Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 24

Chapter 24 (Kyurie Velstein)
Hey, Girl !
Do you remember me~ !?
I thought to try to talk to her using some kind of pick up line but, I stopped.
The reason is obvious.
Because Cecil-san is in the same classroom.
And since she does not like a frivolous man !
Oh anyway…

Thus, I start to talk to the silver hair beauty.
Only her eyes turn toward here.
Uwaah, her eyelashes is long !
“Do you remember me ?”
Aahー, as expected she didn’t remember huh ?
“… I remembered…”
So you remembered !
“The one who carried me to the medical room when I’d collapsed was you isn’t it ?”
“… well yes…”
“Thank you very much for your help !”
“… It was nothing, I didn’t do something that requires you to thank me.”
“No no, I’m really thankful !”
Since you specially carry me to the medical room…
“Your business, is that all ?”
“Eh ?”
The line of sight of the silver hair beauty shifts to the original direction.
And then she said something to me while gazing at the empty space.
“I will tell you something, you better not concern yourself with me too much.”
“Besides, for me having helped you is just on my whim, usually, I won’t do something like that.”
I  trembled…
The silver hair beauty once again turns her sight toward me.
“What ? are you angry because I don’t want to receive your gratitude ? fuuu~, but too bad, I don’t want any gratitude, which only just for your own self satisfactionー”
“… S-So cool !”
“… What did you say ?”
“You’re really cool… ! I’m being mesmerized… !”
“… Ha ?”
The facial expression of the silver hair beauty is slightly crumbling.
“I understand, I understand ! you’re a person who wishes to be in solitude as a lone wolf right !?”
“Lone wolf…”
“Waah, to think you’re such a cool beauty ! aah wonderfulー 『I don’t want to have anything to do with this kind of fool.』, that kind of isolated mind  ! it’s wonderful ! if this is an SNS then, without a doubt, I will press “Like” button”
“Esuen, esu… ?”
“Though some people call them 2nd-rate heroine, I like them !”
“… you, are you idiot ?”
“Eh !? why !?”
“… ah, forget it…”
After she said those words with some kind of amazed feeling, the silver hair beauty once again rests her chin on her hand and fall silent.
Huh ?
D-Did I make her angry, I wonder ?
D-Does she doesn’t like being called lone wolf ?
Fumuー, I see…
As expected, the silver hair beauty is a girl after all… should I not call her a lone wolf ?
If that the case, I can only able to image her as a stray cat…
If it’s like that then…
Suddenly a godly vision appears inside of my head.
Ooh !
I can see it !
I can really see it… !
The figure of the silver hair beauty with Nekomimi cosplay… !
This is badー…
It’s too cute, at this rate I might end up embracing the real thing…
Stop with the delusion, me !
Disregarding me who have his mind run wild dyed in pink, the silver hair beauty completely in “I don’t care” mode.
well, I guess it’s bad to bother her around huh ?
Since she might be a person who likes being alone…
But, just one more timeー
Like that, once again, I tried to talk to her.
This time, the silver hair beauty turn her face toward me.
But, I didn’t mind it and keep talking…
“This morning I’ve introduced myself but, once again.. my name is Sagara Kurohiko.”
“N-Nice to meet you…”
There’s no reaction from the silver hair beauty.
Well, since I simply just want to properly introduce myself.
It is unreasonable for me to ask a reply from her.
And considering me who is a loner in my previous world. I’ve done my best…
I look at the clock in the classroom.
The recess is about to end, next is, battle practice lesson huh…?
“Eh ?”
The silver hair beauty suddenly opened her mouth
“…Kyurie Velstein.”
I looked at her while being surprised.
“Kyurie. -san ?”
This time, the silver hair beauー Kyurie-san seems didn’t intend to continue speaking.
With this I’m satisfied, or rather I feel my mood gets better.
What is this feeling?
Somehow I felt really happy.
When the recess ended, instructor Joseph comes back to the classroom.
Then he said we will move to the training facility number 14 ( or rather, how many do you have such facility !?)
We from the lion class then being brought to a facility with a wooden floor similar to a dojo.
By the way, earlier we split and enter a locker room, to change clothes from normal uniform into practice uniform.
There is a locker with my plate name on it, and inside is practice uniform had been placed perfectly.
Makina-san seems to have arranged everything neatly.
I’m very thankful for this…
The male practice uniform is consist of long sleeves shirt and long pants, and there’s nothing special that need to be mentioned.
If we were graduated from this academy, at most this kind of clothes will become a normal house wear.
The problem is the female practice uniform…
The female student practice uniform is very similar to the fashionable tennis wear.
If I have to describe it with words
It’s totally a sight for sore eyes.
Though they wear spats under their skirt, but still, well, see, we’re boys after all ?
… well, anyhow !
What I mean by sight for sore eyes is about Cecil-san !
Aah, Cecil-san…!
Even the practice uniform too, it feels like it had been designed just for her isn’t it ? thus, I feel suspicious but, she’s really beautiful wearing it …
