Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 27

Chapter 27 (Mock Battle 3)

“Well thenー Begin !”

This time instructor Joseph are the one who become the opponent, while the female instructor who become my opponent previously took charge of the match.
The first one who going to do match battle isー Maro
The reason why Maro going first is because he voluntary comes forward.
Contrary to my expectation that he just want to show off his strength, it seems like he might show an overwhelming strength.
“Viburk Maro.”
Maro holds out his swords.
“C’min !”
Just now I think it’s “Please take care of me!” I guess ?…
(TLN : Maro said “sshimasu”  shortened version of “onegaishimasu”)
Somehow it feels like a P.E clas.
(TLN : That way of saying “onegaishimasu” usually being said by athletic student from a club, commonly being said by kouhai to their close senpai when they are about to do their practice… some use it as far as to their teacher, usually by some students who have bad boy personality or just for indication of masculinity.)
But still, Maro, despite how previously he rebuke the girl who asks a question like that, as expected toward an instructor Joseph he has a reasonable attitude huh.
Despite he seems like someone who does not minding anyone.
Instructor Joseph take his stance.
“Alright then, come !”
… Oh !
T-That isー !
Whether it’s great or not, I really don’t understand !
Is this because I saw Cecil-san magnificent sword art last night ? I feel that Maro sword art is kind of rough.
While on the other hand Zix-san and Hirgiz-san who see this were saying “amazing !”… well, in the end, it’s just about individual impression.
Maro has gone “Raa, Uraaa, Oraa !” since a while ago while attacking steadily.
And instructor Joseph handles it safely.
I, who don’t know anything about sword art won’t understand what I’m actually seeing… because of that, let’s try to get close to the instructors and listen to their comment.
Which it seems those two talk about it enthusiastically.
I began to listen what the instructors talk about.
“I see he certainly full of vigor, I guess he’s the type who uses forceful attack to enter within his enemy’s range and slash his opponent in the chest huh…”
“He also seems to choose a sword with short and wide blade. More or less, he understands his own fighting style”
“A weak minded person may shrink away against that kind of force… such an overpowering impression”
“His father seems to have employed a sacred tree cadet who had retired with a large sum of money and asks them to teach his son a sword art”
“Rather, it feels like his sword art is only about force, which I don’t really like it… butー”
“Well, this kind of battle style won’t be so bad”
“It’s rough but, having such sword art style where you have to dive within enemy sword to strike… his courage is indeed fascinating. I have one weapon which suits that kind of style in mind.”
“The rest is… how are we going to utilizing such brute strength in the future huh ?”
That is what they said.
“Although, compared to those two who also going to be selected to enter group A, Zixbert Giles, and Hirgiz Emeralda, it seems he’s fallen behind them quite a bit”
“Well, even on the academic side, as expected we have no choice other than to put the fifth son of marquis Maro as “talented individual” as well.”
And that’s also being said…
Three minutes had passed, Maro battle has ended.
“Thanks !”
Maro bows to Instructor Joseph
… I guess that one just now is “Thank you very much !” huh ?
(TLN : Maro previously said “ariasshitaa!” shortened version of “Arigatou Gozaimashita”… the explanation is the same as onegaishimasu)
“Fuuh… well I guess that was around 10% of my real strength huh…”
While buzzing his sword, Maro said those words which nobody noticed.
T-Ten percent he said… just how much is your brute strength, Maro yo…
If he said 80 percent then, it still a bit more realistic…
Though, he seems like someone who has a lot of stamina since I didn’t see him out of breath.
Since in those three minutes, he had exchange sword with the instructor without stopping.
“Aira Horn… I’ll be in your care”
Next is Aira Horn match.
She has her usual serious expression.
But still, the word she spoke to me a while ago, I wonder what is the meaning of that…
While I was thinking of such thing, the match has begun.
Ooh !
Her shaking chest…
Uwaaahー !
That’s wrong ! that was such horrible commentー !
I’m sorry Aira-san !
Despite me grinning, I’m really sorry !
Aarigh, I’m really the worst !
Let’s watch it seriously now.
I see…
In the case of Aira-san, the match is really different compared to Maro from before, even I can understand it quite a bit.
She didn’t step out much from the original place and draw sharp slash continuously.
Well, since the instructor won’t move much(avoid/withdraw) she can affix her position and continue attacking.
A quick and straightforward, yet the sword slash is quite diversifiedー though I’m not sure this kind of explanation is good, I wonder ? anyhow, with such sharp slash, it gives the feeling that the sword itself is also sharp, though Aira-san attacks are being blocked without incident
Compared to Maro rough and powerful attack, her attack is giving a feeling of precision like a machine.
Ah, I guess this is my limit…
… Well then instructors-san, please the explanation !
