Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 15

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Chapter – 15 (Moonlight and Beautiful Girl)
The big man body turn toward me.
“…Bastard, it can’t be, are you trying to go against someone from the country of the end, furthermore, a member of the sixth institution ?”
“Country of the end ? Sixth insitution ? What’s that, I don’t know that kind of thing.”

“Hooー, is that how it is ? well well, I acknowledge that courage of yours, but, what are you going to do ? right now, nobody in this place are willing to be your ally you know ? that because nobody wants to get involved with someone who go against someone which is the member of the sixth institution !”
…Like I said, I don’t know anything about that sixth institution thing.
Muh… ?
Is that some kind of a bad school full of delinquents ?
“All of you also understand right ?! If any of you by any chance tried to report to the guard about what happen here, you know what will happen later !”
Being threatened by the big man, everyone with gloomy expression cast their gaze downward.
But then…
“E-Emm… Dear customer…”
A fable small voice interrupted.
When I looking at him more closely, the person who timidly interject just now is the bar owner.
“Emm… how should I put it, it’s difficult to say this but, quarreling isー”
“What did you say ?!”
“Hii ! N-No, i-it’s just, I wish for both of you to not fighting inside the bar… since if the bar were to get destroyed, well emmー…”
“Aah, so that’s how it is…”
The displeasure expression that the big man previously had, suddenly turned happy.
“Geez, I forgot about that,  don’t worry I will teach this brat about what reality is outside the bar, howeverー…”
The big man then stared at the bar owner.
“After I’ve finished giving this brat a lesson, can I leave the bills to you ?”
“What ? Do you have a complaint ?”
“N-No ! Of course, that’s fine ! it’s splendid !”
“Gahahahaha ! this is excellent, we have a generous bar owner here ! alright then, let’s move to another location, stupid brat ! “
The big man pointed to outside.
“Shall we fight ? oh right, at this late of time, even if you beg for forgiveness, I won’t forgive you ?”
“… I know”
I hold out my hand toward Mia-san.
But she seems like still unable to move due to fear.
Thus, I take her hand.
It’s cold…
I speak to Mia-san in a low voice.
Mia-san tried to reply something. but unable to.
I continue to speak.
“The moment we get out from the bar, let’s run away”
Mia-san looked into my eyes,
Then she nodded her small head slowly.
Compared than using the forbidden spell recklessly, this is much more better.
In the first place, I don’t know what kind of treatment I will get if I used the spell.
And also, I wonder if a spellcaster can use a spell recklessly inside the city?
Besides, previously, though it’s only vaguely, it seems my 『Forbidden Spell』and Makina-san『magic spell』is  fundamentally different.
I dropped my line of sight to my own hands.
…… A forbidden spell. huh…
I recalled the reaction of the people from the time when I used the forbidden spell for the first time.
Possibly… Possibly somewhere inside of me, if Mia-san saw me when I use the forbidden spellーthen she becomes aware of it, she might also feel crept out isn’t it ?…well I might have that kind of worry.
By any chance, she may end up become afraid of me later.
After all the reason I’ve feel uneasy like this is because, that forbidden spell has a very ominous aura about it.
But― I’ll still use it…
I’m who became concerned by it, once again made up my mind to use the forbidden spell.
What happen to me afterward will come second.
Mia-san well-being is my top priority right now.
Her showing crept out expression later is, after all, that’s also for her own self-protection.
This is to make her safe, and that reason is enough.
“Big Bro, are you serious going to face this brat by yourself ? since it’s about time the guard might come, even if the name of the sixth institution is effective, if the uproar becomes too big…― “
“So noisy. if that the case then, you guys can hurry up carry the girl and escape but, as if I would do that, it’s just an ordinary guard, don’t be so afraid !”
The big man easily dismissed his subordinates anxiety.
“Besides you know, I like watching someone who just got beaten up beg for their life unsightly don’t forget that, you can understand right ? well my opponent is just some gentle brat, and that demi-human girl will turn obedient too”
“Ooh, as expected of Big Bro ! To think about it that far !”
“Hmmp… of course”
I heard it you, you know ?
No, that’s wrong,
They do this on purpose I guess ?
…I guess it’s time to escape huh ?
Well then―
I hold Mia-san hand tightly, and start running.
Since we both walking on the front, due to that the big man won’t be able to obstruct us.
We rush out from the bar.
The outside is completely dark.
Just like that I turn our direction to my left―
“Eh ? Uwaaah !”
I’ve fallen down stumbled on something.
“Kyaa !”
From behind me, I can hear Mia-san scream while she falls over me.
What’s going on ?
