Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 3

Chapter 3 (wake up in the academy medical room)


The second time I wake up.
This time is different from the previous time, there’s a tender feeling on the back of my head.
This is… a pillow ?

“Hmm, are you wake up already?”

Voice of a woman.
It’s not the voice of the woman I meet a while ago.
I opened my eyes slightly.

“Here is…”

Oh I see…

I lost my consciousness againー

“Let’s seeー…”

I sprang up startled…

“R-Right, about that gigantic tree which I never saw before, Iー”

My forehead hit something hard.

“Uwaaah !”

“Kyaa… W-Wh-What’s wrong with you ?!”

There I saw a teary-eyed girl with wavy bob hairstyle holding her forehead…
I guess it’s because she peered at my face.
And due to me spring up suddenly, she received head butt to her forehead.

“I-I’m sorry.”

“Honestly…Lost consciousness just before entrance ceremony, giving me a head-butt as soon as waking up, really, what are you doing, honestly”

“I-I’m really sorry.”

I quickly apologize.
Right now it seems like I’m inside a room.
And lying down on a bed.
Somehow despite being plain the bed give an impression of cleanliness.


It seems like my consciousness have already returned completely.
I don’t feel any discomfort feeling like the one before I lost my consciousness.

While rubbing her red forehead, the women in the white robe asked.

“Well it’s okay… is there any reason for you to lost consciousness like this ?, even when I’m looking like this, I’m still a doctor in charge of medical room at Saint Lunezret Academy, that’s why do you mind telling me if there’s some kind of chronic disease you suffered ?, I’m also fine receiving consultation from this academy student with pleasure…”

“T-Then is one good ?”

“Nn ? My name eh ? My name is Liza Logsta. My age is 25. I have no lover, and currently recruiting.”


It seems like she’s a foreigner.
Despite that, her Japanese is really good.
It is a mystery as to what’s the need to give information about her age and lovers recruitment, though.

“Oh… I’… My name is Sagara Kurohiko…”

While Liza-san put her finger on her lips, she let out a small groan…

Despite I’m asking the one who ask a question first, now I’m introducing myself instead…


“Fumu~, Sagara Kurohiko, from your name I presume you’re an eastern country, former citizen ?”

Eastern Japan ?
A-Aah.. Eastern Country, it’s read as an eastern province but write as eastern country huh ?
In other words, is she asking me for being from Asian region ?
But still, I did hear it from a story that foreigner call Japan as 『Far East nation』, and as for 『Eastern nation』this is the first time I heard it.

Haa, anyway.
Where is this ?
Also, that gigantic tree…

I’ve never seen nor heard such tree exist in Japan.
Furthermore, that city landscape…
That is, if I have to say it, I think those kinds of city landscape can only be seen at the western part of the earth(western nations).
And then inside that city, there’s that gigantic tree…

The overwhelming majestic appearance resurfaces on my mind.
That gigantic tree which gives a strong impression at first sight.
To the point of making me thinking to the degree of prostrates myself like meeting a God.
Still, that tree, maybe it’s part of world heritage ?
Since I have a lot of free time in my life, there’s a time where I look at every world heritages on the internet and that kind of unusual sized tree should not exist in any nations.

Then what is that I wonder… ?
There’s still one more possibility, it had been on my mind since earlier…
This situation, it’s similar to something I’d read somewhere before, and somewhere I’ve been longing for it many times.

I raise my head.


“Umu~… I will listen to anything that you want to say.”

“This place, what is this place could be ?”

“This place is a medical treatment room at Saint Lunezret academy, why ?”

“Ah, emm… that is not what I meant…”

“I can’t really understand your question…”

“Like I said, what is thisー”

What is this world called ?

I take notice before it come out from my mouth that such question would be abnormal.
What’s wrong here.
This kind of question is, as if…ー

Just like the a manga and anime I watch, where the protagonist got teleported to another world…

Suddenly, my heart beat increased.

No, but still, it can’t be, that sort ofー…

When I put my hands on my lips while thinking, Liza-san were looking to my face.
I unintentionally got surprised, because suddenly her face approaching me and appear before my eyes
When I look at her more properly, she can be categorized as being beautiful.

“Eh… err ?”

“Did you hit your head hard ?”


“You, are you perhaps lost your memories ?”

“Eh ?”

