Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 17

Chapter 17 (Dance)

The one unleashing the first attack is the big man.

He has a huge body, but he’s not a slow-witted at all.
His movement is powerful and sharp.
He doesn’t seem to be a man that only talk.
After he attacked three times, he quickly turn his body and move in a circle.

While moving in circle he attacks with his mail repeatedly.
Cecil-san is safely able to ward off that attackーbut, 

The big man attack doesn’t stop.
He didn’t just brandishing his maul blindly.
He attacks her with great force while calculating the centrifugal force of his attack.
His figure is moving like a whirlwind… that’s right, just like a tornado.

Butーー His attacks didn’t hit.

If I were to describe it, it’s as if a person trying to catch a falling feather, but it softly slipped away from the person’s fingers.

At that moment I realize.

It’s as if Cecil-san body move away from the maul because of the wind generated by the force of the big man attackー of course, this can be achieved because Cecil-san is able to read his opponent attack precisely, or so I thought.

*Gulp* I gulp down my own saliva…

So this is how a real battle looks like huhー ?

Well, I’m a man after all…
Just like in the manga and anime, I was yearning the so-called 『 let’s battle 』kind of people.
And currently, I’m watching what a real 『Battle 』is, this make me a little bit excited.

Sweat on my hands and this elated sensation.
However…ーmost strongly, I feel tension all over my body,
But even so, I feel pleasant from this kind of tension.


But I wonder why ?

Cecil-san being defeated, I can’t imagine such a thing to happen at all.

“Che… ! This bastard, moving around continuously !”

When the big man yelling in frustration, he changes the trajectory of his maul to something irregular.


But the words of that big man is really sound like words that usually a small fry would say.

When I’m concerned about such a thing, the big man attack becomes more violent.

“Ora ora ora !! If you’re only running around, you won’t be able to defeat me like this ! if by any chance you’re waiting for my stamina to depleted then, it’s meaningless ! because my stamina is inexhaustible !”

Uwaah, His line becomes more and more like that of a death flag(defeat flag)…

Like this I began to feel dejected from the big man disappointing line, then at that time.

Sounds cut through the darkness of the night.

“Gwaaah !?”

*wobble* the big man loses his balance.

“Khuu… !”

Looking at him, I can see a countless small wound all over his body from head to his feet.
However, the big man managed to recover instantly.

“… Hah ! what’s this, this kind of stingy injury is like a mosquito bite y’know !? Kakakaka ! Aaー, I see I see ! that thin arm of yours should be used to play house,instead of holding swords, with a steel body muscle like mine, those kinds of slender arm and thin swords will only cause a small bruise”

The man laughter becomes hoarse.

On the other hand, if we speak about Cecil-san, I can see blood dripping down from the tip of her sword, then she swung her sword to clean it.

After doing thatー she takes a stance once again.

Her figure holding a sword is looks somewhat giving me a sense of elegance.

She didn’t look worked up at all.


“With damage this degree… no matter how fast you are, I wonder when will I finally be defeated ? tomorrow morning ?”

As if still having much more room, the big man broadly grinned.

“To attack while dodging like this… Aaah I see ! by any chance are you waiting for the guard to come here ?! Kakakaka ! that’s clever ! Stealing time, that’s very clever of you, Arclight-ojousama yo !”

Though it’s kind of vexing, what that big man says might be hit on the mark.

To start with, despite his fighting style that looks reckless, however, he’s been fighting while protecting his vital part properly.

Perhaps it’s only in a fraction of second, but it doesn’t seem he get hit on purpose.

Before the eyes of the big man who wish to make her submit to him, if the guard were to arrive now, it would be hard for him to achieve it indeed.
If that being the case then, he needs to settle this before the guard comes but…

ーHow will he do it ?
In case this situation being dragged on as it is…

But then my anxiety was being blown away in a moment later.


Several minutes  later.


From the big man hand, his maul sliding down.

Since the first time Cecil-san slash hit him, in fact, the number of cuts the big man sustain has increased.

Rightー though if I were to go 『by appearance』 the number of cuts didn’t get increased really much.

But, for sure the big man previous cuts become more 『Deep』.

What does that mean ?
Perhaps, I can describe it like this…
In this few minutes, Cecil-san had been 『hits at the same place where the big man got his first injury over and over again』,
Even if it’s only a small scratch, if you were to get slashed on the exact same spot over and over again, the terrible damage can be imagined.
Still, leaving that aside the most terrifying thing is, Cecil-san precise slash.

If she has a dynamic vision to make her being able to manipulate such precise sword slash, then I guess such feet can be done, I wonder ?

Moreover, her movement is so elegant that its looks as if she’s dancing… even though this is a real battle it makes me feels as if I’m watching a dance performance.


Somehow my role becomes like a commentary character in a battle manga isn’t it ?


W-Well, somehow I’m able to see various things.
That’s why in the battle between Cecil-san and the big man, somehow I’m able to guess the flow of the battle.

