Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 14

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Chapter 14 (One who don’t have a Country(Hometown))

“D-Do you need something ?”

Mia-san looking at the big man with an uneasy expression.

“You, aren’t you quite cute… and―

The big man turned his line of sight toward Mia-san chest with a lustful gaze.
“―You have a very good body.”
Mia-san then immediately hide her breast with both of her hands.
“I-If you don’t have any business with me, t-then, please return to your own seat”
For a moment, the big man glanced to his subordinate while grinning.
“Neechan, how about tonight, you accompany us ? what, it’s only pouring us some sake, and give us a little bit of service, it’s easy no ?”
The big man said that while grinned broadly.
Mia-san then looked at the big man with a slight frightened expression.
“I’-I’m very thankful fro your invitation but… I-I must decline.”
Thus, Mia-san answered him with trembling voice.
Still, a very strong rejection can be felt coming from it.
“『I decline』you said ? Hmm, this is troubling… this girl, does she thinks she has the right to refuse me ?… despite this great me is the one who ask for it, this is weird… right ?”
The big man turned toward his subordinate to ask their agreement.
And those subordinates agreed with what the big man had said.
I drop my line of sight to the table.
Suddenly an unpleasant sweat flowed out of my body.
I’m not a person with a lot of courage after all…
Let alone the other party having a good physique, he also have such frightening face.
But right nowー
…alright then.
I stand up, and then,
“Excuse mee~ ! The bill please !”
I’ve used a loud voice as to make the entire bar hear me.
In an instant, the entire bar grows silent.
The line of sight of the big man and his subordinates turned toward me.
…To be honest, I don’t know if they can understand that『the bill please』words but, at any rate right now, it was worth it to raise my voice.
Because the eyes of the people inside this bar start turned toward here.
I think there are at least some good people here.
If I were to get involved with quarrel after leaving the bar, the effect from it will be quite uncertain after all.
Just like that, I held out my hands toward Mia-san
“Shall we head back ? since its almost time.”
Mia-san too seems to understand what I mean, she immediately said,
“O-oh, t-that’s right ! T-The bill please !”
Thus, she called out the waitress.
“What do you mean by the bill, I’ll pay for the bill”
Readily, the big man arm interrupted between Mia-san and the waitress.
“I know it you know, just now is a play to escape isn’t it ? hee, that was clever indeed.”
Having a promise with Makina-san to return before the promised time is the truth though.
Tch, right now, something like that is not important.
What should we do now?
What should I do to get out of this ?
Should I try to mention Makina-san name here ?
Well, I don’t know how much effect the name of that Headmistress has though…
If I were to say it carelessly, it might become an unnecessary nuisance for Makina-san too.
But, if I don’t do itー
That’s wrong…
There’s still another method, no ?
When push comes to shove, I still have my trump card.
The Forbidden Spell.
If I use that thing here, it might cause a huge uproar.
At worst, I might get arrested by the guards.
Since Makina-san too told me to conceal it as much as possible.
It’s better for me not to use it.
But, If I use it here for the sake of protecting Mia-san then, I will use it !
Of course, there’s a risk using a Forbidden magic here,
I glanced at Mia-san.
It’s better than letting her get injured.
I look at the big man eyes.
Then, Imageー
Right, just like a mouse cursor…
“《I, The Forbidden Spellー”
Then, in that moment.
“Oi !, can you quit it ?”
From the people surrounding us, an uncle with mustache stepped forward.
“Ha ?! Who the fuck are you ?!”
“This here is a bar you know ? everyone drinks happily, it is a place to have a meal.”
“Ha ?! of course I knew that !”
“And you use that kind of vulgar words in this place, moreover, aren’t you tried to pick on a weak girl ? aren’t you embarrassed ? it might be because you’re drunk but, at least know where you are.”
The big man as if pretending not seeing us, he turns toward the uncle.
Then, he scratches his short hair roughly.
“…Cih, somehow tonight my mood turn bad now. Oi Ossan, aren’t you have quite a lot of courage there ? out of my consideration toward your courage, I’ll pull out here.”
(TLN : I use Ossan(uncle) because mood..,actually)
“Oh ? you understood huh ? what’s this, I thought you are just somekind of ruffian but, unexpectedlyー”
*BAM*, a dull sound can be heard, then the Ossan fall down.
The surrounding people stunned.
What happened ?
The big man punches that Ossan face mercilessly with his fist.
