel an impact from my back. 
I lost my balance. 
Because both of my legs are being tied I cannot hold out,I fall down on top of the headmistress. 
Even though i fall down…i don’t feel any pain? 
Rather,something feels soft…… 
furthermore,somehow it’s smell nice…… 
The smell which seem to be sweet and mysterious…… 
Moreover i feel like my head hit something softー 
I slightly open my eyes. 
ーIt’s a lie isn’t it? 
My face is buried in the headmistress breast? 
Th..this is bad ! 
Moreover my hands position is entering inside the headmistress thigh…damn it! 
I can’t move from this position due to both of my hands are being tied ! 
Also because of both my legs are being tied i cannot move my body properly,and only able to squirming left and right a top of the headmistress body. 
「Hyaa!?w..what in the world are you doing !?so rude! w…wa..wait! get away from me ! are you listening to me !? more than this…..uh.,to move and touch at strange place… h..hei,now where do you think are you touching ! ?」
「 !!.this is..ー」 
I try to get away somehow…but it’s useless ! 
At this rate my body will just rub against the headmistress body….! 
Damn it. 
When i try to move,the headmistress act violently rather than untied our body conversely it’s cause our body to entwined in strange posture instead…….! 
S..still this sugary sweet smell…..a girl have this kind of nice smell huh. 
Is it perfume ? 
Even if it’s not so.,the smell is nice…. 
Geh..what the hell am i thinking.. ! ? 
This is not the time to think something like that ! 
「You bastard,get away from the headmistress !」 
The guard-san is shouting something. 
I twist my neck and turn to the side. 
Damn it. 
That guy,he being a hindrance to Liza-san who clearly trying to help us both ! 
Since it’s dangerous get down ! with those words the guard-san interrupt Liza-san halfway. 
That guard-san mouth slightly smile….. 
Th..that bastard doing it on purpose ! 
「Death penalty….」
「You will be given capital punishment ! Kyaaa !..didn’t i told you don’t move in strange way !?」 
The headmistress raise her voice. 
Ah..its hopeless. 
Because of the headmistress act violently,i cannot separate our body…..! 
Just once,i have to tell her to calm down ! 
「Please calm down !」
When i’m asserted decisively,the face of the headmistress goes pale. 
「Eh,excuse me….?」 
i can’t separate our body if you don’t behave your self but…… 
「At this place you still want to do something to me?you’re quite bold…,s..shamelessー!」
「’s wrー」 
*snap* a thirst of blood run through the headmistress expression. 
「You got some nerve., lowly servant !」 
From the back of the headmistress i could see a darkish flame flaring up brigthly. 
「’re wrong ! i just want to separate our body that’s why i told you to behave yourselfー」 
At that time 
「Anou~,Headmistress?Did something happen?beside where are you~?」 
A voice can be heard from above the stairs. 
I look at the direction of the voice. 
Having talked to the headmistress with idiotic voice not matching with the situation, a large quantity of scrolls ? the person carried large amount of scroll to the degree that i can’t even see the face. 
Judging from the voice it is a girl. 
「Right now i’m busy with something !」 
While struggling the headmistress raise an angry voice. 
Being surprised by the angry voice,the girl at the stairs screamed. 
*katsu* i heard a sound. 
such sounds is the sounds of the girl missed her footing on the stairs. 
At that moment me and the headmistress body stopped moving in an instant. 
Something is come flying. 
Toward this place. 
From the top of the stairs. 
. . . . . . 
Does the owner of that voice,falling down? 
「W..wait…it’s a joke right ! ?」
「Uwaa, we should get awayー」 
I try to struggle to get away,but since the headmistress also move violently it didn’t go well. 
Damn it. 
At least,i should not let the headmistress to get crushed as well. 
「Uu..uwaaaa ! ?」 
An impact hit my body and my field of vision turn dark. 
Slowly i opened my eyes, 
I can see an adorable girl with small face. 
For the time being it’s seems like she stop moving. 
Before no one know the situation changed. 
The headmistress sandwiched my side with her legs,in horse riding position. 
or rather. 
when looking at her in this position and close proximity, she’s really adorable. 
Ruby-like eyes,is this really a human eyes?it’s beautiful. 
To check on my face the headmistress brush up my hair. 
「Well then……let’s enjoy it after this okay.. ? 」 
Though i can see smile on her lips but,from her deep crimson eyes i can feel chill run down my spine. 
Her eyes didn’t laugh. 
「Is there a chance to give an explanation ? 」
「I see.」
It’s over. 
I mean, 
「Err,from sometimes ago,there’s something hitting my crotch butー」 
The line of sight of the two of us looking at my crotch 
There we saw a girl with a tender chestnut-colour hair buried her face against my crotch. 
It was the girl who got tripped and fall down while carrying a large amount of scroll(documents) from upstairs. 
