Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 19

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Chapter 19 (Country of the End and Sixth Institution)

“… I see, so that’s what had happened”

While sitting on her chair, Makina-san frowned.
Currently, I’m inside the Headmistress office room.
Me and Mia-san are standing side by side in front of Makina-san desk…

By the way, we end up late for the promised time to head back here(though surprisingly we’re actually not really that late, butー)

In front of me, Makina-san shows a displeased face.


By the way…
Regarding the matter of Mia-san who begin taking off her clothes at the front of the gate before, this is what had happenー

In the middle of the chaos when Mia-san starts taking off her uniform, I,

“Emm… au… because this is my first time doing this…*blush*, if you can do it gently, Mia will be happy… w-well”

After she said that words while looking bashful, I’m able to grasp the situation.

…if I were to remain silent here, I might feel something good, ー
This might be my chance to graduate from DT !
(TLN: He said DT in alphabet . DT= DouTei = virgin)


… For a moment, my mind is in conflict.

I’m a boy after all.
But my platonic personality won’t allow it.
After all…
Something like a first time, you have to do it with a mutual feeling isn’t it ?

Aaah… but it might be because of me thinking like that, despite my current age I’d end up as a virgin(though right now I’m a teenager)

Moreover, just after I said I will reset my past life, to think it turned out like this…

…N-No, this is not how it should be !
I’m a gentleman !
Because I’m a gentleman !
I can’t be a protagonist from eroge who can say『alright, let’s do it?』.

Besides, I can’t let a girl experience her first time because of misunderstanding !
That’s too pitiful !
I might be a good-for-nothing human, but as expected, one should do something like that with mutual feeling !

Like that, I didn’t take the meal(woman) in front of me, and try to successfully solve Mia-san misunderstanding.
Thus, one way or another I’m able to solve it.

By the way, after noticed that it was misunderstanding, from Mia-san mouth, words of admonish and apology continue to come out…

But the scene where Mia-san hit her own head and screaming “Aah ! I’m such an idiot idiooooot !” is really cute…

And then right now, Mia-san who stand by my side has her ears hung down, looking dejected.

Other than the trouble in the city, probably, she still feels shock regarding what happened earlier.

“Speaking of fault, this is also my fault too huh… since usually when I’m walking around the city together with Mia, I don’t feel anything and thought everything was normal…well, more importantly right now you’re both are fine. I’ll also need to say thanks to lady Cecil later… Miaー”


“You are must be tired right now, for now, you should take some rest”


While lowering her head, Mia-san took a glance toward me for a moment.

*Fuuh* Makina-san exhale her breath.

“As for Kurohiko, since I still have something to talk about regarding the matter of you become a student at this academy starting tomorrow, I’ll ask you to stay here for a while.”

“T-Then please excuse me !”

After that, Mia-san leaves the room.

When the door closed, Makina-san begins to talk.

“It seems like both of you had been caught up by something troublesome ne~… however, for you not using the forbidden spell, I’ll praise you for that…”


“Though if Cecil-san didn’t come, I might actually using it…”



“What is it ?”

“If I think I must use… the forbidden spell without hesitationー”

Makina-san then let out her breath…

“… When that time comes, I’ll let you decide it”

“Eh ?”

Not being allowed to use it, or I should keep it secret as much as possible, she’s not going to say that ?

“I, still believe that you should keep it a secret but… after the incident in the city earlier, I changed my mind a little…”

“What do you mean ?”

“Right now you don’t have anything other than the forbidden spell for self-defense”

“… Aah, that’s trueー”

“Moreover, everything would be a lost if the forbidden spell user himself died because of forcing himself to not using it”

“Does that mean… I don’t have to conceal it ?”

“However, I would appreciate it, if you don’t use it thoughtlessly, also, if possible avoid saying anything related to『forbidden spell』as much as possible. if you’re being asked then just say that it was some unusual spell, since someone will say something about the difference in incantation right ?”


“But still, in my opinion, you should not use it at all… if I have to say it, while you’re in the academy, you can learn how to handle weapon and ordinary spell, while relying on the forbidden spell is only when you’re caught in a pinch and have no other way out. can you do that ?”

“I’ll do my best…”

With this, I can make the decision to use the spell much easier.

