Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 20

Chapter 20 (A place where I live)

To put it simply
Other than Lunezret, three country exist in this continent.
And there is a country who land have it borders touch all three countries, people call that country as 『country of the end』.
At first, the country of the end had a small land area.
But, because the position of that country which right in the middle of the continent, it resulted in that country to engage war frequently.
Because of that their national power decline.
Their citizen becomes impoverished.
And finally, that country fall into ruin.

Then after the country fall, their land becomes a 『battlefield』.
Without any nation able to claim the leftover territory, the land left without law and only known as a battlefield, it continues as a barren zone ever since.
As a result of that, the land becomes a large slum area.
Thus, the country of the end becomes a place where many criminal with nowhere to go lived.
And within the country of the end, a conflict would arise between the organization that being formed by the people living there, which happen regardless day or night.
Then, the main story starts from here…
In such area, someone tried to build an orphanage.
However, of course, doing a charity work in such area won’t work well, although they work hard at building it to the points where 13 of such orphanage are being built in less than 6 months, the people of the country of the end would attack them for fun, and soon they got destroyed.
From that, most of the orphanage had been forced to close down.
Being able to complete an orphanage within the country of the end, even though it only operates for only 6 months, I could say that they have a good fight.
In fact, it was close to being a miracle.
Built an orphanage within such territory, from the beginning it’s already an unreasonable plan.
The person who push forward the establishment of the orphanage just wants to protect the children that born at the country of the end.
However, that being the case, to specifically doing such high-risk thing as built an orphanage in the country of the end.
One should be doing such thing in a safe country, is what they should think about first.
Because of that, right now people suspect that the people who doing that have their own agenda.
As for what is the real motive behind it, up until now there is various speculation, and the true motive of the mysterious person is still unknown.
In any case, from all the orphanage that being built in the country of the end, anyone can see that most of it meet a miserable end.
But, among them, there’s one remaining orphanage.
Out of the 13 orphanages that being built, only one survived and that is the sixth orphanage.
Known as 『The sixth institution』.
Makina-san also seems unwilling to talk about the『sixth institution』 in detail, 
well simply put, that orphanage is a breeding ground for a 『very dangerous guys』.
If I have to say how much dangerous they are then, even the brutal people of the country of the end who heard 『sixth institution』 will tremble in fear.
And currently,some member of the『The sixth institution』had been found in some part of the continent, though the precise location of them are unknown.
At first, a bounty placed on some of them for being a criminal but, let alone catching them, the important people who offered the reward are killed one after another and, before long, everyone start to even fear to speak the word sixth institution『sixth institution』.
Do not get involved with people from the sixth institution.
That is the unwritten law of the people of this continent.
Some people who know the name of a former member of that institution, refer those people name as 『forbidden name』, people even hesitate to mention them.
Hmm, I see…
Such amazing story.
Those people of 『sixth institution』,they are like a bunch of a villain from a battle manga.
Nevertheless after listening to this story, and recalling the reaction of the customer at the tavern when the big man says 『sixth institution』,I can understand as to why they end up like that.
… But then again, when I think about it, Cecil-san is really amazing
Trying to eradicate people like them,
How should I put it, Having a person with beauty that can be described as world treasure setting her eyes on that kind of people, it’s something hard to understand.
I know that she’s not someone that I should be worrying about, but I’m still worried after all.
To be frank, Cecil-san who bear an antagonism against the sixth institution, and eventually the figure of Cecil-san who fall down into R-18 development. I imagine such thing to happen.
… Wait ! what kind of imagination is that, me !
I’m the worst !
“Well, I guess that’s all the things that I want to talk about”
Makina-san who finished her explanation takes some breath.
Considering she’s a person who doesn’t like something troublesome, she had done a great job at explaining things.
“Because of that, I want you to be careful when mentioning the sixth institution in public.”
“Yes, I’ll be careful”
“Well there’s also people like the big man at the tavern, pretending to be a former member of the sixth institution for the sake of intimidating the people around him”
“An impostor is it ?”
Indeed, somehow I can feel it.
Someone who gives out a speech like some kind of small fry can’t be a dangerous guy after all…
“Because the of the opponent is that lady Cecil the judgment to them is harsh but… in the first place, if he’s really a former sixth institution member, he won’t flaunt that he’s a former member of the sixth institution easily”
“Is that how it is ?”
“The people who easily say that they are a former member of the sixth institution that being captured in the past, mostly are an impostor.”
“Aah, I see now”
“Oh right, I say this just in case, It’s not like claiming oneself as a former member of the sixth institution is a crime in itself you know? only those who done something against the law while claiming them self as such can be accused of wrong doings”
In other words, the big man who claim himself as a former member of the sixth institution, in itself cannot be accused as criminal huh ?
But still, the people who caught someone who claims them self  as a former member of the sixth institution really has considerable courage.
Ah ! that’s not it isn’t it ? it’s more like because the people who being caught while claiming them self as the sixth institution former member are most likely always fake, they can capture them with a piece of mind huh ?
In this connection, Makina-san said 『almost everyone』.
Isn’t that mean… some of them is a real one huh ?
“Now then, let’s stop the talk until here.”
Makina-san stands up from her chair while putting her hand on the desk.
… because of her height, she looks really weird with that pose
“Now, I’ll explain about the place where you will stay.”
“A place where I will live is it ?”
“That’s right.”
“I’m fine living together with the Headmistress in the Headmistress room though…”
Yup, I’ve received a scornful gaze.
“Particularly… I’m fine with it.”
“He ?”
“If that’s what you want, it’s alright you know ?”
“S-Seriously !?”
Eh ?
W-What’s with this development ?
Is it possible ?!
Living together !?
Is this the Headmistress route !?
“It’s a lie…”
“I’ve been fooled !”
Ugh, being played by a little girl(by appearance)…
Hmm… ?
I’m being played by a little girl, somehow it sounds erotic isn’t it ?
To me who shows an irritated expression the Headmistress is,
“Being played or whatnot, isn’t that a common sense ?”
Said that with a nonchalant air around her.
“Ratherー, aren’t the Headmistress who make the setting where I’m a nature child is the one who lack in common sense ?”
“That’s right, my setting is perfectー”
“Argh, I know that already ! woohoo, the Headmistress is a miss perfect ! the Headmistress is godlike !”
By the way, what I meant by 『Miss Perfect』, is actually『a perfect setting mistake』.
(TLN: This is a word play here, what he mean by miss is as in “missed”)
That is a small revenge coming from a man who comes over from a different world…
“Do you understand ? if a student comes to a classroom from the Headmistress room every morning, in this academy what do you think the position of you and me is ?”
Hnnー… well, I guess that’s how it is…
Aah, that was such a short dream…
Sleeping together, I guess that was a limited one-night event huh…?
“So, the place where I’ll live from now on is ?”
The Headmistress walked toward the door leading to the corridor.
“Come with me…”