“As expected of lady Aira huh…”
“Without moving her body much, to be able to slash back continuously with no mistakes, there’s no indication of having a difference in force in each of her slashes either”
“Even instructor Joseph seems to have a slight trouble at handling it too”
“Above all, her body balance is wonderful !”
“Her sword movement is also beautiful”
“I guess, that is what we call a real talent huh ?”
“Now then, will this year Horn family best will be able to defeat Arclight family best ?”
“Hnn ? What’s wrong ?”
“Lady Aira… she’s quite nice…”
“Indeed, I also agree…”
After I said that, both of them turn to my direction.
D-Damn itー !
I accidentally opened my mouth !
“E-Err… I-I’m very sorry… I just…”
“You are.. ah, the one that had been decided as a special case…”
“Ah yes, name is Sagara Kurohiko.. nice to meet… you”
“That one blow earlier, it wasn’t bad you know ?”
“Eh ?”
“I think your blow earlier have the highest power output compared to the other within this class, well though that is as far as Cecil-san who have not yet taken her turn and that cool silver hair-chan are not being included.”
“I-Is that so… T-Thank you very much”
Somehow, this is embarrassing…
I honestly feel happy for getting praised like this though.
“Have more confidence… boy”
“That’s right, if you polish it, I’m sure it will take form”
The two instructors then laugh to the point I can see their white tooth while also raise their thumb toward me.
S-Somehow the two instructors looks like an Ikemen… !
(TLN : “Ikemen” is a totally handsome dude that can make women fall for them in less than 5 minutes)
Don’t tell me, this is what they said to be the moment where an ordinary man turns into ikemen .. !?
The ikemen instructors turn their face toward Aira-san.
“… Did lady Aira battle finally end ?”
When I directed my gaze match the instructors, what I saw is Aira-san drenched with sweat while breathing heavily.
“Haa… Haa… Thank you… very much…”
Aira-san bowed then turn her body then walks away.
… somehow despite she has used all her strength , she looks refreshed.
Although her expression also shows slight gloomy expression… well if you ask me if I’m worried… them yes I’m a little worried.
“Lady Aira too, it’s good that she’s being eager…”
“It can’t be helped… that must be the result of being from the Horn family member, the pressure must be high.”
“When you mention that, I do feel sorry for her.”
While looking at Aira-san walking, the ikemen instructors show a concerned expression.
And now.
“Now thenー”
The expression of the ikemen instructors is changed, while looking atー
a person who stepped forward calmly, indeed, she’s Cecil Arclight.
“Finally, the entry of the star eh”
Inside the training facility is also dead silent.
Cecil-san bowed,
“Cecil Arclight, please take care of me.”
“I heard you’re a dual sword user, however… is it okay with just one ?”
Instructor Joseph asked.
“In this class, it seems like I’m the only dual sword user, that’s why I would like to have the same condition with the other… is that alright ?”
“… Very well, that is fine”
The air around instructor Joseph is also different than before.
Wh-What’s wrong with this tension…
In silence, Cecil-san rises her sword, creating a *syuut* sounds.
(TLN : That syuut is some kind of wind barrier sounds.)
And thenー…
The last match begin.
The conclusion is reached in two minutes.
By the way, as to why I know it is “two minutes” is because the ikemen instructor that standing near me looked at his pocket watch and said, “around 2 minutes huh…”
“… Excellent.”
With the rattling sounds of falling sword.
“ーーThank you very much.”
Cecil-san then bowed.
There’s no sweat at all on her face.
And alsoー
In her hand, she holds her sword…
And the sword that had fall down on the floor belonged to instructor Joseph.
Cecil-san had surpassed instructor Joseph.
Caused everyone to lost for words…
But well that is to be expected huh…
Even Aira-san and that Maro, in the span of 3 minutes can’t break instructor Joseph defense.
Cecil-san is too amazing, beautifully amazing.
The ikemen instructor beside me is leaking breath of admiration.
“I would like for you to listen to me but, that Cecil Arclight, she have a really dreadful talent.”
“Aah… about that, did you notice it ?”
“… well yeah “
What ? what is it ?
In those two minutes, did something happen where only instructors able to understand ?
“Lady Cecil, when the match begin and instructor Joseph raises his sword, she “dive in”… and aimed at some part of his arm which has the most burden for holding the sword”
“From there, the movement of instructor Joseph becomes dull, perhaps, because of that strike, it causes numbness in his arm.”
“Yes indeed, that can’t be a mistake. though… I don’t know if she actually aimed for that to happenー”
The students rushed toward Cecil-san in admiration, while the ikemen instructors looking at her in awe.
“No matter what, that is definitely not your ordinary human…”
“Ah, indeed… a human can’t be this lovely…”
“… No no, enough about that…”
“S-SOmehow,  can I marry her ?”
“That is impossible ! Enough ! or rather, don’t you already have me !?”
“… Ha ?”
Let’s pretend to not to have heard that part…
More importantly, with this the 2nd period, the mock battle to decide which group the students will belong has ended, and now the long-awaited lunch break.