Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 30

Chapter 30 (After School)

“Will you join our team ?, Kurohiko !?”
“Nee nee~, join our party !”
“No no, you will be joining ours, Kurohiko !”

After the magic art lesson ended, the students of lion class gone back to their classroom to receive an explanation regarding sacred ruin from instructor Joseph.
Then, since the explanation regarding sacred ruin had ended since a while ago, right now is after school time.
Where in my surrounding, it is not only just my classmate but, there are also students from another classroom.
Probably there are several upperclassman too.
It seems they have heard the story about what had happened earlier.


I recalled what had happened immediately after I’d defeated the one-eyed giant.


The remains of the giant have completely goneー
After keep looking at the empty space dumbfounded for a bit, I turn myself back.

“Emm.. with this is okay…right ?”

The students of lion class, the instructors, and that uncle, they seem to be unable to say anything.
Everyone, regarding what’s had happened in front of their eyes, they are at a loss for words.
I look at Cecil-san, Zix-san, Hirgiz-san, Aira-san, Maro, Kyurie-san they also remain silent and shows a surprised expression.

Meanwhile, Makina-san shows a smile on her face and began to speak.

“Yes, it is such a good performance… no, the outcome is beyond my expectation… thank you for your hard work, Kurohiko.”

I-I’m gladー…

“… Nn ?”

While I stroke my chest feeling relieved, Makina-san approaching me to my side.
What is wrong, I wonder ?
Somehow, she looks a little bit troubled.

“So, Kurohikoー”

Makina-san speaks with a small voice.

“First, could you hear me ?
“W-What is it ?”
“… before, are those thing black spears ?”
“Regarding the existence of that thing, is it wrong for me if I think that I just know about it just now ?”
“N-No… to tell you the truth, I know the existence of another stage of the forbidden spell since the time I’d used the spell for the first timeーー err, in other words, I’d know the existence of it when I’d used the forbidden spell at you, Headmistress.”

*uhum* Makina-san clears her throat.

And I could see a sweat(?) down her cheek.

“… I’m thankful that you didn’t try that thing to me back thenー”
“M-Me too, I’ve also felt glad that I didn’t try to use that back then either…”
“I’m really glad…”
“… Indeed”
“.. That is what I think…”
“.. So do I”

For a short while, we fell in silence.

“Well, that aside…”

Like that Makina-san break the silence.

“Anyway, since the demon from the sacred ruin will not be able to stay above ground for too long, you can just use your forbidden spell to restrain it until it completely dissolvedーー, and if that’s impossible, I’ll do something to handle it, is what I thought previously… I don’t think that the forbidden spell has such ability”
“But you know, despite I know how to use the forbidden spell, I still don’t know what kind of thing forbidden spell is…”
“… Indeed, that’s true, if you have an interest in them then. it will be good for you to ask Claris. regarding the forbidden spell, rather than me, she has much more detailed knowledge of it. if you feel like it, try to visit her.”

The Claris person that the Headmistress speak of is… Aah ! it is the person who walks down the stairs while carrying a lot of scrolls at the time when I meet the Headmistress for the first time huh ?

“Understood… later, I’ll find time and go visit her”
“Usually, Claris will be at the academy library. well, if it’s her, she might be able to teach you things that I don’t know of… Now thenー”

Makina-san turns her body and walks toward the people who stand silent and we go back to the classroom.

“Well then everyone, I’ll begin the explanation as to why I’ve to invite himー Sagara Kurohiko to this academy as a new student…”

The uncle only stared at her.
And then, Makina-san show a slightly mean smile.

“Well, since you’d already saw the forbidden spell being used, there’s nothing else to explain but…”

The uncle is only able to groan while stroking his beard.

“The forbidden spell huh… Indeed, because I’ve seen it first hand, there’s no other way other than to believe it… at least, I can tell that the incantation is different from the known incantation…”

Thus, the uncle said so…

“As far as I see it, he seems to be able to handle the forbidden spell well… with that, I can understand as to why the Headmistress want him to attend this academy as a new student…”

Makina-san then walks toward the classroom sliding door.
And then facing the uncle with a smile full of confidence.

“Well then, shall we go ?”

Like that Makina-san and the uncle leaves the magic classroom.


After that, it seems the rumor about a 『forbidden spell』 user has spread around the academy instantly after school.

“How about it Kurohiko, we’re a second-year student capture(Exploration) group, we will appoint you as a vice captain if you join us. you should know, this is an exceptional thing you know ?”
“Oh my, rather than those crude people, how about going un-der-ground with us, onee-sans ? ne ? don’t you think it will be fun ?”
“Kurohiko ! We are comrade from the same class right !? as expected I think the bond from the same classroom is the most important !”
“Well well~ you know I, from the beginning know that you’re not your ordinary person… uhuh, my eyes definitely not wrong ! that’s why join our party ! how bout it ?”

