Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 23

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Chapter 23 (A boy who comes late)

A large space.

A semi-circular classroom.
There are long desks placed inside, and every long desk placement becomes a step higher every line to the back.
This scenery is very similar to a foreign university that I saw on television.
Huh ?! The blackboard is so big !
There are quite numbers of students inside the classroom.
Based on the numbers of the seat… I guess there are around 50 to 60 students ?

Well then, where should I sit ?
Does the seat is, as expected already been decided ?
A reserved seat, or non-reserved seat ?
Or rather, what is that crowd at the back of the classroom is all about, I wonder ?
“Hei ! Cecil-sama is not a show ! get lost ! really, how many times should I told you before you understand ?”
A strong voice can be heard.
Hnn ?
I feel like I’d heard this voice before, I wonder where…
“Ah !”
The person who asks them to scatter is, Zix-san, the blond man that I’ve seen in front of the bar last night.
And the person who sit beside him while smiling like an angel is… Cecil-san !
And also on Cecil-san side, there’s also the demi-human girl from last night…hmm, who is she again ?
This is wrong !
Why I can remember a male name, and forget a women name, me !
Still, Cecil-san and co also attend the same academy huh ?… oh right,
Those three, last night they also wore the same uniform with the one I saw today.
The people from the bar too, they said that Cecil-san is going to attend Lunezret academy starting from this year as a new student.
But still, to think that I would end up in the same class is…
Cecil-san took notice of me who had been standing while looking stupified after entering the classroom… right ?
” !! “
S-She smiled and wave her hand toward me !?
Me ?
It’s definitely me isn’t it !?
I mean, she remembers me !
Somehow I feel really happy !
Besides, to have someone that I know being here, it’s already quite good enough.
I thought I should call out to Cecil-san but, the chicken me only able to nod my head to reply her…
Like that, Cecil-san smiles back at me.
An angel has descendedー !
Ah, it seems like I will start an enjoyable school life…
“Everyone, please take a seatー”
Oh, the teacher has arrived ?
When I looked back, I see a teacher with a stern face.
If I have to describe it, he’s a very muscular type one.
“Hmm ? what’s wrong ?”
While the students inside are taking their seat, I don’t know what should I do.
Timidly, I raised my hand.
“Hmm, actually I’m a new student that will attend the class starting from today, but…”
“Oh, that wild boy huh… I’ve heard the story from the Headmistress. I’m the instructor of the Lion classroom, Joseph beygan. nice to meet you.”
“Hahaa, please take care of me…”
“Alright then, go ahead introduce yourself to everyone !”
*Bang* He slapped my back…
“Alright, attention everyone !”
The instructor raised his voice.
The students start looking at me all at once.
“This boy is someone who got lost and has to struggle to arrive here, a very important new student-kun”
… everyone gives me a bitter smile.
“Err, his name is… what is it again ?”
“Kurohiko… Sagara Kurohikoー…”
“Right ! Kurohiko ! He’s someone who lived in the deep mountain at the eastern country, by chance, he meets a sacred tree cadet scout who passed by !”
When I heard it one more time, I feel like this is indeed such a reckless setting.
“That’s why he does not really know much about the world common sense… are you really don’t know anything ?”
The instructor enquires…
“Yesterday, I’ve studied a little but, probably, I’m still the same as someone who don’t know anything…”
“But, no matter how much you don’t know about the world, at least you know about this continent name isn’t it ?”
… Damn it…
Come to think of it, I didn’t hear anything about the name of the continent from Mia-san…
Or rather, it had been decided that my birthplace is located in the eastern country, but where is the place exactly I don’t know about it either…
“…I don’t know…”
After I said that the classroom grew noisy…
A giggle can be heard.
“You see, the name of this continent is Midzuberia ! remember that, airhead wild boy-kun ! Midzuberia ! Remember Midzuberia…!”
Again, he slapped my back…
Yes yes, midzuberia right, midzuberia…
“Be that as it may, it’s rare for someone being recommended by a sacred tree cadets scout, surely, he might hold something wonderful ! with that being the case, everyone we will have a new classmate who comes late, applause !”
A very sparse applause happen.
The people who seriously clapping with welcoming feeling are only Cecil-san and Zix-san isn’t it ?”
“Alright then… you will sit on the first seat at the back from the left”
Still, what a severe self-introduction…
Hmm, my seat isー…
” !! “
“What are you doing ? hurry up take your seat…”
“Aー I’m sorry…”
In a haste, I’ve moved to the designed seat and sit down.
I looked at the one who sit beside me.
