Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 18

Chapter 18 (Decision)

“Emm, is there any problem ?”

“Eh ?”

In front of my eyesー, the goddess of beauty has descended ! ?

“Uwaaah !”

Unconsciously I pull myself back and fall down.
After all, when I realize it, Cecil-san face is right in front of my eyes you know ?
Of course, I would be surprised !
I mean, I thought my heart is seriously going to stop, apparently I start to feel self-conscious.
But, dying because of being stared by a beauty is somewhat embarrassing after all.

“Fufufu, are you alright ?”

Cecil-san bends her body forward and presents her hand toward me.
The freezing atmosphere around her a moment ago is already disappeared.


I look at her extended hand.
Eh ?
I mean, I can touch it ?
I really can touch it ?



I grasp her hand.
I, Cecil-san hand, I hold itー!

“T-Th-Thank you…”

Steeled my determination, I let out my voice.



What is this…
Is this really a human hand ?
It’s so smooth and moist.
Such attentive hand.
Just holding her hand with beautiful fingers like this, I can feel all the details of it.

Or rather…

Seriously, what is this ?!
If I were to have a beautiful hand fetish, this would turn into a target in an instant isn’t it ?


Quickly I pull
my body with my hand while hastily stand up straight.
And while Cecil-san holding my hand, she averts her gaze at Mia-san.

“You too, are you alright ?”


Being called suddenly,it makes Mia-san getting started.

“For helping us, thank you very much, Cecil-sama ! I’ll do anything to pay it… !”

Mia-san bowed her body deeply.
While Cecil-san smiled while looking troubled.

“Something like that is not necessary. since this is something that I did on my own discretion… and besidesー…”

Cecil-san directed a profound smile toward me…

“I can see that he have some kind of trump card. it might be actually I’m the one who doing something that is not my business.”

“Eh ?

Mia-san blinked with surprised eyes.

“Emm, Cecil-san !?”

Cecil-san reverses her hand which holding my hand and looking at my hand as if appraising me.


I feel a bit thrilled.

I don’t know what you’re doing, but I can feel a really pleasant feeling going through inside of me.
To be frank, I want to stay like this forever.


ーan hour would be enough !
My previous world aside, this feeling is worth of my entire fortune !

“It doesn’t seem to be the hand of a man who hold a weapon and fight but…”

A…Ah so…ーso that’s how it is.
She holding my hands since a while ago is to confirm that huh ?


Wellー, just by holding a beautiful girl hand already makes me happy, so everything is fine !

“With this that’s mean… you’re a spellcaster, am I right ?”

“N-No, something like that is unthinkable… ! I, ーfar from fighting with a weapon, I also don’t know anything about a spell, after all, I’m someone who comes from the countryside, that’s why you’re really saved me back there… If you didn’t show up, I don’t know what would happen then.”

Then Cecil-san lets go of my hand gently.

“Fufufu, my… alright, let’s leave it at that…”


“Cecil-sama ! if it’s done already let’s get going !”

Standing near the wagon Zix-san called out to her.

The demi-human girl who dragged Zix-san also standing by his side… if I’m not wrong, her name is Hirgiz-san isn’t it ?


Thus, Cecil-san responded to the angry nagging Zix-san

“Well then, until here please excuse me,  Aah right, -I’ll report those thugs to the guard. it’s just that to catch them and make them being judged might be slightly difficult. andー”

Cecil-san put her hand on my shoulder.

“When you’re facing that big man, I can see a strong spirit in you that trying to protect the girl at the expense of your own self. it is very admirable. That kind of emotion, please treasure it well.”

After saying that Cecil-san and company leave the place.
It gives me a sense like when I woke up from a dream.
Aah~, but still to be able to hold such beautiful girl hand, and also having her tap on my shoulder too.

Somehow that makes me want to treasure this body more…

I feel like today is the best day in my life !


the carriage that being rode by Cecil-san and her companion is no longer visible, me and Mia-san go back to the tavern.
Since Mia-san who noticed something, ask for us to go back here.

Come to think of it, we haven’t pay our food bill yet, but the things that make Mia-san worried is probably about the Oji-san who interfere with what the big man doing before.

Inside the store, alone, that Oji-san hanged his head.

To Mia-san who said words of thanks, Oji-san is,

“Haha… but, for me to intrude on something while having no power, as a result of that, I show something miserable.”

Thus, he said that while being embarrassed.

But, Mia-san is…

“That’s not true ! you’re a very courageous person, I felt really grateful ! if it’s alright with you, this isー”

Different than the bag that Makina-san gaveーthat’s probably Mia-san’s ownー she takes out money bag from her bosom, and tried to pass it.

But Oji-san is,

“I don’t need such a thing…”

He refuses it.


“You’re demi-human right ?”


“Then as a thanks, I would like to ask one thing, is it alright ?”


“I don’t know how long you’ve been living in the royal capital but, all human being in the royal capital are not all the same as that big man who hold prejudice toward demi-human, I would like for you to just know that. certainly many people hold prejudice toward demi-human but, there are also a lot of people who got along with demi-human too you know.”

Mia-san is saying『yes, ーyes』many times while in tears, seemingly from being emotionally moved by Oji-san words.

Such a good words huh… *sob*

Oji-san too, you’re really a good person.
Just a little, I somehow also shed tears.

In addition the bar owner also told me that we don’t have to pay the bill.
It seems that the reason for it is seeing that big man going through painful experience make him feel refreshed.

Other than that, there’s seems to be a festival of Cecil Arclight cult that being staged by the customer who saw the incident earlier.

