Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 28

Chapter 28 (Cyclops)
This dining room is located on the first floor at the east side of the building.
The dining room ceiling is high, making the room feels more spacious.
I wonder if they make it this big just to make an impression of a classic cafe ?
The dining room being illuminated by light that shine through big vertical windows.
Currently, I’m eating bread…
The meal style here is what we call buffet style.
I put the plate and cup on the wooden try, I choose them based on the design I like.
I’m really glad that with this kind of serving style, one can decide how much food one wish to have.
If the content on the large platter empty, it will be replenished by a person working in the dining room.
I took a seat in the first-floor balcony.
<TLN: In case you’re British, it will be called ground floor balcony…you may refer to google image to see some picture of it.>
In the corner of dining room, there is a stair heading to the second floor, on the second floor it is a place where the junior saint rankーー well to put it simply, only those within rank 100 can use the second floor, and it seems the way they prepare the food and serving are different than the first floor dining room.
Furthermore, they also appear to have a separate individual private room for those within rank 10.
By the way, I’d received this explanation this morning.
I gulp my soup…
Uhuh… this is delicious.
The dining room on the first floor is enough.
In the first place, as long I can eat, I’m thankful.
I sit on the single table and eat my food indifferently.
After the 2nd period end and everyone goes separate ways, I was going to search for Kyurie-sanー if possible I wish to invite her to have lunch togetherー is what I think but, I can’t find her figure anywhere.
Even when I look around the dining room, I didn’t see her either.
I wonder, where did she go ?
By the way, on this first floor.
In some corner, it’s very noisy.
Even in this crowded dining room, there is a place where people are gathered.
And if ask me where then that is the place where Cecil-san and her company eat their meal…
Even some students from the second floor have gone all the way down here, as expected, she will be a center of attention no matter where she goes huh.
Perhaps, among those crowd, there are several upperclassman mixed in.
Though I actually can’t see Cecil-san figure due too many people around her.
On the other hand, I eat my food alone in silent.
I’m a loner eh…
Well, I’ve already get used with it anyway.
Then, one student comes,
“Emm, is it okay for me to sit here ?”
The person put her hand on the chair and ask me.
“Eh ? A-Ah, go ahead…”
The person in question is Aira-san.
“Thank you…”
After she bows, she took her seat.
I didn’t see her bringing her tray…
“Aira-san, you’re not eating lunch ?”
“Eh ?”
“Well, since I didn’t see you bringing your food tray soー…”
“Aah… yes, I’d already eat my lunch at that seat”
Aira-san pointed her previous table with bitter smiles.
In there, there are five well-brought men and women sat down, and one empty seat.
“At that table, they are students from different classrooms, and also upper classman. because of our family relation, we have to eat our lunch together”
“I see”
Because Aira-san family looks like an amazing one, even if they are not in the same year, the connection with other noble students must be thick isn’t it ?
It just that when she said “relation” somehow I can feel some kind of negative feeling from it.
But then, why did she come to me, I wonder ?
Aira-san once again floats a bitter smiles.
And she also seems a bit embarrassed about something.
“Emm… about what happened earlier, how should I say it… please forgive me ?”
“Earlier ?”
“You see when we have our 2nd lesson ? I said ” that is not sword art is it not ?” to you”
“Aah, about that huh… no, it’s fine, just like Aira-san said, a sword art is still new to me so, even if you said that, it can’t be helped.”
“Emm… the truth is, you see… that is not the meaning behind it you know ?”
No sooner she displays a gloomy, she put her hands on the table and drop her line of sight toward the tablecloths.
“You see, at that time, I thinkー somehow I feel scared of you… and then you know since I don’t want to accept it… I said that kind of thing ?”
“Scared of me is it ?”
“Un, yes… even though I may look like this, I put a great effort and am quite strong you know… but when I saw your single blow… most of the students were laughing but, I’m become scared instead… and then, because I don’t want to admit having such feeling, I’d said such thing to you… is what I think.”