There’s no reaction coming from her,it’s seems she lost her consciousness…… 
*kii*, the headmistress eyes glares at me. 
「is this your aim ?」 
「Eh ?」 
「Just before she fall down ,i could see your movement」 
「Ah that is,as to not let the headmistress get crushed under iー」 
「Fuun,is that so」 
「But still capital punishment」 
「Then for what reason did you ask that question ! ?」 
The headmistress smiles daringly. 
「You know,i’m strict to a pervert with no integrity.」 
Somehow this child is, scary. 
「The guard over there,and Liza !」 
The headmistress line of sight change. 
The guard-san and Liza san who looked at the situation with dumbfounded face snapped and react. 
「Y..yes !」 
「W..what is it ?」 
「I won’t forgive any interfering. therefore be silence」 
「No..,but no matter how you look at this just now seems to be an accidentー」 
「its unfortunate but there’s no room for any argument. it is undeniably that this man rub his body over mine,even the feeling is still remain」 
it was Liza-san who tried to help me out,but the headmistress cut her argument and throw it away. 
This is what they call to turn a deaf ear. 
well,i can’t say anything to the headmistress second-half argument. 
A fact is a fact. 
After the headmistress carry the girl with chestnut hair,she took some distance from me at one. 
And at that moment i saw it incidentally,there’s some paper that has been flying in the air due to that girl fell down. 
somehow i recall the scene of the flying betting ticket at the racing track 
….this time is not the time to remember of such thing. 
now then,what should i do. 
「The pervert boy over there i will give you my punishment. it will be little bit painfull」 
After saying that the headmistress begin moving her finger on the air. 
Writing letters …….in the air? 
such elegant movement. 
The trace of the headmistress finger start to emitting some light. 
. . . . . . . 
I feel something dangerous from it. 
Is that a preface to activate a magic ? 
I have such feeling. 
「Wa,wa waaa~」 
I’m who sensed danger tried to stand up but tripped on the spot immediately. 
it’s hopeless. 
i can’t keep my balance because both my hands and feet are being tied up. 
Well,the headmistress didn’t get crushed under me and seems to be lively. 
i guess,i should consider it a good thing that she’s safe. 
That guard,what a bastard. 
Though i guess it’s because he’s jealous of Liza-san helping the random person such as myself a lot. 
To think it’s for something like that. 
Haaah…i leak a sigh. 
Or rather,as expected the headmistress would execute me huh? 
Well…despite being not on purpose,i did something like that after all. 
Even in the previous world doing something like that is also a crime. 
I confirm the surrounding situation. 
There’s seems to be no room for an excuse huh. 
Once again i sighed. 
Will i died because of『Lucky pervert』 development? 
The reality is not that sweet huh. 
At any rate,i take a look at the headmistress. 
For a magic to exist,it is really an another world huh…… 
What kind of magic will come out,i wonder.? 
Haha..but oh well,i guess i look forward for the afterlife. 
For an instant i thought whether i could start over my life again here.,though it was a short fleeting dream. 
In front of me who resigned my self,one paper which form a circle in the air fell. 
What is this ? 
Is this one of the document of that girl? 
The string that being used to tied the scroll become loose in front of my eyes. 
Some letter are written there. 
Is it a poem? 
I guess i was right. 
With great effort i try to read it,does the words written in here will become a death poem when i finish reading it.? 
After all i can read it normally. 
「Nnn,let see」 
i run my eyes over to read the letter. 
「【I,the forbidden spell of departure.,I,the king of chains,The prison of the furthest end,the ten thousands chains.,I,order thy to bind mine opponents…the ninth forbidden spell..release】?」 
Unintentionally i burst out in laughter. 
What kind of a joke is this. 
But well it can’t be helped. 
Although i don’t know who wrote this,to think that my death poem would be a chunnibyou-like poem. 
Iyaa,but i guess that’s okay. 
At least until the last moment i could laugh. 
To be able to laugh at my last moment,it’s definitely a good thing. 
Now then. 
Come at me. 
I shift my gaze to the headmistress with a refreshing feelings. 
There i don’t know since when the girl with chestnut hair who stand behind the headmistress wake up,but for some reason she looks surprised. 
However i don’t think the scene before me worth to be surprised about.,it is indeed surprising for me though? 
Don’t tell me,the magic that currently headmistress chant is really such dangerous spell ? 
The girl with chestnuts hair calls out to the headmistress. 
「Please don’t use a middle level magic ! if you make a mistake in the coordinate adjustmentー」 
The chestnuts haired girl pointed her finger toward me. 
「N….no…..r..right now…..」 
At that moment. 
Appear four hole in the space surrounded the headmistress. 
How should i say itーーthe opened holes are quite big. 
Such a dark red hole,it’s looks like a gate linked to another world. 
What is that ? 
Watch out,Headmistress.ー 
「Watch out,Headmistress ! !」 
The girl with chestnuts hair screamed.