Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 39

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Chapter – 39 (Partner)

“Huh ?”

Inside of my own room, in addition, other than the bed, there is a dresser and crystal light(in the form of candlestick), and a clock hanging on the wall has been added.

“Inside I’ve put some spare uniform, do use it when you need it to”
“… somehow, forgive me for bothering you in a various way and thank you very much.”
“That much is natural, isn’t it ? and then next isー”

The Headmistress pointed the clock on the wall.

“I’ll explain how to use that…”

I was happy enough that I got a clock, but to think that it is a clock with waker function(?).
By any chance, does the things that happened when Mia-san wake me up in the morning had been found out ??

“And lastly, this…”

She handed me a small bag…
It’s slightly heavy…

*cling*, I heard some sounds coming from it.

“For now, there are five silver coins, I would be handed this earlier if I’d know that you would go to the sacred ruin today…”
“Such thing is… ! you don’t have toー…”
“No, please do accept it. and you can use it to make a proper preparation for sacred ruin exploration. though it is good to be modest, you are already partnered with someone for sacred ruin exploration no ? if your equipment were poor, you will only end up troubling her instead, am I right ?”

I close my mouth and receive the bag with the silver coin.
It is just like what she said…

“… I’ll definitely return it one day, without fail.”

The Headmistress smiled.

“I see, I’ll be waiting then, though I won’t be expecting it”

After that, Makina-san urges me to sit down on the bedside.

“ーHeadmistress ?”

Makina-san sits beside me quietly.
While combing her hair which gives a captivating sense, she begins opened her mouth.

“Ara ? what is it ? where else do you think I should sit ?”
“Well, that is true… howeverー”

The bed leaked a small creak sound.


When I think about it, I’m alone together with the Headmistress, just the two of us…
As soon as I realize the situation I’m currently in, the feeling inside me is stirred.
In the first place, what is it that the Headmistress want from me ?

Thenー, Makina-san white and smooth hand extend and touch my cheek.

“H-Headmistress ?”
“It seems like you have become rather good looking is it not ?”
“… G-Good looking ?”
“Become good looking or whatnot, it’s only been 3 days since I’d come here though…”
“That’s not it, I see that it seems like you have calmed down quite considerably.”

Me ? calmed down ?

When the Headmistress separate her hand from me, I try to fix my posture.

“You, have you still remember the time when you had just arrived here ?”
“… Yes, I do.”

Ah, I see…
It is because she wished to talk about this kind of thing that she makes us go to the second floor.
Since for now the only one who know that Sagara Kurohiko comes from another world is the Headmistress after all.

In other words, Makina-san hasn’t yet to tell Mia-san that I come from a different world.
Well surely. even if we told Mia-san about it, I think it will just make her confused instead.
For that, it can be viewed as the Headmistress consideration toward Mia-san as well.

The Headmistress then continues the talk,

“Since the first day you’d come to this world, until today… you, you’re forcing yourself to behave cheerfully isn’t it ?”
“Being cheerful, forcibly ?”
“Indeed, when I hear the story that you’d come from another world… somehow I felt such impression.”
“You might be doing it for your own self, you show your high spirit appearance, but actually deep inside you’re quite uneasy is it not ?”


Uneasiness huh ?

“To be honest, regarding the story that you’d come from another world, I”m still half in doubt. it’s just… if I were to travel to another world myself, then, it’s normal for me to feel uneasy is it not ?”
“The truth is, you’re very confused no ? that’s why for the sake of not getting crushed by that uneasiness and confusion, you try to stir up your own feeling… though I don’t know if you’d done that deliberately or unconsciously.”

What should I answer her… ?
When she mention it, I do feel that is how it is… however, I also think that my character was like that from the start.
Though it might be weird that  someone doesn’t even know about their own self.

“At any rate, I’m really grateful toward Makina-san, let see… is there anything that I can repay the favor with ?”
“Fuun, repaying a favor is it ?”
“Ne~, Kurohiko…”

Suddenly Makina-san moves her body closer.

“… W-What is it ?”
“If you wish to repay the favor toward me then…”
“Yes ?”
“From here on, will you listen to my idle complain ?”
“… Ha ?”
“I have it pilled up you know ?”

When I responded to her ambiguously, the Headmistress scowled at me.

“I haven’t heard your answer… how is it ?”
“I-I understand ! Please, by all means, let me hear it !”
“Very good…”

From there on, I agreed to listen to the Headmistress idle complaint.
Her complaints subject are mainly about the higher ups that she brings along when we had the magic art lesson back then.


I guess being a Headmistress have various problems too…

Then the complaint continues, while I answer her with appropriate words such as 「fumufumu」, 「I see」, 「Hohou」 ,「Indeed ! 」. 
However, it seems like my fatigue catches up to me, and began to feel that my consciousness gradually fades away.