The Ossan fall down to his back, fear and shock can be seen on his face.
I can see him got his nose bleeding, *drip* the blood dripped to the floor from gap of his hand.
“Like hell I would do that, are you an idiot ?”
With threatening voice, the big man declared.
Mia-san held her hand in her mouth with her face turned pale.
But immediately she tried to run toward that Ossan side.
However, she’s being interrupted by the big man subordinates.
The big man then laughed loudly,
“Laughable ! It’s really laughable, ossan ! what’s this ? are you trying to be a hero ?”
“Y-You… D-Doing this kind of thing…”
The Ossan with distorted expression, spoke with voice mixed with fear and anger.
“Oi you, you don’t even know who am I that you’re talking to huh ?”
“W-What ?”
The big man then pointed to himself.
“I’m from the『country of the end』.
“Wha… !”
The moment that big man said 『country of the end』 , the atmosphere inside the bar froze.
Hmm ? What ?
Then the man continues his talking.
“Moreover, I was part of theー『sixth institute』”
This time, the moment that big man said『sixth institute』, the entire atmosphere inside the bar changed completely.
It’s the kind of atmosphere filled with fear, that’s how I perceive it.
And it seems the thing that he said earlier about 『country of the end』 is some kind of an openingー is what I think, and this overwhelming fear…
Such fear, ーdominated this place completely.
“After this far… you understand don’t you ?”
Just like that, the Ossan unable to say anything.
The Ossan turned down his line of sight, as if afraid to make an eye contact with the big man.
His shoulder trembled slightly.
Once again the big man turns to us…
And then, while not trying to hide his displeasure, looked at Mia-san.
“You too bitch, after all, you’re from a demi-human race which doesn’t even have a country(hometown), and you try to turn down a 『order』from a human ?!”
There I see Mia-san face turned blue.
Nn ?
Doesn’t have a country(hometown ?
What is that mean ?
Maybe because he sees me wondering about it, it poking his sadistic side, then the big man begin talked to me.
“Who are you ? you don’t know about it ? the Feril clan… in other words, they are demi-humans, who don’t have a country(hometown), they are wondering people, so whichever country they go, in order to keep living, they have to sell their own self… am I right ! ?”
With intimidating voice, the big man asked Mia-san.
*surprised*, Mia-san shoulder jumped.
“According to what I heard, most of the demi-humans are treated as a slave by the empire, any Louvelargan , some of them became an experiment at the animal experimental lab ! that’s why rather than to a country, louvelargan is much more prefer men, wondering and selling their self to live, right ?! right !!?”
(TLN : I don’t know what is ルーヴェルアルガン means so I translate it roughly as “Louvelarge”, thus this sentence might not be accurate, by any chance if anyone know what that word mean, please put them on comment, because it will affect the entire sentence.”)
*Bang*, the big man hit the table.
*wince*, then Mia-san trembled…
“With that being the case, a demi-human should just be a demi-human, entice human like a prostitute would, and just be silent and listen to what I say ! a female demi-human should just wag their tail to a human man ! do you understand ? you female dog ! ?”
Ah… it’s impossible…
I’ve hit my limit…
My fear disappeared completely.
The big man eyes stared at me.
“Aa ?! did you say something ?”
The story which this man talking about before, I’ve been able to understand it somehow.
At the same time, I’ve also understood what kind of man he is.
A scum…
He’s a human scum…
I get it now.
Even in another world, there is also this kind of people…
No matter where, there would be a people like him.
I’ve got a good lesson…
Even in my previous world, I’d meet this kind of people several times.
But, back then I didn’t do anythingー or rather, I don’t even have the mind to do something,
Get angry for someone else sake, I’ve never felt such thing.
Why ?
After all, I don’t even have a person who I want to protect.
That’s why even if I meet this kind of scum, I usually just look at them coldly, and walk pass them just like that.
Since back then I thought, it’s not good to get yourself involved with another person problem.
After all, I’m also not interested in doing that as well.
However right now, why I got irritated ?
I directly glared at the big man.
I’ve decide it…
To a person who call me as their friend, he had said something awful.
This bastard, I won’t feel satisfied without saying anything to him.
Now, right here…
“You scum”
When I said those words, the big man looked at me as if looking at a new toy.
“Brat… just now you said『You scum』by any chance, do you mean me ?”
“Yeah that’s right, it is youー”
One more time, I said that word…
“You scum !”