Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 11

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Chapter 11 (Down The Hill)

After the Headmistress left the room, I’m together with Mia-san went to the gate of the Academy.

En route, I’d passed many students wearing the Academy uniform.
The uniform has a basic color of white…
with blue and yellow stripes here and there.

If I were to compare it then, it gives off a formality(strict) air resembling military uniform.

I was wondering what kind of uniform students from another world are wearing. it’s rather cosplay-ish kind of style, it feels like coming out from a fighting game with a fashion system and the setting is in another world.
But I think the uniforms are quite light equipped, perhaps when they’re going to fight they are going to wear an armor on the top or something ?

By the way, the girls are wearing skirts.

When we’re walking to the gate like this, I can see certain tail under a skirt swaying,
Suddenly Mia-san who walks in front of me turned her body around, with a smile on her face she holds the handle.

“Here is the main gate”

I looked up at the height of the gate, certainly this is such a large gate worth of admiration.
A gate that takes pride on its majestic appearance, well as expected I guess ?
And the pattern that being engraved on the gate somehow giving an amazing impression.

Art… Cultural asset.
Such words are surfacing in my mind, as I can understand it from the art complexity.
I looked up at the tall gate.
A white gate, in contrast to the clear blue sky. it’s giving a nice feeling.
But, it must be hard to open and close this huge gate huh ?

Next, I turn my line of sight to the Academy building.
From here I can see the whole Academy building which also have a majestic appearance.
Although I can’t clearly picture it but from my perspective, the outline of the side extends approximately as big as university plot land.
Somehow it feels like some kind of cathedral building that being converted into an Academy, if I were being told of such thing I will certainly believe it.

“And thenー That is one of Lunezret pride, the Sacred Tree !”

Mia-san moves her body to the side quickly.
I shift my gaze to the direction behind the place where previously Mia-san stand.
Always facing the Academy…
That gigantic tree…


Since I walk to the gate, I’d catch a glimpse of it, but looking at it once more, it’s really such an amazing sight.

It’s as if I’m looking at a piece of painting.
Words can’t describe it, such divineness.
Above all that solemnity, that appearance is absolutely, beautiful.

“People who live in Lunezret, many of them are believers of that Sacred Tree, the creator of this world is also the Sacred Tree, you know ?”

It’s increasingly become more and more like the Yggdrasil of the Norse mythology.

Mia-san put her hand on her waist and using another one of her hand to point at it, while slightly bending her body forward.

“And then, the name of the god which protect the Sacred Tree is God Lunezret-sama which also serve as the name of this country”

I see.
The name of this country are taken from the name of the Guardian God of the Sacred Tree eh ?


Mia-san fingertip pointed at the lower part of the Sacred Tree.

“From this Academy, down the hill, we will arrive at the Lunezret main street and straight ahead we will arrive at the residence of Seiou-sama who govern this country, the Lunezret Castle”

I can see it, as Mia-san had said, from this academy hill I can see a straight big street that goes toward the Sacred Tree.
And as if borrowing the power of the Sacred Tree, on the opposite direction of the Sacred Tree I can see a castle with white wall.

The distance of that castle is pretty far from here.
How many kilometers, I wonder?
If I were to walk there, how long will it take ?

“Ah… I forgot !”

*flash*, Mia-san ears rise toward the sky.

Mia-san is, with a pose as if embracing the entire town with both of her hands.

“This town name is Christophia. Christophia royal capital is located right in the center of Lunezret”

“I see”

In other words, it’s like a national capital city huh?

I looked at the city which spread out down the hill.
Large and small building spread out as if surrounding the Sacred Tree in the form of a Fan.
Overall most of the building have a white color.
As might be expected from a royal capital, the size of the city is really big.
…And the atmosphere indeed feels just like a fantasy world.

“By the way, further ahead, there’s the Great Sage Wall.”

“Great Sage Wall ?”

“Yes, In the Great Sage Wall, it is said that the divine protection of the Sacred God Lunezret-sama remains in it, because it’s never being brought down by an invader for several hundred years. it is the pride of this nation that deserves being called the Guardian Angel of this country.”

Because there’s a mist surrounding it, so it’s hard to see but, now that she mention it, I can see a faint gray wall there.

“That is.. the Great Sage Wall”


But, to excessively put a stamp on it with the character of 「Holy」,are the people of this country really have that much faith in it, I wonder ?

“Oh by the way, Beyond that wall it’s an open sea”

“He~, on the opposite side of the wall is an open sea ?”