Thus, I end up with this situation…


To be honest, I don’t think there will be this much change.
However, with the explanation of the sacred ruin, I can understand why I end up with this kind of situation.

In this academy there’s exist 『Saint Ranks』.
To put it simply, it is ranking result of the students within this academy.
Just before, a female student had asked the instructor a question.
about what is the most important thing that will affect this saint ranking…
At that time, the instructor answered 『The results of sacred ruins exploration is the most important.』. 
<TLN : I’ve write exploration as “research” since at that time I thought it was some kind of archeological…after found out what it is…turn out it was a dungeon-kind of thing>
Given that the most important thing for the students of this academy is raising their rank.
And that the most effective way to raise their ranks is by sacred ruin exploration.. that is why it end up in a situation like this…

Sacred ruin.
A huge labyrinth which spread under the imperial capital.
No one knows when precisely this sacred ruin existed.
This country is also prospering economically thanks to the crystal from the sacred ruin.
And also the sacred ruin help the sacred knight to make them never get dulled, and a convenient place to practice their battle.
Within the sacred ruin, the closer you get to the sacred tree, the stronger the demon get.
On the other hand, the closer you get to the sacred tree, the quality of the crystal also increased.
In other words, the sacred ruin which is under the sacred tree white fortress is the most dangerous, and the crystals from there have the best quality, with that reason, it is a place with a lot of profit.
And it seems the sacred tree chivalric order squad has been going to the labyrinth under that fortress everyday.

While there is also an entrance to the labyrinth within the academy ground, the degree of difficulty compared to the one there, it is considerably low.
Having such moderate difficulty, it is the perfect place for a new cadet to trainー is what instructor Joseph had said.

“Well since it’s already this time, why not we just go to sacred ruin as a big group ?!”

A male student raises his voice while showing a face as if just come up with an ingenious idea.

“But you know, won’t the more people going there the more demon will also appear ? if that is the case, won’t going there with a large group will be hard instead ?”

Another student gives an honest opinion…

“Well, that’s might be so, howeverー”
“In the past, there’s a student who also think like that, I heard they have a horrible experience you know ?”
“Uunn… when you go with a lot of people a 『variant』  might appear after all”

It is a kind of demon which rarely appear inside the sacred ruin.
Because there is a crystal inside a variant body, if one can defeat it, you might get a crystal from it.
However, the degree of difficulty against such opponent is high, if I have to say it then, it is an opponent that I don’t want to meet.

“But then, since we have Kurohiko who have the power to defeat a level 15 demon here, it will be easy isn’t it ? with that forbidden spell, won’t he be able to handle it in one go ?”

I heard that the last best graduates were able to take down level 19 demon.
If that is being the case, I can understand why they want someone who can take down level 15 demon.


“In the first place, can that forbidden spell be used at multiple opponents ? Kurohiko, what do you think ?”

Hearing that Iー

“Now then I wonder… I also don’t knowー”

Answered with such answer.


To tell you the truth, it is possible to use it against multiple opponents.
I got the information of it at the time when I’d fought against that one-eyed giant.
How should I put it…
What everyone wants is not 『Kurohiko』  but a 『forbidden spell user』…
There are also those students who ridicule me before…
But because of the forbidden spellー to put another way, having understood that I have the power to defeat level 15 demon, they changed their attitude drastically.

Though, because I can’t see any ill will, I guess it’s not something I should be concerned with…
It’s just that by the end of the day, this is not because I’m amazing but, it is because the forbidden spell is the amazing one.
That’s why, as expected, I can’t just accept this kind of favorable attitude…


However, within the lion classー in other words, Cecil-san, Aira-san, Kyurie-san, and also the instructors… they worried about me, even though they don’t know that I’m a forbidden spell user.
Therefore, if I were to be asked for whose sake am I going to use the forbidden spell for… then I think I want to use it for them,
Since I feel like I should repay the favor.
Of course, I will also use it for Makina-san and Mia-san sake…
And then…
I glance toward Kyurie-san who seems to prepare to go back to her dormitory, I guess ?


“Aaahー all of youー…”

I heard Maro voice…
The students line of sight changed toward Maro and his followers surrounding him.

“Furthermore, the upperclassman-sama to think you people would come all the way down here… I’m really thankful for all the trouble ! but you see… forbidden spell ? what’s that ? isn’t that just some ordinary nozzle ?”

While making an unpleasant smirking face, Maro pointed at me.

“Or rather, what’s that called ? from that unpleasant hole… chains, a spear ? a person who uses that kind of hole who give a bad vibe, in the future want to become a sacred tree knight ? hah, stop joking around !”

*bang*, Maro kicked the desk.

