Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 13

TLN : Why authors can’t just make it simple ? and sorry for the delay,I caught a fever for the past few days.

Chapter -13 (Dinner, Crystal, Sacred Material, And…)

When We enter the bar, suddenly great noise can be heard.
Each customer enjoys the drink and meal merrily.
This place seems to be quite flourishing.

While putting her hand above her eyes to form a visor, Mia-san looks around inside the bar.
“Ah ! There’s a vacant space over there !”
We’re sitting down on the open table near the wall.
There is the bartender, the person is in the bar wooden counter.
Behind him, there’s a lot of bottles lined up (most likely its alcohols)
Furthermore, I can see a kitchen in the inner part…
The bar space is approximately twice of the size of Highschool classroom.
The atmosphere is not much different than the one in Japan.
Although I say that, I’m not someone with substantial real-life experience, which means I rarely go to a bar.
In a few minutes, a female waitress comes to our table.
“Welcome, what would you like ?”
The waitress with red hair and wearing black apron asked me.
Then Mia-san is…
“Emm, 2 tomato and cheese baked bread, and also 2 milk with honey drinks please.”
Thus, she ordered.
After the waitress glanced at Mia-san she replies with「certainly~」and go to the counter.
“Kurohiko-sama ?”
“Yes ?”
“Are you alright ?”
I turn my sight at Mia-san who sits across the square table.
“Ah ? no, there’s no problem.”
“Emm… By any chance, Kurohiko-sama”
“Yes ?”
“Are you tired ?”
“Eh ?”
“Umm, because for the whole day today you’ve been accompanying me, you might accumulate considerable fatigue, or so I thought…”
“No no, I’m still alright ! after all, I’m still young !”
“T-That’s right ! Kurohiko-sama is still young after all !”
“It’s nice to be young isn’t itー…”
“Yap, indeed it’s niceー…”
While having such exchange, the waitress comes bringing mugs with milk inside.
It has slightly yellow color.
Ah right, they put honey inside too after all.
Looking at me who stared at the milk inside the mug, Mia-san is gesturing while saying “now-now, please try it”
I’ hold the handle of the mug, then I gulp down the milk.
Mu~ !
This is !
Such thick milk with a slight honey sweetness.
After sugar entered my body, my fatigue seems to have recovered.
“How is it?”
Mia-san asked me with a pleasant smile,
“It’s extremely good !”
Thus, I answered.
I who gave such praise for the honey milk, for some reasons Mia-san have a delighted expression, while putting both her hands on her chin and fixedly gaze at me.
“Fufu~… For you to be this happy, it also makes me feel very happy.”
“Well, this is the first time I tasted something this good since I’m born after all !”
It’s definitely not a lie.
This is the first time I’ drink something this good.
“Kurohiko-sama… what kind of place are you grow up with ?”
“Eh ?”
Mia-san quickly put her hands on her mouth.
It seems to be a verbal slip.
And then she bows her head.
“I’-I’m really sorry ! I, for asking such rude thing… please forgive me.”
“No no, that’s not something for you to apologize for !”
Rather, it makes me confused instead.
Eh ?
She, just now did she say something weird ?
“Somehow I feel relieved when I’m talking with Kurohiko-sama, and also listening to your voice makes me feel comfortable… emm, you see, that’s why… that is, umm… I-I thought I would like to know about Kurohiko-sama a little bit more”
“About me is it ?”
With her ears flopping down, Mia-san lowered her head in embarrassment.
“Yes… But this is a story where someone don’t want another person to touch it, if by any chance Kurohiko-sama, for instance, does not want to talk about his birthplace, then I’ve been impolite…”
“You don’t have to think about it too deeply, Mia-san”
“Eh ?”
It’s as if, the place I’ve previously lived become a taboo topic where I seem to be always suffering.
“Nnー, well from Mia-san standpoint, Makina-san might ask you to treat me like a master, however, I’m just someone who being brought up deep in the mountain on a remote place at eastern country see, in other words, I’m just a country side person you know ?”
“It can’t beー”
“Rather I felt grateful toward Mia-san instead ?”
Mia-san blinked her eyes in surprise.
