Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 37

Chapter 37 (Return)

After we come out from the sacred ruin, we head toward the sacred ruin assembly hall.

“Well then, I will change my clothes.”

Kyurie-san then pointed to the pillar at the entrance hall with her finger.

“I will be waiting there… you can take your time.”
“Yes, thank you very much”

Then I walk toward the counter.
I received my uniform from the person in charge, and then I go to the locker room and change my clothes.

“Oh, it’s you… How is it today harvest(profit) ?”
“Hmm let see… if you ask me if I got some, then yes I do.”
“Oh is that so, then that’s good… well, from now on do your best.”
“Thank you…”

After having such exchange with the person at the counter, then I go toward the meeting place.
Since it seems like the equipment that being used by Kyurie-san is her own, and she wore her academy uniform, she doesn’t seem like to have any business at the assembly hall.
By the way, even if one have their own equipment, they still have to take care of the procedure at the assembly hall.
Some students find it troublesome to do the procedures, however, many students seems kept their equipment and tools here.

I see Kyurie-san standing leaning on the hall pillar looking down on the floor while folding her arms.


In the case of Kyurie-san, with such standing posture is, how should I say it, she looks good.

From the fact that the students inside the hall sight directed toward her, even if she’s just standing, people will still be fascinated.

“Sorry to have kept you waiting.”

Kyurie-san separates her body from the pillar.

“Well then, shall we go ?”

The two of us moving toward the outside.
The students who gather in the open space had decreased considerably.
Even though I said that, compared to the time when I first come here, the people that still remain are still quite a lot.
possibly, the people who had gone inside the sacred ruin also increased.

Just a while ago, I saw the time inside the assembly hall, the time right now is past 08.00 at night.


Because I feel tired from going inside the sacred ruin for the first time, I want to return back and take some rest just like this, however…

I glance toward Kyurie-san.

Since this is such rare occasion, I want to go somewhere where we can settle down and have a nice chat.
of course, it depends on her agreement.

When I thought of such thing,

“You, after you arrived at your dormitory, get some rest.”

*pachi*, while she removes her bracelet, Kyurie-san said so.

“By the looks of it, you look very tired.”
“… I knew it, I guess it’s better for me to go back and rest immediately huh ?”
“After this, do you have something to do ?”
“Well, I want to ask about Kyurie-san if you’re free after this or not, since I still want to have a little chat, is what I thought, butー”

*Haa* Kyurie-san sighs.

“Something like that, you can do it tomorrow. you will wreck your body if you don’t rest your body when you have to.”
“… Indeed, alright then, I understand, I will take a rest immediately when I get back.”
“Please do.”

Then we both start walking side by side.
We both walks on the stone pavement which being lighted by the light of the crystal light standing at regular intervals.
Without any students passing us, the area surrounded in quietness.
The sounds of leafs rub each other.
And the sounds of insect from somewhere…

“By the way, I have one question.”

Kyurie-san start conversation.

“Yes ?”
“Don’t tell me you… don’t have any money to buy preserved food ?”

I looked down and shrug my shoulders.

“I’m ashamed…”
“… as expected huh ?

Kyurie-san breath out while looking amazed.
Somehow, I feel like becomes a burden for her, I feel a little bit guilty.

“I had a hunch before when I see your equipment at the sacred ruin, and when inside the assembly hall but… I see…”

When she said such thing, in that timing, my stomach  rumbling.


Is it because of she talk about preserved food ?
My stomach becomes noisy.
Noー Actually compared to the time when I felt hungry inside the sacred ruin, right now the feeling is considerably decreased.

Then Kyurie-san stopped walking.
And then she took out two dried meat wrapped in paper from her pouch.


Then she gives it to me.

“Eh ? hmm… this is ?”
“Eat it…”
“Is that okay ?”
“Fuu… eating it here or eating it after you get back to your dormitory, do however you like.”

Kyurie-san then took a watch out of her pocket.

“Also at this time, you should still be able to get food at the dormitory cafeteria… wait, you, the boys dormitory is in the opposite direction you know ? this direction is directed toward the girls dormitory.”

I see…
Kyurie-san think that I’ lived at the boys dormitory huh ?
… come to think of it, they said there’s no room at the boys dormitory, isn’t it ?


Well, that aside.
I should tell her about it.

