Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 35

Chapter 35 (Battle)

The goblin holds a small axe on its hand.
Its red eye staring at me.
… is it going to attack ?

I grasp the hilt of my sword with both of my hands.

“… Oh, right…”

First, I should find out whether or not forbidden spell can be used inside the sacred ruin.

Now then,
Target goblinー…

“I, the forbidden spell of departure, I, the king of chains, the prison of the furthest end, the ten thousand chains, under my commandー restrict mine opponents… the ninth forbidden spell, release !”
<TLN : Oh, finally the full incantation.>

The forbidden spell activated.
A red hole appeared surrounded the goblin.

“Gi ? Gigi ?”

Having red hole appeared and surrounded him, the goblin then thrown into panic.
<TLN : Actually, the raw didn’t state the goblin gender, but I somehow can’t make it right without adding he/she…>

The chains that come out from that red hole immediately restrict the goblin.

Forbidden spell can be used inside the sacred ruin.
Now, next isー

“I, pierce through the prisoners of the thousands chains, I, the black spear of greed that punishes the criminalー the ninth forbidden spell, second stage, release !”

Again, four holes appeared from inside of it appear black spears.

Blue blood gushed out…

“Gi, gaaaa ! ga… !”

The goblin life ended.
And the goblin body dissolved.
… even though the eye is red, the blood is blue huh… ?
While being proud, I think why the eye has such color.

It was at such time…

“Gigaaaaa !”

One goblin raised its axe and jumped at me.

“Eh ? Uwaaah !”

Were you hide behind the first goblin that appeared first ?!
When did you creep out from that hole… !?
I didn’t notice it at all !
R-Right, the forbidden spellー 

“I, the forbidden spell of departure, I, chainsー “

It’s too late, the goblin is already drawn near me…
I-I can’t, I won’t make it in timeー 

“ー D, Damn it !”

I push forward the sword I hold in my hands to the front furiously and with all my might.

The sword pierced the goblin abdomen.
However, while blue blood already comes out from the goblin mouth, the goblin still tried to take a back swing.


I can feel the blade gouge the goblin meat…

“Uwoooooooh !!”

With the sword piercing the goblin as is, with all my might, I raised the sword up.

“Gugaaaaa !”

The swords break out from the goblin left shoulder.
Blue blood falls onto me.

“Ga… gaga… gigi… gi…”

Right after the goblin released small moan… the goblin rendered in silence.
Immediately, the goblin body began dissolved.
The blue blood on my cheek raised *blub blub* sounds and disappear.
It feels a bit ticklish, but it does not seem to possess any danger.


I take a small breath.
That surprised me…


I turn my line of sight at the sword in my hand.
Even though it is a monster, I feel various emotion welled out within me from killing a living being..

If that so then, at the time I’d faced against that Cyclops, did I also feel the same ?


In fact, Iー 
<TLN : just in case, *dokun* is a Japanese heartbeat sfx>
Before, when I felt the blade tearing off the goblin meat, Iー 
I wasー 
Compared at the time I used the forbidden spell, Iー 
I feel, goodー 
I want to kill moreー 

“… Eh ?”

I wantー  to kill more ?
Huh ?
Whatー  did I said just now ?
That is, of course at the time when I do sacred ruin explorations in the future, I will end up killing more monster, butー …


R-Right, since I’ve found out that the forbidden spell can be used inside the sacred ruin, l-let’s end the day and go back now !

…that was my intention but,
I can’t find it…
The stairs that I had used to come down to the lower layer.

I tried to walk the same path as the one I’d used previously, however, somewhere along the way, I get lost, since it can’t be helped, I tried to search for the stairs leading to above ground aimlessly.
I don’t know if the rumor about the sacred ruin tried to divide parties so that they won’t encounter each other is true or not, but until now, I haven’t met anyone yet.

After quite a while walking and looking around, I’m unable to find the stairs leading up.
Did my thinking power weaken because of tiredness ?

I wonder if the stairs existed behind the door that I’d sometimes seenー … with such thought, in the end, I decide to open the door.
At first glance, the door that I opened is looked the same as the one that I’d passed previously, however, behind the door there’s a stair leading to the lower layer instead…


I feel hungry…
If I think about my current equipment and situation, going into another layer is impossible isn’t it ?
If it’s just another layer, won’t it be just fine ?
No no… what am I thinking…
Aren’t the warning 『Do not make light of the sacred ruin』  were about to happen now !?


But, what should I do ?
I have a forbidden spell…
And also a sword which I use to kill the goblin.
If that is the case, then, just one more layerー.

Thinking like that, Iー
Turn toward the darkness beyond the stair, and I took a stepー

“… Eh ?”

Hearing someone called from behind, I immediately turn my face.


The one who had called me is…


I cover my mouth with my hand…
T-That was close…
Seeing the person who stands behind me, I tried to hide my surprise…

“Kyu-Kyure… san ?”

That’s right…

The person who had called me is, Kyurie Velsten…

Weird fact : compared to the previous chapter, this chapter consists only 1/4 characters of the previous chapter(34)
Moral of the story : when it’s involve dungeon, one should bring food no matter what layer you’re going.
Personal opinion : TOO SHORT, AUTHOR !