Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 21

Chapter 21 (The end of the second day)

“This is my home…”

A two storey house with a gloomy melancholy aura.

“That’s right. this place will be your house.”

Inside my head, I can remember the map inside the academy ground roughly.
From the back gate in the north (By the way, the place where I’d been found collapsed the first time is in the forest beyond this gate)
The main gate is in the south (Beyond that gate down the slope, there’s saint lunezret main road)
In the west, there’s a man dormitory.
In the east, there’s a women dormitory.
And then, this miniature haunted house that I’ll live in, reside on the east side of the academy ground― in other words, it stood near the women’s dormitory….

“At first, this place is a place where carpenters stay when they built this academy”

“Is that so.”

“And now after the completion of the academy, because sometimes it being used again when the academy needs some reconstruction or repair, it’s never get demolished. however, I feel it’s bad to have this near the women’s dormitory, and as a result, I have to prepare a new room at the male dormitory for the carpenters to use just in case.”

Hmm ?
This academy, it had been a while since the completion isn’t it ?
But, if you mean it’s already around since the academy construction thenー

“With that, you also understand don’t you ? if that is the case, I think it won’t be strange if this building had been demolished, but…”

“At that time, some female students from influential family wants to make some kind of salon here, because of that, the demolition were stopped and it’s had been rebuilt instead”

“Aah, I see…”

Probably, they want to make a secret base-like place, for chatting huh…
Students would yearn for such a thing after all.
The ladies of this world too, it appears that they quite resemble with the girl in my previous world.
…ーThough such information is not really reliable since it comes from me.

“But since those girls already graduated, no one uses this place anymore, and since then, it had been left as is…”

“So that’s how it ends up in this state huh ?”

“That’s right, that’s why eventually, I’ll have to demolish it…but, whenever I was going to do it, somehow I feel it was such waste…”

“I see…”

Indeed, I can understand…
I guess this is something like, “because it had lost the timing, it being left as is” pattern.

“Though, because the door and windows had been struck with planks in order not to let anyone enter, the inside did not get damaged you see… although I can also say that there’s nothing inside of the house too.”

Of course even if there’s only a bed inside, I can say that it’s already good enough.
Or rather, I’m fine even if it’s crumbling house, after all, I’ve finally obtained my own home.
Though it’s a rented house.



“What is it ?

“Over there, there’s a women dormitory isn’t it ?”

At the place where I’ve pointed my finger, I could see a dimly light being lit on three storey building.

“Iー, is it okay ?”

“About what ? are you going to sneak in ? or, are you going to peek at the bath ?”

“If that the case, it will turn into a different game !”

“Ge-mu ?”

“Ah, no, it’s nothing… emm, basically, uhm, though there’s a bit distance, to have a man live near the garden of girls, how should I put it, isn’t that bad ?”

“It’s alright… I’ll make sure to give notification properly”

“Is that so… ?”

“By tomorrow, I’ll put it on the bulletin board.”

“…ーBulletin board ?”

“『In here live a dangerous sexual defiant man』kind of thing…”

“Makina-san, by chance, you’re not holding a grudge against me right ? !”

After she sees my face, Makina-san combed her hair.

“Well… you won’t do something like that won’t you ?”

“He ?”

“My trust, don’t betray it okay ?”


That’s sly…
She’s gone and said it like that, I won’t be able to say anything back because of it…
Well, it’s not like she’s intentionally teasing me.

“For the time being, there’s only a bed and blanket, since I’ve carried it this evening, besides those, there’s nothing else.”

I imagine the small Makina-san carrying the futon with great effort while *fuu…fuu*
…ーThat’s bad…
Somehow it looks moe…
When I think about Makina-san doing that for my sake, I felt my heart beat…

…Uwah !
Makina-san is looking at me with cold gaze !?

“As expected, should I arrange a different place ?”

“N-No, that’s not !”

“That’s not it ? just what do you mean by that, I wonder ?”

“I-I was just thinking that the Headmistress is moe ! I didn’t think about the women dormitory !”

“Burned ? why am I must get burned ?”

“That’s not it ! It’s the Headmistress 『is』『Moe』”
(TLN : Words play here, Moe can be read as “Burned/Fired up” with different kanji…while all otakus also know another term of it which is “cute”……)

“To elude things with words that I can’t understand the meaning of it, I guess that’s how a man is huh ?… well then good-bye”

The Headmistress turn her face and briskly walk away.

“H-Headmistreeeeess !”

Just like a pitiful man who was getting abandoned by a woman, I hold out my hands toward the little girls who walk away…


No, right now I have to pray.
There’s nothing else but only pray…
That the Headmistress isー a tsundere…

Thus while feeling dejected, I’ opened the door.


The inside of the house is pretty wide.
Well… I guess, I can’t just go to bed and say good night huh…

The layout of the house is like this…
On the first floor, there are two rooms.
Immediately entering there’s a simple kitchen, desk and chair room.
Going further in the back, there’s an empty room with no door.
There’s a bathroom (It’s small, I guess it’s barely fit for 2 people ? there’s no faucet, that’s mean I need to fill it with hot water by myself)
And toilet (This one looks relatively new. I’m glad that it’s western-style toilet !)

There are two rooms on the second floor.
First, it’s my bedroom (From what I can see, there’s one bed and blanket)
And the other room is an empty room.

lastly the basement (since it feels chilly here, I guess it’s being used to store some food here I guess?)

And that is the outline of my white castle.

Perhaps, since I can see marks on the floor and walls, In the past the basement might be a vacant room, I think a bunk bed might be had been placed there…
(TLN : No matter what I do, I’m automatically imagining Ojou+Basement+Bunk bed=You know what I meant ?…XD)

By the way on the top of my bed, there’s an academy uniform neatly folded, a set of silk jacket and pants.

I put the jute bag that contains my clothes from my previous world on te corner of the room… (I’ve brought it properly you know ?) I took off the clothes I wore.
And change into silk clothes ( let’s make this my sleepwear), then I enter the bed…




Tomorrow finally, I’m going to start attending the academy huh… ?


Ahー I can’t…
Though I was planning to think about the various thing before sleeping, maybe because there are a lot of things happen today, I’ve been struck with sleepiness more fierce than usual.

… I guess I should sleep…

Just before I lost my consciousness due to drowsiness, I got a question on my mind.

Huh ?

Come to think of it, I… at what hour should I wake up tomorrow ?
But, because of the fierce drowsiness, Iーー

Just like that I fell in deep sleep.