Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 10

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Chapter 10 (Breakfast and Mia Posta)

“Emm, Something’s wrong ?”

Before I knew it, I’ve been absentminded.

Mia-san who noticed me bend her body forward while looking at me.
Beautiful big eyes.


On her apron dress chest area, there are two round bulges that swell really big―
Furthermore, when she bend her body forward, it’s emphasized its violence.

My cheek becomes hot and my eyes swim.
To be honest, I feel troubled as to where should I look.

Feeling embarrassed, I hide my face by lowering my hand, then I extend my right hand.

“A-Anyway… From today onward, please take care of me”
“Yes, Likewise”

Mia-san wrap my right hand with both of her hands. 

*Kaa* my face becomes hotter.

While feeling conscious of Mia-san hands that feel very warm and soft.
I raise my waist while averting my gaze and put my left hand behind my head.

“Y-Yes… Same with me”

Because of being nervous, the reply that comes out from my mouth is kind of awkward.

Thereupon, Mia-san while smiling pleasantly, *pat-pat* pating both of my shoulders with her hands.

“Are you nervous ? Let’s try to be a bit relax, and be at ease~”

I’ll try to relax my tension.


Cute and cheerful, not to mention she’s quite attentive too.

A girl like her really does exist huh.

“By the way, what is it ?”

While separating her hands from my shoulders, Mia-san asks a question.

“Because Sagara Kurohiko-sama is from the eastern country, is it okay for me to call you Kurohiko-sama ?”

“Oh, you may call me however you like, whichever that Mia-san comfortable with”

“Well then from now on I’ll be calling you Kurohiko-sama ?”



Somehow being called with『Sama』made me strangely feels embarrassed.

In addition, a person who come and get close to me this innocently, there’s no one in my previous worldー

“Kurohiko-sama… Iー, did I make a mistake somewhere ?”

“Eh ?”

 Mia-san shows an uneasy expression.

“Um, That because Kurohiko-sama for some reason shows a complex expression”

“Ah no, It’s justー… I just thought that Mia-san is such a kind person !”

“Eh ?”

This time, with an expression of being happy, Mia-san slightly look downward in embarrassment.

“…I-Is that so ?”

“It seems like both of you are really compatible with each other eh ?”

The Headmistress with a half-eaten sandwich on one of her hand, she turned her line of sight at Mia-san with a teasing smile.

“But, it’s really unusual for you to open up your heart this fast when meeting the opposite sex for the first time. By any chance, Mia, is Kurohiko the type of man you like ?”

Mia-san who turns bright red, flustered while awawa-ing.

“S-Saying I have preference toward man, that’s absurd, that isー”

“Well~ For me,that the both of you being able to get along, considering the schedule after this it would be convenient in many ways after all.”

Nn ?

A schedule after this ?

I look at Mia-san, but, Mia-san seems didn’t know the meaning of Makina-san words either.

After taking one breath, Makina-san continues her talk.



“Today take Kurohiko and go guide him around the town”

“Guide him around the town is it?”

“That’s right, Because he’s a new student who came from a remote place, he really don’t know anything.”

“Ah, I knew it. He’s a new student after all”

“Furthermore, He have no sense of direction at all, even yesterday he came late for the entrance ceremony, he can’t find the academy even until night. finally, he collapsed because of being hungry.”

“T-That’s must be hard…”

“Not only he had been living deep in the mountain all this time, he even lacks common sense in about anything”

“…I-Is that so ?”

Mia-san looked at me with an expression that seems to be sorry.

…Khuu, that’s right.

Right now, I go with the setting of a mountain child who hardly know anything about the world that had been discovered by a Sacred Tree cadet.

Makina-san shrugs her shoulders.

“I should have been the one who directly guide him, but because today I’m busy working on his procedures document and various other things, the job of guiding him around the town… Mia, I’ll leave it to you.”


Makina-san then looking at the clock.

“Let’s see… Please return before『Kyuujyanokoku』”

Kyuujyanokoku ?

Then I look hard at the clock on the wall.

So is the『9:00』on that clock is actually a bowman ?, after looking at it more properly, there I could see a picture being carved on the clock.

