Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 38

Chapter – 38 (Dinner)

“Makina-san ?”
“I asked Mia to call me when you’d returned home.”

Mia-san who standing diagonally from Makina-san’s back lowered her head.

“I’m sorry for not telling you beforehand.”
“My, it’s not like this is your fault, Mia. after all, I’m the one who told you to be silent about it to surprise Kurohiko.”

Makina-san then continue,

“Now then, please take a seat Kurohiko.”

I then took a seat opposite to her place.

In front of my eye, there are meat with the bone steak and marinade fish dishes, dishes that will stimulate one’s appetite are lined up before one’s eyes.

“Since I know that you would come with an empty stomach, let’s continue talking while eating… now thenー”

Next Makina-san shows an expression of appreciation.

“First, regarding unveiling the forbidden spell during the magic art lesson, thank you for your hard work.”
“Regarding that, is it really alright ?”

After a short pause, Makina-san answered.

“There are few reasons as to why I wish to conceal the existence of a forbidden spell user, there are matters regarding your personal safety, and also I want to keep a hidden card to achieve my goal, thenー”

Makina-san then smiled that gives a sense of self-mockery.

“It would also make it easier for me to snatch away the other forbidden spell documents from its owners.”
“The other forbidden spell…”

I do think that there were other forbidden spells since mine were the “ninth” forbidden spell.


At least there are another eight forbidden spells exist somewhere.

“There are four other forbidden spells which the whereabouts of it are known, by the way, this information is gathered yesterday and today, and there is no new information in particular.”

Makina-san raises her hand above the table and put up four fingers.

“One is in the possession of the god of war country Luveruarugan.”
<TLN : ok here, the “god of war” can also be read as “war hero”, in these case, I don’t know which one more appropriate… as for the country name, I leave it as is since I don’t know how to make it sounds english-ish>

After said that, she closed her forefinger.

“Then Gyntarioz Empire possessed two.”

She then closes her middle finger and third finger at the same time.

“Though I’m not quite sure that the empire has a control over one of them.”

Then she closes down her little finger after saying,

“And then the remaining one, possessed by one of the three major organization at the country of the end.”

After the Headmistress said those words, she put her hand on the table quietly.

“Even if I want to obtain them, well, everything is just trouble.”

At the northeast of the continentー at the north of Lunezret kingdom, there is the god of war country, Luveruarugan,
And then a large country situated in the western part of the continent, occupying half of the continent, Gyuntarioz Empire.
Both nations are a country that appeared in the liberal art lesson.
Lastly, the country of the end huh…

“Besides, for example, if the forbidden spells user existence were not come to light, the empire and Luveruarugan will suspect me if they get information that I’m trying gathering the forbidden spell documents.”

Even if she want to gather them behind the closed doors, as expected, since it was a foreign territory, the degree of difficulty is too high I guess,

Then Makina-san shrugs her shoulder.

“Above all, if we conceal the forbidden spell, and restrict it use, it will also restrict your performance for the sacred ruin exploration too… in the first place, we can’t just explain it to them that you are using a 『unique incantation』  if you can’t even use the magic power.”


“Incidentally, regarding the sacred ruin…”

Her expression turns a little bit severe.

“It seems like you had gone there already ?”


“… Yes”
“I thought surely you would go to Claris place immediately… I guess, that was my miscalculation.”

I shrug my body in regret then answered.

“I’m planning to go to Claris-san place tomorrow.”

Since conveying my feeling to Kyurie-san took the first priority after all…
Though I ought to reflect in various ways regarding my own action.

“I would like to ask you something… how about your tool and equipment ?”

Makina-san dropped her shoulder in amazement when I explained to her everything.

“Good grief… well, if you don’t reflect on this, I guess, I’ll have given you capital punishment.”
“I will get capital punishment if I don’t reflect !?”
“Indeed… as a man.”
“As a man !?”
“You know… that kind of thing…”
<TLN : she meant it as castration here>

Makina-san answered with  『that kind of thing』  lightly and wash away my question, then she continues,

“You, it seems like you’d declined lady Cecil invitation to join her exploration group ?”
“You know it ?”

Makina-san put her hands on her forehead while sighed.

“… It is not about me knowing it or not, this story had spread within the academy you know ? honestly, it is to the point that the story of  『forbidden spell user exist』 vanished.”
“I-Is that so ?”
“Getting an invitation from that Cecil Arclight is already a surprise, no one thought that to think there would be someone who declines it. rather than being surprising it, it’s crazy.”

Makina-san then raises her face.
Then she stares at me with half-opened eyes.

“I want to openly hear it from you, why did you decline it ?”