Huh ?

By any chance, when I was teleported to this world, did I get an ability to『read and grasp the flow of battle』?

… I don’t like that…

I don’t like this kind of ability that goes straight to the supporting role !

Before long I might hear people start making a noise such as 『So fast ! what the hell happened just now ?! 』or 『Some how in that instant 5 attack landed no is it 6 attack ?』… and ask for an answer to me, which it will make me a supporting role ?!


That’s bad…
As expected, that kind of another world life is… Nooo, I don’t want it~ !!

…Despite my mind thinking about some stupid thing at another place, currently, Cecil-san is shoving the tip of her sword at the big man.

That’s right, this is serious scene,
Not a place to think of such thing.
I’m sorry…

“Still want to continue ?”


“I don’t think there’s anymore purpose to continue this, butー”

“You bitch… do you know who am I ?”

“Who knows ?”

“So you know, I’m a former member of the sixth institute… hehehe, do you get the meaning of what I’m saying ?”

Hearing that, Cecil-san eyes narrowed.

“Well yes, I know”

“If you bitch going to apologize to me now, I’ll think about it, but if you still want to continue then you will… no, the Arclight family will be turned into the enemy of the Sixth Institute you know ?”


Uwaaahー..that’s lowー…

To mention something that sounds dangerous, he’s really a small fry huh…

Isn’t he similar to the small fry yakuza who always says 『I’m part of the blabla family you know ? if you make an enemy of me then you’re making an enemy of blabla family you know ?』 or something…

Aah, now I see, so that guys is just a small thug huh…

But still, since a while ago I heard about this 『sixth institute』, I wonder what is that ?

Mia-sanー well it would seem to be difficult to ask from her now, next time I will try to ask Makina-san.

“So, if you say those words, did you think I would be frightened by it ?”


Cecil-san replies it while speaking calmly, the expression of the big man freezes.

“The country of the end… and the former member of the detestable sixth institute…well the reason I’m joining the sacred tree chivalric order in the future is so that I can clean up people just like you, did you think threatening me with such thing will work? I guess such thing work for you just before huh ?”

*Ooh !*, the gallery people leak a voice in admiration.

“Y-You bitch, are you serious ?! A-Are your head sane ?!”

“Honestly, if the ability of the former member of the sixth institute is only 『this much』then I think I can purge it by tomorrow morning.”

“O, Oiー”

Cecil-san sword is glittering under the moonlight.
And thenー
She slashed at the big man once again…

“Gyaaaaaaa !”

The edge of her blade, voraciously, precisely, cuts the big man body, slide and gauge his body…

“Uwaah ! Gwaaah ! Gaaah ! Uaaagh ! S-Sto-op, p-please wait !”

Finally, the big man is going to admit his defeat.

“P-Please stop ! I-I’m begging you ! I-I’ll say it !”

The big man falls down on the ground., in this kind of situation, I don’t know anymore who’s should be the one who being protected.

“B-Big bro…”

The subordinates of the big man turned pale.

Cecil-san who looks down upon the big man is giving off a subtle elegance and brilliant air around her.

“I, do not mind continue this though ? what will you do ?”

“I-I was wrong ! You’re the real thing ! I-It’s my loss ! You’re not a mere decoration of your family ! is this good enough ?”

Then the big man slowly stands up,
And just like that he turn around his body and throw his maul and start to run.

“Uwaaaah !! Damn it hurt !! Aargh !! DAMN IT ! DAMN IT !! This must be a jokeー Damn Hurt !! Uwaah !!”

While running, the big man screamed in pain and disappear into the darkness of the night.

“B-Big bro ! Please wait !”

The big man subordinates also start pursuing him but because of terrified by Cecil-san face, some of them fall down, after some distance, in one go they start running at full speed…

On the other hands, Cecil-san didn’t show any indication to stop them, rather, she shows an empty smile on her face, even after the big man and his gang    disappeared, she just stood still and gaze at the darkness silently.

After making sure that the big man and his gang disappeared completely, Cecil-san put her swords in the sheath.

And thenー
She looked at me…

This is definitely not me being excessively self-conscious and misunderstood things you know ?

By the way, what I mean by excessive self-conscious is, for example, just like an Idol group fan in Live performance goes 『Kyaaa, just now Blabla-sama is definitely looking at me』,just like that, his longing toward the Idols turn into an optical illusion. (well, though in some case they really do look at them)

 But, I have no doubt.
Clearly her beautiful pupil that looks like a jewel looking at me.

Aah, I wonder why…
Though it’s just our eyes meet for a moment, it makes my heart throbbing this hard…

I’ve smiled at myself as if convinced that she’s an angel.


Right now I honestly think…

That my heart throbbing like this, I thought I’m might going to die because of heart attack or something.

TL here I was so surprised to find out that she’s kinda an S you know? Despite her moe face(or rather her illu…you can see her illu at the chapter page like usual…)