With chin on her hand, a female student looked at the instructor with a bored expression.
I’ feels like I’ve met her somewhere before…
When I’d entered the classroom my attention is focused on Cecil-san, and didn’t notice…
She’s the first person that I’ve meet in this world, this world first humanー
『You, why are you collapsed at this kind of place ?』 
And, she’s the one who carry me to the medical room after I’d lost my consciousness again.
Indeed, the female student that sit beside me isー
That silver hair beauty…
By having a small explanation, I’ve able to grasp how live flow in this academy.
The instructors who in charge of lion classroom seem to be nice people, they give me an explanation about the life in the academy and gives a short homeroom…
The lesson comprises two periods in the morning, and one period in the afternoon.
And one period, consist of one and a half hour lecture.
in other words, the reason why the class is one and half an hour long are the reason we have three lessons per day.
And for the subject of the lecture…
The first period is education liberal art lesson
The second period is battle practice lesson
Then we have a lunch break.
The third period is a magic art lesson.
That’s how it is
Speaking being simple, it is really simple huh ?
So the first period of liberal arts class started.
The lesson held in the classroom.
By the way, it seems like yesterday is only consist of touring the academy facility, and real lecture started from today onward.
I feel thankful for that.
For the time being, because I can understand this world language and characters, I have no problem following the lecture.
… though, being sleepy because the teacher only gives a lecture with fixed rhythm is not really different from the one in my previous world.
“Fumu~, I don’t understand…”
First, the lesson is about sacred tree cadets and then entering a history lesson, suddenly the world that I don’t know comes out, it totally doesn’t make any sense…
For now, the things that I understand is, the people that being called as sacred tree cadets are,
Belong to the sacred tree order of chivalry,
Protecting the sacred tree.
Protecting the virtuous king.
Protecting Saint Lunezret.
Exploring sacred historic ruins.
Take up swords in emergency and fight.
Well, in other words, a very admirable amazing people.
Ah一, come to think of it, this academy is a place to nurture a sacred tree cadet candidates isn’t it ?
If I aim to rise in this world then, should I aim to be a sacred tree cadet first ?
For the time being, I’ll put it as one of my choices.
And, in sacred tree order there are 『Saint Position』 , well if I have to explain it roughly, there are ranking within sacred tree chivalry order.
The glasses instructor who in charge of liberal art in lion class begin his explanation regarding junior rank cadets.
“Junior saint rank is being decided by a written exam, battle practice exam, magic art exam, and result from researching the sacred ruin…”
A female student raises her hand.
“Yes, what is it ?”
“Among all the things that being mentioned to determine someone as junior saint rank, which one is the most important?”
“What’s this ? you don’t even know that ?”
The air in the classroom froze.
The one who interject with such words is a short haired male student who sits exactly at the center.
The female student who asks the question gritted and lowered her hand.
Then the two male students who sit close to me begin talking in a whisper.
“Oi, that is, if I’m not wrong he’s marquis Maroー”
“Aaー, somehow, he’s someone who is unpleasant to deal with…”
“But, he’s in the same group as Cecil-san which means…”
“Well, that’s what we call plus minus equal zero.”
“Aa, offsetting each other huh…”
That is what I heard from their exchange of words.
Marquis Maro ?
What is that ?
He, is he from some kind of new aristocrat family ?
However, the glasses instructor didn’t mind that Maro Marquis boy comment and answer the female student question indifferently.
“All of the exams will be an important factor in your evaluation score, but as expected the result of sacred ruins research will influence your evaluation the most.”
“Thank you very much.”
The female student spoke words of thanks.
Hmm, what ?
Sacred ruins?
Reasearch ?
What is that ?
However, the lesson slid into history-like lecture again, where I have to fight against my sleepiness.
Like that, the first period ended.
I’ try to stretch my body.
Khuu~, it has been a long time since the last time I get a lecture in class, it’s really tiresome in its own way~…
Although 1 and half an hour lecture, compared to a university lecture, it’s just a segment of it huh~.
Somehow it’s very tiring…
Thankfully I can concentrate fine if there’s something that interests me in the lecture.
Now then… to tell you the truth since earlier I’ve been feeling restless.
The reason for that is, of courseー .
I take a glance at the silver hair female student on my side.
That’s rightー 
When the lecture ended, I’ve decided to speak with her.