Reformation of the Checkmated Reincarnated Feudal Lord – v1 – c3

Chapter 3 (Things that being instructed to Mana)

Mana opened the door and went out to the corridor. 

“Well then, please excuse me.” 

After bowing toward the feudal lord couple inside the room, she closed the door. 
I had serve Klienselt family for the past three years. It has been one year since the inexperience her took care Sora Kleinselt due to the senior maid being “Punished” one after another. 
She feels proud of being able to conduct her self without a problem. 

“Up until today… “

I look up at the sun from the window in the corridor. 
I lamented the time when I was being threatened by Sora to speak about the territory affairs. I also said criticism about the lords as well. 
If it were being known I said those words; I won’t be able to praise tomorrow morning sun. 

“Nevertheless, what’s going on there, I wonder?” 

Mana mutters to herself. 
Mana and her co-worker cannot help but worried about many mean behaviors of Sora who shows many ill-tempered words and conduct. 
Is it because of the influence of the feudal lord? After all, they are the same Klienselt family. Like father like son. 

“That Sora, being like that disgusting pig feudal lordー, I don’t want even to think about it. If by any chance he grows up into something like that, I will take responsibility and do double suicide.” 

I talk to myself which if it leaks, it can be used to accuse me with less majesty. 
I go through the passage where expensive landscape paintings and vase are being placed. The maid who came here the day before yesterday cleaned this place with a dark look. I show eyes of sympathy toward the new face who had been invited to this hell on earth. 
After all, there’s too much of dangerous thing in this mansion. Just a little mistake and it would be execution, a danger to your chastity if the feudal lord caught you in his eyes, and being sold to a brothel if you were scowled at the feudal lord wife.  
To avoid all that, one need strong ability or powerful back shield. 
I wonder, how long will the new face work in this kind of severe work place? 

“ーーM, New face-san. if I’m not mistaken, you’re also from a fishing village?” 

Remembering the things that Sora had asked her, Mana then began talking toward the new face. 


Maybe because I’m suddenly called her, new face maid flicked and straightened up her back and answered me with excited voce. 

“Calm down, take a deep breath.” 
“… I’m surry…” 

Listening to Mana advice, the new maid took two deep breath, and the new maid able to calm herself down. 
I waited for her to calm down and began talking about the main subject. 

“At your parent’s house, is there any grass that has been frozen all year round?” 
“Frozen grass, is it?” 
“You don’t have to worry by showing such worried face like that, I heard it was something that has no value to begin with, you know?” 

It’s not like there’s exist a grass that frozen all year round, after all, those words almost escaped my mouth. 
The reason why Mana said such thing is not like she wants to torment the new maid. But because Sora had asked Mana to bring a grass which frozen throughout the year. However, it is impossible to find something that does not exist. 
Instead, Aren’t I the one who is being teased?, that was what Mana thought. 
While Mana reflects on things that had happened, the new maid timidly opened her mouth. 

“If it’s a grass that appeared to be frozen, they do exist near the coast line. it’s a salty grass right?” 
“… It exists huh?… there’s a lot of things that I don’t know in this world, I guess?” 

I also heard it from Sora that it was salty. And it also matches with its characteristic that it was growing on the coast line. 

“Sora-sama wants those, you see. since it seems like one will be given a day off by the authority of next feudal lord, will you go and get them?” 
“I can have a day off!?” 

The new face maid who have gloomy expression all this time, suddenly, her eyes regain its shine. 
It is understandable, after all, one wants to escape this living hell even for just a short while. Even I will escape immediately if I’m being given the opportunity for it. 

“However, there’s the condition that you have to bring the frozen grass with its soil alright?” 
“Yes! But, I wonder, what is he want to do with that kind of grass?” 
“Who knows? Since he’s at the age that he wants to know about many things, he must be just want to have a glance at it. Since you have to bring ten stock of it, please be careful. And also, bring one fisherman here as well.” 

Mana has been talking about the knowledge of fishing that she knows of, but it seems like it was not enough for Sora. With that being the case, I was being asked to bring an active fisherman here. 
When I explained those, the new maid seems to have remembered local fisherman who is well-qualified for it. 

“I understand. well then, I will go right awayー” 

I catch the nape of the new maid who trying to leave as soon as saying that. 

“Please finish the cleaning first.” 
“Chi… ” 

The new maid clicked her tongue; I leave her while pretending not hearing it. 
There’s still another request. 

“The others is, gather 100 of wood plank, old clothes, and check the condition of a juvenile vagrant in the city, is it?” 

It seems the things that interested noble child appears to be different from ordinary people. 
I feel like there’s another thing that he asked me to do but, I wonder what? 

“Well, whatever…” 

She abandoned trying to remember it, and Mana went out of the residence. 
First, let’s check the condition of the juvenile vagrant condition. 

If I stay in the mansion I may be taken into the bedroom by that pig feudal lord, thus, running away is definitely a win.