Right now, if only I have a modern camera in my hand, I really felt a deep regret !
From the start the boys(including me) has been gazing at Cecil-san… it seems our mind has become one.
Everyone have a mutual heart !
Though the world that gives birth to us is different, our thought will still be the same !
Furthermore, there’s a dark horse, Kyurie-san
The line of sight of the boys(including me) after we see Cecil-san, next we turn our sight toward Kyurie-san.
Hmm, somehow I feel someone looking at me…
At first, I thought If there are people who curious about the super wild nature boy Kurohiko… Nn ? nn ? I look around, but it seems like it was my misunderstand…
Everyone are looking at Kyurie-san
A different kind of beauty vector compared to Cecil-san.
Or rather, even the female students also stared at her as if seeing something divine.
Kyurie-san is an onee-sama type right, I can understand you people…
… I don’t know why, I feel like I’ve been burning some calorie for something pointless.
A-Anyway, the second period, practice battle lesson is about to start !
After we stand in a row at the training facility, we being called by the instructor one by one and sit down.
Looking at it, in addition to instructor Joseph, there are other five instructors waiting on the side.
What is going to happen, I wonder ?
By the way, instructor Joseph had entered a room next to the training place a short while ago…
And then from the other side of the sliding door, a clattering noise can be heard, then instructor Joseph while bringing a box with a lot of swords appeared.
Instructor Joseph who brings the box in front of us is, taking out one of the swords from the box, and begin walking while swinging the sword.
“Now then… all of you, do you all still remember what is sacred tree cadets ?you there, try to answer it .”
A male student being called.
“Ah is it me ?… err… mainly able to use swords and magic art, even in ceremony, the people who allowed wearing a sword is only sacred tree cadets”
Hee, is that how it is…?
Ahー, I’m glad that I’m not being asked that question !
No… I guess he won’t ask someone from a remote place who does not know anything huh ?
“Very good… that image is very good, the country bigwig too, some of them want the sacred tree cadets wearing swords because they want to see them look good, well there’s also that reason.”
What the heck is that !?
Aren’t spear cooler ?
“But, there is a reason why sacred tree cadets mostly choose swords. do you know why ? well thenー Viburk”
A male student different from the one before is being asked… wait, isn’t that the one who being called the son of Maro marquis ?
His name seems to be Viburk.
No, that guy is the guy who gives out such unpleasant attitude to the girl who asked a question out of curiosity before, so calling him Maro should be enough…
“… Because there is a possibility that the king or chivalry order might bestow you with either 『Holy sword』or 『Cursed sword』, otherwise, the possibility that you might find a 『Holy sword』or 『Cursed sword』in some ruins.”
“I won’t explain the detailed explanation regarding holy swords and cursed swords today but, when one thinks that they might have holy swords or cursed swords later, as expected, being able to handle swords excellently will without a doubt more profitable, Viburk, that is a good answer.”
*Fuwaaa* after answering the instructor, the boy called Maro yawned.
For that Maro boy, it seems like the question is a boring one.
“Anyway, there’s various sacred tree cadets who use a different weapon too but, in this academy as the basic we will first study using the swords. that’s itー”
The instructor looked at the students briefly.
“In the lion class, there are those people who excel at swordplay, but, there are also those who isn’t. that’s why, from here on all of you will be divided into three group.”
“The first battle practice lesson is to match all of you to one of the group, and that is the purpose of today class, which to decide where each of you will be belong to.”
The instructor glanced toward the five other instructors and nodded.
And then, looking at us.
“All of you from here on, each person will have three minutes to have a mock battle against one of the five instructors there. while I will judge you and decide which group you will belong to.”
In that moment, the students are getting excited.
And of course me as well…
I don’t know how to use swords you know !?
Though I wish to be able to use it !
“And then, today lesson will be all of you have a mock battle with limited time until all of you finished… oh right, since we will have our lunch break properly, you don’t have to worry about that.”

Instructor Joseph then pointed the box filled with swords

“all of you will have to fight with those swords, oh, don’t worry, because those swords are made for mock battle, it is not sharp to cause wound, in addition, I will stop the mock battle at the point where one gives up, or should I say when I say stop, then the battle shall stop. understand ?”
Then the instructor clapped his hands…
“Now then each of youー… pick your sword !”

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