Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 31

Chapter 31 (Kyurie and Cecil)

“T-The sixth institution you say… ? a-are you stupid ?!”

Maro face who looking up at Kyurie-san shows a slight fear running across it.

“Stupid ? what is ?”

Kyurie-san answers him calmly.

“N-No… about what you had said just now, who do you think would believe it ? that you’re a former member of the sixth institution ?”
“Fuu… indeed, well, it’s not really necessary for you to believe it, it’s justー together with someone who declare themselves as a former member of the sixth institution, what do you think your exploration group will think about ?”
“… Khuu”
“With that being the case, being aware that they are together with someone who said that they are a former member of the sixth institution, and if they believe that I’m a former member of the sixth institution, won’t they feel concerned ?”

It seems like he’s trying to see the reaction of the others, as Maro currently looking around in silent.
The others did not say anything and keep silent.
However… one can see that everyone clearly looks uncomfortable.

Hurry up and get done with it already.

Their face is as if saying those things as well.

“… Damn it.”

Maro then stands up, while clicked his tongue.
And then toward his followers who put themselves on guard he said,

“Oi, let’s get going… who want to stay in this kind of classroom with such gloomy atmosphere.”

Is what he said.

When going out from the classroom, Maro turned back and scowled at Kyurie-san.

“With this, without a doubt, you will be isolated within the classroom. or rather, I think the entire school will ignore you too… you better not thinking that an exploration group invitation will come to you after this. aa, and remember this… I’ll return this favor one day”
<TLN : favor in this sense is he’s going to take revenge.>

After leaving such words, Maro and his followers leave the classroom.
The door is closed.

After that, the tense atmosphere which ruled the classroom since a while ago finally starts to melt away… Howeverー

“Heー Viburk attitude is certainly troublesome…”

While speaking, a female student walks down the steps.

“I can understand that you make such statement for the sake of declining his invitation.”

It was Cecil-san.

By the way, I was going to go down too… however when I was about to walk, Cecil-san already begin talking…


I feel it hard for me to interrupt Cecil-san presently.
I can also see Zix-san who makes a difficult face, probably, he also finds it hard for him to interrupt Cecil-san right now.

After Cecil-san finished going down the steps, she stood in front of Kyurie-san.

“Howeverー declaring yourself as a former member of the sixth institution, I can’t admire such a thing indeed.”

Kyurie-san and Cecil-san face each other.
Cecil-san posture is shorter than Kyurie-san thus she end up slightly looking up at her.

“You are… ?”
“Cecil… Cecil Arclight.”

A sharp gaze is being shot from Cecil-san pupil which looking at Kyurie-san.
… She gives a very similar atmosphere just like when that big man from last night stated that he’s a former member of the sixth institution.

“If by any chance I’d hurt your feeling, I’m sorry… well then, I’ll leave now.”

When Kyurie-san were turning her body and about to walk away, Cecil-san stops her.

“Iー… have something that I would like to say to you…”

While showing an annoyed face, Kyurie-san answered,

“… what would lady Cecil wish from me ?”

Cecil-san gazes at Kyurie-san as if trying to pierce her.

“I do think that you should not mention the name of the sixth institution easily like that.”
“… may be so”
“The other day, I’d saw a man trying to threaten the others by mentioning the name of the sixth institution. indeed, the name of the sixth institution might hold the power to intimidate people.”
“I don’t know who it is, but he is really stupid person huh…”
“Indeed, I agree, he had gone as far as mentioning the name of the sixth institution, I don’t think that he’s a wise man”
“I agree completely…”
“… I wonder, if there’s another way for you to get through without saying such a thing as well ?”

Hearing that Kyurie-san snorted…

“Fuun… I see, is that how it is ? the words where I said I was the former the sixth institution, you don’t believe I’ve come from that place huh ?”
“… am I wrong ?”
“well, it is fine for you to think of it like that. since it is not something that you have to believe particularly. Howeverー”

Kyurie-san lips rose slightly.
Her eyes give the feeling that she thinks of something cynical about her talking partner.

“It seems the Arclight family daughter, is a noble family lady who thinks sweetly.”
“… me, sweet ? if it’s alright with you, please do tell me why you think of me of such thing ?”