Well, to that person herself, no matter how much compliment people give her, it won’t have much meaning for her.

But even for me, I could not help but admire her.
… even if I were to praise her too, it won’t have any effect.
Or rather, what kind of important man am I to think of such a thing.


Me and Mia-san, the two of us continue walking on the slope leading to the Academy side by side.

Since we leave the tavern, we have talked about, oh it’s already darkー, that’s trueー, Cecil-san is greatー, Indeedー, and so on we talked about a lot of harmless topics.

But then, we reach the end of the slope.

“Emm… earlier, thank youー for helping me, Kurohiko-sama.”

Said Mia-san…

“He ?”

Mia-san cheek which being illuminated by the faint light of the crystal lamp looks a little bit flushed.

“Helping you said… I, didn’t do anything though…”

“That’s not true, Kurohiko-sama is always doing things by thinking of my safety first back then.”

“Iya~, but still, in term of result Cecil-san is the one who settled everything. I didn’t really do anything and only on the side together with you remember ?”

Tough the result would be different if I were to decide to do something more early.
I should reflect on it.

Because I’m slow at making my decision, it ends up like that.
If in the future something is going to happen again, I will not hesitate.

“… I, was really happy”

“Eh ?”

“Kurohiko-sama, when that bad person was talking bad about demi-human, aren’t you getting angry because of it ?”

“Aah… well that is, I just unconsciously end up like that…”

“I was really happy for that…”

“Either way, that Oji-san who tried to save us is already told us right… emm that… about the demi-human people, I also didn’t hold any prejudice toward demi-human too”

Mia-san then laughs helplessly.

“In that tavern, isn’t there a woman who comes to take the orders from us ?”

“Emmー, yes indeed, there is…”

I recall the scene from back then.


Come to think of it, that waitressー
She did not try to look at Mia-san at all.
Even after Mia-san spoke of her order, she only glanced at her coldly.
While on the other hand she “Looking at me” with a friendly smile.

Because I was looking at the big man back then, I didn’t pay more attention to it…

But indeed, that attitude is.
It’s as if, Mia-san didn’t exist in that place at all, that’s how I feel itー

“I see…ー”

“See… the people who held prejudice toward the demi-human is, even in this Lunezret are quite a lot… although they didn’t really say it like that big man from before…”

Before too, on the road and the clothes store as well, I can felt some glance from the stalls and the people around us, I thought it was because Mia-san’s maid uniform or because she’s cute that cause it… or perhaps her breast too…

But I was wrong huh ?

“Even though Mia-san is this cute.”

“Eh ?”

it’s accidentally slipped out of my mouth.
N-No, this is where I should…

“That’s right ! you’re cute you know Mia-san !”

I did not lie after all, so I said it…

“Eh…Eeeeh ?! Me ? Do you mean me ?!”

“Your ears and tail, it’s rather charming  see !”

“T-That can’t be… ! t-to say such praise… au… au… the ears and tails that make a characteristic of demi-human race are regarded by many people as unpleasant you know… that’s why… emm…ー”

Mia-san who looked down has her face dyed in red.

Then with a very small voice

“T-Thank you, very much…”

Thus, she muttered.


Uhum, She’s really cute indeed.

If only the girls in my previous world are also like this…
Ah, in the first place, the chance of me getting involved with girls in my previous world is next to zero…


But still why is it…

Since I’ve come to this world, I’ve been able to become this sociable.
As expected, is it because of my body becomes young ?

…. Well, though losing the ties of obligation(as an adult) is must be the biggest reason isn’t it ?’
Or I by coming to this world, it’s perhaps so that I can reset my past failure ?
Besides in this world, there’s no one who know what kind of person am I in the previous world either.


Isn’t this good… a reset.
No, should do it ?… reset…

The world in front of me too is different than the world from my previous world.
To reset my life and start a new life here, I guess there’s no other problem ?

Alright then…

I decide it.
I’ve decided it…
What I should do, I’ve already decided it.

ーI’ll rise in life.
(TLN: It can be translated “to become popular” too… but I don’t think it fits, so I use rise in life instead.)

I’ll rise in this world.
And also a man’s dream

Since my life in the previous world is quite gray.
That’s why I want to rise in the world.
In that gray world, what can I become ?
I didn’t feel excited.
I didn’t feel thrilled.
I’m just living a blank life.

Everytime, I feel like someone says to me『I did not belong here』.
But after coming to this world, my emotion are always exploding.
Being thrilled, and being excited.

That’s why, if its this world then, surelyー.

Do it
I can, do it.
In this worldー, I will rise !
I’ll do it… I’ll definitely do it !

“Kurohiko-sama… if there’s anything that you want me to doー, please tell me ok ?… I, if it’s for Kurohiko-sama thenー”

“Mia-san, I, I’ll do it !”

“Eh ?”

*grasp* I grasped both Mia-san’s shoulders.

“I’ve decided, I’ll do it !”

“Is that really what you want ?”

“Yes, I’ll do it !”

“… Are we going to do it tonight ?”

“What are you saying ?, of course right now without delay !”

“R-Right nowー”

“I’ll do it ! right away !”

Right here… in this world !

“R-Right here…”

“Yes !”

Mia-san then gulps her own saliva and look around the neighborhood.

“L-Looks like nobody around but…”

“By now I don’t care about people looking anymore… I’ll do it right now, here !”

“I-Is that so… I-I understand…”

Eh ?

M, Mia-san ?!

“W-Why are you suddenly taking off your uniform !?”

TLN : Hahahaha, seriously the ending is funny…