Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 16

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Chapter 16 (Cecil Arclight)

Her long blonde hair is tied by a ribbon.

Long eyelashes and sky blue eyes.

Her slender face that being illuminated by the moonlight is white.

Beautifully proportioned slender body.

If there’s exist a person who being loved by the goddess of beauty, then I would say that is precisely how I see her.

No, even if someone told me she’s not a human and that she’s actually a goddess or an angel, I’ll definitely believe it.
Me saying it like that will make it sound extremely cliched however, she’s worthy enough to be called that due to her overwhelming presence and other-worldly aura.
The girl wich being illuminated by the moon looking at the big man, Mia-san and me in turn.
“If I’m right, the big man over there is causing trouble to the two of you, am I right ?”
The beautiful girl takes a step forward.
Or rather, in her case the way she makes every move is very elegant.
“Oho, isn’t this quite pleasant?”
The beautiful girl with her pleasant voice took a step forward toward the big man.
I wonder why ?
Compared to the big man, the girl who has a slender body should look smaller, but here the big man look smaller than her instead.
“W-What, who are you ?”
The big man too, because that beautiful girl intrusion, he seems to be quite confused.
“O-Oi ! Look at that crest on the carriage !”
One of the bar customers who watch this situation is pointing at the carriage the girl used.
“That is… Arclight ? Eh ? That’s mean, she is… n-no no, that esteemed lady is, it can’t be… does this mean she’s the daughter of the Arclight familyー Cecil-sama ?”
“What !? Arclight family you say ?”
It seems even the big man too also being overwhelmed by that name.
Arclight huh… of course this is the first time I heard it as fell, is it some kind of very influential family name ?
By the way, if I have to mention it, with this current situation in front of me, I’m unable to chant the forbidden spell, I was just stood still dumbfounded.
If the person that appear there is not that girl then, I might actually still continue chant the forbidden spell.
However, because the one who appear there is herー, she altered the entire atmosphere.
If I were to make an example of it,hmmー
The moment she had appeared, the curtain are already down on me.
That’s how I feel it.
(TLN: In short she stole his spotlight and time to shine…)
“That’s right, I’m the eldest daughter of the arclight familyー Cecil Arclight”
Like that the beautiful girl confirms it.
“I’d just happened to pass by here on my way to go home from the academy, but then, I saw something deplorable.”
Oh right,
I was being too preoccupied with her beauty but, when I looked closely at the clothes she wore, it’s similar to the clothes I saw at the academy.
She wears a Saint Lunezret Academy uniform.
Under her skirt, I can see a slender leg warped by black tight.
The academy uniform design really suits her to the point that I suspect it for being made only just for her sake. with just an Academy uniform her figure looked like a lovely flower.
It also possible,that  the uniform itself is an offering for her , I wonder?
The gallery in front of the bar starts to make a great noise.
“Come to think of it, I heard it somewhere that the daughter of the Arclight family is going to enroll at Lunezret academy this year, that’s why she rarely made an appearance to the public lately.”
“The rumor about the daughter of Earl Arclight, Cecil Arclight, I’ve also heard the talk about her beauty when she shows up at a certain party on some occasion, and since then she became known as『Lunezret Jewel』, but still to actually see her figure with my own eyes… I’m even not sure that this is reality or not”
“But still, how should I say it, she’s really beautiful… so that is Cecil Arclight huh ?”
“I heard that she has a great talent with the sword, they dub her as the talented woman of the Arclight family you know ?”
“Moreover, her elder brother is a sacred tree chivalric order vice-leader, and her grandmother is the current king Seiou-sama fencing instructor. such great breed”
Thus, that’s how the people around are explaining it.
Because of the burning curiously of the onlookers.
At a time like this, I feel really thankful for such thing.
Since thanks to that I’m able to understand the outline regarding that person.
The person that being called Cecil Arclight.
I see now… a daughter of distinguished family huh.
By the way speaking of the big man, he has a face as if saying that he don’t know what to do about this situation, thus he clenched his teeth.
Still, it might be because, if he were to withdraw here it would hurt his pride is it ? the big man has an awkward smile on his face and lightly glare at the beautiful girl.
“To be called deplorable, it’s really hurt you know ?… but, then again, this guy didn’t have anything to do with you, and as for being a busy-body and intrude on this and that, you’ll have to pay for it later you know, Arclight young lady ?”
“Does that’s mean, you want me to turn a blind eye here ?”
“To put it simply, that’s how it is…”
“Do you think that’s something I would do ?”
The girl and the big man are staring at each other.
Then the big man turns his back toward the girl.
“…Cih, for Arclight family to show up, this is not funny, Hmmph, be thank full, because of your house name, I’ll let you go, Arclight ojou-sama”
“Hah ! Taking advantage of your famous family ! Although I bet you don’t have any ability at all, I’m being silent because the surrounding were making a fuzz about you, ! with that face and your high social standing, up until now you must be living a comfortable live I bet !”
“Wait a moment…”
“Ah ?”
The big man looked back.
“What ? did I hit the mark ? but still, relying on your own family name is the truth no ? aren’t I right ? O-j-o-u–sa-ma ?”
“The words you’re saying just now, I’ll take it is as an insult toward me ?”
She said that toward the big man…
“… who knows, but from now on I’ll say it to the people I meet that the daughter of Arclight family is all talk and only able to rely on her family, and that she’s just a puppet of her family ! or something like that… hahaha ! but you can’t help it can you !? after all that was the truth isn’t it ?”
“Very well…”
“『Very well』? about what ?”
“The fact that I’m not just an ordinary puppet that only able using her own family name to do her bidding, I’ll show you right here and now.”
