Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 2

Chapter 2 (Thus He Gaze At The Gigantic Tree)

Huh ?
I’m…Still…Alive ?
I thought I’d got myself struck by lightning and died.
When I opened my eyes, I’ve noticed someone had  been looking into my face.
It seems like that person is saying something to me, but I don’t know whatever they are saying due to my consciousness has yet to fully recover.
And my field of vision is also blurry.
Err… so, is the person in front of me is the one who have helped me ?
Was it the mountain search and rescue team ?
I see, so I’ve been saved huh ?
When a person life is saved, normally that person would feel happy.
But in my case, I feel dejected instead.
A smile leaked from my mouth.
“I’ve failed to die huh ?”
“Did your consciousness return already ? you, why are you collapse in this kind of place ?”
I would like to say thanks for saving me, but somehow it’s hard to say it due to the person strong voice tune.
An expression of disgust also can be felt.
Well, Afterall, I’m a NEET at my late twenties, of course, people would see me as a bother … its to be expected huh ?
Judging from the tone of the voice, the person who helped me seems to be a woman.
But still, I wonder does the expense to save me were expensive ?
I have a feeling that I would be demanded a great amount of sum as the compensation.
Somehow I become more depressed as I can imagine my parents angry face in the future.
Well, for now, words of apology and explanation to the person who saved me are more important isn’t it ?
“I’m sorry. suddenly, all of my views were turn whiteー”
“If your consciousness is already returned then hurry, the entrance ceremony is about to begun”
“Huh ?”
Entrance ceremony ?
What is this person talking about ?
For a NEET whom next birthday would turn him into 28 years old, an entrance ceremony ?
Does she mistake me for someone else ?
I raise my body slowly while looking around.
It seems like I’m still on the mountain.
Hmm… The air is great.
I gaze at the sky.
The bad weather that was there before were already completely gone.
I can see a dazzling morning light leaked from the tree leafs.
Still…Hmm ?
Something’s feels not right.
It seems my head still not yet recovered.
If I were being careless, I feel like losing consciousness again.
“Emm, Excuse me, This placeー”
After I catch my breath, and my mind recovering a bit, then I start to talk.
“Excuse… me ?”
“What ? what’s with that strange face of yours ?”
The person whom I call out has an appearance wearing a cosplay-ish kind of clothes.
Even if the person themselves told me this is the uniform for rescue, as expected I won’t be able to believe it.
How should I say it… It feels like an appearance from a game with fantasy world setting.
Have you ever seen, a black dress that usually being used for battle ?
And then on her waist, there’s a sheathed sword.
I mean, that sword looked like a real sword based on the sheath, it’s not a real one isn’t it ?
Though I got an awful precise impression from it.
Huh ?
Don’t tell me, this person is not a rescue team member ?
By any chance, she’s not some kind of dangerous person isn’t she ?
I’m doing mountain climbing during such weather, then definitely this person might also be doing mountain climbing with such cosplay isn’t it ?
Rather than that, who would want to come to a mountain with that kind of appearance ?
Does this person come to the mountain to do cosplay and post it on the internet ?
But stillー
This person is really beautiful.
The eyelashes which being kept neatly.
A sharp diligent looking big eyes that are turned up at the corners.
A long lustrous silver hair (This might be a wig though) that waving by the winds to her slender face.
I don’t know much about clothes, but I know her styles is excellent.
How should I say it, every part of her I can’t describe it with words.
It’s as if every beautiful thing exist solely for her.
When the dignified figure that she have are being put together with it, she’s kind of giving an aura of divinity.
It feels as if a goddess has descended.
While I continued getting such impression, I felt something was wrong somewhere again.
Well, I understand that she’s beautiful.
However this person, in such a day what is this person doing in this kind of place ?
It’s definitely not taking a shot for filming.
And by the appearance, she doesn’t seem to bring any companion with her.
Although, I thought sometime ago she came here to do cosplay and post it on the internet, I don’t see any device to do so either.
As I thought is she doing a solo-cosplay while climbing a mountain as a hobby ?
Well, she doesn’t look like a dangerous person though.
Then, a sound of a bell can be heard.
And the beauty clicked her tongue.
“Hei… Let’s hurry. by being here mean, you’re also a freshman at Saint Lunazret Academy right ?”
Saint Lunezret Academy ?
Huh ?
Why I’m just now, when the beauty speaks『Seirunousureddo』words, my mind clearly think and converse it automatically into『Saint Lunezret』, I wonder ?
Though this is supposedly the first time I heard such words.
No no, rather than that, Academy ?
I drag out my memory from the time I’d investigate the neighborhood on the internet.
There’s should be no Academy nearby…
“Emm, that sounds of the bell just now means, the entrance ceremony will begin very soon, it will make our image bad if we were to come late from the beginning. though I don’t care about such things.”
“Err… can you listen to me ? where is this Saint Lunezret Academy ?”
“What are you saying ? it’s right there… see ?”
I direct my line of sight to the direction where the beauty pointed out.
From the direction of her finger, I saw a huge building.
That building is giving off an atmosphere of a university with western-style medieval era building that sometimes I saw on the TV.
“… Huh ?!”
I was not surprised because of the building.
What I was surprised about was , I could see a gigantic tree there.
“What is… that …? I never saw such gigantic tree, however somehow it looks beautiful.”
My consciousness is fading again.
Damn it…
Not good… My consciousness is…
The beautiful person is saying something to me.
But I can’t hear what she’s saying.
Rather what’s with that ridiculously huge tree…?
By any chanceー 
“By any chance, Is this place… is not a place near that mountain ?”
At that moment, I lost my consciousness again.