“The truth isー”

Because there is some problem from the academy side, I have to live at the deserted(?) house near the girls dormitory… thus without telling lies I told Kyurie-san while obscure some part moderately.
The truth is I want to tell her about it just as is, however, since I didn’t ask the Headmistress as to how far can I tell another people about myself thus I have to keep some part vaguely.

I wonder how will she respond ?… thinking like that, I looked at Kyurie-san anxiously, then she,

“Well, you’re a forbidden spell user, after all, the academy side must be having some kind of plan… and also, since its close to the girls dormitory, it will be quite convenient since if there’s something happen, I can come rushing.”

That is what she said with an earnest expression.

Her serious expression that being illuminated by the crystal lamp is making me feeling startled.


I know it, Kyurie-san is really beautiful.
It’s as if a perfect beautiful sculpture has come to life…
While Cecil-san has a transient beauty, is Kyurie-san the cool beauty type with her strength and gallantness ?
… well, by the end of it, that was just my personal impression, though.

While I’ still being fascinated by her, Kyurie-san shows a puzzled expression ?

“… What ?”
“Ah, no… I-It’s nothing…”

I feel surprised when she asked that, which make my face turn hot.

“? you’re such a strange one…”

I try to arrange my breath next to Kyurie-san who wondered.
And then we continue walking toward the girls dormitory.

Along the way, I talk with Kyurie-san,

“T-The stars are beautiful isn’t it ?”
“Is that so ? there are not much of them appeared you know ?”
“How about you eat the dried meat instead ? You’re hungry aren’t you ?”
“W-Well then, Itadakimasu…”
“No, Wait, this dried meat, it tastes really delicious isn’t it ?!”
“Fuun, I don’t think it was such delicious thing though… did you really that hungry ?”
“Haha, they said being hungry is the best spice isn’t it ?”
“Here, a water bottle… drink the water from it”
“Eh ?”
“I’ll give it to you as well…”
“Is that really okay ? or rather, this is, Kyurie-sanー”
“Don’t worry… I’d never used it, I will buy a new one tomorrow.”
“What ?”
“… no, emm, I can really have it ?”
“T-Thank you very much.”
“… when the goblin attacked you, I’m sorry that I didn’t come and help immediately.”
“Eh ? no, Kyruie-san doesn’t have to apologize for something like that !”
“To be honest, I felt a bit hesitant back then, in the meantime, you’re able to bring it down…”
“Ah no, since I’m a forbidden spell user, I can’t lose to a goblin after all !”
“Even if that is so, that one blow with the sword… while putting all your strength, that was a very good strike.”
“When Kyurie-san praises it like that, it really makes me happy !”
“… you still need more practice though.”
“… Yes.”

“Umm, I… am I stink ?”
“Yes, very…”
“I-I’m really sorry !”
“Nah, I’m just kidding… you don’t have to worry about it.”
“Is that so ?… then I’m glad.”
“… no, as expected, it’s a little bit I guess ?”
“Eh !?”

Though there are still many things that I want to talk about, we’ve arrived in front of the girls dormitory while exchanging such harmless conversation.
Perhaps, because Kyurie-san were also worried about my fatigue, she didn’t ask anything much about myself either.
… such as the forbidden spell. 

“… Right, my house is just a little away behind this girls dormitory. well, it’s rented house though.”
“Aah, come to think of it, there was some kind of building there isn’t it. alright then, I will remember it.”
“Alright then, see you again tomorrow !… Kyurie-san ?”

Kyurie-san looked at me with a gloomy expression.

“I will ask you once again… do you really want to pair up with me ?”
“Yes, if Kyurie-san doesn’t mind it.”

She then exhales some breath…

“I understand…”

Then she turns her back,

“… well then, see you tomorrow.”

After saying such words with a small voice, she goes inside the dormitory.


Now then.
I should go back to my own place too.


“Ah, welcome back, Kurohiko-sama !”

When I opened the door, Mia-san who sitting down on the chair rise up and walk toward me in half running manner.

“Eh ? Mia-san ?
“Yes, it’s Mia”

*pikopiko* while her ears moving, Mia-san smiles enthusiastically.

I can see light from the windows, I wonder is there someone inside ? is what I was thought before, however, to think it’s Mia-san.