“Gratitude, is it ?”
“Yes. Because today, Mia-san accompanied me like this without showing any unpleasant expression. I can’t thank you enough.”
“Well like that, how should I put it… Let’s be at ease for a little bit, moreover, I still don’t have much acquaintance in this place, that’s why, emm, I’ would be happy if Mia-san could consider me as a friend, thus what I think.”
Well I guess, this is too sudden huh ?
ーBut Mia-san takes both of my hands and grasps it tightly.
“T-Then, By all means, let’s become a friend !”
“He ?”
Then with a *puff* Mia-san face becomes red and turn her face away.
“I-I’m sowy… I’ve said such audacious thing again…”
(TLN: She said I’m sorry while biting her tongue here, idk how to express it in english…other that that)
“L-Lets do it !”
“Eh ?”
Mia-san raises her face.
By the way, I also have my face bright red.
“In fact, please let me.”
“I-Is it okay ?”
“Of courseー or rather, its should be my request.”
When I noticed it, I’ve already grasped back Mia-san hands unconsciously.
While I thought it was bad for me to grasped back her hands, which Mia-san might also think of such thingー however, far from it, instead she displays a delightful expression while answering me.
“…Yes, me as well, Please take care of me.”
I-Isn’t the atmosphere turned kinda good ?
Moreover, to become a friend with such beautiful girl…
I-It’s a miracle !
Miracle has occurred !
Possibly, is this resembled a phenomenon where a woman who’s not popular in Japan is unexpectedly popular in a foreign country ! ?
Wait wait.
The gender is wrong, and besides, me and Mia-san only become a friend.
Since I’m not accustomed being a friend with a girl, it can’t be helped if I got carried away, even if it does not seem to be a misunderstanding but, I must keep myself cautious.
In the first place, for me who’s a loner in my previous life, just being able to get a friend, isn’t the result is already sufficient enough ?
Aah !
Stillー, A friend !
Yap !
That word sounds really great !
While I’ve trembled because of deep emotion, the food we ordered arrived.
“Ooh, this is…!”
In front of my eyes, on the top of the plate, there’s a Pizza.
A lightly baked bread with tomato and cheese as a topping, this is pizza isn’t it ?
On the bread surface, they put tomato sauce, thinly sliced tomato, thin sliced grilled meat, and also an abundant cheese being scattered.
“This food is this bar specialty, by all means, please try it”
While gesturing as if saying “please go ahead”, Mia-san encourage me to eat it.
If I’m looking at it more carefully, most of the visitor here eat the same dish.
Nevertheless, this smell is indeed inciting appetite…
I slice it using the knife that being provided on the table, I picked up the small slice with my hands and put it in my mouth.
“How is it ?”
No matter how I want to say it, my mouth only able to say『delicious』in admiration.
While act like I don’t have any shame, I eat it a bit more…
The thin well-baked bread made a pleasant crunchy sound inside my mouth.
I can taste the acidity and at the same time the moderate sweetness of the fresh tomatoes, then mixed in also the taste of melting cheese which gives off rich flavor, furthermore the accent of fatty grilled meat…ah~, I’ can’t stand it anymore !
The tomato sauce which becomes the base, also the perfect amount of salt seasoning.
Although there’s also some dressing, in spite being simple, it’s seriously very delicious…!
“Do you like it ?”
While smiling Mia-san ask such question.
“It’s delicious ! this kind of delicious pizza, I’ve never eaten it before”
“Pi, -za?”
“Ah well, err, there’s a similar cooking at my native place you see ? and that is the name of the food. but the one here is manyfold more delicious !”
“So that’s how it is, then I’m glad ! me too, it’s worth it for choosing this place !”
Though there’s also the part about me feeling hungry, I continue to put more pizza in my mouth and forgot about the conversation, the slightly sweet honey milk, it freshly matches with the pizzaーah such harmony… I thoroughly enjoying it.
“Fuuー… it was good”
When I’d finished the meal and take a breath, I turned to the ceiling while rubbing my stomach.
Ah~…That was delicious.