Let’s say it clearly here.

“… There’s someone whom I wish to partner up with.”
“May I interrupt ?”
“Why not ask Cecil-san to invite the person that you wish to pair up with to her group as well ?”
“Well… I think it will be difficult to do that.”

More or less I’d thought about it.
It’s just, currently, for Kyurie-san and Cecil-san to be able to get along is, as expected, I feel it would be hard.
After all, when I remembered their exchanges after school, well…

“I see… so, is that student, more attractive than lady Cecil ?”
“Attractive is it ? umm, how should I answer this…”
“… what is the name of that student ?”
“The name of the student is Kyurie Velstein.”

Makina-san eyebrows twitched.

“… A girl ?”
“Eh ? well, yes…”
“Fuun… that girl, is she beautiful ?”

Beautiful or not, is it important ?
The Headmistress then raise a cold tone while leaning on the chair.

“Well, that’s fine… so, that Kyurie Velstein, is her skill good ? after all, you choose her and decline lady Cecil invitation right ?”
“Probably, I think she’s strong…”
“That’s a very ambiguous answer…”

I don’t know how much powerful Kyurie-san is.
Whether she’s stronger than Cecil-san.

“However, she’s a very reliable person.”
“Is that so.”

By the way, it seems like the Headmistress didn’t know Kyurie-san remark that she’s a former member of the sixth institution.
or rather, it may be that no one seriously believed that Kyurie Velstein is a former member of the sixth institution.
Well, it’s not like there’s a proof of her being one either.
However, I think what she had said is the truth.
Though it’s just my guess.

While Makina-san still stared at me across the table, she said,

“I was about to take a measure regarding your personal security as well as the matter regarding your sacred ruin exploration group… however, it seems like it was a unecesary effort.”

The Headmistress seems like she’s planning to take some measure.
Having no oversights in everything… the Headmistress seems to have such sense of security.
<TLN : This means, that “no one knows everything”>

Furthermore, when I think about it, I felt happy.
Even if the reason for her is not because of 『Me』 but the 『Forbidden spell』.

Until here, Makina-san seems to have remembered something.

“Ah, I’m sorry… I make the talk too long isn’t it. now then, please enjoy the meal.”

Come to think of it, I didn’t touch any dish even after holding my fork.

“T-Then, Itadakimasu.”

After she told me, I put the dish into my mouth.

Makina-san also starts eating the dish albeit with a small portion.
Her eating figure is really elegant.
And then when 80% of the dish on the table are already eaten(Though most of it are eaten by me) , Makina-san wipe her mouth with a napkin and continue the talk.

“So, how is your impression of your first day attending the academy ?”

*Haha* I laugh bitterly.

“I will try my best to grasp and get used to the academy… that was what I feel.”
“Is that so…”

For some reason, we remained silent.
Topic, is there some kind of topic, me !

Ah. right !

“Emm, Makina-san, I would like to ask about something.”
“Oh my~, what is it I wonder ?”
“The boys dormitory, is it really full ?”
“Even if I’m able to do something about it… if you were to stay in the boys dormitory, then I won’t be able to visit you at night like this right ? in addition… if they find out that 『the Headmistress visiting the forbidden spell user in the night』 , the surrounding will look at me uncomfortably for what I’m doing.”
“And let me say it once again, this is a measure to keep your own safety, don’t worry about it… now then, Mia.”

Mia-san who standing and waiting, hearing her name being called answered.

“Yes ?”
“You may put away the dish, and please tidy it up. after you finish doing it, you may take some rest.”

I raise my body…

“Let me help you…”
“There are still some things that I would like to talk with you. leave the cleaning up to Mia.”

Being said of such thing, I sit down on my chair once again.


Mia-san then smiled at me and then lightly bow her head.
Her facial expression is as if saying  『Please leave everything to me』 .

Then I saw Makina-san looked at the stairs directed toward the second floor.

“The remaining talk, shall we continue with it on the second floor ?”
“The second floor ?”
“Because the talk that I wish to talk are some private matters, well then Mia, I’ll leave the rest to you.”

Mia-san then bows her head.

“Yes, certainly.”
“Well then, let’s go Kurohiko…”

We both then raise our body and start to head toward the second floor.
but at that timeー

“Yes ? w-what is it Kurohiko-sama ?”
“Thank you for the bath, it was really great, and also… today dinner is Mia-san cooking right ?”
“It is very delicious… thank you very much for the meal.”
“Such words… I-I feel honored !”

Mia-san then bows her head deeply.

“… now then, let’s get going…”

And then, I go to my own room in the second floor together with Makina-san.