“Yes. The wall is except one part of it that being used as a harbor, it is being built along the coastline. Thanks to that wall, in the history of this country, almost no invasion from the sea had occurred”

From Mia-san story regarding invasion from the sea I reply it with「Ha~」… then does that mean an invasion from the land ever occurred ?

“Umm, is a war a common happening ?”

“In the past, on this continent, there’s a war happen between state.”

“So that’s mean, right now is a period of peace ?”

“Because the balance between countries is maintained at present, a war between country didn’t happen. but, internal troubles are occurring depending on the country, and some of them also doing invasion war on another continent, is what I heard. compared to those countries, here in Lunezret is very peaceful.”


It might actually a good luck for me being teleported to a peaceful country.
Me being teleported to another country and without warning getting involved in a war. such pattern might happen after all.


Now then.

Up until here, let’s try to organize it ?

This world is called『Yggdrashie』.

Right now, I’m in a peaceful country called『Saint Lunezret Kingdom』.

And then in this country, there’s a ridiculously big tree called『Sacred Tree』,which became the target of faith by the nation populace.

Then, There’s a Guardian God who protected that Sacred Tree with the name of『Sacred God Lunezret』,which also became the name of this country.

That Sacred Tree is located at the『Royal Capital Christophia』.

And in this royal capital, there’s a place named『Saint Lunezret Castle』where a king called『Seiou』live.

…I guess this is all of the information I just get ?

Then Mia-san clapped both of her hands in front of her chest.

“Ma~ma~, rather than talking while standing here, let’s continue the chat while we walk down the hill together.”


Then I began to walk together with Mia-san.
The slope had been paved.
I guess this is some sort of a stone pavement ?
There are forests spread out on both sides of the slope.

The sky is clear.
A bright sun, so I say with this kind of sunshine.

The atmosphere is really relaxing.


If I can pass everyday in this way, I’m sure my life would be very calm.

I mean, I think most Japanese people don’t know what『resting』in holiday means.
Spending a holiday on hobby and amusement is still good,but occasionally because I’m on holiday I’m being pestered to do family service, for example「Because you have a lot of time I want you to go to the government office to process some document !」,is that really a『Holiday』?

Though this kind of thing might only apply to Japanese people.

No matter what world,a busy person will be always busy.

For example is the Headmistress… those sort of people.


But still… this is really peaceful…

I don’t see anyone walking here either…

…..Nn ?

No one walking ?

“Come to think of it, Mia-san.”

“Yes, what is it ?”

Mia-san turned this way with a smile as if saying “I’ve been waiting for you to ask something !”

*Flash*Her ears that standing up is really cute.

“Since we leave the gate, we didn’t really see a student pass by”

Well though we do meet and pass by students occasionally butー

Huh ?

Since the city is located down the hill, aren’t this slope is for Academy commuting route ?

Then is the people we pass by are the students who are late ?

Considering that, I don’t feel any sense of being in a hurry from them…

“Aah~, that because most of the students stay at the dormitory that the Academy prepare, there are only handful of people who come to the Academy from their own home. Those who came from foreign country and various other places, they basically stay at the dormitory in the academy”

“Ah so that’s how it is.”

Well, people will be tired indeed, if they have to ascend this slope everyday.

Though it would be good for an exercise.

While thinking of such a thing, I glanced at Mia-san who walk beside me.


Her chest.

Since the slope we walk is going down, naturally her chest also bounces up and down.


Gwaaaaa !

What am I doing !

Isn’t this just make me an embodiment of worldly desire !?

I’m the worst !

“Kurohiko-sama !? D-Does your body feel bad somewhere ?”

I who was feeling troubled is crouched down on the spot, and Mia-san looked down on me while feeling concerned.

Uuh, She is, even though she has a good intention for feeling concerned about me.

“Mia-san, I’m sorry…”

“Y-Yes ?… emm, what do you mean ?”

“I will continue fighting my worldly desire.”

“Worldly desire is it ?”


Mia-san goes “fufu fufu” while smiling.
And then she clenches both of her palms in a cheering pose.

“I don’t really understand but, do your best !”

“Yes!, I’ll do my best!”

“Well then, shall we continue ?”


Being together with Mia-san, how should I put it… its feels like making me full of energy.

And then my line of sight naturalyーwhile cheering, Mia-san elbow that pressed her chest in a pose「Fight ! Kurohiko-san」ー I looked at her chest which being pushed up by her hands.
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I grit my teeth and avert my gaze.
…I won’t lose !
Don’t Lose, ME !

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