Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 12

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Chapter 12 (The Royal Capital and Strolling)

When we’ve arrived at the end of the slope, I can see a small gate.

On the sides of the gate, there are two guards standing at both sides.

“Here is Saint Lunezret Academy north entrance gate.”

Mia-san is using her hand to shows me the north gate like some sort of local tour guide.

One of the guard looking this way.
The guard-san glance at this direction nervously. then I ask Mia-san.

“I-I can pass this gate normally r-right ?”

Since I’d came to this world, I don’t have any good memory regarding a guard.
As soon as being judged as a suspicious person I’m about being thrown into『Disciplinary room』, is what I dislike most.

“Yes, of course.”

The guard glanced toward here again but, immediately shows an expression of not interested, then he turn his face and yawned.

*Phew*, I’m so glad…

Thus, we pass the gate without problems.

When I’ve entered the main street and walk just a bit, suddenly it becomes lively and crowded with people.


On the main street, I can see the bustling clearly…
As expected of the heart of a country(capital) huh ?

On the side of the street, there are stalls stand in a row, I can see stall which sells food and accessories lined up.
And since it’s still early in the morning, I can see people preparing to open their stall here and there.

Those spectacles, it’s really enjoyable to look at.

Since I’d came to this world, everything that I see feels really fresh.

“Come to think of it, Kurohiko-sama”

“Yes ?”

From her apron dress pocket, Mia-san took out some kind of small bag.

“What should we do ? Shall we buy some set of clothes first ?”

Then I look at my own clothes.
Now that she mention it, up until now I’m still wearing clothes from my previous world.
Moreover, it has not being washed yet.

Nn ?

Don’t tell me…

“Do I stink ?”

When I said that, Mia-san wave both her hands in panic.

“No no, That’s not what I meant ! its just―…


“To tell you the truth, I get this money from Makina-sama for buying clothes for Kurohiko-sama… that is what she ordered me to do.”

“Eh ?”

“At the time when Makina-sama left the room, she gave me that order along with this money.”

Mia-san jolts a pouch on her hand.

*cring cring*, sounds can be heard.

“Money ?”

“Yes, Furthermore it’s gold coins.”

“Gold coins…”

I don’t know what kind of currency this country use but, I’m sure it have a considerable value.
It’s gold coins after all…

But still, Makina-saaan !
For you to worry about me that much !
Mou, You Tsundere !

“Emm, with your current appearance, Kurohiko-sama looked kind of shabby… is what Makina-sama had said…”

“Shabby !?”

That’s so cruel !
If I remember correctly, this set of clothes,socks,and shoes…
All of it cost me 10.000yen you know !?

Though I used it for mountain climbing and also fainting on the ground which makes it dirty, but stillー

“S-Shabby huh…ー”

“F-Forgive me Kurohiko-sama ! even though it was what Makina-sama had said, for me to say that isー”

“A-Ah no, it’s okay… Because it is the truth after all”

“P-Pull yourself together, L-Let’s go to the clothes store ! ok ?”

After being encouraged, I go to the clothes store while being lead by her.

Then I buy sets of clothes made out of cotton, after that I change my clothes in the store…
This is the so-called ーMan’s casual wear.

Then Mia-san is…

“Waaah ! It’s very simple and yet so wonderful !”

She said that but, well to especially say『Simple』along with words of praise, this is indeed plain clothes though.

After that, I also receive the shoes we buy…
Which also come with socks we buy as well.

Though Mia-san recommends something that little bit more expensive but, probably because by nature I’m a person with a tendency for being frugal when I’d lived in my parents house, I choose clothes that seem cheaper.

Well, this is not my own money either after all…
Besides, one day I have to return the money to Makina-san.

And, right now I’m putting the clothes I wore previously inside a bag we bought.

Thus, when we leave to the main street I don’t feel any uncomfortable feeling since the clothes which being called shabby are already inside the bag, with this I and Mia-san begin our walk around the city again.

While walking Mia-san teach me about various things.

Like where and what kind of stores or where is the store that sells good food, which becomes our main conversation topic.

Probably, I won’t be able to keep up with all of the stories about this world and country immediately if I’m not paid enough attention, thus I work hard to do so.

Somehow I got that kind of anxious feeling.

Though I also want to be able to like and enjoy this city even just a little bit… is what I felt.

Nevertheless, I don’t feel bored.

I’ just looking at Mia-san who with her utmost effort explain this and that while gesturing it with her hands, thus this is how we walk around town together, it’s very enjoyable.

Well, there are some of her story which a bit like a study, such as about unit currency, and “what time is it?” kind of thing.

If I were to convert it into current Japanese currency, it will become like this,

The currency (Per one piece)

Drasil White Silver Coin = 100.000 Yen
(TLN : I’ll call it Drasil coins later on, since it’s too darn long with that name.)

Gold Coin = 10.000 Yen

Silver Coin = 1.000 Yen

Chopper Coin = 10 Yen

Horn Treasure = 1 Yen

Then Unit of Length.

1 Mil = 1 Milimeter

1 Sein = 1 Centimeter

1 Ratal = 1 Meter.

1 Rota = 1 Kilometer

The Drasil White Silvers are hardly circulated around.
It is something that only being used for making mementos and for celebration.

In the case of something like『Approximately』,『Gist』,or『How many』I might have to ask about it but, since it’s too troublesome, I decide to let my brain convert it automatically later.

Incidentally, I don’t know yet the price of goods in this world but, well with one silver coin apparently one can get approximately 2 weeks worth of food… is this the kind of feeling where the price are lower than Japan ?