By any chance is that person called Cecil, surprisingly have a short tamper ?
*grin*, the big man smiled.
“Ojou-sama yo, if you’re not withdrawing from here, you will experience something very painful you know ?… Oi “
The big man held out his hand toward his subordinates.
“Bring that thing… ! “
“Y-Yes !”
His subordinate returned to the bar hurriedly and then immediately come back again.
His subordinate who come out from the bar he brings a long rod-shaped thing with thick iron on the tipー it’s similar to a maulー on his hands
“Big bro… that person is the daughter of Arclight family you know ? are you serious ?”
“You shit just keep your mouth shut !”
The big man takes the maul from his subordinate with one hand.
He lift it violently over his head then swung it down and pointed the tip toward Cecil-san.
“If you’re still want to apologize, this is the time you know ? after this even if you perform dogeza, I won’t forgive you ? well, I’ll also ask you to pay some 『indemnities』 as well”
*fufu*, like that Cecil-san smiled.
“It seems like you’re looking down on me huh, very well me too, Zix, prepare my sword !”
“『prepare my sword !』don’t give me that, Cecil-sama ! what are you thinking !”
The one who unable to held himself back is a blonde man who jumps out from the coach seat a while ago.
He’s also wearing the Academy uniform.
Cecil-san without removing her line of sight toward the big man, just held out her hand to her back.
“Zix, give me the sword…”
“Like I said 『give me the sword』don’t give me that ! Baton ! you too, why don’t you say something ?”
“There’s no such thing as Cecil-sama doing something dangerous you see, and also, I’ll be always respecting the thing that Cecil-sama wants to do.”
An elderly man called Banton answered indifferently.
“And also, this is just me taking your words, Zix-sama saying I’m only staying on the carriage and being silent, since a while ago aren’t you also remained inside the carriage while being silent as well ?”
“Well, that is so, but !”
“Cecil-sama, please take this…”
“Thank you Hirgiz”
Before anyone noticed there’s another young girl appeared from the inside of the carriage, and she presented two swords toward Cecil-san.
“Oi Hirgiz, what are you doing ?”
The man called Zix calls out toward the girl who bring the swords to Cecil-san.
“What ?”
The girl called Hirgiz avert her gaze toward the blonde man called Zix
“What do you mean by 『What ?』? … we’re supposedly stopped Cecil-sama here !”
“I don’t care, me too, I’m just respecting what Cecil-sama wants to do”
The girl named Hirgiz also answered with indifferent voice tone, I see that she’s also wearing the Academy uniform.
Furthermore, she has an emerald green hair color, and she also has ears and tail similar to Mia-san, in other words, a demi-human.
Since I can see her tail comes out from her back and didn’t obstruct her, that is a special uniform I guess ?
“Aargh geez ! Cecil-sama ! please say somethingー wait a minute what are you trying to do !?”
Thus said the man called Zix with a voice indicating him being worried, looking at Cecil-san with the words that already being pull out from its scabbards on her hand, while he shows a surprised expression.
“Interfering is prohibited, do you understand Zix ?”
“No no, Like I said in this kind of placeー *Muguu* !”
The one who stops the man called Zix is the girl called Hirgiz who put her hands on his mouth from his back, and then she drag him along with her.
While saying Hmm Hmm, the blonde man called Zix being dragged forcefully by the girl called Hirgiz out of the stage.
“Sorry to kept you waiting .”
Thus, Cecil-san says to the big man.
“He looks really worried though… If you’re afraid, then you can go cry and ask for the help from your attendant you know ? after all from there on, you won’t be able to ask “help me~” with a smile on your face anymore you know ?”
“About that, how about judging me after seeing my real ability ?”
“Well, wait a moment, this duel, if I were to win, what is the merit for me / I, since you said you want to prove it that you’re not just a mere decoration of your family, that’s fine and all, but what is the benefits for me ?”
“… What do you want for the reward ?”
“About that… how about you become my woman if I won ?”
“That’s right, oh come on, I don’t say we have to be married, just for a while I want you to be my lover for a bit, that should be sufficient enough”
“… Very well, if I were to lose, a lover or whatever, I’ll give you anything you want..”
Hearing Cecil-san words, the gallery grew noisy once again.
…or rather, the guard still hasn’t come yet ?
Is it because nobody call them yet ?
Well, I guess it’s also because this is quite far from the city center, it might surprisingly hard to notice a noise coming from here…
I’m once again confirmed the surrounding.
Staying low posture, I moved toward Mia-san.
And then…
I greet her…
But due to Mia-san who remained silent looking at the current situation, she becomes startled.
“Aaー… K-Kurohiko-sama”
“While those thugs didn’t pay attention and fighting against that Cecil person, let’s withdraw.”
I lend my hand toward Mia-san.
And then we slipped into the crowding gallery.
Although we can just go on like this and go back, as expected, to leave the person who helped you behind, it would leave a bad after taste after all…
Besides by any chanceー, if that person called Cecil were to be caught on predicament then, I’ll need to save her with the forbidden spell.
But for now, let’s just wait and see.
Somehow the atmosphere won’t allow me to interfere either.
“Haa, your words just now, don’t you dare to forget it ?the people in this gallery will become the witness, if by any chance you break your promise, I’ll spread to the people that you’re a liar among other things.”
“Please feel free to do so… but, that is only when you’re able to make me surrender here.”
“Kakakaka~, please rest assured, I won’t hit that beautiful face of yours, since I’ll go easy on you”
“Such careless statement, don’t make that as an excuse for your defeat later ?”
“Kukukuku~… very good, that confidence of yours… it makes me want to make you cry , violate you, and mess you up, I’m a pervert man, after all, I like to make beauties with unyielding personality to broke down.”
*Greg* the big man stretches his neck
“Well then, shall we begin ?”
“Very well…”
After thatー
ーThe two of them at the same time kicked the ground…

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