” I’m a student who came for the entrance ceremony at Saint Lunezret, does the entrance ceremony is over already ? where should I go from here ?, should you be saying or asking something like that instead ? despite that, your reaction is as if you’ve just known the existence of this place a few minutes ago…”

Liza-san separated herself from the bed.
And then she comes back while bringing a lengthwise object from the corner of the room.
She pushed out the flat object in front of me.

“Is it certain that the person reflected in here is Sagara Kurohiko ?”

The thing that Liza-san push out is a mirror.
I’ looked hard at myself which being reflected in the mirror.

When I noticed, I reflectively touch my lips and cheek using my hands.

“Eh ?”

H-Huh ?

My face is, different ?
But still, this is me isn’t it ?
The movement of my hands and the movement that being reflected by the mirror is matched.
But still, something feels out of place.ー

Once more I take a long hard look at myself in the mirror.

Hn ?
Don’t tell me, this isー

I’ve become…ー younger ?

The one being reflected in the mirror is definitely me, Sagara Kurohiko…
But, the figure reflected there is a person whom at least only at his mid-teens…
The skin is soft and smooth too…
Unn… The me who’s in his late twenties…ー because of the anxiety of my own age and the feeling of getting old…
I think maybe because of that I want to be young again.

I raised my line of sight to look at the ceiling.
Though it’s stereotypical, I try to pinch my cheeks while staring at the ceiling.
It’s hurt…
But I didn’t wake up.
I didn’t go back to that gloomy bedroom.


That kind of thing, is it even possible ?

This means there’s only one possibility…

A different world.
Is the light that surrounded me back then, teleported me to another world ?


If that is not the case, then there’s only one explanation left.

That gigantic tree.

If that tree were to exist in my previous world then, there’s should be an opportunity to hear or see it at least once in the media.
And yet, I’ve never got any information regarding such tree…
The existence of that tree is my basis of proof that this place is another world… that is what I feel…

No, possibly I myself personally just want to deny my previous world, and using the existence of that tree as a reason to deny my previous world.

Well, anyway…
There are various ways to explain that this world here is a different world from the previous one.

The silver girl beauty from before is also wearing clothes that are not suitable for living in my previous world.
And that mysterious tree too…ー

Everything can be easily explained adequately.

In other words,
As for that silver haired beauty, she’s not the resident of the world where I’ve come from.

Things that exist here didn’t exist in my previous world

I keep looking at myself in the mirror for 3 more times.
Butー why is it ?
Why do I become younger ?


Normally I should be more bewildered with this.
It may be the scene where various question come up.
But I push my bewilderment and question aside, there’s something that needs to be done first.

I feel a slight burning sensation on my chest as I think about things that I lost.

Can I start again ?
Me, starting over ?
Once again, here starting over my life again…ー

Once again.
In this strange world.
Is this… Is this the chance Gods gives me ?is it ?

When I’m at my previous world.
I thought『I want to start over again』
However even if what I said in my previous world becomes real, I’m not sure if I’m really able to start over again.
Somewhere I felt like, even if I’m able to start over my life again, I would end up failed again.
But this world is different than the previous world…

No, that’s wrong…

That’s not it…

This new environment might be given to me for the sake of starting over.

But I must make a great effort to change my life myself, or else it would be just in vain.


Just because I’ve come to another world, it does not mean things will change…
Just because I’ve become younger, it does not mean the inside also change.

That’s why…

I must change.

Then, this time, I will find it…
The things that I want to do.
Because I’m pretty sure that this is my last chance to do so.

I clench my hands tightly.

After so much trouble, finally, I got the chance…
Let’s do it, that’s the only thing I can do now.


It’s so mysterious…

Until a moment ago, I want to just disappear.
Just a little bit, the things which have been stopped started to move once again.
Is it because I’ve become younger ?
Or is it because I’ve been liberated from the sense of obligation ?

I sighed and smiled in self-mockery.

“If that’s the case, it’s okay right ?”

“Well then, are you done enjoying your time ?”

“Eh ?”

Liza-san while folding her hands she looked this way with subtle expression.

…Damn it.

I was too absorbed in my thought that I forgot the existence of Liza-san

“well it was interesting to watch your bewildered expression at the top of bed”

“I-I’m sorry”

I feel really embarrassed…
What am I doing ?!