For Aira-san who is stronger than I do to feel such a thing, somehow it’s weird.
Aira-san then grasps her fist on the tablecloth.
“I supposed to be stronger… but some part of my heart is still not strong at all… when I think about that it feels really vexing.”
Come to think of it, that ikemen instructor also said something along the line that she’s being eager because of pressure from her family.
Unlike me, she’s burdened with various thing huh…
Then, Aira-san draws back her chair and stand up.
Her expression has returned to that of bitter smiles.
“That’s why, you’re not that bad. I just want to apology for what I’ve said before. I’m sorry, for disturbing your meal as well”
“No, please don’t worry about it, and about apologizing, you don’t have to worry about that as well, or rather I, far from feeling down, I feel interested instead.”
“Fufufu… if you said so then I feel a little glad… well then, it’s about time for me to return back.”
While she turns her body around, Aira-san said,
“You’re quite the good person…”
However, I wonder about that.
At least, I can’t be regarded as a good person because, when someone was fighting seriously, I have my eyes attracted toward the chest instead…
Or rather, Aira-san who think of me and come to me to apologize is the one actually a good person.
After that, I continue eating my food in silent…
Now thenーー next lesson is, about magic art huh..?
My stomach is already full… the next lesson, I’m fired up !
“… not even one character shone…”
One sheet of paper is being placed on the table.
This paper is, a device to measure the students of their holy power(magic power)
<TLN : Overtime I’ll generalize them all as magic power, to not caused much of confusion…>
After lunch time was over, we moved from the lion classroom to magic classroom.
The magic classroom has an image just like a fantasy science room, the room has a quite spacious space.
First, we have a lesson about magic equation.
For today lesson, I think I could memorize the magic equation quite well. (By the way, usually magic equation is being abbreviated as 『Magic art』 )
<TLN : Japanese abbreviated words is a bit annoying see…the original word for magic equation is “majutsu shiki”, and the abbreviated of it is “jutsu shiki”…in English it literally mean the same… but I have to make out something different from it…so I change the equation into Art>
But, the real problem is after that, it is about the holy power(magic power) measurement.
Right now, while groaning, I’m reading what is written on the A4 sized paper.
Different with the forbidden spell, this one, I can’t read it.
These letters seem to be called EDIA character.
Which it resembles the so-called rune characters.
As standard, usually, one write this EDIA character and then pour their holy power(magic power) into it and activate the spell.
And there is also a technique where one gather one holy power(magic power) to one fingertip and draw the characters on the space to activate the spell.
For example, in Makina-san case, she engraved the spell in her tongue and when she want to activate the spell, she has to send magic power there.
In this paper, there are 20 characters.
If I have to put it simply about this measurement, that is I have to pour my magic power into this paper, and then see how many characters among the 20 characters that shine.
By doing this, the person who pours their magic into it will be able to understand their own magic power level.
I was told, a new student who wish to pass the entrance exam, they had to pass the test which determines whether or not they are able to use magic power or not… but, I guess, this one is the more detailed version of it huh.
But the problem is, right now, I can’t even make one character to shine.
When I look at my surrounding, everyone able to make at least two characters to shine.
Inside the classroom, a pale light appear one by one.
When I take a look at Cecil-san, she’s able to light all 20 characters, and then puff, the paper were burned out.
Aira-san and Kyurie-san are also the same, just like Cecil-san, their paper was burned out.
Though it is not to the point of the paper getting burned out, Maro, Zix-san, and Hirgiz-san, had caused the surrounding people to show admiration toward them.
On the other hand… the characters on my paper didn’t  emit light at all…
If I remember correctly the instructor who is in charge of magic lesson said… sense the magic power in the surrounding, and try to imagine gathering the magic power at the place you wish…
Gatherー… gatherー… magic powerー… gatherー
Fuuuh !
F-Failed huh…
As expected, not even one character shine.
Rather, in the first place, I’m not even able to sense magic power…
Ah, I remember Cecil-san protected me at the time of the mock battle.
