Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 32

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Chapter 32 (Answer)

J-Just now… Cecil-san’s inviting me to join her sacred ruin exploration group… right ?

Unconsciously, I’ pointed my finger at my own face.

“Did you ask me ?”
“Yes… I’m asking you, Kurohiko”

Cecil-san answered while looking awkwardly embarrassed.

“Its just, after you’d used the forbidden spell before… to be honest, It’s hard to invite you because of it butー…”

To think that I would get invitation directly from Cecil-san, I didn’t expect this at all.
Though it can be imagined, just how many invitations that she had received.
If its Cecil-san then, she can invite anyone, after all, she’s popular person.
Besides the merit of her inviting me is… ah, I see ! the forbidden spell huh ?
However, the way Cecil-san speak is…
She seems to be embarrassed by something…

“You see, emm… actually, when the battle practice lesson is over, youー”

Until there, Cecil-san paused and shake her head.

“ーNo, this way of saying it will be unsightly… that’s right, I think I wish to have you who have the power of the forbidden spell to join me. that’s why, how is it ? will you join my exploration group ? of course, if you want something as compensation, I’ll give you appropriate reward, let’s see… if it’s something that I can do thenー”
“Can you wait a moment ?”

A male voice can be heard inside the classroom.
Then I see the master of the voice.


It was Zix-san who interrupted Cecil-san.
He comes down the step and currently standing in front of me.

“… Zix ?”

Cecil-san looked puzzled.
After Zix-san glanced at Cecil-san for a moment, he turned toward me.

“Today, before the battle practice lesson took place… Cecil-sama had consulted to me and Hirgiz 『If he ends up being alone, perhaps we should invite him』 is   what she said.”
“Let me talk, Cecil-sama”

Zix-san brushes aside Cecil-san who called him with reproach tone of voice.
Then Cecil-san who tried to stop him stops saying anything.

And then Zix-san continue talking,

“From the start, me and Hirgiz, and then Cecil-sama, just the three of us will form exploration group. at the time when you’re not hereーby that I mean, at the time of the entrance ceremony, where students declared their team.”

Aah, I see now.
At the time the students make and decide their exploration group, I’m not present huh ?
Which remind me… the students who actually surrounded Cecil-san didn’t offer invitation toward her.
After the class is over, and the students found out about me being a forbidden spells user, they surrounded me instead, and no one seems to invite her despite her, being branded as a talented person, if I have to say that is weird, then it is weird.
… speaking of talented people, Aira-san seems had decided to join the upper-classman exploration group, that’s why she’s not here presently.

“At first, I and Hirgiz wondered who does she refer to, however, we noticed that it was you at the time of the battle practice lesson.”

Then I recall the time when we had a battle lesson.
When I was being defeated by the female instructor in one blow, Cecil-san protected me, and when the other students laughed at me, Zix-san and Hirgiz-san didn’t laugh at all.



“And then after the battle lesson was over, Cecil-san said to us that she’s going to invite to join her exploration group.”

That’s mean, that Cecil-san has the intention to invite me to join her exploration group even before she found out about the forbidden spell right ?

However, why I’m somehow…

“Looking at you, you seem like confused regarding the value of your own self… I’d also think that if you polished your ability, it will come out good. At that battle, that one blow… to be honest, I can feel your power is impressive, though I can’t say it was good, however, 『something』 is there.”

That one blow huh ?
Indeed, when I’m about to swung the sword, I sensed something different.

“But wellー”

Zix-san then continues talking while looking stiff…

“To that extent, speaking of inviting you to join our exploration group, for example, to be honest, me nor Hirgiz have a complicated feeling regarding it. in other words, me and Hirgiz other than “Forbidden Spell”, we don’t find value in you, different than Cecil-sama view see.”