Hearing that, Kyurie-san shows a slightly surprised expression.

“Hou… surprisingly you have an energetic personality too eh…”
“At the very least, I’m much more calmer than you do… and the answer is ?”
“… Do you really wish to hear it ?”
“Yes, by all means.”

Between the two of them, there’s a strange tense feeling as if a thread is being tightly tied up.

*Fuu* Kyurie-san exhaled.

“You, when I was entangled with that guy named Viburk, you’re about to try to force your way in aren’t you ?”
“… is there anything wrong about that ?”
“I didn’t say it was bad. well, it might be because you are a gentle person from the start, and a gentle thing is never wrong.”
“However, don’t you think that is just a self-conceit ?”
“Self-conceit ?”
“Aa… let see… for example, thinking that you may be able to settle everything by butt in yourself, you better abandon such thing you know ?”

Cecil-san facial expression become stiff.

“I’ve never thought of… such thing.”
“… and also, regarding the mock battle practice matter, I also can’t say that you’ve done a good job…”
“Mock battle ?”
“You actually use dual swords is it not ? despite that, I don’t know about your equality principle but, what I know is that you choose to fight with only one sword is because of that right ? that was bad”

Cecil-san turns her eyes away.

“That is…”
“It would be the complete opposite of that Viburk guy. in your case, thoughtlessly surmise your opponent ability, it might make you end up in a troublesome situation.”
” I do not mean it thatー”
“However… if you keep being like that, someday you might trip someone up you know ?”
“… That isー”

Cecil-san who hung her head gives me an impression that makes me want to hug her tight.


This time, Kyurie-san turn her body and about to leave the classroom.

“Well, you don’t have to mind what I’d just said. after all, it is just a silly talk of mine. however, I’ll make one thing clear…”

Cecil-san looked up.

And then Kyurie-san said,

“If a woman like you sets their foot in the country of the end, they won’t hold up even for a day.”

At that words, Cecil-san shows a reaction.

“One advice from me. the country of the end and the sixth institution, you better try not to get involved with them.”

After saying that Kyurie-san is about to leave the classroom and already put her hand on the door.


However, Cecil-san stopped her.

“If by any chance you’re really a former member of the sixth institution…  Iー, will you fight against me ?”
“… I’m sorry but, I don’t have time to deal with you…”
“I wonder ? based on my『surmise』-ing your ability, if it’s youーー I can finish you off immediately though ?”
“Hoo… immediately eh ?”
“Yes, immediately.”
“Fuun, I guess… before you get a horrible experience when you meet the bunch from the sixth institution, I shall teach you about yourー”
“Stooop !”

All of a sudden, a male voice can be heard… or rather, it is my voice.

“T-That is enough ! I would like for you both to stop !”

I’ interject myself between them, then spread my palm directed to them.

“Kuroー hiko ?”

Cecil-san opens her eyes wide.

Though I felt cold sweat down on my back, I’ face Cecil-san and awkwardly smile at her.

“Let’s end it here, Cecil-san. you see, I know that you both just got heated up ! but, when you think about it properly, there’s no reason for both of you to fight ! right ?”

Hearing that, Cecil-san closed her eyes as if thinking about it, and then slowly open them.
From her mouth, her usual smile has returned.

“… now that you say it, it is just like what Kurohiko had said, I’m sorry. because she mentions the country of the end and the sixth institution, I might have lost control of myself for a moment.”

I-I’m gladー…

“*sigh*…ーwell then if you excuse me”

Like that Kyurie-san open the door and leave the classroom quickly

“Ah, Kyuriー”
“Emm, Kurohiko…”
“Eh ?”

Cecil-san halted me who is about to run after Kyurie-san.

“Can I have your time for a moment ?”
“I’m sorry Cecil-san, Iー”

I want to chase after Kyurie-sanー

“Regarding sacred ruin exploration… do you mind to join me ?”

For a moment, I’m unable to comprehend what she had said…

“… Huh ?”

Personal Feeling : This is the hardest chapter that I’ve worked so far, since I have to trans two lady speak sarcasm with polite language…*ugh*
Oh and I see Kyurie in better light now, she kind of awesome…