I looked up.
There’s a figure who overlook us.
I take a hard look at the figure.
This person is― isn’t he one of the big man subordinates ?!
I turn around my face and look at the back.
There I can see a person figure on this road opposite direction.
…Damn it !
There are three subordinates.
I didn’t notice that two of the big man subordinates were waiting outside the bar.
Damn it, why I didn’t notice it…!!
“What a shame huh, brat !”
The big man subordinates put his foot on me and mocked at me.
“A-Are you alright, Kurohiko-sama!?”
Mia-san who already raise her body, starts worrying about me.
“I’m fine… howeverー”
I turn back my face once again,
There I saw the big man goes out from the bar calmly.
“Such pity… it’s really pitiful huh, you stupid brat… “
Now then…
There’s no other way now…
I should do it for real this time I guess ?
I speak to her whilst tried to stand up.
“When you see an opening to escape,ー please try to run away to a safe place by yourself.”
“Eh ? Kurohiko…ーsama ?”
“I’ll try to do something…”
“?! But, that’s…ー”
“Did you forget ? I’m someone who grows up inside a deep mountain you know ?”
“Eh ?”
“Furthermore, I’m enrolled at the Academy as sacred tree cadet candidate. do you understand ? in other words, I’m very strong you know ?”
“Kurohiko, -sama…”
“However, the things that going to happen after this is, the stimulus might be a little bit too strong, emm how should I say it, it is something that I don’t want a girl to seeー or something, that’s what I think…soー”
“Oi ! What are you guys whispering over there, brat ! come here quick !”
To think he interrupt me, I’m about to say something pretty cool here.
“Aniki ! This bastard seemingly think he can win against aniki !”
“Ooh ! ain’t you full of vigor ! fine then ! that self-confidence, I’ll smash it to piece ! let’s start it immediately !”
At that time…
There’s a person who runs facing toward the big man and that person isー Mia-san…
…………….. ーEh ?
“Miaー…san ?”
When she get herself in front of the big man, Mia-san starts prostrating.
“Pleaseー somehow stop it already ! if you want me, then I’ll do anything ! therefore, only him, somehow please let him go ! I beg you !”
“Ho~ ?”
ーThe only one who have surprised looks is the big man but, soon that expression changed into a smile of satisfaction, then he stroke his chin.
“Well if you go that far, I’ll think about it… but well ? even we don’t want to use violence if possible you know ? but, I need to remind and teach that brat about some manners, since of course I need to educate him as an adult, or so I thought.”
Hearing that, His subordinates laughed.
It’s my mistake…
My words just now
It seems like, Mia-san thinks that I’m just bluffing.
Since she’s really kind, that’s why she tried to save me who tried to sacrifice himself instead…
Damn it !
Because of I think too much !!
Ah… enough…
To make a fuzz about Makina-san which going to scold me if I do something, because of that I make Mia-san experience something unpleasantー… aargh enough everything doesn’t matter anymore !
Since It’s already like this…
It’s useless to think about anything…
ーThis time, I’ll really be going to do it !
Here I go…
“That’s enough !”
When I was about to cast the spellー at that moment…
I felt my chest flattered, such dignified voice shakes the darkness of the night.
ーーAgain ?!
Honestly, I thought of such thing.
Someone unrelated butted in again, when I’m just about to use the forbidden spell.
Despite I was so determined there…
The moment I heard the voiceー my mouth which in the middle of chanting the forbidden spell lost its words and had to stop.
To be frank, I got myself charmed.
That’s because the tone of that voice which make me feel it can’t be helped but be captivated by it.
The power of that voice at captivating me exceed my reasoning.
Since I was born, this is the first time I heard such clear voice.
Probably it’s not just me.
The big man, his subordinates, and the customers of the bar who take a peek at us to see the outcome, are being fascinated by the refreshing clear voice that sounds like a bell…for a moment, the flow of time feels like it have stopped.
Mia-san also raises her body, she stops her words and turn her face toward the voice…
There we saw, there’s a figure on the coach of the horse-drawn carriage.
*Kotsun* ,when that person shoes stepped on the ground, it briskly makes a sound.
And then, that person opened the carriage door, and from the inside of the carriage, a slender figure can be seen.
At that momentー, the light of the moon shine through the cloud, as if falling only to that person which begun illuminate the figure of the person who comes out from the carriage.
Immediately everyone gasped…
Most likely everyone who see the girl that being illuminated by the moonlight also thinks the same.
Justー one word…
Just that one word is enough.
All of a sudden, under the illumination of the moon, a figure of a beautiful girl appeared at this place, everyone seems to forget their situation, because of being completely captivated by her.


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