“In the first place, is that really an ability ? it is not isn’t it ? listen all of you ! I’d passed the entrance academy test see… in other words, I’m someone who fulfills the minimum requirement of being able to use 『Magic power』 . and now what ? just because he’s able to use the forbidden spell, he become a new student ? as if I will acknowledge such thing !”

*BANG!* then Maro kicked the desk again.

“Ora ! Now who think that I was wrong ? come ! how is it ? does anyone think I was wrong ? in the first place, all of you have to make a great effort to come all the way here isn’t it ? and here, you people went all buddy-buddy toward that unpleasant bastard… you know, don’t just keep silent all of you ! you too forbidden spell user bastard !”

The people inside the classroom turn silent.
Nobody is going to talk and move.
The students who have gathered around me, no one wants to publicly go against him.
Though within the students, I can see some reaction.


Who don’t like Maro, and clicked their tongue.


Well… though, I can understand and probably the other also have a feeling that what Maro had said have a point.
I’ve also thought about it before if the forbidden spell is really my ability, which is indeed a valid question.
But you know… can you at least say it in a much better way, Maro…
Well, though it is not in my place to talk about other people…

And at that time…

“Oi waitー Kyurie !”

Maro stopped Kyurie-san who tried to leave the classroom.
Because she tried to leave the classroom when it has this kind of strange tension floating about, she becomes stand out too much.
In addition, there is only one door to go out of the classroom.
Just right when Kyurie-san about to walk pass Maro and his gang she’s being stopped.

“… Do you need something ? just because you’re angry, are you trying to find fault in me ?”

Kyurie-san said that while looking slightly annoyed.
But you know, even if I ignore some part, Kyurie-san is really a serious person huh ?

However, I noticed that Maro expression has turned into an expression as if thinking something bad.

“No no, I don’t have such a reason. you know, Kyurie, rather than making a fuzz about that fraudulent bastard, you will be the only one who going to get isolated you know ?”
“… I don’t mind.

Maro then talks toward his followers a bit.

And then,

“But you know, what are you going to do about the sacred ruin capture(exploration) ? you don’t say that you’re going to do it alone ?”

He said that toward Kyurie-san.

“… Who knows.”

Kyurie-san answers him calmly without looking agitated.

“Haa ! Then what? are you going to go with students from another class, or are you going to cling with the upperclassman ? using women weapon ? you do have a beautiful face after all..”
“… What I want to do is not something that you should concern yourself with”
“Keh, you don’t have to pretend to be tough ! but you know, I think you’re quite a great person you know, Kyurie. whatever you said during the battle practice… to tell you the truth I like a lively woman see”
“Aah, I can understand even without you having to say it. you, you’re bad at socializing with other people right ? even though inside you’re feeling lonely right ? I can see it… I can understand you because I’m always paying attention to the atmosphere here after all. just now when you’re trying to leave the classroom, actually inside you’re thinking if anyone would try to call you or not isn’t it ?”
“… I don’t know what you’re trying to say but, let me say this much, you better not get involved with me…”
“Did you hear that ? 『you better not get involved』  within those words, inside her heart were actually saying 『please take me !』, somehow you’re cute you know ? right everyone !?”

Maro then smirking, while his followers laughing hearing what he had said…


I draw my chair slowly.

“Very well then Kyurie ! You, I’ll let you join my party ! let’s train together and forge an everlasting love ! right, everyone !? don’t you agree ?!”

While laughing vulgarly, his followers answered with “Oo !”
And then they start looking at Kyurie-san body as if licking it.
There’s also someone who jeered with some dirty language.

Then I see Cecil-san walk down the steps.
I stood up reflectively as well.
I will knock that guy out.
And by the time when I tried to push the students which surrounding me awayー 

“Gah… ah ? W-What…”

Cecil-san and I stopped moving.

What happen ?
Kyurie-san who have moved at the speed where they can’t stop her, she grabbed Maro neck by hand.

*Zaa* Maro followers began to put themselves on guard.

Then Kyurie-san,

“If I’m not wrong, your name is Viburk is it not ?… I have a feeling since a while ago that your group has been saying something stupid but, you’re indeed a stupid guy eh ?”
“Guhー… L-Let go of me ! you bitch… d-do you know wo I am ?”
“Fuuuh… That is my line.”
“… What ?”
“I’ll teach you something good. if you want to turn on someone, you better measure your opponent properly you know ? if you rush yourself like an idiot, you will shorten your life you see.”
“Whatー did you say… bitch…”
“Because it seems like you don’t understand should I tell you more clearly ?”

Kyurie-san released her hand.
Then Maro falls on his knees while holding his throat coughed.
After that, while looking anguish, Maro looked up at Kyurie-san.

And while looking down at Maro, Kyurie-san saidー

“I’mー a former member of the sixth institution”

Personal Opinion : I like Makina and Aira… rather than Kyurie and Cecil.
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