“it seems like your condition already getting better, now can we return to my previous question ?. is the one who reflected on the mirror here, is it really Sagara Kurohiko ?”

“Aa… Yes, without doubt, it is me”

Though I’d become younger.


And at that time, someone knocks on this room door.
Liza-san responds with 「Enter.」.

“Excuse me”

The one who entered the room have an appearance of a man that really looks like a palace guard.
On his hands, he seems like holding something like a name register.
The man then asked…

“Is the new student who lost consciousness near the gate and was not able to participate the entrance ceremony already wake up ?”

Liza-san turns her face.

“Ah… He woke up just a moment ago.”

“That’s a relief… do you know his name”

“He said his name is Sagara Kurohiko. Because of losing consciousness, his memory seems a bit confused, but he seems to be able to remember his name well, it seems like he’s coming from the eastern country”

“Is that so. then let’s see, the new student who haven’t finished his cadet registration at Sacred Tree today, Sagara Kurohiko… Sagara… Sagara… Saga—ra… eh ? Sagara ? Hmm?”

The guard (I decide to call him that) is raising his eyebrow and bring his face closer to the list…

“Hmm ? Sagara Kurohiko ?”

“What’s wrong ?”

“Ah, no. it’s just somehow his name cannot be found on the new student list… I wonder ?”

“Can you show me your cadet application for verification ?”

“Ah… Right… It will be faster by just showing the cadet application certificate first…”

The guard and Liza-san turned toward me…

“Eh ?”

“You have it right, the application certificate. please take it out”

“T-The application certificate ?”

Liza-san and the guard looked at each other.
The guard with amazed expression then said…

“As Sacred Tree cadet candidate, one should be receiving the pre-submission certificate to keep, and to bring it in times of admission, after that, you will then be able to enroll as Sacred tree cadet candidate, isn’t that obvious ?”


Liza-san tilts her head slightly…

“It can’t be… You don’t have the application certificate ?”

“Err… This is the first time I heard of Sacred Tree cadet candidate application certificate, so I don’t have it”

The air change…
The guard cast his doubt…

“Then why are you here ? Liza-sensei what is this boy ?”

“Iyaa~… I thought he’s a new student too, since a girl with silver hair brought him here at the time of entrance ceremony see, and she said a new student collapsed near the gate. but still, that girl at that hours, I guess she would be considerably late too…”

“That’s means, he’s an outsider ?!”

“Nn… I wonder ? I also thought he’s a new student, that’s why I nurse him carefully, but…”

For some reason, the situation turns dangerous.
The mountain should be the only one who have a dangerous situation oi !
The guard expression turns grim and his hands move to his sword on his waist…

“Just in case, I will listen to your circumstance. but if you show any resistance I will chop your head… What will you do ?”

As soon after I’d strengthened my determination to do my best in this world, I seem to have fallen into a desperate situation…
At present, I’m only an ordinary person and does not possess any special skill to resist it.
Since I can’t do any martial art, and of course, I can’t do any magic art either.

This is bad…

If I can’t prove my identity,  at this rate am I going to get thrown in jail ?

I still don’t know what kind of world here is…
Without knowing anything ,I’m going to end up in jail…

When I thought the door to the future is finally open, suddenly I feel like it rapidly closing now…

Wh-What should you do ?
What should I do !?

At that moment, Liza-san put her hands on the guard shoulder.

“Oi oi, you don’t have to suddenly hold your sword handle and judge someone based on appearance like that. Like I said before, somewhat his memory seems to be in a state of confusion. I will feel sorry for him if you being rough.”

But the danger does not disappear from the guard eyes.

“There’s also the possibility of him using magic enforcement, I cannot be careless. By some chance, he might be a spy from other country undercovered as a new student. or he might be a friend of the man who escaped from the detention room the other day…”

The guard-san then pointed his sword toward me.

“So–… What will you do, Sagara ?”

I dropped my shoulder as I sighed deeply.

There’s no other choice.
Well, the other party has a weapon, I shall at once surrender myself into custody here.
My life will be in jeopardy if I were to try unskillfully stimulate this situation.

I raised both my hands to indicate that there’s no intention to resist.


Despite the fact that I’m in such crisis, at this time a very easy going question comes to my mind.

… In this world, do they know the meaning of “Hands Up”, I wonder ?