Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 33

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Chapter 33 (Under the Sunset)

“Do you need something from me ?”

Kyurie-san looking at me who put both of my hands on my knee while having rough breath.

“… Haa, Haa…”

A-As expected, since I’m not someone who exercise my body, to get tired from running is not weird.

I tried to control my breath then raise my face…

“Kyu-Kyurie-san… I, ーI’m thinking of doing sacred ruin exploration but…”
“… And ?”
“Exploration group, will you go together with me ?”
“What ?”

Kyurie-san frowned…

“With me ?”
“Are you stupid ?”

Kyurie-san who understand what this all about shakes her head.

“For you to go this far to invite me. To partner up with me, there will be no benefits from it, since my existence in that class will without a doubt disappeared. pairing up with such person, what benefits will you get ?”
“Benefits or disadvantage, I don’t care about such thing, I, I just want to partner up with Kyurie-san.”

Hearing that Kyurie-san frowned hard.
She seems to be a bit displeased.

“I don’t understand why you want to partner up with me. if it’s because I’ve saved you at the day of entrance ceremony, then like what I’d said before, I’m doing that just on a whim, to mind  about such thing is rather irritating.”
“Then, what about at the time of battle practice ?”
“… I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

I recalled what had happened at the battle practice.

“Kyurie-san is actually a strong person right ?”
“Who knows…”
“Back at the training ground, you said you’re going to fight the whole class isn’t it ? and before at the classroom, I get the feeling that you’re really strong.”
“Yet Kyurie-san, during that battle practice, you resigned… and asked to be placed in the same special case group as me… are you not doing that because you don’t want I end up as the only one in the special case group ?”

And it’s not only that…
At the time of battle practice, Maro tried to verbally attack me, I wonder if Kyurie-san deliberately doing that ?
… I might just think about it too much.

There’s no change on Kyurie-san expression.

I held my breath and continue talking…

“Before in the classroom as well. Maー no, that’s not it, err… that person you know… ah right, Viburk !”

… I can’t remember the name of Maro immediately.

“At the time when he tried to attack me with false charge… you’re deliberately being stand out by trying to leave in that timing isn’t it ?”
“Trying to move with that kind of timing, and if we talk about Viburk, the other person who have quarreled with him during battle practice other than me is… Kyurie-san. Because of that, as a result, his focus switched from me to Kyurie-san… Am I wrong ?”

Kyurie-san action doing that, it is for my sake…
That might be the truth


“Fufufu… you’re more naive than that boy don’t you… ?”

Kyurie-san who heard my words leaked dry laugh.

“To think you imagine it that far… Viburk is indeed full of imagination, however, it seems like you too more imaginative than him.”
“But, let see… let’s pretend that your imagination is the truth. and because of that, you’re happily tried to invite me out of repaying the favor, howeverー it is better for you to stop trying to invite me, as expected…”

Kyurie-san erased her smiles.

“Do you know the sixth institution ?”
“I know of it, more or less…”
“Then, you understand do you ? the sixth institution people have a lot of suspicious story around them, just by being close, you might end up getting involved with something you don’t want… thus keep an appropriate distance is the best.”
“I guess so…”

And then Kyurie-san sighed then continue talking.

“I’ll say it clearly. don’t concern yourself with me, or your life might end up in danger…”
“… Khu”
“That’s why I warned you. It’s bad to be involved with me.”
“Let’s see… by tomorrow, try to ignore me, this is also for your own sake.”

After saying that, Kyurie-san turns her back and continue walking toward the girls dormitory.


Even though you said that…
You didn’t decline…

All she had said just now is about things won’t be good for me if I’m getting involved with her, and only that.
She hadn’t said anything such as 『I don’t want to partner up with you』 to me yet.
Or rather, when I think about it more properly, it is up to me who I want to concern myself with isn’t it ?

“Kyurie-san !”

I raised my voice and called her name.

“Those people from the sixth insitutionー are they stronger than that one-eyed demon ?!”

Then Kyurie-san stopped.
She turned her body.
And then with a small voice which barely reached my ears, Kyurie-san answered.

“… yes, they are stronger.”
“If it’s a person from the sixth institution then, even with 10 of that giant lined up together, they can defeat it in under 5 minutes.”

Kyurie-san looked directly at me.
While I’m only able to look at her mouth.

“… that is the kind of people they are, of course… that also includes me.”

Once again, Kyurie-san turned around her body and begin walking.

I clenched my fist.
Then I inhaled.

“Even so, I’ve not given up yet ! After all, I have not yet heard Kyurie-san said,  『I don’t want to be part of your group』!”

Thus, I said those lines which sound like coming out from some kind of stalker…


However, this time, Kyurie-san didn’t stop and continue walking just like that.
I’ve been left behind in this place alone.


I’ recalled what Kyurie-san said just before
『I don’t understand… why you want to partner up with me.』 
Of course, there’s also me wanting to repay the favor for helping me.
Me being delusional about the battle practice or about that incident after class, that is not the reason.
… because she’s a beauty with great style ? well, that is also not the reason.
The reason is…

One person ends up being alone, it’s painful you know.
Since in my previous world, I’m always being alone.
Oh well, it’s not like I was interested in a relationship either, that’s why I end up alone, and the reason why I don’t feel much pain from it.
And there’s also those who prefer being alone all the time at school.
But within the community, there will be always someone who concerned of you
At that time… I don’t understand it myself…

And sometimes I thought about it.
That I don’t care for being alone but having a 『Friend』 sounds like fun.
I’m not someone who’s able to accept it(for being alone) from the start either after all.
At the time of elementary school, or middle school, whenever I sit on my desk, somehow I feel lonely.

Because of that, I know how it feels for being alone.


“… Wait, it’s rude to put my case as the same as Kyurie-san.”

I looked at Kyurie-san back who’s already far away.”


Thinking about being a loner might be just an excuse…
I can think of various reason butー
I might simply just want to be on good term with Kyurie-san
In fact, isn’t that excuse better ?
Rather than thinking about troublesome reason.

I want to get close with Kyurie-san

That is enough.


But, I wonder why.
I feel a bit happy when my invitation being rejected.

“… now then, I should think a way to persuade Kyurie-san”

Umm, however, a method to persuade Kyurie-san…
Let see…

I guess this is the only thing that I’m able to come up with huh?
Let’s write a new record of this academy sacred ruin exploration.
Specifically, lets try to defeat something stronger than that one-eyed giant.
And then I will prove it.
Even if the other party(opponent) is a person from the sixth institution, I will not lose.
With that, Kyurie-san might accept my invitation.

However, Like this… am I going to do sacred ruin exploration alone ?
of course, in this late of game, I can’t say 『As expected, please let me join your group ! tehee~! 』 to Cecil-san…
Saying something like that is, as expected too shameless.
And joining with another students will only make it harder to invite Kyurie-san later on.


Well, whatever.
I’ll do it…
I’ll do it solo !
I’ll make a new record of sacred ruin exploration.

I look at the sunset.

Strike while the iron is hot…
From here on, I guess I will try to look what lies ahead for a bit.
And besides, I’m also want to try to look at it for a bit…

Sacred ruin>

I’ve decided.
I will try to go to sacred ruin now.


However, going at it alone, though I still have a lot thing that I don’t know… w-well let’s just treat it like some kind of school field trip.
Let’s try to walk around on the first layer of sacred ruin.

In this way, I turn my back and walk toward the sacred ruin located within the academy ground.