As expected of delicious food, that alone can make me feel full of life.
“Eh ?”
I was only looked up unintentionally but, on the bar ceiling, I can see a lamp which looks like a crystal hanging on it.
That shining crystal… it’s similar to the one on the Academy corridor and the Headmistress bedroom,isn’t it ?
I guess, I should try to ask about it?
“Emm, Mia-san”
I wait for Mia-san who chewing the pizza with *Homuhomu* which looks kinda cute to finished first before continue asked.
By the way, the reason I wait for her is, of course, I know it is rude to ask someone who’s in the middle of eating food but, to tell you the truth it’s more because of the feeling「ah the person who eats pizza in front of me is so cute」calmed me down instead.
…though I think either argument is good.
After she wipes her lips with the handkerchief, Mia-san looked here with a smile.
“Yesー, what is it ?”
“Emm, that lamp hanging on the ceiling, you can see it right ?”
“Yes, indeed.”
“That thing is, I couldn’t see it being lighted by a fire though”
“Aah, it’s about the crystal is it ?”
“Crystal ?”
“Then that’s mean, Kurohiko-sama is this the first time for you to see crystal from this country ?”
“I-I’m ashamed to say”
“*Fufufu* there’s nothing to feel ashamed about you know ?let’s see… the crystal is, a product that mainly being produced at Lunezret, using a special ore”
“A special ore, is it ?”
“Yes, A crystal can be processed into various things―”
Mia-san pointed at the lamp on the ceiling.
“That lamp is also one of them”
“Emm,though this might sound stupid, but I want to ask.”
“Please ask anything you want”
“The crystal, is it something that amazing ?”
“That is of course ! Even though the world is wide, right now an ore that can keep sacred material inside it is only that crystal”
“By the way, I also don’t know what『Sacred Material』is about…”
“Hmm, let’s see, the sacred material is, it’s similar to this world energy, can you understand it if I said that ?”
“Energyー… I see.”
In other words『Sacred Material』is similar to『Magical Power』or『Mana』from fantasy. 
Then the『crystal』is, if being compared to another thing from fantasy then, is it something similar to『Devil Stone』?
“And you see, as a matter of fact the one who named it『Sacred Material』is Lunezret citizen, while the people from other country called it as『Devil Material』”
“As for the magic type that Makina-sama uses also, using this sacred material to invoke the magic letterー”
Then at that moment.
Right in front of me, a large figure appeared.
“Yo~, nee-chan.”
I raise my face.
A huge man with a stern face, stand on the side of our table.
I have a bad feeling about this.
…No, even from before, I’d already have a bad premonition.
When we finished our order before, and Mia-san is asking『Are you alright ?』to me, at that time I saw a bunch man’s smirking from the corner of bar counter with an unpleasant atmosphere.
From the atmosphere coming from those men, it gives me a very unpleasant feeling.
After I glance at the huge man face, I also glanced at the men’s who stand behind him who looks like an underling.
Now then, I wonder what should I do with this ?

TLN Bellow :
1. About “Sacred Material”, in the previous chapter Makina also said it but I’d translated it as “Sacred Origin” since I thought it was some kind of a spell…but turn out it is another name for MANA/Magical power.
(About this I will revise some previous chapters which used sacred origin and change it into Sacred Material)

2.And to be honest the author used kanji that can be translated sacred/holy/pure and origin/source/material(Though the kanji itself means “Material” by context it can also be translated as origin/source)….

3.Because of that…I want to ask..should I translate it just as is “Sacred Material” or change it into “Sacred Source”…?

4.Of course, we can change it into “Holy Source/Pure Source/”…but it will cause more contradiction compared with the sacred source one, after all, other countries call it as Devil Material/Source…

5. Or should I make it simple after this and call it Mana/Magical power…?

6.This also a lesson for me, to read 10chapter ahead rather than translating while reading…(but man, doing it that way may cause my motivation to translate diminished…what to do oh what to do~…)