Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 36

Chapter 36 (Once Again)

Why is Kyurie-san here ?
Certainly, she should be already gone back to the girls dormitory…
Did she have a plan to come here after gone back to the dormitory ?

Kyurie-san also looks like in a bad mood.

“Err… Kyurie-san…”

When I call her name, Kyurie-san frowned as if she has given up on something.

And then,

“ーyou, are you stupid ?”

That is what she said with stern expression…
However, her line of sight is as if checking my whole body.

“With that kind of equipment, furthermore coming to the sacred ruin alone… even if you’re able using the forbidden spell, I don’t think you’re sane…”

I couldn’t return her words…

I was about to go backー is what I want to answer her with but, I couldn’t.
That is because I was about to go down to the lower layer just a moment ago.

Kyurie-san without changing her reproach tone continued…

“I guess almost everyone had told you that 『don’t get eaten(don’t make light)』 isn’t it ?, that is the special characteristic of the sacred ruin, once in a while there will be a curious one who go inside the sacred ruin alone, however, it is highly recommended that one should go with no less than 2 people together, if one going to the sacred ruin alone, their chance for being 『Eaten』 is high… when someone coming here alone, mostly their ability to make judgement tend to be dull… “
<TLN: there we go, previously I write that as “don’t make light” because the words can mean both, and I thought don’t make light is more make sense… turn out…the author mean it quite literally.> 

Iー, indeed, I’d got myself 『Eaten』 right now…
Since just before, without thinking properly I thought  『one more layer should be fine』. 

“In addition, you’re unable to use the transfer device aren’t you ?”
“… yes “

That’s right…
There’s a problem if I want to go to the sacred ruin from here on alone, and it is about “that”…
Before I gone inside(dive) the sacred ruin, I saw the students that being transferred(teleported) back.
They have returned back to the above ground from inside the sacred ruin using the return device.
However, as to how to activate that transfer deviceー well, in fact, that is the problem I’m facing…

To activated the transfer device, I have to pour magic power into it.
And the reason why this academy first and foremost requirement for a new student is 『whether or not one can use magic power』, largely because of this…
I knew of this since from the after school explanation…
If one can’t use magic power, then one can’t use the transfer device.
That’s why if the person can’t use magic power, that person has to find a way back above ground by themselves.
Inside the sacred ruin where a map is meaningless, the transfer device is very important…

To tell you the truth, I was planning to ask help from other students inside the sacred ruin when I’m going to return, is what I think.
In exchange, if the monsters attack at the time we start the return device, I’ll handle it using the forbidden spellー the point is, I will cooperate only this time, and I thought it was a reasonable plan…

I can’t say it was a perfect solo exploration plan, and I was also unable to erase my hesitation until the end.

However, when I was stepping my foot inside the sacred ruin for real, I think solo exploration is an unreasonable thing in the first place.
After all, I’m unable to meet anyone…
Possibly, I might meet people inside the big room or inside the return room.
But right now I don’t have the confidence in that theory.

At first, I thought as long I’m able to use the forbidden spell, I can find one way or another…
However just like before, there would be a time when the chant won’t make it in time…

The sacred ruin is not that kind.
I was naive…

That’s why,

“… I’m sorry, I, ーdidn’t think of this thoroughly…”

I hang my head in shame.
And Kyurie-san stepped forward silently…
Then she holds my hand and pull it toward herself, and close the door.

“For now, come here…”

We lined up our body side by side on the passage wall.
I can see a long sword hang on Kyurie-san belt.
It’s just, she wears her uniform…
She didn’t change her clothes into exploration uniform.

Noticing my glance, Kyurie-san turn her eyes looking directly at my eyes.

“Fuu… I too also going to see the sacred ruin for a bit and then go back immediately. besides, if it’s me, I won’t end up being 『Eaten』 by the sacred ruin… even with this equipment, I will be fine to explore the sacred ruin alone until layer 20… though I not planning on going there right now.”

It seems like she’s quite confident of herself.
Although, I can also see a water pouch hang on her belt as well, which mean she comes prepared.
Inside her pouch, I can guess that there’s also a small amount of food.
By the way, some said that compared to the above ground, inside the sacred ruin, one will feel hungry and wanting to go to the toilet more often.
Though I don’t know if it’ is the truth or not.
In the previous world, I’d experience somehow wanting to go to the toilet when I was at the bookstore, or lost some appetite due some incident.
<TLN : Most people had experienced this in their life, basically related to being nervous…but, seriously?nervous at a bookstore?O.O…>
Unexpectedly, human body might be something that easily being influenced by the environment.
… of course, it’s a bit different with how its really feel inside this sacred ruin, but that was the only way I can describe it.

“When you said you’re thinking of doing sacred ruin exploration… I’ve never thought that you would just go in here like this, alone… there’s something wrong with you…”
“… I don’t have any excuse…”


Nn ?
H-Huh ?

“Emm, perhaps Kyurie-san… because you’re worried about me, you entered the sacred ruin ?”

Time stopped…
*BAM*, huge sounds can be heard from somewhere within the sacred ruin.
Kyurie-san ignores it and turns her face away…

“… who knows.”

ーThe sacred ruins will try to divide a different partyー

If that is really the case then, isn’t that mean, Kyurie-san had been following me at a certain distance ?
For example, because our distance is close to each other, the sacred ruin determine me and Kyurie-san as a 『Party』 and did not divide us.
I looked at Kyurie-san face from the side.
If it was true that she feel worried about me then, I’m really happy…
And at the same time, I feel regretted.
That I’d made her feel such thing.

“… I’m really sorry, Kyurie-san.”