“Then, about tomorrow you see…”


“You will be assigned into『Lion』classroom”


“Since there’s a lion coat of arm paint on the classroom door, you will know it immediately. as for the location, it’s on the second floor of this building.”

“This building second floor right… I’ll remember it”

“Tomorrow you will have to give a light self-introduction but… well, please try to do it properly. if it’s you, I know you can do it”

I-It’s come !
The Headmasters habit when they find things to be bothersome.
The last part where she said 『if it’s you, I know you can do it』 I don’t feel any loving at all… Uwaah !

“… What is it ?”

“No, there’s nothing ! the Headmistress is always the greatest !”


“Now now, please continue, Headmistress…”

“… Even when some small thing is being asked, please don’t forget about your own 『setting』. though the academy officials are not really satisfied, I’ve already explained it thoroughly to them.”

“Is it the setting about me being a person from the countryside ?”

“That’s right. since you don’t even know any basic knowledge about this world, and also since its rare for  sacred tree cadet to scout someone from unknown origin, it will definitely gain attention.”

That kind of attention is the thing that I don’t want though…
If it really ends up like that, I’ll become the center of attention won’t I ?

“C-Can you think about it a little bit more…?”

“I consider my setting to be perfect you know ? there’s no flaw either…”



“… R-Rightー”

Aah, this is looking bleak.
A countryside bumpkin, and a child of nature huh…
(TLN : Child of nature literally mean someone who grow up in the forest/nature…idk how to explain this much more better)


From here on
I’ll truly become a nature child.

“Uho, Uho !”
(TLN: This Uho Uho…I leave it raw as it is…supposedly this is the way a monkey speak)
“… What are you doing ?”

What am I doing you say… of course being a nature child !

“Uho, Uho ! Uho ! Uho !”


“Uho !!”

“… Are you making fun of me ?”


My once-in-a-lifetime performance ended just like that…

“By the way Makina-san, I want to ask something is it ok ?”

“What is it ?

Which remind me, I was going to ask about it before.
But I didn’t include it when I’d explain things regarding what happened in the city…about that一…

I want to hear it…


“Yes ?”

But still, when you look at it like this, Makina-san is really cute huh, or rather一

“Today underwear, what color are you wearing ?”

“Ha ?”

“… Ah…”

What the hell am I saying !?
L-Like this… I’ll undoubtedly going to be branded as HENTAI !
I won’t be able to excuse myself !
What about being a gentleman oi !
My gentleman mindset, where have you gone to !?
You won’t say that you’re currently playing cricket, so right now you’re absent right !?

Uwaaah !!

The Headmistress’ face is really scary !

To make a beautiful girl shows this kind of face, even if I were being accused I won’t be able to object it !

Certainly I have something that I want to ask, but it’s not that !

Damn it, my instinct got the better of me !

“I-I’m sorry ! I’m really sorry ! y-you see, this is, my gentleman mindset is currently on vacation一”


“No no no, that’s not it ! I mean, even if I say apologize, that is, forgive me already一 aaaaaaah that’s not it ! what am I saying….uuuugh !”

Probably it’s because I’m feeling confused !

Pull yourself together, ME !


S-Scary !

The Headmistress’ face is…一scary !

“…Huh ? Headmistress, why are you putting out your tongue…? aah the spell huh !… eh…? SPELL ?! Wait ! STOP ! It’s a joke, it’s just a joke I say ! What I want to ask is about the 『Sixth Institute』and 『The country of the end』 ! ah, I’m such an idiot !ー… Huh ?”

Makina-san closes her mouth slowly, and her expression becomes really serious.

Her deep crimson pupil still fixedly gaze at me.

“You…ーwhere did you heard that ?”

“Eh, well that is… when we get ourself entangled with the big man at the bar, he said those words as his place of origin, and when he said that… somehow the surrounding people becomes nervous… that’s why I want to ask what is that all about ?”

Makina-san then falls into silent.
After being silent for a moment, Makina-san starts speaking…

“It’s not like I want to hide it, but well I guess you should know about it huh. the country of the end isー”

Like that, the Headmistress starts to explain it.

About 『the country of the end』and『sixth Institute』…

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