Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 25

Chapter 25 (Mock Battle 1)

By the order of instructor Joseph, the students gathered around the box filled with swords.
One after another, the students takes one one sword each.
I’ll wait until the students who gathers around the box to decrease a little, and then I’ll go get a sword too.
“Nn ? there is various kind of swords huh ?”
Inside the box, there are swords with a different kind of size and shape.
“Well, I guess I should choose the normal looking one… ?”
Since it’s not like I can use swords either.

Alright, I will choose this one.
This is… the so-called long swords huh ?
I hold the hilt and pull it out.
“… Hmm…”
Although they said that these swords are being made not to cause a wound, this sword really have a beautiful edge, I can feel its weight too.
I see, so this is how a real sword is…
Despite it only being practice sword, I feel deeply moved slightly.
Even though I thought that a spear is cooler before(I really think its cool even now) but, as expected, being a boy I will have a predestined sense where I think a sword is cool.
Looking at me being like this, I can’t really say something about what the bigwig of this country is doing huh…
(TLN : About how the bigwig in Lunezret let the sacred tree cadets wore sword on their waist at all times even in ceremony because its look cool)
Someone hold my shoulder.
When I looked back, with a smile on her face, I saw Cecil-san.
“C-Cecil-san ?”
“Look here, you should relax your shoulder and elbow more, you know ?”
“Hee !?”
*rub-rub*, Cecil-san massaged my shoulders.
“Fufufu… does your shoulders relaxed now ?”
“Eー , ah… yes !”
Because my heart is beating so hard, I was about to say that it feels good…
Or rather, the surrounding fragrance suddenly changed into something good !
Aah still, to think I would be able to see Cecil-san wearing practice uniform from up close…
Thank you, God !
I’m glad for being alive !
“Your name is… Kurohiko, is it not ?”
“T-That’s right…”
“Then let me introduce myself once again, Kurohiko. My name is Cecil Arclight. I’ll be in your care from this year”
Cecil-san put her hands on her chest and bow her body slightly.
Uuh… to perform such polite self-introduction to someone like me…
I guess Cecil-sama also have the heart of an angel.
Or ratherー 
That practice uniform really suits her angelic appearance.
… that is what I want to say, but as expected, I can’t say that out loud.
“S-Same with me, please take care of me !”
I reply her normally.
And then, Cecil-san incline her head a little.
“Yes, let’s do our best !”
Thus, she said that while smiling cheerfully.
In this moment, I feel like an angel has descended once again.
Aah… I’m really glad to be in the same class as this person…
While I was thinking such thing, Cecil-san pulled out a slim sword out of the box.
Huh ?
When I meet her yesterday, she uses two swords to fight but…
“Cecil-sama ! Hurry and come here~!”
There I saw a female student with riajuu-like atmosphere called out Cecil-san while waving her hand.
“Fufufu… well then, see you.”
Cecil-san returned to her own circle while smiling.
…Zix-san as usual busy handling the students who swarm around Cecil-san.
Being a popular person is hard eh…
ーThe students who already hold their weapon moved to the center of the training facility while forming a circle.
Then if I were to say it, other than 5 instructor and my classmates, there is one person who sits down on the side.
Yap, the boy who comes late, immediately become alone.
While Cecil-san is basically being protected from a tornado of people by Zix-san.
“Hnn ?”
I can see Kyurie-san who stand while leaning on the wall opposite me.
She also picks the same long sword as I do and standing there alone…
*looking around restlessly*.
In this class, it seems me and Kyurie-san are becomes a loner huh ?
But since Kyurie-san is emitting an aura as if saying “Don’t come close to me”, so it can’t be helped… wait… m-me ?!
I-Is it because I’d come late with my enrollment… ?!
Somehow I’m being left out from making a circle of friends.
Though Makina-san had said that she will leave some notification, but because Cecil-san and Kyurie-san are both more stand out, my outrageous setting basically doesn’t receive much attention…
Ugh, will once again I will have a life of a loner, I wonder ?
Is history being repeated here ?
No… not yet !
I cannot be discouraged here !
I will rise in this world !
As if I will feeling down by such thing !
While I’m encouraging my own self. instructor Joseph confirming that everybody already holds their weapons.
“Alright then, from here on, the mock battle will start ! and I will be the one who evaluate each of you… now come forward !”
Thus, he said that…