For a while later, Kyurie-san takes a breath…

“If you feel like repenting then, by tomorrow, you should ask that daughter of Arclight family to put you on her party.”
“Eh ?”
“From what I can see, that girl wants you after all. Though it would be hard for her to says it, since she said that she would only form a party with those two who always together with her. however, if it’s you, there’s still the possibility that she will agree.”

Aah, I see…
Kyurie-san didn’t know that Cecil-san had invited me before this…

“… I declined invitation from Cecil-san”

*piku*, Kyurie-san shoulder jerked.

“What ?”
“To tell you the truth, after Kyurie-san leaves the classroom, she invites me to join her group”
<TLN : To not confuse, I don’t know why, that the author sometimes use the words of Party in katakana, and another time use the words of group/gang/etc in kanji…>
“… Why did you decline it ? with the current you, being in the same group with that Arclight family daughter would be the best you know ?”
“That is because I want to pair up with Kyurie-san…”

Didn’t believe what I had just said,
Kyurie-san looked at me with a worried expression.

“You… is your head alright ?”
“… Eh ?”
“You rejected that girl invitation and instead wishes to pair up with me ? I don’t understand your way of thinking… furthermore, after getting rejected by me, you go inside the sacred ruin by yourself… seriously, are you sane ?”

I avert my line of sight…
Somehow, I feel really embarrassed.

“Iー…. since I don’t have anyone in mind that I wish to pair up with other than Kyurie-san after all…”

Kyurie-san put her hand on her forehead and shows a troubled expression…

“However, that does not mean that you have to go enter the sacred ruin alone either…”
“I think that… If I broke this academy sacred ruin exploration record alone, Kyurie-san would then acknowledge my power(ability) and will agree to pair up with me… that is what I was thought.”

I tightened my lips,

“However… I also think that I was being rash… to be honest, I’d underestimate the sacred ruin”
“Why ?”
“Yes ?”

Kyurie-san shows an amazed expression.
As she folded her arm, she asked,

“Why do you wish to partner up with me ?”
“I, myself, don’t know why either… it’s just, I have a strong feeling of wanting to pair up with this person…”

Kyurie-san then show slightly bitter expression seemingly feels dejected…

“With such uncertain reason, it won’t give me any persuasion power you know… howeverー”

Kyurie-san expression becomes tense…

“As expected, my answer is the same as before, Iー”

I interrupted her words

“I’d asked the wrong question last time…”
“What ?”

I clenched my fist and directly looking at her…
And then I asked…

“Compared to the people from the sixth institution, my forbidden spellー, which one is stronger ?”

At that moment, Kyurie-san facial expression changed.
She opens her eyes wide, taken by surprise.
And after several second, she opened her soft lips gently.

“… who knows, about that… I, myself, not sure about it”
“I intended to resolve myself regarding the danger that will come…”

It’s not like I wish to die once again.
However, since I have a dream of rising in life.
<TLN : For those who forgot, rising in life means becomes great/famous/big/popular/etc in life…>
That’s why,

“Naturally, I’m not planning to die easily.”

*Tch*, Kyurie-san clicked her tongue.
However, that tongue-clicking feels nothing to me.
Rather I feel that she directed that toward her own self.

“I want to ask you one thing…”
“Yes ?”

Kyurie-san gaze shoots directly through my eyes.

“What do you think about death ?”

About death ?
Death huh…
How should I answer this ?
Though I had lived in the previous world, I feel like I’m only being able to say “I’m alive”
Comparing this world to the previous world, I feel closer to death back then than now.

If I think about it myself.
My answer isー…

“Whether you’re dead or alive, the most important thing is how you convince yourself that you’re alive or not…ー well, I don’t know if this kind of answer is alright or not, though…”

My voice grew smaller in the latter half, however, that is my honest thought.
And then toward my frank answer, Kyurie-san facial expression changed…
Dumbfounded, she shows surprised expression.

After thinking for a while, she exhales her breath and smiled…
I feel like she shows that smile unintentionally.

“Kyurie…-san ?”
“Fuu, I see…”

Kyurie-san looked at the distance…

“… in the past, there’s someone who said the same thing you see… I see… you think of it like that eh…”

At that time, the lower wall near us collapsed.
And from the hole, comes out, a goblin.

“Gigi… Giaaaaaa !”

Kyurie-san moved back from where she was standing slowly.
Then she put her hand on her sword hilt and stands at opposite to the goblin.

‘… Gi ? Gu…”

The goblin took a one step back.
And then,

“Gi… Gieeeeeeee !!”

Somehow, the goblin goes back inside the hole where he had comes out.


Kyurie-san then lets go of her hand from her sword hilt.

Uoooooh… d-don’t tell me, just now, that was the so-called thirst of blood ? with only that, the goblin runs away ?

“ー you, do you really understand ?”

Turning her back, Kyurie-san said such words.

“Eh ?”
“Being in relationship with me.. by any chance, you might get yourselves involved in a troublesome thing because of the people of the sixth institution, and you also might lose your life… do you really understand ?”

Emm, is that meanー

“Is this regarding pairing up with me ?”
“I would like to hear your response…”
“O-Of course ! if I can pair up with Kyurie-san then I have no choice but consent !”

*Tch* Kyurie-san then clicked her tongue again…

“… You are really a whimsical guy aren’t you ?”

I scratch my cheeks and smiled wryly.

“And alsoー you’re an idiot… such a guy won’t have a long life you know ?”
“That might be so…”

While taking one step forward, Kyurie-san said,

“Fuu… well, I’ll protect you as much as possible.”

*kattsu*, Kyurie-san then begin walking.

“Well then, for now, let’s search the stairs leads toward above ground. if it’s the first layer stairs then, it will be found fast… and if there’s a monster appeared, I’ll instantly kill them.. be relieved.”
“H-How reassuring…”

After this, me and Kyurie-san found the stairs after searching for it for few minutes, and able to goes back to the plaza in front of the sacred ruin.