『In the first place, The most important thing being new student in this academy is whether you’re able to use magic power or not.』
Uwaaー, isn’t this unexpectedly kinda bad ?
Furthermore, even though Cecil-san is going all the way to help me, if I by any chance turn out that I can’t use magic power thenー.
“Are ? Arereee ? Areeeee !?”
(TLN : Idk how to translate this into engrish.)
… it seems like, the person who found out about it first is the person who I don’t want the most.
When I noticed, Maro is peering at my measurement paper from my back.
When the entire classroom heard his voice, they direct their line of sight to this place.
“What ? Eh ? This is, what does it mean ? it can’t be, you can’t even make a single character shine !? eh ? why ? how ? isn’t being a sacred tree cadets need to be at least able to use magic power ? right ? isn’t that right, Cecil-sama ?!”
Maro asked with a forceful tone of voice.
Cecil-san seems to immediately understand what is it all about, but unable to say anything in return.
Cecil-san too, she seems didn’t expect that I’m not able to use magic power.
… well, I guess it’s understandable.
After all to enter this academy, you must be able to use magic power.
It’s not normal to be unable to use it huh…
Aah, what should I do now…
It can’t be, am I going to have to quit attending the academy after this… ?
“Oi, why ? why someone like you is being accepted into this academy !? I really don’t understand see !? do you use some connection !? though, it doesn’t seem to be the case huh ! after all, you have such a face belong to the poor people ! no, you’re real must be one ! oi ! why are you here !?”
Maro verbal attacks are becoming more and more violent.
Damn it, I guess this is it huh…
Should I knock him out, and then quitting the academy――
When I think of such a thing.
“Regarding that, I will be the one explaining it”
There, taking along instructors who display stern face, St.Lunezret academy has come――
“So… what should I do ?”
We’re currently outside of the magic classroom.
On the western side of the building, there is a sliding door, beyond this door is an outdoor place, a place similar to a huge basketball court site.
It has a pretty flat ground, is this a concrete, I wonder ? it doesn’t seem to be, I guess most likely this is a stone being cut flat huh.
And on that ground, there are some instructors wearing robes,  holding a book and a black chalk, frantically drawing magic equation on the ground.
I wonder what is that ?
It’s looks like a magic formation though…
When I take a glance, the people who stand in the front of sliding door are the students from lion class, the instructors, and a self-important looking uncle.
And from there a little bit separated, I stand together with Makina-san.
While looking at the instructors who draw magic equation on the ground, Makina-san said.
“After this, we will summon a demon individually from the sacred ruins”
“Eh ?”
“That demon―― defeat it with your forbidden spell.”
“Eeh !?”
The students and the self-important looking uncle turned their sight toward me who raised his voice.
I try to calm myself down…
“What do you mean by that ? in the first place, the one who said I should not use and hide the forbidden spell isn’t it you, Makina-san ?”
“The circumstance has changed a little.”
“The circumstance has changed ?”
Then, Makina-san sends a glance toward that self-important uncle.
I also looking at him.
And then I said to Makina-san…
“That uncle, who is he ?”
“To put it bluntly, the person is an official of this academy, within this academy, there are people who have a certain degree of power.”
Like a vice-principal ?
or perhaps, similar to the board of directors…?
“They suspect me that I’ve forced a student who has not passed the examination to enter the academyー in other words, it is regarding you, after that they ask confirmation regarding various matter… and it’s turned into a troublesome thing.”
“T-Troublesome you say…”
“Seriously those people, I got fed up with their stubborn attitude… well that’s how it is, I intend to publicize that you’re a forbidden spell user.”
“Eh ??”
“On this occasion, I’ll just say it clearly. At first, I was going to make you my own 『Trump Card』 for my own goal, but then, because it sounds too much of a trouble, I think the opposite way by 『in my hand, I have a forbidden spell user』 and spread it as a fact, and decide to use you.”
“I-I see…”
“How is it ? are you feel angry for being used ?”