I guess, I should ask her,

“Mia-san… by any chance, does Mia-san come here to clean up the place ?”
“Err, yes. It is as far as I can do, but…”

Mia-san cheek dyed red while looking embarrassed.
I see…
This morning, when I leave this place, compared to that time, it has become such a beautiful place beyond recognition.
The furniture also increased slightly too.

“Thank you very much, Mia-san.”

I lower my head deeply.
“N-No, you don’t have to mind it ! and this is something that I do on my own accord after all ! words of thanks are…  you don’t have to…”

Though Mia-san thinks modestly, I was full of the feeling of gratitude toward her.

“By the way, Kurohiko-sama, umm… did you go somewhere after you’d finished your class ?”
“Yes, since I had various things to do… I go to the sacred ruin.”
“Eh ? in your first day !? A-Are you alright ?!”
“Somehow it is alright… however, I was a little bit too reckless and I’m reflecting on it right now.”
“That sort of thing is… I, as long Kurohiko-sama is fine then, this Mia think it is enough ! however…”

Mia-san looked at me with upturned eyes.

“If I can’t see Kurohiko-sama anymore, then Mia will feel lonely. that’s why… please don’t do something dangerous.”

After saying that, Mia-san lowered her head slightly.

“… I’m sorry, for saying such a thing suddenly.”
“No, I’m happy that you’re worried about me like that…”
“I understand. I’ll try to refrain from doing something rash again.”
“… Yes !”

Looking at Mia-san who looks happy.
It made me feel happy too.

“Aa, then…”

“I’ve prepared the bath if you want…”

Wooden cover is covering the bathtub when I went to the bathroom. also light steam inside the bathroom.

“Though there’s old bath heater provided, I’d boiled the water personally, and I think it’s still warm, though, with the new bath heater using crystal, it is easy to boil water again…”
“No no… this is quite enough.”

I’m thankful for this
Just right when I’d arrived and find myself that a bath had been prepared… to be honest, I feel really grateful.

“Well then, when Kurohiko-sama finished taking a bath, I will prepare dinner… how about it ?”
“Is that alright ?”
“Shall I prepare it ?”
“Eh… ah, yes please.”
“Very well then, I will prepare it immediately. well then please make yourself comfortable and heal your fatigue…”

After saying that, Mia-san walks back.

with that being the case…
I entered the bathroom after such a long time hasn’t entered one.
I take off my clothes and entered the bathroom.
And then, I sit down on a small bathroom stool.
There’s a transparent bottle with a green liquid inside of it, is this a soap(?)

“This looks like something made using the extract of loquat leaf, is this for washing one hair ?… let see…”

A little while ago, Mia-san had given me a little bit explanation, well, in short, it is a shampoo.
I take it out and then wash my hair.
Hmー, it has such refreshing fragrance…

Then I wash my hair with the water, after that, I began washing my body with soap next.

“Ooooh… it felt really refreshing.”

After that, I immersed myself in a bathtub.

“Aah… this is the best…”

I feel like all my fatigue were come out from my body.
Aah… as expected… this is great…

Like that, I recalled what had happened today.
It was such a long day… no, wait, it’s not ended yet though…


Being able to pair up with Kyurie-san… that is the greatest thing happen today I guess…
of course, I also happy that Cecil-san had invited me…
And there are also other wonderful things.
while all happened simultaneously.


Come to think of it…
Today, it’s my first time and the difference with Kyurie-san is very huge, however, there’s time from tomorrow onward.
Tomorrowー let’s meet Claris-san and ask her things regarding the forbidden spell.
From now on, I’ll use forbidden spell when I’m inside the sacred ruin without hesitation.
Even if it’s just a little, I would like to become a little bit known.

… well, for now, I should just rest my body leisurely.

ーAfter that, I took my bath quite longー


After I go out from the bathroom, I wear the silk clothes that Mia-san had prepared.


My heart and soul feel refreshed !
And then I go toward the dining room ーrather than the dining kitchenー
on the table, steam comes from the delicious looking cooking.
and Mia-san waits on the side.


Turn out I wasn’t alone, there’s another person who already sat down on the chair.

“You’re quite slow aren’t you, Kurohiko ? It seems liek you ejoyed the bath very much, I’m glad…”

The one who sat down there is the gothic loli Headmistressー Makina-san.

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