The students become more excited.
B-Being the first to go forward is a bit…
And then instructor Joseph,
“Oh right, I’ forgot to say one more thing…”
“Viburk Maro, Aira Horn, and Cecil arclight.. the name mentioned I’ll be in charge of them personally. thus, the three name that I’ve mentioned should wait until all the students finished their mock battle.”
Oohー, the students make a stir…
Then I direct my line of sight toward those three students.
Viburー ehm, Maro is cross his arm while making a pose,
which seems to say “How’s that huh ?” with a smug face…
Then, a female student with red hair and wearing earrings, she is called Aira…
… I think she’s quite pretty.
And then, I glanced toward Cecil-san, where I saw her having a refreshing expression.
Even with this, she’s still being calm and didn’t look boastful… she’s really a wonderful girl.
Aira Horn.
Cecil Arclight.
It seems these three people are the talented individual, where the people put great interest with their performance.
Haaー, though I feel not really convinced that Maro is powerful enough for this kind of treatment but, since this is what instructor Joseph had said, I guess he has a quite good ability…
“Then, I will go first”
One person comes forward, and the mock battle to decide which group we will belong finally begun.
Since the first mock battle start, 10 mock battles had ended.
In those mock battle, the instructor who accompanies the students alternates once in a while.
Within Lion class, there are 50 students.
From there, with 3 students going to be accompanied by instructor Joseph, that makes it 47.
In other words, with this 5 instructor, each of them will take care around 19 students.
And right now, the 11 mock battles begin.
But really, everyone looks good at this huh…
How should I say it, it feels like they are used in fighting.
It’s like watching a movie of middle age fighting scene.
As I watch the sword in my hand…
… Am I going to be alright ?
Ugh, I felt tense…
“How do you think the new students fare ?”
“Hmm Let’s see…”
It seems like an interesting talk has begun among the instructors who stand on the sides.
I move my body closer to those instructors,
“First, I think the Lion class, without a doubt full of talented people.”
Like that, the instructor glanced at two students.
“To be honest, especially those two students.”
“The son of Marquis Maro, Viburk, and Aira from Horn family huh…? indeed, those two sword skill is high”
“But in this Lion class… as expected, we can’t forget Cecil Arclight ability either…”
“… Indeed”
“After all since the beginning, the story about Cecil Arclight will be attending this academy as new students had been a hot topic.”
“Well, that is true… her grandparent is right now being a fencing instructor of the king, while her elder brother is a vice leader of chivalric order, furthermore lady Cecil herself have the talent to keep up with the other two… if she didn’t become a hot topic then it’s strange.”
After I’m listening to the instructor talks… as expected, Cecil-san is an amazing person isn’t it…
“Above all, that beauty…”
“I agree…”
“If I were a little younger then…”
“… Nah, that is impossible.”
“Well anyway, among the first-year students with good talent other than these three students, I have high expectation from a student within the souja class, and hoshibito class.”
(TLN : This souja writen with kanji that can be read twin snakes, while hoshibito written with the kanji star(hoshi) and person/human(bito)…how am I going to translate that…honestly…should I just write it as twin snakes and alien classroom?.LOL)
Soujagumi ?
Hoshi bitogumi ?
Aah… ! I see, it’s the name of the other classroom huh ?
Or rather, how many class exist in here anyway ?
“Hou… that means, there are 5 promising students eh ?”
“Those three students are in Lion class after all… whether one likes it or not, one will take notice of them…”
The Lion classroom is an elite class huh…
“I’m looking forward to the result of this year rookie sacred ruins exploration”
“Nn ? what’s wrong ?”
“Ah… no, it’s nothing…”
“What is it ? what are you looking at ?”
“… I’m looking at lady Cecil…”
“No but !… Honestly… well, it’s not like I don’t understand your feeling…”
While listening such conversation from the instructors, the mock battles still continue.
Uwaahー, what should I do…
Sooner or later, it will be my turn…
And then without me notice it, the students who haven’t taken their turn for mock battles are only me and kyurie-san.
“Is there no other left ?”
The female instructor who wears glasses talks to the students.
Alright then…
Shall I go ?
I start to stand up and stepped forward.
“Sagara Kurohiko !”
Here I come…
While being looked by the others, I take a stance.
“I-I’ll be in your care !