Umu~, it is just like I usually thought but, the fantasy world really has a troublesome price.

Such being the case about time, I only know about one thing.

It seems like in the royal capital, every one hour there’s a sound of a bell from a large clock tower can be heard.
Though, a hanging clock seems to exist.
Since I saw it in the Headmistress office as well.

The things that my head able to understands are about that much.

To memorize all about it right away, my brain might burst.
Just like last minutes studying for an exam, such unreasonable thing indeed.
Well compared to the time I’m doing last minute study, this time, I’m Memorize it earnestly,


Enjoying about this and that about the local specialty in the city, while being lead by Mia-san, I continue looking around the city.

And then we have a lunch, comprised of some fruits and smoked meat from the stall, we also buy and eat some smoked cheese.

I’m told that, the cheese here is a famous product of Lunezret kingdom.
This cheese, it’s really great which make it deserved to be called specialty.

Or rather, isn’t this too good ! ?

Is this how a fantasy meal actually is ! ? thus, I feel a slight apprehension, it seems like this world is 『not like how it looks』…

…ーFor now what I can say is, it’s not because of my stomach…



Food culture aside, the degree of civilization development of this world is still lacking after all…

The toilet is close to the modern era, even the academy uniform is also close to the modern era, as expected, I can’t say that this place is similar to middle age of Europe…

Which I feel this world, is feels more like a western RPG game.

Moreover on the Academy corridor or inside the Headmistress office, I also saw some shining crystal… honestly, I don’t understand this world.

About those, Mia-san might know about it…


Ma~, let’s forget it for now.

In any case I, about the knowledge of fantasy world, or comparing it to middle age or early age of Europe which I barely knew of… which is insignificant…

Because right now, I’m walking around a city which feels like a date together with an animal-eared maid !
Isn’t this explanation sufficient enough ?!


I looked up at the sky.


The sky is already dyed in vermilion red.



“It’s evening already huh…?”

“Yes, that’s true…”

We’re for a whole day, going to the water fountain on the city plaza, see the huge city library, and looking at the figure of Sacred God Lunezret-sama… maa~, how should I put it, it’s just like normal walk visiting a place after another without any plan.

Oh right, by the way, the statue of Lunezret-sama is actually a beauty you know ?



In the first place, today is Makina-san arrangement to have Mia-san to teach me about various things regarding about this world…
Well, though what I understand in my head about this world is only about currency,length, and also time(?) ?

“…P-Pardon me, Kurohiko-sama”

“Eh ?”

“I, supposedly teach Kurohiko-sama who is not familiar with this country, and yet in the midway, it just becomes an ordinary strolling”

“No no, it’s not Mia-san fault…”

Since I’m also enjoying it. During our non-stop chatting.


” ? “

Mia-san twiddling her fingers…

I can see her cheek flushed red but, it might be just me seeing things because of the setting sun.

Then Mia-san who seems like making an excuse said,ー

“S-Since I see K-Kurohiko-sama having an appearance that seems to enjoy it very much, y-you see, somehow, I began to have fun too, unconsciously, I forgot my own duty, emm that isー”

Mia-san then bows her head.

“Forgive me ! Even though Kurohiko-sama wants to know about this country and this world more, instead I’d only talk about unrelated things ! moreover, I speak as if I’ve pushed the responsibility to Kurohiko-sama… somehow, please forgive me”

“N-No, You don’t have to mind such thing ! rather, I’m also, I’m sorry !”

“Eh ?”

Mia-san raises her face.

“ya, because I like it and I was enjoying it myself, which made it difficult for Mia-san to say something isn’t it ?”


“Well, that kind of things, how should I put it…”

I feel a bit embarrassed, as I scratch my cheek and smiled.

“We still have time right ?”

“Y-Yes, we still have time, emm… let’s see, I think we still have time until 3 more times the bell rings.”

If that bowman is 9:00 then that’s mean right now is 6:00 right ?

“Then, that’s means we still have 2 to 3 more hours right ?”


“Then let’s have dinner somewhere, while you teach me about various things, about this world, and also about this country”

“Y-Yes !”

“Although, right now I’m on the position of the one that being given food…hahaha…ー”

“About that, Please leave it to me ! though it can’t be considered an apology, tonight dinner, I’ll treat you with my own pocket money, no, let me do it by all means ! “

Suddenly Mia-san becomes lively while puffing her chest…

The soft looking chest bounces.




Wait, that’s not it !

“Alright then, shall we go ?”
(TLN: contexts it can be read as”Alright, Shall I let you entertain me ?”)

At this late of time, It would be most impolite to decline her offer.

Well, for example, it might turn into 『I’ll pay here』,『No, I will』,『No no, let me』,『No no, I can’t let that』,『No no, for to today let me,』,『Then next time let me』,thus how Japanese people usually end up when talking about this kind of things… though it is being viewed as a virtue, however…―

…― in a sense, I feel it’s had became a bad habit.

For that reason, I let Mia-san take me to a bar.

While we’re walking to our destination, Mia-san said that the food there is really delicious.

A bar eh ?―
It’s a fantasy standard after all…


Which remind me, since this is another world I might don’t have to mind it but, because my body currently is that of teen(minor) age, ―should I decline drinking liquor for the time being ?

No that’s not it, in the first place, I was unable to get used with alcohol even in the previous world after all…

TLN : somehow I felt like the chapter ended in kind of forced cliffhanger ?