Zix-san is a nice person eh…
In other words, this is what he want to say…
To him, after the revelation of me being a forbidden spell user, finally, make them able to see the value of inviting Sagara Kurohiko to their exploration group.
However, Cecil-san already had the intention to invite Sagara Kurohiko since before she find out about the forbidden spell.
That’s why the statement where Cecil-san said 『I wish to invite you for your forbidden power』 is not the truth… is what he want to tell me.
And to say it roughly he also wants to say 『Though we’re different than Cecil-san who can see your value even before knowing your forbidden spell, however, I can feel that you “hold” something』 toward me.
Perhaps Zix-san had said that for the sake of protecting Cecil-san honor isn’t it ?
Though I think it’s a bit roundabout, Zix-san concern toward Cecil-san is properly being transmitted to me.

“And… if you are going to join our exploration group then, I welcome you… that is what I wish to say. sorry, for being a bother.”

Zix-san said the last part while turning back.

“Your meddlesome part have not changed is it not, Zix.”

Cecil-san said those words while smiling and turn toward me once again.

“Though Zix had said that, I have an interest toward your forbidden spell as combat power is also the truth.”
“Cecil-san… Iー”

Cecil-san looked at me straight with her clear blue sky eyes.

“I’ll say it clearlyー… I want you.”
“……………….. !!”

The classroom grew noisy.


To tell you the truth, I felt my heart goes *kyuun*.
Then my heart starts beating fast.

“I w-want you” she said, to heard such words, f-from this kind of beauty is…
N-No, I know that she didn’t mean it that way… b-but, w-wait… what does she wants me mean…

Cecil-san places her hands on her chest quietly.

“Regarding the compensation, I’ll handle it to make sure that all of your wishes be granted as much as possible. The equipment for you to use at the time of exploration will also be provided by Arclight family.”

Cecil-san then holds out her hand toward me.

“How about it ? will you join me ?”


Until here, I felt really happy.
Because of what she said, somehow I felt happy for being able to use forbidden spell.
And also, being able to go to sacred ruin together with Cecil-san and her group, will undoubtedly make the difficulty decrease as well.
It is filled with a lot of merits.
And I can’t find any demerits in it.



“I’m sorry Cecil-san !”

I lowered my head.

“I’m happy that you’ve invited me but… I, have someone in this class that is on my mind which I wish to invite.”

I turn my body.

“K-Kurohiko ?”

Cecil-san shows a bewildered expression.

“I’m really sorry !”

After I’d said that, I walk to the door and open it, then leave the classroom.


I do want to join Cecil-san
I definitely feel that…


I,Sheー I began running looking for Kyurie-san figure…


While running on the corridor, I look around the surrounding carefully.
Kyurie-san, I wonder where is she ?
I felt students looking at me wonderingly, however, currently, that’s not important.
… Maybe it is because, one can’t run on the corridor.
Because thinking like that, I’ve starts to walk fast rather than running.

Let’s see, first looking on the first floorー ah, I see !
Since she looks like about to go back to her dormitory, that’s mean if I look in that direction I might find her.
I’ come down to the first floor, and then just like that begin running to the girls dormitory.

*Haa haa*I start thinking while short on breath.
Still, to think Cecil-san value me that high…

『If it’s something that I can do it thenーー』 


I wonder if I were to asked her to do lap pillow for me, will she do it ?
Otherwise, asking her to let me touch her anywhere for 5 minutes maybe ? or let me enjoy her hair fragrant for 3 minutes ?
Haa !
N-No no, I can’t do that !
Aren’t those last two example is completely making me a hentai !?
And besides… I don’t have a history of being one !
Or rather, right now is not the time for me to think about such stupid things !
I keep running while shaking of the man delusion from my mind.

After a short while.

“Ah, There… !”

Walking on the stone paving between trees, one can see a figure of a person with long silver hair swayed by the wind.
And also… that long leg under her skirt, I’m sure…

That person is Kyurie-san…

“Haa, Haa… K-Kyurie-san ! Excuse me, c-can I have a bit of your time !?”

Kyurie-san then stopped.
And slowly turn her head back.
In doing so, her long silver hair gently fluttered, and glittering by the sunset light.


Being fascinated by her, I lose for words…

Realize that it was me who called her, Kyurie-san shows slightly an amazed expression…

“… Oh, it’s you.”