T-This is bad…
I need to concentrate on the story…
It would be rude toward the Headmistressー 
That’s why, the storyー 


I opened my eyes.
In front of my eyes is… fabric ?
Is it clothes ?
Eh ?
On my ears, I can hear a tender breath.
Huh ?
Is someone pats my head just now… ?
Nn ?
Or rather, what is going on ?

“Oh my~, you’re already wake up aren’t you ?”

I turn over my head which faces to the side.
There’s the Headmistress face overlooking me .

“M-Makina-san !?”

Then I realized what kind of position that I’m currently in.
I see.
When I was waking up just now, my face had faced Makina-san abdomen, isn’t it ?
So right nowー
My head is on the Headmistress lap.

“Wah, I-I’m sorry ! … or rather, why I, this situationー”

Contrary to my surprise, the Headmistress put her hand on her lips and laughed lightly.

“I’m sorry, I’d forgotten that you are already tired. if someone with that kind of condition and has to listen to my boring idle complaints then no wonder if you fall asleep.”
“N-No… Iー”
“What would you do ? if you wish, I don’t mind to stay in this position a little while longer.”
“No, it is enough…”

As I said those words, I raised my body and reseated myself next to the Headmistress.

“I’m really sorry, for Iー…”
“It’s alright.”
“How long did I slept ?”
Around 30 minutes I think ?”
“I see…”

What am I doing, honestly…

“Fufufu, you don’t have to worry about it.”

The Headmistress pat my shoulder as she said those words.

“Well, since I also feel refreshed… as a listener, you don’t have to mind it too much, you may take it easy…”

Somehow she shows a bright smile.

However immediately,

“I’ll say it just in case, revealing it to the others is futile ?”

She gave me a warning.
I smiled wryly and answered,

“I understand”, I said…

“However… even though you had sleep on my laps,  you act like there’s nothing…”
“… I had abandon my worldly desires at the time I’d come here… I’ve been enlightened.”

The Headmistress grab my clothes collar then pulls it toward her.
And with me in bending position,

“How about this ?”

With this angle, I can somehow see the Headmistress’ breastー

“ー Wha-what are you doing !?”

I close my eyes and pulls back my body in a hurry.


I opened my eyelids slightly…

“What’s this… it seems like it is still there after all… your worldly desires.”

There the Headmistress floats a mischievous smile toward me.

“P-Please give me a break…”

Perhaps since I was born as a man, it’s impossible to throw away my worldly desires after all…

“Now then…”

The Headmistress stood.

“I will go back now. you should take some rest.”
“… Yes.”

….. emm, does the thing happened just now necessary, though ?

“What is it ?”
“No, it’s nothing.”

I get up too and see her off.

“… Ah right, regarding the other forbidden spellー”

Makina-san turned around and looked at me.

“About the other forbidden spell, I intend to gather them all. that also includes those which the location are unknown.”
“Depending on the person, sometimes they might not realize that they possess a forbidden spell incantation book is it ?”
“Indeed, that is possible. besides, because it is not sure that this country only has one. it wouldn’t be necessary to be particular about the four documents… I’ll investigate the neighborhood more.”
“The place where the forbidden spell have been identified, is it difficult to obtain ?”
“Well, it’s not like I don’t have a connection at the empire and Luveruarugan, I will try  to negotiate there as much as possible as well.”


“Headmistress, you seem attached to the forbidden spell very much isn’t it ?”

Makina-san then took one step closer toward me.

“That’s right, even for me, this is an unexpected find.”
“Is that really so ?”

The Headmistress took my hand.

“From now on, I want you to be a good partner”
“… Me too.”
<TLN : Sounds like a proposal isn’t it ?>

Makina-san crimson eyes stared at my eyes.
Her gaze feels like drawing me in.

“One dayー I will collect all the forbidden spell.”
“However, if you don’t want to, then I won’t force you, since the effect of using the forbidden spell is also still unknown.”

In return, I look at Makina-san pupil tightly
I Intent to convey my determination.

“If Makina-san wishes for it.. then I will learn all the forbidden spell.”
“If back then Makina-san didn’t believe me that I am an another world person then, I might be won’t be here by now”
“If Makina-san wishes thenー for your sake, I will use the forbidden spell as many as you like.”

Makina-san took one step back when I released her hand.
The one that appeared on her face is, smile…

“… Thank you, Kurohiko. I’m happy if you said that…”


After the Headmistress left the room, I’m the only one stayed in the room, then I slipped back into my bed just like that.
As expected, my fatigue had been piled up.
Immediately I feel a strong drowsiness.


Like this, my third day at another world ended.

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