“No, I don’t mind being used but… is it really okay ? for me to use it in front of so many people.”
“Yes, it is fine”
*Fuun* Makina-san snorted while feeling vexed.
“Because deceiving someone is too much of troublesome”
… if you said troublesome, aren’t you the one who have a troublesome personality ?
“Besides, unexpectedly instructors Joseph and the other instructors are worried about you.”
“Instructor Joseph and the other ?”
“I’ve heard it you know, in today mock battles, you’ve been put into a special case is it not ?”
“Though I’m ashamed, indeed that’s true…”
“Well anyhow, instructor Joseph, and for some reason two other male instructors who always together were 『I got a lot of good students but, because he’s being left out of the class, I’m worried if he will be able to get along with the other students』 is what they say. after that, I thought, thinking about the future, for you to appeal to the people as a forbidden spell user might actually profitable in a various way.”
“Instructor Joseph and those guys…”
Two instructors that always being together is probably those ikemen instructors.
Uuh… such warm adults.
“And thenー”
Makina-san then glanced toward Maro.
“Having to hide your own original power, aren’t you feel frustrated ?”
“… Did you heard it ?”
“When I was about to enter the classroom, a little bit…”
I look at Makina-san who calmly hold her hair which is being swayed gently by the wind
“Aah and also, regarding the explanation that forbidden spell is a  『unusual spell』  , you don’t have to worry about it anymore, if you can’t use any magic power at all then ーthough I didn’t expect you to be unable to use it at all eitherー it will be okay with the excuse that it’s means you’re not ordinary spell user. and that’s why they better know that 『forbidden spell user』 is a special case.”
“Is that soー”
Somewhere is her eyes there’s a slight contempt in it, and Makina-san looked toward that uncle again.
“And well, rather than explained it with words, letting them seeing it will be much faster… at any rate, they will have no other choice than to believe it, when they see the forbidden spell in use. moreover, this time, I’ve also prepared the best opponent for you to display that strength. that is whyーー you can show it off…”
“I-Is it really okay… ?”
“If you were to fail, I’ll be the one to clean it up. you don’t have to worry about it.”
I glanced toward the instructors who is still drawing on the ground.
“… I understand. I’ll do it “
“Headmistress, everything is ready.”
It seems like the summoning magic art preparation have been completed.
“I appreciate your hard work. well then shall we begin the summoning ?”
After she said that, Makina-san stepped out toward the magic squareー or should I say it magic formationーー
And then one magic instructor asked Makina-san.
“Emm, Headmistress… are you serious ?”
“Oh my ? what are you talking about ?”
“No, level 15 summoning is… last year best graduate attempt was at level 19 you know ? demon from level 15 means…”
“It’s alright, there’s no problem.”
“B-But, if something were to happenー”
Makina-san expression and voice then turn sharp.
“If something were to happenー I’ll use my 『misteltein』”
The magic instructor then shows a surprised look.
“T-That magic art… is it ?
“Are you still worried ?”
“N-No… indeed I understand… when push comes to shove, I’m sure it will be fine leaving it to you.”
“well thenー let’s start to activate the magic”
Being lead by Makina-san, the magic instructors lined up.
And thenーー
The magic art formation emits light.
In that momentー, the ground began rambling.
And the light considerably becomes strongー !
“… It seems to be a success.”
The magic instructors then trotting pass me.
My classmates, the magic instructors, the academy official, and those who stand there, they held their breath as they look here.
And then the headmistress goes back and passed me.
At that time, a commotion happened.
From the magic formation, a giant with a gigantic huge white body, also one huge horn and one bright red eyeーー it is the so-called Cyclops isn’t it ?… appeared crawling from the magic formation.
“Kurohiko !”
I turn toward Makina-san.
There Makina-san is as if giving me a command, she wave her hand.
“Go ahead and do itーー use your, forbidden spell !”

Personal feeling : I like this girl…I like how Makina being upfront about how she want to make use the others.