Kyuujyanokoku… Aah, I see now.

The time here are being determined by the pointer pointing at various picture carved on the clock, is that how it is ?

In other words, What engraved on the clock is not a『letter』nor『numerical』but a picture instead, I couldn’t understand it before, I guess this is good ?


Oh, anyway.

Apparently today for the whole day, Mia-san going to guide me around the town.

“You too, It’s OK to ask Mia to teach you about various things”

Thus, she said to me, then Makina-san stuffed her small mouth with the sandwich again.

Then Mia-san turns toward me and bows her head

“T-Today, please take care of me, Kurohiko-sama”

“L-Likewise, P-Please take care ofー”

At that moment.


My stomach growling.

*Pfft* Mia-san laughing.

“Kurohiko-sama are you hungry ?”

I scratch my head while feeling embarrassed.

“In fact, since yesterday, I haven’t eaten anything…”

Then I shift my gaze at the Headmistress.
Makina-san wipes her mouth using a cloth resembling a napkin.

And then,

“It’s fine, because I’m already full. You may eat the remaining.”

After saying that, Makina-san pointed at the low table.

“Well then, go ahead eat ?”

Then I take a look at the dish on the table.


There is a half-eaten sandwich and only one glass of milk.
Right, because originally it’s only for the Headmistress, naturally, there’s only one spoon to eat the soup and a fork to eat the salad.


“What is it ? Aren’t you going to eat?”

Makina-san asks inquisitively.

“But, this isー”

But, this is the Headmistress half-eaten food.
In other words, this is, the so-called indirectー

“Aah, You don’t like the half-eaten food ? then wait for a moment, let’s askー”

“No, that’s won’t be necessary, thank you very much”

“ー? Then help yourself”

I clasped my hands, to display my gratitude.

Then I take the glass with the half-drunk milk with my hand which trembled slightly.

That place the edge of the glass where there’s a faint mark of milk isー. in other wordsー



But, wait a minute, me !
What about being a gentleman ?


Damn it

I gulp down the milk
I put my lips on the other side of that faint milk mark.

In the next moment, eat the half-eaten food or drink the half-drink milk, I stop minding such trivial thing.


What is this ?

It’s really… good?ー

It taste slightly sweet and is creamy.
Suddenly, my stomach began to move actively.

Next, I stuff my mouth with the sandwich.
…As for this one.
The bread that being toasted lightly tastes crispy.
And the ingredient that being put inside it are ーham, tomato, red-leaf lettuce, and butterー… Each ingredient gives an inherent flavor.

Or rather, how come I can taste each ingredient so clearly ?
Oh well, this might be because of my hunger.

This time, I took the spoon and submerge it on the soup dish, then try to put it inside my mouth.
…It tastes creamy with perfect salt seasoning.

Next is the salad.
The salad should be not much different from what I know but. muー?
I-It’s delicious !
It has a natural sugary taste.

Now I can say it with affirmation.

This is definitely not because of me being hungry.
It’s obviously because the material and the cooking level is high.
When I noticed, I’ve already eaten up all the food.
Finally, I drink the rest of the milk.


I took some breath.

“To eat the dish with such great relish, this is the first time I saw it.”

Makina-san said it with admiration rather than feeling disgusted.

“Were you really that hungry ?”

“I was certainly feeling hungry, but above all, it’s because the dishes itself tastes really delicious.”

Makina-san then looked up at Mia-san.

“So he said, aren’t you glad, Mia ?”

“Does that means, this cooking is Mia-san’s ?”

Mia-san lips smile broadly while feeling embarrassed.

“Yes, I’m the one who make today breakfast. when you eat it with such delight, I’m really happy”

Mia-san bends her body forward while putting her hands behind her body.

Mia-san with her cheek dyed red slightly, she smiled pleasantly.

“Thank you, Kurohiko-sama”

“Yes, your welcome”

Then Makina-san stood up from her chair.

“Now then, it’s about time for me to go. I leave the matter regarding Kurohiko to you, Mia.”

“Yes, Please leave it to me”

Thus, Makina-san went out of the room.
I remained inside the room together with Mia-san.
Then Mia-san smiled at me.

“Well then, Should we go now ?”

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